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Hutton, AlbertRef 481-742
Son of
Barker Hutton.

Born in Mossley / Stalybridge / Moorgate, Ashton-under-Lyne.

He was a weft bobbin doffer & spinner [1901] / a cotton weaver [1911] / a weft packer at S. & A. Barker's Successors  Limited at Adamroyd Mill.

During World War I, he enlisted [February 1916] and served with the 10th Battalion King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry.

He went to France [June 1916].

He died 25th September 1916.

The Todmorden & District News [17th August 1917] reported

Private Albert Hutton, King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, reported missing 25th September 1916, now assumed to have died, aged 28

The following week's Edition [31st August 1917] published his photograph.

He is remembered on the Thiepval Memorial, France [Grave Ref 11C & 12A], and in the Todmorden Garden of Remembrance

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Hutton, Albert EdwardRef 481-1343
Son of Thomas Hutton, road surveyor.

Born in Eccleshill, Yorkshire.

He was a water service inspector of Moorside, Eccleshill [1889] / an inspector of nuisances [1891] / a road surveyor & inspector of business [1901] / surveyor & sanitary inspector for UDC [1911].

In 1889, he married Harriet Grant [1868-1???] at Bradford Cathedral.

Harriet a domestic servant of Lumb Lane, Manningham, was born in Ranby, Nottinghamshire, the daughter of Charles Grant, gamekeeper


  1. Tom [b 1891] who was a surveyor and sanitary inspector  [1911], employed by Barkisland Council [1916]
  2. Fred [b 1893] who was an apprentice mechanic [1911]
  3. Arthur [b 1897] who was a spinner [1911]
  4. William Leslie [b 1899] who was a spinner part-time [1911]
  5. Charles [b 1901]
  6. John Edward [b 1903]

They lived at

  • 5 Briggs Street, Northowram, Queensbury [1891]
  • UDC Offices, Albert Road, Queensbury [1901]
  • Albert Road, Queensbury [1911]

Sons Arthur & William Leslie enlisted together [October 1915]; Arthur was killed in the War

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Hutton, Antigonia deRef 481-1
Daughter of
Elias de Hutton.

She inherited lands through her mother, Sabina, co-heir of Roger de Howick.

She married Geoffrey de Longton

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Hutton, ArthurRef 481-1345
Son of
Albert Edward Hutton.

He was a member of the Church of the Holy Trinity, Queensbury / a spinner [1911].

During World War I, he and his brother William Leslie enlisted together [October 1915], and Arthur he served as a Private with the 21st Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own).

The brothers were in France together in June 1916.

Arthur was wounded in the shoulder and jaw by a bullet.

He died of wounds at the London Clearing Station, France [14th October 1916] (aged 19).

The Halifax Courier [28th October 1916] reported his death with a photograph.

He was buried at Grove Town Cemetery, Meaulte, France [Grave Ref I L 28]

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Hutton, BarkerRef 481-8
Son of William Hutton, chair maker.

Born in Kirkbymoorside.

He was a cotton doffer (living at Lob Mill with a fellow lodger George  Hutton [b 1857]) [1871] / a carter [1881] / a general labourer [1891] / a road scavenger [1901] / a general labourer (municipal surveyor's department) [1911] / a builder's labourer for George Scott, building contractor,  Roomfield [1921].

On 21st October 1878, he married Ann Astin [1858-19??] at Halifax Parish Church.

Ann, was born in Carr Green, Langfield, the daughter of
Cain Astin.

She was a cotton winder [1881]



  1. John
  2. William [b 1886] who was an ariel flight tenter [1901]
  3. Albert
  4. Frances [b 1893] who was a cotton weaver [1901], a weaver  [1911]

The 1911 census shows that they had had 5 children of whom 4 were still alive at that time.

The family lived at

  • 6 Causeway, Langfield [1881]
  • 1 Causey, Langfield, Todmorden [1891]
  • 12 Oldroyd, Todmorden [1901]
  • 2 Oldroyd, Todmorden [1911]
  • 10 Old Royd, Todmorden [1917, 1921]

Living with them [in 1881] was mother-in-law Mary Fielden [b  Todmorden 1821].

Barker died in Todmorden [Q3 1924] (aged 66) 

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Hutton, Cecily deRef 481-2
Daughter of
Elias de Hutton

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Hutton, Cecily deRef 481-200
Daughter of
Roger son of Orm.

She married (1) Benedict Gernet.

Benedict died in 1206.

She married (2) Elias de Stiveton.

Medlar descended to Cecily from her father

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Hutton, CharlesRef 481-1392
Born in Bradford.

He was a coal merchant [1851, 1881].

In [Q1] 1848, he married Jane Bentley Smith [1827-1870] in Halifax.

