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Greetland is a district of Calderdale to the south of Halifax, and bordered to the south by Stainland.

Greetland was a part of the Honour of Pontefract and of the township of Elland-cum-Greetland.

The greater part of the township was moorland until 1803, when an Act was passed for its enclosure.

The parish of Greetland was created in 1861.

It was an independent authority 1894-1937.

The name may mean land of grit, sand or gravel from the Old English word meaning a gravelly place.

Pronunciation: The word is pronounced with the stress on the first syllable and with the final syllable having the neutral schwa vowel: greet-lənd

Some sites, sights and other entries for Greetland

Adelaide Works, Greetland

Bank Top Farm, Greetland
Bilberry Hall Pleasure Grounds, Greetland
Bilberry Hall, Greetland
Bradley House, Greetland
Bradley Mill Farm, Greetland
Branch Road Inn, Greetland
Brian Royd Mill, Greetland
Brian Royd, Greetland
Bridge Hotel, Greetland
Brow Bridge Inn, Greetland
Bryan Royd, Greetland
Bull Fields, Greetland

Central Buildings, Stainland
Cheapside Greetland
Clay House Mills, Greetland
Clay House, West Vale
Claye House, Greetland
Clothiers' Arms, Greetland
Coach House, Greetland
Crawstone Clough, Greetland
Crawstone  Hall, Greetland
Cullingworth's School, Greetland

Dean Top Delph, Greetland
Druids' Arms, Greetland

Elland-cum-Greetland Board of Guardians
Elland-cum-Greetland Female Friendly Society
Elland-cum-Greetland Overseers of the Poor
Elland with Greetland Workhouse
Ellistones House, Greetland
Ellistones Lane Toll House, Greetland
Ellistones Mill, West Vale

Far Turbury, Greetland
Fir Grove, Greetland
Fleece, Greetland

Gallypole Hill
George Mitchell Memorial Institute, Greetland
Glenholme, Greetland
Golden Fleece, Greetland
Greetland & District Trading Society Limited
Greetland & Stainland Ward, Halifax
Greetland & West Vale Aged People's Treat Committee
Greetland & West Vale Brass Band
Greetland & West Vale Fire Brigade
Greetland & West Vale Mechanics' Hall
Greetland AFC
Greetland Aid in Sickness Fund
Greetland & Lindwell Methodist Church
Greetland Board School
Greetland Bowling Green
Greetland branch of the Halifax Permanent Building Society
Greetland Co-Op
Greetland Conservative Club
Greetland Council Schools
Greetland Cricket & Bowling Club
Greetland Cricket Club
Greetland District Council
Greetland Dye Works
Greetland Dyeing Company Limited
Greetland Economic Stores
Greetland Ex-Servicemen's Sports Club
Greetland Fire Brigade
Greetland Fire Station
Greetland Liberal Club
Greetland Library
Greetland Local Board
Greetland Male Voice Choir
Greetland Mechanics' Institute
Greetland Methodist Church
Greetland Methodist Graveyard
Greetland Mutual Improvement Society
Greetland Naturalist Group
Greetland, Parish of
Greetland Post Office
Greetland Primary School
Greetland Railway Station
Greetland School Board
Greetland Sewage Works
Greetland Sunday School
Greetland Urban District Council
Greetland Viaduct
Greetland Vicarage
Greetland Vocal Union
Greetland Waterworks
Greetland well
Greetland Wesley Church
Greetland Wesleyan Chapel
Greetland, West Vale & District Agricultural Association
Greetland, West Vale & Stainland Coal Society
Manor of Greetland
Grove House, Greetland

Haughcroft End, Greetland
Holly Mount, Greetland

Hollyns Mill, Greetland
Holybank Mill, Greetland
Howcroft Head, Greetland

Ingwood, Greetland

Jagger Bridge, Greetland

Lindwell Day School, Greetland
Lindwell Primitive Methodist Church, Greetland
Little London, West Vale
Lower Barsey Farm, Greetland
Lower Brandy Hole, Greetland
Lower Ellistones Mill, Greetland
Lower Greetland
Lower High Trees, Greetland
Lower Tinker Hey, Greetland
Lyndhurst, Greetland

Mansfield House, Lindwell

North Dean Oil Works, Greetland
North Dean Woods, Greetland

Oaklands House, Greetland
Oatland House, Greetland
Old Mill, Greetland
Onecliffe House, Greetland
Orchard House, Greetland
Outram's Dam, Greetland

Peel House, Greetland
Post Office Buildings, Barkisland

Rat, Greetland
Rose & Crown, Greetland
Rose Mount, Greetland

Saint Thomas's Church, Greetland
Saint Thomas's Sunday School, Greetland
Scarr Bottom Mills, Greetland
Scholes Farm, Greetland
Shears, Greetland
Shoulder of Mutton, Greetland
David Trevor Shutt
South View, Greetland
Sportsman's, Greetland
Spring Beck Farm, Greetland
Spring Head, Greetland
Spring Rock Farm, Greetland
Spring Rock, Greetland
Springfield Dye Works, Greetland
Springfield Woollen Mill, Greetland
Springfield Works, Greetland
Springhill Quarry, Greetland
Star, Greetland
Stubbing Farm, Greetland
Sunnybank, Greetland
Swayneroyde, Greetland
Syke House Mill, Greetland
Syke House, Greetland

Thick Hollins, Greetland
Thornfield United Free Methodist Church, Greetland
Tinker Hey Farm, Greetland

Upper Brandy Hole, Greetland
Upper Ellistones, Greetland
Upper Greetland
Upper Greetland Council Office
Upper Greetland Pig Club
Upper Greetland Waterworks
Upper High Trees, Greetland
Upper Scholes Farm, Greetland
Upper Tinker Hey, Greetland

Wall Nook Primitive Methodist Chapel, Greetland
Wall Nook Quarry, Greetland
Washington House, Greetland
Water Trough, Greetland
Wesleyan Methodist Day School, Greetland
Wesleyan Methodist Sunday School, Greetland
Wesleyan Reform Chapel, Greetland
West Vale Corn Mills, Greetland
West Vale Mechanics' Institute
West Vale
Woodfield Drive, Greetland
Woodfield Grange Nursing Home, Greetland
Woodfield House, Greetland
Woodfield Mill, Greetland
Woolshops Economic Stores

The Ashworth family of Elland-cum-Greetland
The Fielding family of Elland-cum-Greetland
The Nutton family of Elland-cum-Greetland
The Parkinson family of Elland-cum-Greetland
The Ramsden family of Greetland
The Thornton family of Elland-cum-Greetland

Far Barsey Farm, Greetland
Martin  Green Lane Toll House, Greetland

Beerhouses & Pubs in Greetland

Several beerhouses and public houses have been recorded in and around Greetland, including

See Lower Greetland

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