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Brayshaw, AbrahamRef 517-1515
Born in Pudsey.

He was a woolstapler [1851] / a farmer of 11 acres [1850] / a wool dealer [1861].

He married Charlotte [1822-1901].

Charlotte was born in Greetland.

She was a farmer of 10 acres employing 1 man [1871] / a farmer of 10 acres [1881]



  1. Martha [b 1842] who married Allen Kitchen
  2. Squire [b 1845] who was a woolsorter [1861, 1871]
  3. Major Bedford [b 1850] who was a farmer & butcher [1871],  a butcher [1881, 1891]
  4. John E. [b 1852] who was a worsted spinner [1861], a  mason [1871]
  5. Rose [1855-1885] who was a paper finisher [1881] &  married Joseph Shaw
  6. George [b 1858] who was a cotton piecer [1871], a joiner  [1881, 1891]

They lived at

  • Bradford [1841]
  • 301 Green Top, Bradford [1851]
  • Sunny Bank, Elland-cum-Greetland [1861]
  • Sunny Bank Lane, Elland-cum-Greetland [1871]
  • Sunny Bank, Elland-cum-Greetland [1881, 1891]

Abraham died 21st February 1871 (aged 58).

He was buried at Greetland Methodist Church [Grave Ref: H13].

Charlotte died Q1 1901 (aged 79) 

Brayshaw, FrederickRef 517-491
Son of
Squire Brayshaw.

Born 20th November 1876.

He was a cashier (hardware manufacturer) [1901] / a cashier [1911].

In [Q2] 1910, he married Mary Beatrice Garside [1888-1971] in Halifax.

Mary Beatrice was born in Elland [18th September 1888]

Child: Eunice [1914-1987] who was born 13th October 1914 & died 1st July 1987

They lived at 17 Haigh Street, Greetland [1911].

Frederick died 12th January 1954.

Mary Beatrice died 13th August 1971.

Members of the family were buried at Greetland Methodist Church [Grave Ref: A13].

Daughter Eunice was the last burial at Greetland Methodist Church [1st July 1987]

Brayshaw, GeorgeRef 517-896
Born in Harewood, Leeds.

He was a stone mason (retired) [1891].

In [Q3] 1847, he married either Sarah Nicholson or Sarah Richardson [1822-1???].

Sarah was born in Knaresborough


  1. Hannah [b 1848]
  2. Austin [b 1868] who was a farmer's labourer [1891]

They lived at Town Street, Northallerton [1891].

Living with them [in 1891] were grandchildren: Herbert Brayshaw, Ann Brayshaw [b 1883] & Walter Brayshaw [b 1891]; (the children's parents are unclear) 

Brayshaw, GeorgeRef 517-1223
Born in Halifax.

He was a partner in Brayshaw & Dickinson.

In [Q2] 1904, he married Amy Kitchen [18??-19??] in Halifax.

Child: Graham

They lived at

Brayshaw, GrahamRef 517-1018
Son of
George Brayshaw.

He was a member of Stainland Methodist Church & Scouts / educated at Heath Grammar School & Rydal School, Colwyn Bay / managing director of Brayshaw & Dickinson / a member of Bradford Wool Exchange. He attained a City & Guilds of London Certificate.

During World War II, he enlisted [January 1941], and he served as a Flying Officer with the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.

He trained in Canada.

He was killed on a flight training exercise [27th February 1943] (aged 25), when he lost control after his Wellington developed engine failure, and crashed at Hazelbury House Farm, Box, Wiltshire.

He was buried at Stainland Wesleyan Chapel [386]. Probate records show that he left effects valued at £7,301 2/2d.

Probate was granted to Margaret Wolfenden (wife of Frederick Arthur Maurice  Wolfenden)  and Isabel Holt (widow).

He is remembered on Heath Grammar School Memorial Gates

This & associated entries use material contributed by Derrick Habergham

Brayshaw, HarryRef 517-B544
Born 1st December 1898.

He was licensee at the Commercial Inn, Rawtenstall [1901].

In [Q4] 1924, he married Ethel Earnshaw [1901-19??] in Todmorden.

Ethel was born 27th August 1901, the daughter of
Luke Earnshaw

Child: Heather who died July 31st 1933 (aged 2 weeks) & was buried with her father

Harry died 9th February 1965 (aged 67)  and his ashes were buried at Cloughfoot Independent Congregational Chapel with Ethel's parents

Details of Ethel's death / burial place are not yet known

Brayshaw, HerbertRef 517-895
Grandson of
George Brayshaw; Herbert's parents have not yet been identified.

Born in Northallerton [23rd September 1874].

He was a butcher's apprentice [1891] / a pork butcher [1901] / a master pork butcher [1939].

In 2001, his business on Bethel Street, Brighouse – where Brayshaw's Pork Pies became very popular locally – was taken over by Andrew Jones. Herbert's daughter gave Jones permission to sell his own pie under the name Brayshaw's Pork Pies, but she did not reveal her father's recipe.

On 19th April 1897, he married Olive Oldfield [1875-1???] in Dewsbury.

Olive was born in Clifton [13th July 1875], the daughter of Henry Oldfield


  1. Annie [b 1891]
  2. Reginald [b 1908]

The 1911 census shows that they had had 3 children of whom 2 were still alive at that time.

They lived at

  • Towngate, Clifton [1901]
  • Bethel Street, Brighouse [1911, 1946]
  • 59 Halifax Road, Brighouse [1949]

Brayshaw, SquireRef 517-449
Born in Pudsey [9th March 1845].

He was a wool sorter [1881, 1901].

In [Q2] 1874, he married Sarah Jane Taylor [1848-1935] in Halifax.

Sarah Jane was born in Greetland [14th May 1848]


  1. George [b 1876] who was a cashier (worsted spinner) [1901]
  2. Frederick

They lived at

  • Taylor's Buildings, Elland-cum-Greetland [1881]
  • Ashcroft, Haigh Street, Greetland [1901]
  • 15 Haigh Street, Greetland [1911]

Squire died 28th February 1913.

Sarah Jane died 21st December 1935.

Members of the family were buried at Greetland Methodist Church [Grave Ref: A13]

Brayshaw, Rev William HenryRef 517-2344

Son of Dorothea [1809-18??] & Timothy Brayshaw [1803-18??], incumbent at Eastwood Church, Keighley.

Born in Keighley.

He was Curate at Halifax Parish Church [1874] / clerk in Holy Orders at Manchester Cathedral [1881].

He lived with his widowed mother at 9 Regent Street, Halifax [1871].

In [Q2] 1879, he married Elizabeth Charlotte de Newfort [1853-1???] in Croydon.

Child: Dorah M. [b 1880]


Brayshaw surnameRef 517-1
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