Jane was born in Halifax


  1. Sidney Smith [1849-1862]
  2. Mary [1850-1886] who married William Nicholl
  3. Henry [1852-1875] who died at Sourabaya, Java  
  4. Charles [1854-1856]
  5. John [1857-1875]
  6. Hannah [b 1862]
  7. Jane who died 4th January 1864 (aged 19 days)   
  8. James [b 1867] who was an office boy [1881]

They lived at

  • 4 Wentworth Terrace, Halifax [1851, 1871]
  • 29 Jer Street, Halifax [1881]

Jane died 9th March 1870 (aged 43).

Charles died 11th April 1881 (aged 54).

Members of the family were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 4171]

Hutton, Elias deRef 481-3
Son of
Roger de Hutton.

He married Sapientia de Howick.

Sapientia / Sabina was the daughter and co-heir of Roger de Howick


  1. Robert
  2. Cecily
  3. Margery
  4. Ysolt
  5. Antigonia

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Hutton, GeorgeRef 481-820

He married Ann [1720-1793].

On 13th January 1759, a George Hutton married Ann Lupton in Halifax

Ann died May 1793 (aged 73).

George died 16th August 1793 (aged 69).

Members of the family were buried at Square Independent Chapel, Halifax [Grave Ref: 158]

Hutton, GeorgeRef 481-13
He was unemployed [1921].

Around 1898, he married Unknown.


  1. George [b 1898] who was unemployed [1921]
  2. Lewis
  3. Walter J. [b 1902] who was a tape sewer with John Hadwen & Sons Limited [1921]

They lived at

  • Hampole, near Doncaster [1899, 1902]
  • Haigh Farm, Mill Bank [1921]

Hutton, H. W.Ref 481-509

He established business as a dyer & dry cleaner.

Recorded in 1901, when the business was at 18 Bradford Road, Brighouse.

He lived at 16 Southgate [?]

Hutton, JamesRef 481-1063

The epitaph on the grave records that he was

Late Lieutenant & Quarter Master of the 9th Northumberland Fusiliers

In [Q1] 1903, he married Esther Ann Haigh [1864-1941] in Halifax.

Esther Ann was the daughter of
Abraham Haigh

He was awarded the DCM MSM

James died in 1938 (aged 72).

Esther Ann died in 1941 (aged 77).

The couple were buried at St Anne's Church, Southowram [Grave Ref: NL-A13] with Esther Ann's sister Sarah Haigh [1867-1939]

Hutton, JohnRef 481-3545
Currier & leather cutter at
Woolshops, Halifax [1822]

Hutton, JohnRef 481-11
He was a currier.

On 25th June 1805, he married Hannah Crowther [1787-1854] in Halifax.

Hannah was the daughter of
Joseph Crowther


  1. Mary [bapt 30th August 1807]
  2. Elizabeth [bapt 6th February 1810]
  3. Hannah [b 1814] who was a milliner & dress maker [1841]
  4. Martha [bapt 30th August 1812] who was a milliner & dress  maker [1841]
  5. Sarah [bapt 10th May 1818; 21st March 1834]
  6. Nancy [bapt 21st April 1822; d 11th September 1822]
  7. John [bapt 23rd July 1815; d 12th January 1824]

The family lived at 10 Barum Top, Halifax [1841].

John died 15th July 1825 (aged 42) 

Hannah died 5th January 1854 (aged 67).

The couple & the children () were buried at Salem Methodist New Connexion Chapel, North Parade with Hannah's mother

Hutton, JohnRef 481-632
Son of
Robert Hutton.

He married Elizabeth [1836-1913].

Elizabeth died 27th April 1913 (aged 77).

John died 12th February 1916 (aged 78).

The couple were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 2156] with John's parents

Hutton, JohnRef 481-9
Born in Halifax.

He was a blacksmith [1901].

In [Q3] 1894, he married Martha Ann Barker [1868-1945] in Halifax.

Martha Ann was born in Halifax [12th August 1868].

She was a school nurse [1911] / a private nurse (sis) [1921]



  1. Olive [b 30th October 1895] who was a Post Office  telephonist [1921] & married Harry Headen
  2. Winifred Audrey [b 1901] who was a secretary (Amalgamated  Engineering Union) at Palatine Chambers, Halifax [1921] & married  [Halifax Q3 1928] Albert E. Jenkins

The family lived at

  • 147 Claremount Road, Halifax [1901]
  • 41 Skircoat Green, Halifax [1911]
  • 41 Shoesmith's Building, Halifax [1921, 1939]

Living with them [in 1901] was mother-in-law Elizabeth Barker [b Halifax 1839].

John died May 1905 (aged 38).

Martha Ann died 23rd August 1945 (aged 77).

The couple were buried at Holywell Green Congregational Church with son-in-law Harry Headen

Hutton, JohnRef 481-7
Son of
Barker Hutton.

