John & Samuel Greenwood

Brothers John and Samuel Greenwood traded as Greenwood Brothers, quarry owners at Southowram.

In 1881, the brothers were fined £5 for using a single-link chain – which was prohibited by law.

On 18th June 1883, the brothers attended an auction sale. John bought the Grocer's and Draper's shop which he tenanted and Samuel bought land/property in Pinnar Lane, Southowram.

Over the next two days, they sold their quarries, land and equipment by auction, having dissolved their partnership.

An announcement of the Auction announced

Tuesday and Wednesday, 19th & 20th June 1883

Sale by Auction by Davis & Shoesmith for S. & J. Greenwood trading as Greenwood Brothers, Quarry Owners who are dissolving partnership.

  • At St Anne's Quarry, Southowram. The Tenants Interest in the Baring and unexpired Term of Lease, Cranes with gibs, chains, cross bars, holing & bottoming picks, wedges, hammers, shoddy, Common flags, Edging and Tooled flags at MARSH QUARRIES Tenants Interest in unexpired Lease & Barings. Steam crane and Hand crane both by Smith of Rodley, muck boxes, chains, slate, common flags etc., also 5 days work of Oats in field adjoining quarry
  • At Pump Lane Quarry. Tenants Interest in unexpired Lease & Baring, Hand crane by R. Sutcliffe, planks, wallstones, etc., also 2 days work of Oats in field adjoining quarry
  • At Lane Head, Brighouse 10 ton Steam Crane complete, by Balmforth, also flags, edging. etc,
  • At The Stone Wharf, Brookfoot. Stock of stone, tooled flags, etc.,
  • At Mr Shackleton'S Wharf, Goole. Tooled flags, 8 valuable Draught and Nag horses, gears, 4-wheeled stone waggons, 3 carts and a gig
  • also 20 tons of hay at Marsh Farm and in Dutch barn near Pack Horse Inn
  • Also the growing crops and Tenants Interest at LITTLE MARSH FARM
  • Also 7 days work on land at Halfpenny Can Lane, both in Southowram
  • Also the Tenants Interest and crop of grass in two closes of land containing about 12 days work situate at the top of Green Lane, Southowram

The Solicitors were Emmet & Walker of Halifax and Godfrey Rhodes of Halifax

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