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Eland, ElizabethRef 442-598
Daughter of
John Eland.

She married (1) Ricardo Anson

She married (2) William Overton

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Eland, Henry deRef 442-35
Son of
Leising de Eland.

He disliked his people having to travel to Halifax Parish Church, and Elland Parish Church was built at his instigation.

He pastured sheep at Exley and Southowram for the monks at Fountains Abbey.

He married Miss Whitworth from Whitworth.


  1. Hugh
  2. John

He was succeeded by his son, Hugh

Eland, Sir Hugh deRef 442-36
or [1274-1309] Son of
Henry de Eland.

He married Joanna de Tankersley.


  1. Margaret
  2. Richard
  3. John
  4. James

He was succeeded by John

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Eland, Hugh deRef 442-206

Eland, Sir Hugh deRef 442-37
Son of
Sir John de Eland.

He married Johanna de Tankersley.


  1. William
  2. Thomas
  3. John
  4. Margaret

See Blackstone Edge

Eland, Isabel deRef 442-91
Daughter of
Thomas de Eland.

She married Sir John Savile and brought to the marriage the manors of Tankersley and Elland.

There has been argument over the centuries as to whether Isabel was the daughter of Sir John Eland or Thomas de Eland

For instance:

Extract from a hearing of the Barons of the Exchequer, 26 April 1526, regarding ownership of lands in Sowerbyshire

[Sir] Henry Savile and by His Attourney saith that long since H.7 [King Henry 7th] father of the now king was seised of the demeasne of Wakefield, one John Savile, Kt. and Isabell his wife, daughter and heire of John Eland, Kt. deceased, was seized in demeasne as in right of the said Isabell of and in the foresaid towns of Barsland etc. and the foresaid John Savile and Isabell has issue John Savile, Esq. who after their death entered into the p'mises etc ...... 

[In Memorand' Scaccaij 18 H.8.(1526) Among The Records of Easter Terme. rot.20. Dodsworths Yorkshire Notes, Wapentake of Agbrigg, p.11]


However, there is clear proof that her father was Thomas de Eland, as

in July 1396, her husband, Sir John Savile, founded a chantry at Elland Church to pray for, among others, Thomas de Eland and Joan his wife, parents of my wife Isabella.

[Chantry Surveys, Surtees Soc. ii, 298]


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Eland, James deRef 442-253
Son of
Sir Hugh de Eland.

He succeeded his uncle, John de Eland, as priest at Elland [12??].

He installed new windows in the church to commemorate members of his family

Eland, Sir JohnRef 442-594
He married Unknown, daughter of John of Doncaster.


  1. Robert
  2. William
  3. Dominus Robert who became a soldier
  4. Dominus John who became a soldier

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Eland, JohnRef 442-596
Son of
Robert Eland.

He married Matilda Harland.

Matilda was the daughter of Petry Harland of Gloucester


  1. William
  2. Robert
  3. Alicia
  4. Matilda
  5. John
  6. Elizabeth

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Eland, JohnRef 442-599
Son of
John Eland.

He married Helena Radcliffe

Helena was the daughter of James RadcliffeJacobus Radclyff – of Tower

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Eland, John deRef 442-252
Son of
Henry de Eland.

His brother Hugh appointed him priest at Elland [1290]

Eland, Sir John deRef 442-38
Son of
Sir Hugh de Eland.

He was born at Elland Old Hall.

He was the grandfather of Isobel de Eland.

He quarrelled with John Quarmby over land at Stainland.

He became High Sheriff of Yorkshire [1340-1341], and was steward for the Wakefield Manor for John Earl of Warenne.

Around 1309, he married (1) Alice de Lathom.

Child: 1. Hugh.

He married (2) Ayme de Rygate. They had no children.

He married (3) Alys.

Child: 2. Thomas of Lincolnshire

He was succeeded by Hugh.

He died some time after 13th January 1354.

Question: There seems to be some confusion between this man and Sir John Elland. Can anyone throw any light on this complicated family?


See Elland market, Manor of Norland and John de Rokis

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Eland, Margaret deRef 442-205
Daughter of
Sir Hugh de Eland or daughter of Sir Hugh de Eland or daughter of Hugh de Eland.

Question: Can anyone resolve the question of her parentage?


In 1293, she married (1) John Lacy.

After John's death, she married (2) William de Eland

Eland, NicholasRef 442-305
In 1526, he surrendered the use of
Shibden Mill to Richard Gibson for a period of 46 years at an annual rent of 8/- payable at Whitsuntide

Eland, RobertRef 442-595
Son of
Sir John Eland.

He married Alicia Curson.

Alicia was the daughter of John Curson

Child: John

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Eland, RobertRef 442-23
Of Carlinghow, Lord of the
Manor of Brighouse.

