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Feather, Bairstow HenryRef 339-5
[1849-1901] Son of John Feather.

Born in Illingworth.

He was a cotton warper [1871, 1881, 1891].

In [Q4] 1870, he married (1) Mary Ann Briggs [1853-1???] in Halifax.

Mary Ann was born in Leeds.

She was a worsted weaver [1871]



  1. Sarah Elizabeth [1879-1946] who was a worsted spinner  [1891], married [Q4 1901] John William Emsley, & was buried  with her stepmother
  2. Lily [b 1881]
  3. John R. [b 1883]
  4. Mary J. [b 1885]

In [Q4] 1894, he married (2) Nancy Ann Turner [1857-1944] in Halifax.

Nancy Ann was born in Warley

They lived at

  • 6 Brunswick Court, Halifax [1871]
  • 8 Brook Street, Halifax [1881]
  • 18 Back Crossley Terrace, Halifax [1891]

Bairstow died in Halifax [Q1 1901] (aged 51).

Nancy Ann died 14th April 1944 (aged 87).

She was buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 640] with Jonathan Pickles

Feather, DavidRef 339-4
[1847-1880] Son of John Feather.

He was a worsted spinner [1861] / a stone quarryman [1871].

In [Q3] 1867, he married Sarah Greenwood in Halifax.

Sarah was the daughter of William Greenwood


  1. Fred [b 1868]
  2. John William [b 1870]

In 1871, they were living at Jowler, Warley, with Sarah's parents.

David died in Halifax [Q1 1880] (aged 33) 

Feather, EdgarRef 339-234
[1924-1944] Son of Annie (née Mellor) & Rhudall Feather.

His parents died and he lived with his uncle Norman Mellor at 18 Vaughan Street, Halifax.

He was a member of Halifax ATC / educated at Thornton Grammar School, Bradford & Halifax Tech / employed at Halifax Gas Works.

During World War II, he served as a Sergeant with the 7th Squadron Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.

He was killed in a Lancaster bomber [2nd May 1944] (aged 20).

He was buried at Nointel Communal Cemetery, France [Collective Grave].

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance and on the Thornton Grammar School War Memorial

Feather, ErnestRef 339-538
[1891-1917] Son of Joseph Feather.

Born in Holmfield.

He was a cloth finisher [1911] employed by Wayman, Sons & Company.

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 2nd/4th Battalion Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment).

His thigh was fractured whilst serving in France.

He died of wounds at Bethnal Green [20th December 1917].

He was buried at Mount Zion Methodist Chapel, Ogden (Grave Ref: A32).

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, and on the Memorial at Saint Mary the Virgin, Illingworth

His brother Percy also died in the War

Feather, GeorgeRef 339-380
[1756-1826] Son of Pharaoh Feather.

He was described as surgeon during his lifetime, and a cattle doctor in extensive practice at his death

Feather, GeorgeRef 339-2
[1846-1914] Dentist.

He lived at 134 Gibbet Street, Halifax.

He died 9th February 1914 (aged 68).

He was buried at St James's Church, Thornton

Feather, HarryRef 339-8
[1903-1962] Son of Hartley Feather.

Born in Oxenhope [14th May 1903].

He was a dairy farmer [1939].

In [Q2] 1933, he (possibly) married Amy Cowling [1909-1987] in North Bierley.

They lived at 5 St John's Cross, Halifax [1939].

Harry died 26th April 1962 (aged 58).

Amy died in the Royal Halifax Infirmary [28th October 1987] (aged 78).

The couple were buried at Mount Zion Methodist Chapel, Ogden (Grave Ref: I7)  with Harry's parents

Feather, HartleyRef 339-1177
[1866-1925] Born in Oxenhope [23rd April 1866].

He was a farmer (own account) [1911].

In 1896, he married Sarah Hannah Helliwell [1869-1940] in Keighley.

Sarah Hannah was born in Oxenhope [14th February 1869]


  1. John Alton [7th May 1900-6th May 1915]
  2. Harry

The 1911 census shows that they had had 3 children of whom 2 were still alive at that time.

The children were born in Oxenhope.

