John Tiplady Carrodus


John Tiplady Carrodus was born in Keighley. [20th January 1836].

His father, Tom Carrodus, was a barber, a music-seller, an enthusiastic amateur violinist, leader of the Keighley Choral Society, a member of the Halifax Philharmonic Society, and taught him to play the violin

They both played with the Halifax Philharmonic Society.

John became a nationally-famous violinist and teacher.

He made his first concert appearance in 1845 [at the age of 9], and his first solo performance in 1863.

Between the ages of 12-18, he studied in Stuttgart under Wilhelm Bernhard Molique.

He went on to become leader of the Glasgow Orchestra [1851], leader at Covent Garden [1869], first president of the London Orchestra Association, and Professor of the Violin at Trinity College London [1881]

In 1857, he married (1) Charlotte Mary Latham [1838-1889] of Liverpool, at Liverpool.


  1. Ernest Alexander [b 1858] who became a musician
  2. Charles Henry [b 1858] who became a mechanical engineer
  3. John Frederick [b 1867] who became a violinist
  4. William Oliver [b 1869] who became a flautist
  5. Robert George F. [b 1870] who became a Professor of  Music [1891]
  6. Bernhard Molique [b 1871]
  7. Ada Mary [b 1872]
  8. Herbert E. [b 1876] who became a piano-tuner
  9. Alfred Latham [b 1877] who became a cellist
  10. Frederick C. [b 1878]

In 1890, he married (2) Ada Bright [1852-19??] in Lincolnshire. They had no children.

He died in Hampstead. [13th July 1895].

Ada and the daughter of Wilhelm Bernhard Molique wrote a biography of John.

John owned and played a violin made in 1743 by Guarneri. In 2007, this sold at auction and was valued at £3.9 million

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