In the 16th century, he sold Slead Hall, Brighouse to James and Richard Waterhouse

Eland, RobertRef 442-141
Lord of the
Manor of Hipperholme.

In 1413, he occupied Shibden Mill and rented Brighouse Mill. He sub-let Shibden Mill to Richard Gibson and Edward Gibson

Eland, Thomas deRef 442-257
Son of
Sir Hugh de Eland.

He became lord of the Manor of Elland, Rochdale and Tankersley.

He married Unknown.

Child: John

Eland, Thomas deRef 442-587
[12??-1353/4] Esquire, of Elland and Tankersley

He married Joan.

In pedigrees, Joan has been said to be the daughter of Gilbert Umfraville.

This may be so, but no evidence has been found to support it



  1. (probably) son
  2. Isabel who married Sir John Savile

In 1396, a licence was obtained by Sir John Savile, Thomas's son-in-law, to found a chantry at Elland church to pray for (among others) Thomas de Eland and Joan his wife, parents of John's wife Isabella.

Circumstantial evidence suggests that Thomas and his son were killed in late 1353 or 1354, by Adam Beaumont, Thomas son of Thomas de Lacy of Cromwellbottom, William de Lockwood and others. Unfortunately the records of the Brighouse Tourn, Wakefield Manor Rolls, for the year 1353 have been lost.

The story goes that Sir John Eland was riding home from the Sheriff's Tourn in 1353, when he was ambushed and killed by the above three men, and others at Lane Head, Brighouse. They then fled the area but returned some months later and killed Thomas de Eland and his son, at Elland. There has been debate over this as some accounts say that they came back and killed a young Sir John Eland and his son. There has also been debate as to whether the events ever occurred, or it was only a myth.

In his History of Brighouse, Rastrick, & Hipperholme [p. 88] Horsfall Turner reports that Mr Paley Baildon and Mr H. J. Barber found an

ancient poetical account

of the event in a manuscript at the Record Office, London. This stated that

in 1353 Robert del Bothe of Holmfirth and Ric. his brother, Matthew de Hepworth of Hepworth, Thomas the Litster or dyer of Almondbury and Ralph de Skelmanthorp were seized because they had harboured William de Lockwood and Adam Beaumont knowing that they had slain John de Elland, knight, and were outlaws. Edmund de Flockton was seized also for harbouring Beaumont at Flockton, and Thomas Molot of Wakefield for giving Thomas son of Thomas Lacy of Cromwellbottom 40s knowing he had slain John de Elland, knt. The jury pronounced them not guilty.

At York Castle delivery in 1355, John de Shelley was tried and found not guilty having been seized by order of the sheriff because he received at Brighouse William de Lockwood, Adam Beaumont and others who had feloniously slain John de Elland, knight, knowing of the commission of the felony


However it went, Isabel, daughter of Thomas de Eland and Joan his wife, brought the Manors of Elland and Tankersley to Sir John Savile

This & associated entries use material contributed by Joanne Backhouse

Eland, Sir Walter deRef 442-258
He was a Chaplain at
Elland Church.

He owned land and property at Stoney Royd, Southowram and Cromwellbottom.

He left his estate to Annabelle, daughter of William the Tailor of Halifax

Eland, WilliamRef 442-597
Son of
John Eland.

He married Johanna Holmes.

Johanna was the daughter of John Holmes


  1. Edward who married Johanna, daughter of  Johannis Swan
  2. Dionicia who married Stephano Thorpe from  Holderness
  3. William
  4. Johanness
  5. Johannes
  6. Isabella
  7. Elizabeth
  8. Johanna
  9. Alicia
  10. Elizabeth
  11. Johanna
  12. Isabella

This & associated entries use material contributed by Alan Stansfield

Eland, William deRef 442-255
He was known as De Eland after he married
Margaret de Eland. He was Constable at Nottingham Castle when Earl Mortimer was imprisoned there, and revealed to William of Montague a secret passage which led to Mortimer

Eland, William deRef 442-256
Eldest son of
Sir Hugh de Eland. He became a forester at Pickering. This spread the family into North Yorkshire and East Yorkshire


The Eland familyRef 442-421
The major members of the family included

See Elland Feud, Elland Hall and Rookes Hall

Being an ancient family, the Elands have a great number of descendants, and frequently inter-married with other local families.

The various researchers have contributed generously to the entries here, though their versions of the names, dates and relationships of these descendants may conflict at some point.

Although there may be some errors / inaccuracies, the information here will give the general reader some idea of who the family were and what they achieved through the generations



Eland surnameRef 442-1
A variant of the surname Elland.

Entries for people with this and similar surnames are shown in a separate Foldout

Leising de Eland is recorded in the 1100s

There are 23 entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Eland, as discussed in this SideTrack. This count does not include other forms of the surname.

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