District of Calderdale south of Todmorden on the road to Lancashire. A series of 4 locks here brings the Rochdale Canal down to pass beneath Gauxholme Viaduct.

The word may be derived from the elements gauk and holme meaning a flat, fertile, water meadow.

The spelling Gauksholme is found – Watson wrote of Gauksholm – until the 19th century. The change in spelling is attributed to a Mr Thurlow, a bookkeeper at the canal wharf around 1836.

Pronunciation: the word sound likes gorks-home with the stress on the first syllable

Some sites, sights and other entries for Gauxholme

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Black Bull, Gauxholme

Dancroft Mill, Gauxholme

Gauxholme Canal Warehouse
Gauxholme Cotton Mill
Gauxholme High Lock
Gauxholme Low Lock
Gauxholme Middle Lock
Gauxholme Mill, Walsden
Gauxholme Picker Works
Gauxholme Railway Bridge
Gauxholme Road Bridge
Gauxholme Stones Farm, Walsden

Gauxholme Toll House
Gauxholme Viaduct
Gauxholme Workhouse

Hare & Hounds, Gauxholme
Higher Holme Foundry & Weaving Shed, Gauxholme

Masons' Arms, Gauxholme

Navigation, Gauxholme

Old Masons Arms, Gauxholme

Union Sunday School, Gauxholme

Viaduct Tavern, Gauxholme

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