The family lived at

Hartley died 28th January 1925.

Sarah Hannah died 23rd March 1940.

Members of the family were buried at Mount Zion Methodist Chapel, Ogden (Grave Ref: I7

Feather, Herbert SpencerRef 339-819
[1895-1916] Son of Alice & Edmund Feather of Smithy, Blackshaw, Hebden Bridge.

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 32nd Battalion Royal Fusiliers.

He died 4th October 1916 (aged 21).

He is remembered on the Thiepval Memorial, France [Grave Ref 8 C 9A & 16A], and on Blackshawhead War Memorial

Feather, Jackson HerbertRef 339-138
[1877-1940] Son of Peter Ratcliffe Feather.

Born in Halifax [24th June 1877].

He was a worsted spinner [1901] / a worsted spinner (employer) [1911].

In [Q4] 1901, he married (1) Ruth Illingworth [1878-1920] in Halifax.

Ruth was born in Halifax, the daughter of Amelia & Thomas Illingworth


  1. Peter Kelk [b 1904]
  2. Margaret Illingworth (Feather) [b 1908]

In [Q4] 1921, he married (2) Hilda Christine Chapman [1897-19??] in Lambeth, London.

Hilda Christine was born 22nd January 1897


  1. Joy C. [b 1923]

The family lived at Dersingham, Halifax.

He died in Bournemouth [Q3 1940]

Feather, JamesRef 339-1090
[18??-18??] He was a mineral water manufacturer at Stack Hills, Todmorden [1875], partner in James, James & T. Feather and J. Feather & Son, and a member of Todmorden Urban District Council [1895]

Feather, JamesRef 339-7
[1803-1844] Son of Betty & John Feather.

Born in Warley; baptised at Luddenden [September 1803]

He was a woolcomber / Deputy Constable of Halifax [1838].

On 16th November 1838, he and Sergeant King were sent to Mankinholes to arrest William Ingham who had refused to pay fines.

When the two Halifax lawmen reached Mankinholes with a horse and cart, an alarm bell was rung, and crowds of angry men and women hurried into the village. The 2 constables were attacked by a mob of 2000 people. A violent scene ensued: the horse and cart were overturned, with the constable on the top. The cart was then smashed and burnt.

The two men, after seeking refuge in the Overseer's house, were compelled by the mob to come out and swear never to engage in such a business again.

They were released and raced along the road to Stoodley, pursued by an infuriated crowd who repeatedly assaulted them, until at last they found shelter near Eastwood.

This was the start of the Mankinholes Riots.

Feather was responsible for the arrests of many Chartist supporters in Halifax [1842].

On 16th August 1842 he may have been one of the men attacked in a disturbance of Chartists at Salterhebble Hill.

In May 1837, he married Mary Clegg [1805-1856] at Halifax Parish Church.

Mary came from Northowram


  1. Mary Jane Cooke (Feather) who died 3rd July 1861 (aged 10 months) 

They lived at the Police Office in Upper Kirkgate.

James died 10th January 1844 (aged 40).

Mary died 23rd January 1856 (aged 51).

C+ was buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 176] with Richard Hanson

Feather, JamesRef 339-2060
[1840-1903] On 26th April 1884, South Holme Farm, Southowram – of 4¾ acres – was for sale by auction for James.

James died 25th March 1903 (aged 63) 

Feather, JamesRef 339-3
[1840-1903] He was a farmer [1891] / a retired farmer [1901].

He married Sarah [1841-1915].

Sarah was born in Oxenhope

They lived at

  • South Holme, Southowram [1891, 1901]
  • South Holme Farm, Southowram [1903]
  • 3 South Holme Farm, Southowram [1911]

The 1911 census shows that they had had 4 children of whom 1 was still alive at that time.

Living with them [in 1891] was son Joseph Pickles [b  1864] (farm servant).

James died 17th March 1903 (aged 63).

Sarah died 7th September 1915 (aged 74).

Members of the family were buried at St Anne's Church, Southowram [Grave Ref: R-D21]

Feather, JamesRef 339-1318
[1843-1???] Born in Hebden Bridge.

