Confectionery Industry

This Foldout collects the entries for some of the confectioners, sweet shops, and confectionery companies which are – or were – to be found in the district


Charles Bancroft
James Bancroft
Walter Bancroft
Bancroft's Confectioners
W. H. Baume & Company
Eleanor Berry
Edward Binns
John Binns
Bowdens Limited

A. J. Caley & Son Limited
Carr's Confectioners
Condima (England) Limited
Alfred Crossley
Francis Henry Crossley
Joseph Crossley
Curd tart

Joseph Dobson & Sons Limited

Evercreme Toffees

Fat rascal
John Fielden

Graydon & Child
William Greenwood
Gunn's Confectioners

C. A. Higgins & Company

Ice cream

Arthur William Jackson
Miss Hilda Jackson
Wilkinson Jackson

KP Foods

Selwyn Lumb
Lumb's Confectionery

John Mackintosh & Sons Limited
John Marsh
John Marsh & Sons
Mattock's Toffee
Meredith & Drew Limited
Moore Brothers
Moorlands Bakery, Hebden Bridge

J. Newill

Stephen Oldfield

Joah Pearson
Pickersgill & Powell

Ragman's toffee
Ramsden's Toffee
Riley's Toffees
Ella Riley Limited
Rowntree's of York
Rowntree-Mackintosh PLC

William Henry Tidswell
Toffee Town
Toyplane Toffee
Turner & Metcalfe
Turner & Wainwright
Turnwright Toffees

John Whittaker & Sons (Kingston) Limited
W. Workman & Son
Frederick Workman
William Workman

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