Local Gardening & Horticulture

This Foldout collects the entries for some of the local Gardeners, Market Gardeners, Horticulturalists, Florists, Nurserymen, Seedsmen, and associated topics

John  Aspinall
Levi Aspinall & Son

John  Baylis
William Baylis
Adam  Bird
John  Booth
Brearley House, Midgley
Brighouse Horticultural Society

Greenwood  Carter
Clegg's Nursery, Halifax
Clover Hill Nursery, Halifax
Conway's Limited
Abraham  Lee Conway
David Conway
George  Conway
Henry Conway
Henry  Conway
John Conway
William Conway
William  Conway
Copley Horticultural & Floral Society

Thomas  Eastwood
Elland Floral & Horticultural Society

Eli  Fieldhouse
J.  Fowler
Richard  Foxton

Thomas  Gaukroger
John Goodger
Gordon Riggs Garden Centre, Walsden
Mr  Gray
William  Greenwood

Haley Hill, New Town & Boothtown Horticultural & Floral Society
Halifax Horticultural & Floral Society
Halifax Horticultural & Floricultural Society
Herbert  Halstead
John  Halstead
Richard  Halstead
Sir  Thomas Hanbury
Hebden Bridge Floral & Horticultural Society
Benjamin Hebden
Hipperholme Horticultural Society
O. & C. Holdsworth
Holme Nursery, Todmorden

Albert  Kershaw
Charles  Kershaw
Cornelius  Kershaw
Herbert  Kershaw
John  Kershaw
Joseph  Aspinall Kershaw
Lister  Kershaw
Lummas  Kershaw
Samuel  Kershaw

Tom  Kershaw
William  Kershaw
John  Tate King
Thomas  King

Thomas  Bottomley Mallinson
Henry Mansley
Mary Mason & Son
Arthur Selby McCrea
Mile Thorn Nurseries, Halifax

Joseph  Naylor
F.  Nicholl

Ovenden House Nursery

Sir Joseph Paxton
Joseph  Pickles

Salterhebble Nursery
George  Sharp
George Sharp & Sons
James  Shoesmith
John  Shoesmith
Joseph  Shoesmith
George  Smith
Southowram Floral & Horticultural Society
George  Augustus Spain
Spencer & Nicholl
Abraham  Stansfield
Abraham  Stansfield
Frederick  Stansfield
Herbert  Stansfield
Thomas  Stansfield
W.  H. Stansfield
Sutcliffe & Uttley
Richard  Sutcliffe
Mr  Sykes
James  Sykes

Benjamin Throp & Son
Charles  Throp
William  Throp
Todmorden Female Florists' Society
Todmorden Floral & Horticultural Society
Todmorden Horticultural Society
Abraham Towne

Mitchell  Uttley

Vale Nursery, Todmorden

John  Waterhouse
White's Nurseries, Brighouse
Fred  Whiteley
Samuel  Marsden Whiteley

The Tate family of gardeners

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