He was a cotton fustian cutter [1881] / a beer house keeper at the Black Horse, Hebden Bridge [1891,  1901].

He married Ann [1845-1???] from North Wales.

Ann was a char woman [1881] / landlady of the Black Horse, Hebden Bridge [1905]


  1. Westrop [b 1870]

They lived at Hollins Place, Wadsworth, Hebden Bridge [1881]

Feather, JamesRef 339-6710
[1845-1892] Of Southowram.

In [Q4] 1866, he married Susan Thomas [1846-1912] in Halifax.


  1. Arthur Farrar [1880-1881] who died aged 13 months
  2. James Herbert [1881] who died aged 9 months

Members of the family were buried at Bethesda Primitive Methodist Chapel, Bank Top

Feather, James HenryRef 339-657
[1895-1917] Son of Westrop Feather.

Born in Hebden Bridge [27th June 1895].

He was a creeler in a cotton factory [1911].

During World War I, he served as a Acting Corporal with the 7th Battalion Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment).

He died of wounds [4th March 1917].

He was buried at Aveluy Communal Cemetery Extension, France [Grave Ref M 21]

Feather, JohnRef 339-367
[17??-1???] Coiner of Roughhead, Denholme. He absconded

Feather, JohnRef 339-6
[1816-1???] Born in Ovenden.

He was a gravestone cutter [1851].

Around 1842, he married Sarah [1820-1???].

Sarah was born in Ovenden


  1. Mary [b 1842]
  2. Pharaoh [b 1844]
  3. Matilda [b 1847]
  4. Bairstow Henry

They lived at Illingworth Row, Halifax [1851]

Feather, JohnRef 339-120
[1816-1857] He was a farmer/woolcomber [1851].

In 1840, he married Hannah.

Hannah was the daughter of
Peter Jackson


  1. Edwin [b 1841]
  2. Ruth Ann [b 1844]
  3. David
  4. Peter Ratcliffe
  5. Frederick
  6. John

They lived at

  • Luddenden [1841]
  • Longrigging, Halifax [1851]

John died in 1856.

In 1857, Hannah married (2) Henry Smithies

Feather, JohnRef 339-722
[1822-1902] Son of Robert Feather.

Born in Stansfield; baptised in Haworth [September 1823].

He grew up in the Stansfield and Erringden area.

He started working in the woollen mills, but in his mid-twenties he began working on the railways and moved to Bradford.

In 1851, he married (1) Sarah Sutcliffe [1827-1856].

Sarah was the daughter of William Sutcliffe


  1. William [1852-1932]
  2. Sarah [1854-1938]

In [Q3] 1857, he married (2) Sarah Craven [1818-1892] in Dewsbury.

Sarah was the daughter of Ann Craven, father not recorded

In 1865, the family emigrated to Queensland, Australia aboard the Queen of the Colonies.

In Queensland, he worked for the railways, and remained with the railways for the rest of his life.

Both the children married and had families in Queensland. William and his family moved to Sydney, New South Wales [late 1870s], and John and Sarah followed soon after. Daughter, Sarah, and her family remained in Queensland.

After Sarah's death, John married (3) Unknown.

John died in Sydney

Feather, JohnRef 339-121
[1854-1909] Son of John Feather.

Born in Warley.

He was an overlooker of Warley [1877] / a worsted spinner [1881, 1891, 1901] / partner in Feather Brothers.

In [Q2] 1877, he married Ellen Pollard [1857-1935] at Halifax Parish Church.

Ellen, of Midgley, was born in Booth, the daughter of Thomas Pollard, carter

John's father was not recorded on the marriage record


  1. Martha Hannah [b 1878]
  2. John Thomas [b 1881] who was a worsted spinner [1901]
  3. Richard Edwin
  4. David J. [b 1885] who was a railway clerk [1901]
  5. Peter Fred [1886-1900]
  6. Jackson Pollard [b 1892] who was a bank clerk [1911]
  7. Helen Edith May [b 1895]
  8. Victoria Constance Irene [b 1900]

The family lived at

  • 5 Stannary Street, Halifax [1881]
  • 9 Trinity Place, Halifax [1891]
  • Clareville, Halifax [1901, 1911]
  • Beechwood, 147 Huddersfield Road, Halifax [1916]

23/5/19091 died in Southport (aged 54).