Born in Langfield [16th October 1881].

He was a weft packer & agent for rubber stamps [1901] / a warehouseman (cotton spinning) [1911] / a foreman warehouseman in cotton spinning mill with S. & A. Barker's Successors Limited [1921] / a foreman warehouseman in cotton spinning mill [1939].

In [Q2] 1912, he married Edith Hannah Mitton [1882-1955] in Todmorden.

Edith Hannah was born in Todmorden [9th October 1882]


  1. Charles [1913-1967] who was buried with his parents
  2. Ralph [b 28th April 1915] who was an interior designer,  painter & decorator [1939] & died in Tower Hamlets [Q4 1983]

The family lived at

  • 28 Cambridge Street, Todmorden [1921]
  • 24 Cambridge Street, Todmorden [1939, 1955]

Edith Hannah died 27th October 1955 (aged 73).

John died 17th October 1959 (aged 78).

They were buried at Lumbutts United Methodist Free Church

Hutton, LewisRef 481-10
Son of
George Hutton.

Born in Hampole, near Doncaster [10th August 1899].

He was a woollen feeder with John Atkinson & Sons Limited [1921] / a woollen feeder [1939].

In 1924, he married Lilian Garside [1899-1972] in Halifax.

Lilian was born 30th August 1899


  1. Lewis
  2. Audrey [17th August 1926-20th December 1950]
  3. Cyril B. [b 25th April 1934]
The family lived at 11 Haigh Cottage, Sowerby Bridge [1939].

Lewis died 14th December 1957 (aged 58).

Lilian died 25th August 1972 (aged 72).

The couple & the children () were buried at St Mary's Church, Cottonstones

Hutton, LewisRef 481-12
Son of
Lewis Hutton.

Born 30th December 1924.

He was a doffer for cotton doublers [1939].

In [Q4] 1947, he (possibly) married Gwendoline M. Knight [1926-1986] in Wandsworth, London.

Lewis died 28th February 1975 (aged 50).

Gwen died 30th September 1986 (aged 60) 

The couple were buried at St Mary's Church, Cottonstones with Lewis's parents

Hutton, MariaRef 481-799
Born in Liverpool.

She was one of the children who came to the district and worked as a worsted spinner at Calvert's Mill at Wainstalls.

She lived with John Rushworth [1891]

Hutton, Mary AliceRef 481-1110
Born in Liverpool.

She was one of the children who came to the district to work at Calvert's Mill at Wainstalls. She was a worsted twister [1901].

She lived with Melissa Cockroft [1901]

Hutton, Colonel Sir RichardRef 481-2773
Of Goldsborough, Yorkshire. He was MP for Knaresborough and
High Sheriff of Yorkshire [1642-1643]. He became a Royalist commander of the infantry during the Civil War. He served at Halifax

Hutton, RobertRef 481-591

He married Mary [1808-1880].


  1. John
  2. Aaron [1841-1861]

Robert died 26th October 1880 (aged 77).

Mary died 15th May 1880 (aged 72).

The couple & the children were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 2156]

Hutton, Robert deRef 481-4
Son of
Elias de Hutton.

He married Unknown.


  1. John
  2. Swain

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Hutton, Roger deRef 481-5

(Modern: Roger Hutton)

Also called Roger son of Orm.

Son of Orm son of Magnus.

Flourished: documents undated, circa 1160-1180.

He held land in Heaton, Hutton, Medlar, Thistleton, Greenhalgh.

He married Unknown.


  1. Elias
  2. Cecily

Roger granted the moiety of Heaton to Augustin son of Waldeve in exchange for Augustin's inheritance, viz. the third part of Hutton in Leyland Hundred. Roger son of Orm held the other two thirds of Hutton. Hutton was a member of the barony of Penwortham.

Roger also held Medlar in thanage. The Survey of 1212 has his son Elias as nominally the tenant, but Cecily was actually tenant in possession by the grant or feoffment of her father Roger. She had received this estate in frank marriage with Benedict Gernet

This & associated entries use material contributed by Joanne Backhouse

Hutton, Rev ThomasRef 481-1597
Born in Eccleshill. He was a member of Horton Lane Chapel, Bradford. He trained at Idle Academy [1812] and served at Pocklington [for 10 years] and at Allerton. In 1815, he established the Allerton British School.

He married Unknown.


  1. Dinah Sarah who married Rev John Haggis Deex

He came to live at Stone Lodge, Northowram

Hutton, WilliamRef 481-14
Born in Mildenhall, Suffolk.

He was manager of a jewellers & watch shop [1901].

He lived at 6 Old Market, Halifax [1901]


Hutton surnameRef 481-6
There are 25 entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Hutton, as discussed in this SideTrack.

Unattached BMDs for Hutton

Marriages 1835, 1892; Death 1907


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