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Brigg, AbrahamRef 412-815
Grindlestone Bank, Ovenden. An early member of the Brigg family of Grindlestone Bank.

He or his son rebuilt Holdsworth House, Holmfield [1633].

He married Unknown.

Child: Abraham

Brigg, AbrahamRef 412-395
Nicknamed: Prevailed.

Son of Abraham Brigg. He was a clothier and a Halifax publican.

Question: Does anyone know which pub this may have been?


He or his father rebuilt Holdsworth House, Ovenden. In 1626, he paid composition.

In 1657, he sold the Holdsworth House estate to Henry Wadsworth, and moved to run an inn in Halifax.

Heywood comments that he was

a nightly drinker, usually called amongst them Prevailed for a nickname, having drunk much, fed excessively, his wind stopt by that time they could get him to bed, was buried at Halifax Feb 8 [1671]

He married Mary Oldfield.

Child: Jeremy

Brigg, AbrahamRef 412-448
North House at
Grindlestone Bank, Ovenden is dated 1698 when Abraham Brigg and his family lived there

Brigg, Arnold DouglasRef 412-1474
Son of Bertha & Herbert Brigg of 8 Valley Parade, Bradford.

He was educated at Moorside School, Ovenden & Holy Trinity School, Halifax.

During World War I, he served as a Private with the 3rd Battalion Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment).

He died in the VAD Hospital, Whitley Bay [25th February 1916] (aged 20).

He was buried at the Whitley Bay (Hartley South) Cemetery [Grave Ref: A C 223].

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, and on the Memorial at Holy Trinity Boys' School, Halifax

Brigg, EdmundRef 412-493
Son of
Jeremy Brigg.

Halifax attorney.

On 11th April 1705, he married Mrs Mary Hall from Boothtown

Brigg, IsaacRef 412-959
Of Ovenden.

He married Unknown.

Child: John

Brigg, JeremiahRef 412-968
Aka Jeremy.

Son of Abraham Brigg. Halifax attorney [1676-1710]. He was known for sending people to Halifax Gaol when they owed nothing. In 1697, he, John Crabtree, William Livesay and William Midgley were the 4 attorneys of the King's Bench in Halifax.

In 1679, he married Lydia Barker [1657-1726].

Lydia was the daughter of Edmund Barker of Otley


  1. Edmund
  2. Jeremy
  3. Elizabeth who married Mr Pellington
  4. Mary who married James Hargreaves

Brigg, JeremyRef 412-2796
A cloth dresser at Hipperholme.

He married Martha.

In 1637, cases were brought before the West Riding Quarter Sessions which involved William Rookes, and Brigg and his wife, Martha.

On 20th August 1637, Rookes assaulted Martha

so that her life was despaired of

He was fined 20/-

Later, Jeremy and Martha pleaded not guilty to charges of assaulting Rookes on 10th September 1637. The jury found that neither was guilty

Brigg, JeremyRef 412-1402
Son of
John Brigg.

His cousin, Edward Robinson, left land to Jeremy.

In 1608, he is listed in the Sowerby Greave List as owning a messuage called Nether Field House, Sowerby.

He was a clothier.

He married Susan, aka Susanna.


  1. John who died young
  2. Easter
  3. Phebe
  4. Susan
  5. Joseph

After Jeremy's death, Susan married Isaac Farrer. Susan and Isaac were jointly made guardians of young Joseph who was not of age when his father died

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Brigg, JeremyRef 412-1555
He was a miller

Brigg, JohnRef 412-1401
Field House, Sowerby.

He married a daughter of James Robinson.


  1. Jeremy
  2. Samuel
  3. Grace
  4. Dorothie
  5. Mary

Brigg, JohnRef 412-2402
Aka Johannes Brygg. Chaplain of the
chapelry of Heptonstall. He was executed on the Gibbet on 16th September 1544

Brigg, JohnRef 412-816
He lived at
Grindlestone Bank, Ovenden around 1647

Brigg, JohnRef 412-958
Aka Brigge.

Son of Isaac Brigg. He practised at an attorney in Ovenden.

In 1621, he married Edith, daughter of John Hartley.