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £6,178.

Probate was granted to his widow Ellen

Feather, JosephRef 339-553
[1860-1936] He was a dyer's labourer [1885] / a fish fryer (own account) [1911].

On 22nd February 1885, he married Hannah Barker Smith [1863-1898] in Halifax.

Hannah was born in Northowram


  1. Herbert [1885-1969] who was a confectioner's labourer  [1911]
  2. Percy
  3. Ernest

They lived at 178 Hebble Lane, Halifax [1911].

Sons Percy & Ernest died in World War I

Feather, PercyRef 339-533
[1887-1918] Son of Joseph Feather.

Born in Northowram.

He was a member of Illingworth Church Cricket Club / a chair frame maker [1911] / a cabinet maker employed by Siddal & Sons.

He married Unknown.

They lived at Bairstow's Buildings, Ovenden.

During World War I, he enlisted with the South Staffordshire Regiment [November 1916], then he served as a Private with the 15th Battalion Notts & Derby (Sherwood Foresters) Regiment.

He was killed in action (lost as an HQ runner) [28th March 1918].

He is remembered on the Pozières Memorial, France [Grave Ref 52-54], in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, and on the Memorial at Saint Mary the Virgin, Illingworth

His brother Ernest also died in the War

Feather, Peter RatcliffeRef 339-3620
[1849-1901] Son of John Feather.

Born in Halifax.

Senior partner in Feather Brothers Limited.

In [Q1] 1874, he married (1) Sarah Town [1852-1882] in Halifax.

Sarah was born 12th April 1852


  1. Annie [1865-1897] who married Fred Pulman, & was  buried with her mother
  2. Jackson Herbert
  3. Edith May [1879-1880]
  4. Bertha
  5. Winifred Gertrude

Sarah died 2nd March 1882.

She was buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 754].

In [Q4] 1883, Peter married (2) Hannah Turner [1849-1923] in Halifax.

They lived at 4 Eversley Mount, Halifax [1901].

Peter died at home [11th August 1901].

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £14,305 2/1d. Probate was granted to son Jackson Herbert, Henry Smithies and Alfred Hoyle (worsted spinner).

Peter's burial place is not yet known

Feather, PharaohRef 339-322
[1759-1824] Of Edge End, Warley.

Son of Pharaoh Feather.

Born in Oxenhope; baptised at Haworth [26th August 1759].

He was a farmer and a veterinary surgeon who also treated men and women. He served in the 1st West Yorkshire Militia [1780-1882].

In 1783, either he or his father was paid 10/6d for doctoring the Workhouse at Warley.

In 1778, he married Mary Foster in Bradford.


  1. Pharaoh
  2. Joseph [1787-1850]

He died 17th March 1824 (aged 64) 

Feather, PharaohRef 339-324
[1722-1795] Son of Pharaoh Feather [d 1751].

In 1783, either he or his son Pharaoh was paid 10/6d for doctoring the Workhouse at Warley.

He married Sarah [1725-1799].


  1. George
  2. Pharaoh

Feather, PharaohRef 339-139
[1781-1855] Son of Pharaoh Feather

Born in Haworth.

On 25th December 1804, he married Susannah Wilson [1784-1849] at St Michael & All Angels' Church, Haworth.

Susannah was born in Haworth


  1. Mary [1805-1876]
  2. John [1808-1852]
  3. Hannah [1813-1854]
  4. Thomas
  5. Susan [b 1820]
  6. James [1823-1898]
  7. Matilda [b 1828]
  8. Margaret [b 1831]

Susannah died in Ovenden [16th April 1849].

Pharaoh died in Ovenden [25th April 1855].

The couple were buried at Illingworth Church

Feather, Professor NormanRef 339-108
[1904-1978] FRS.

Nuclear physicist.

Son of Samson Feather.

Born (in the schoolhouse) at Pecket Well [16th November 1904].

He was educated at Bridlington Grammar School, Trinity College Cambridge, and John Hopkins University, Baltimore.

