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Clifton is a district of Calderdale to the east of Brighouse. It was a part of the parish of Hartshead-cum-Clifton.

The Anglian village stands on a ridge 200 ft above the valley and the Calder, and is mentioned in Domesday Book.

From 1166, it was held by the Earls of Warren.

It was originally a township in the parish of Hartshead, and became a parish in its own right in 1887 – with St John's Church as the parish church.

The name means a farmstead on – or near – a steep bank.

There was a maypole in the village until the mid-19th century.

An old rhyme runs

Clifton stands on Calder banke,
    And Hartshead on a hill,
Kirkeleys stands within the dale,
    And many comes ther till.

Some sites, sights and other entries for Clifton

Abattoir, Brighouse
Abattoir, Clifton
Anchor Pit, Clifton
Armytage Arms, Clifton
Ash Grove, Clifton

Birkby Hall, Clifton
Birkhouse Farm, Clifton
Black Bull, Clifton
Black Bull Farm, Clifton
Black Horse, Clifton
Blake Law Farm, Clifton
Lister Brearley
The Brick School, Clifton
Brighouse Clifton Road Railway Station

Cannon Hall, Clifton
Christopher Brook's Farm, Clifton
Church Farm, Clifton
Clegg's Mill, Clifton
Clifton & Hartshead Charities
Clifton & Lightcliffe Band
Clifton airport
Clifton Almshouses
Clifton Arms, Brighouse
Clifton Beck
Clifton Board of Guardians
Clifton Board School
Clifton Bowling Club
Clifton Bowling Green
Clifton Brass Band
Clifton Bridge Iron Works, Brighouse
Clifton Bridge Mill, Brighouse
Clifton Bridge, Brighouse
Clifton Britannia Club
Clifton Britannia Cricket Club
Clifton Burial Ground
Clifton Church Evening School
Clifton Colliery
Clifton colliery railway
Clifton Common
Clifton Common Toll Bar
Clifton Common Viaduct
Clifton Conservative Club
Clifton constables
Clifton Co-operative Store
Clifton Dole Fund
Clifton Dragon
The Clifton family
Clifton flour
Clifton Football Club
Clifton Free School
Clifton Grammar School
Clifton Hall
Clifton Handbell Ringers
Clifton Hospital
Clifton House, Bailiff Bridge
Clifton House, Halifax
Clifton Isolation Hospital
Clifton Lawn Tennis Club
Clifton Local Board
Clifton Mechanics' Institute
Clifton Methodist Sunday School
Clifton Mill, Bailiff Bridge
Clifton mosaic
Clifton National School
Clifton New Colliery
Clifton Police Station
Clifton Post Office
Clifton Prize Band
Clifton Spitfire Accident
Clifton stone
Clifton Subscription Band
Clifton Surveyor of the Highways
Clifton Vale Print Works, Brighouse
Clifton Vicarage

Clifton War Memorial
Clifton Water Supply Company
Clifton Well
Clifton Woodhead
Clifton Woodhead
Clifton: Coal Mining
Manor of Clifton
The Clough, Clifton
Cock Walk Farm, Clifton
Colliers' Chapel, Clifton
Common End Farm, Clifton
Crosse Hall, Clifton

Darblin' 'Oil, Clifton
The De Clifton family
Deep Lane Farm, Clifton
Doles Lane Pit, Clifton

Flatt's Pit, Clifton

Golden Balls, Clifton
Gospel Thorn Farm, Clifton
The Grange Farm, Clifton
Green Farm, Clifton
Green Lane Farm, Clifton
Greenwood's School, Clifton

Highley Hall, Clifton
Highmoor Lane Methodist Chapel, Clifton
Highmoor Lane School, Clifton
Highmoor Pit, Clifton
Hole Bottom Farm, Clifton
Holly Bank, Clifton

I Didn't Know that

Jay House Farm, Clifton
Jay House Pit, Clifton

Kettlewig, Clifton
Kirklees Toll House, Brighouse

Little John Mill, Clifton Common

Mill Cottage, Clifton

Nanny Wood's School, Clifton
New Pack Horse, Clifton

Old Pack Horse, Clifton
Ox Pits, Clifton

Ramsden's School Clifton

Saint John's Church of England (VA) Primary School, Clifton
Saint John the Evangelist, Clifton
Shear Barrow Colliery, Clifton
Sundial Cottage, Clifton

Thornhills Farm, Clifton
Towngate Farm, Clifton

United Methodist Free Church, Clifton

Westgate Farm, Clifton
Whinchat Hall, Clifton
Whitaker Pit, Clifton
Whitaker Pit Woods, Clifton
Whitaker Pits Farm, Clifton
Whiteley Farm, Clifton
Woodhead Well, Clifton

Clifton Road Railway Station

Beerhouses & Pubs in Clifton

Several beerhouses and public houses have been recorded in and around Clifton, including

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