Child: John

He was Coroner for Ovenden [1640-1658]

Brigg, JohnRef 412-1556
Of Clifton. In 1671, he,
Thomas Holt, Abraham Wadsworth and Thomas Wawne were amongst a number of local people who had supported the RoyaThomas Holt, Abraham Wadsworth and Thomas Wawne cause in the Civil War and who received a pension of 6/5d per year under a county-based pension scheme set up in 1662 for

the reliefe of poore and maimed Officers and Souldiers who have faithfully served His Majesty and His Royal Father in the late [Civil] Wars

Brigg, JohnRef 412-960
Son of
John Brigg.

He succeeded his father as Coroner for Ovenden [1658-1662].

He married Unknown.


  1. John

Brigg, JohnRef 412-9570
A weaver of Southowram.

On 14th August 1790, he was hanged at the Tyburn, York for stealing – from the common at Carlton in the West Riding – 7 ewes, 7 lambs, 2 hogs, and 1 two-year-old wether, the property of William Driver of Carlton, farmer

Brigg, John delRef 412-1325
(Probably) the son of
William del Brigg of Heptonstall, as given in William's will dated 1440.

John married Joan de Stansfeld.

Joan was (probably) the daughter of Ralph de Stansfeld

Child: (possibly) John

On the orders of Sir John Pilkington, lands were seized from a number of landowners and tenants in Calderdale in the 1460s and 1470s. There is sufficient evidence that it is probable that the

2 messuages, 60a. land, 10a. meadow, and 20a. pasture in Langfeld, late John Brig's

listed in the Inquisition post mortem of Sir John's son Edward, and which also appears in the Inquisition post mortem of Sir John's son Robert Pilkington as

formerly John Brigg's

were the lands of John del Brigg

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Brigg, JosephRef 412-3312
Son of
Jeremy Brigg.

After his father's death, his mother Susan married Isaac Farrer. Susan and Isaac were jointly made guardians of young Joseph who was not of age when his father died.

Joseph is listed in the 1624 Greave List as owner of Lower Field House.

In 1639, Joseph surrendered Lower Fieldhouse to Isaac Farrer

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Brigg, RichardRef 412-663
Of Heptonstall, with lands also in Wadsworth, Elland and Stainland.

Son of William Brigg of Heptonstall

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Brigg, ThomasRef 412-2455
Or Brigge. Of
Rough Head, Heptonstall.

He married Marion Speight.


  1. Randall
  2. James
  3. Isabell
  4. Elisabeth
  5. Margaret

- who were illegitimate born before Thomas and Marion married – and

Child: 6. Richard

His wife (possibly) died in childbirth [of Richard], soon after their marriage.

Thomas was buried at Heptonstall Church.

His will is recorded in Volume 2 [1545-1559] of E. W. Crossley's book Halifax Wills

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Brigg, WilliamRef 412-722
Of Heptonstall.

He married Unknown.


  1. Richard
  2. William

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Brigg, William delRef 412-850
Of Heptonstall.

He married Unknown.


  1. John
  2. William
  3. Isabell
  4. Margaret
  5. Alice
  6. Agnes

Will written Monday next before the feast of St Matthew the Apostle and Evangelist 1440.

To be buried where God will dispose, with my mortuary.

Item I bequeath to Isabell, Margaret and Alice my daughters to each of the three, ten pounds.

Item I bequeath to Agnes, my daughter twenty marks.

I bequeath to the making of the bells at Heptonstalle [church] ten marks.

I make my executors John del Brygge and William del Brigge, my sons, by the oversight of Henry del Brygge and John del Wedehope.

Item I bequeath to the service of the Holy Cross in the chapel of All Saints at Macclesfelde xs.

Proven November, 4, 1440 by John, son, power being reserved to Wiliam Brigge, the other exor.

[Reg. Test ii 679]


This & associated entries use material contributed by Joanne Backhouse


The Brigg family of Bank House, WarleyRef 412-3502
Bank House, Warley

The Brigg family of BinroydRef 412-3503

See Binroyd, Norland

The Brigg family of Field HouseRef 412-3504

The Brigg family of Grindlestone BankRef 412-3505

See Abraham Brigg and Grindlestone Bank, Ovenden

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See Quickstavers, Sowerby


Brigg surnameRef 412-1
There are 23 entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Brigg, as discussed in this SideTrack. This count does not include other forms of the surname.

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