In 1932, he married Kathleen Grace Burke.

Kathleen Grace was daughter of Andrew Francis Burke, schoolteacher.

She was a schoolteacher



  1. son
  2. twins daughter
  3. daughter

He died at the Christie Hospital, Manchester [14th August 1978]

Feather, Richard EdwinRef 339-122
[1883-1916] Son of John Feather.

He was a member of Stannary Congregational Church / educated at Holy Trinity School & Heath Grammar School / a worsted spinner [1901, 1911] / a director of Feather Brothers.

During World War I, he enlisted [November 1915], and served as a Rifleman with the 21st Battalion King's Royal Rifle Corps.

He died of wounds received in France [16th September 1916].

His photograph appears with a report of his death in the Halifax Courier [21st October 1916].

He was buried at Dartmoor Cemetery, Becordel-Becourt, France [Grave Ref II C 32].

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, on the Memorial at All Saints' Church, Dudwell, on the Memorial at Heath Grammar School, on the Memorial at Holy Trinity Boys' School, Halifax, on the Feather family grave at Luddenden Cemetery,

He is remembered on the Memorial at Stannary Congregational Church, Halifax

An honour plaque was erected at Stannary Congregational Church on 16th September 1916, the same day Richard died. His name was added at a later date

Feather, RobertRef 339-721
[1791-1863] He was a wool comber.

In 1813, he married (1) Susan Holdsworth [1792-1832] at Heptonstall.


  1. John
  2. child
  3. child
  4. child
  5. child
  6. child
  7. child
  8. child
  9. child
  10. child
  11. child
  12. child
  13. child

In 1841, he married (2) Grace Barker [1799-1874].

The family lived at

Susan, Robert & Grace were buried at Heptonstall Church

Feather, SamRef 339-525

During World War I, he served as a Private with the King's (Liverpool Regiment).

He died 18th April 1918 (aged 23).

He is remembered on Brighouse War Memorial, and on Rastrick War Memorial

Feather, SamsonRef 339-143
[1871-1949] He was teacher at Pecket Well [1904] / headmaster at Spalding Moor, East Riding.

In [Q3] 1902, he married Lucy Clayton in North Bierley.

Lucy was a teacher at the same school as her husband


  1. Norman
  2. son
  3. daughter

Feather, ThomasRef 339-941
[1817-1872] Son of Pharaoh Feather.

Born in Ovenden.

He was landlord at the Commercial, Illingworth [1861, 1872].

In January 1859, he was declared insolvent.

On 28th August 1840, he married Charlotte Smith [1816-1896] in Halifax.

Charlotte came from Ovenden


  1. Emma Sophia [1840-1868] who never married  
  2. George [1844-1866] who never married
  3. James [1846-1850]
  4. Ellen [1847-1850]
  5. Ann [b 1854]

Thomas died at the Commercial [7th August 1872].

He & other members of the family were buried at Illingworth Church with his parents.

After his death, Charlotte took over at the Commercial. She was still there [1881].

She was living at the Halifax Union Workhouse [1891]

Feather, WestropRef 339-658
[1870-1936] Born in Hebden Bridge.

He was a fustian piecer & cutter [1890].

On the 31st May 1913, Westrop was convicted of assault and was imprisoned in HMP Wakefield for 18 months.

On 25th October 1890, he married Emma Marshall [1871-1954] in Halifax.

Emma was born in Halifax


  1. Alice Ann [1892-1948]
  2. Jane [b 1893]
  3. Annie Eleanor [b 1896]
  4. James Henry
  5. Hilda [b 1897]
  6. Harriet [1899-1899]
  7. Louisa [1900-1905]
  8. Lewis Edward [1901-1901]
  9. Eleanor May [1903-1904]
  10. Harold [b 1903]
  11. George [1907-1907]
  12. Ethel Maud [b 1909]

The children were born in Hebden Bridge.

They lived at

  • 29 Heptonstall Road, Hebden Bridge, [1911]
  • 2A Market Street, Hebden Bridge [1915]
  • 20A Market Street, Hebden Bridge [1917]



Feather surnameRef 339-1
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Unattached BMDs for Feather

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