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BrighouseRef 33-B182
The second largest town in Calderdale, Brighouse lies to the east of Halifax

See Population, Calder Registration District and Parish statistics

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Brighouse Adult Education CentreRef 33-B864
Established in 1972 in the former Brighouse National School

Brighouse Agricultural ShowRef 33-B2459
This was held in Wellholme Park in the 1930s

Brighouse Amateur Operatic & Dramatic SocietyRef 33-B668
Established in 1923.

In 2005, merged with Brighouse Light Opera Society to become Brighouse Theatre Productions

Brighouse Amateur Pantomime SocietyRef 33-B640

Brighouse & District General & Penny Savings BankRef 33-B12
On 3rd October 1868, the bank opened new premises at the new Town Hall, Brighouse [entrance in Hall Street].

It was superseded by a branch of the Yorkshire Penny Bank.

See Charley Jessop

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Brighouse & District Cage Bird SocietyRef 33-B718
Recorded in 1900. They held meetings and competitions at the Black Swan, Brighouse.

Some members suggested that the venue was attracting drinkers, rather than bird fanciers, so they moved to the Wheelers' Club.

It was still in existence in the 1930s.

See Brighouse Cage Bird & Fanciers Society

Brighouse & District Historical SocietyRef 33-B2198
The Society meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at Brighouse Rest Centre

Brighouse & District Licensed Victuallers' Air Gun & Rifle LeagueRef 33-B446
Recorded in 1907, when those in the League included the Dog & Gun, Rastrick, Woodlands, Rastrick, White Swan, Brighouse, Empress of India, Brighouse, Vulcan, Brighouse, Punch Bowl, Bailiff Bridge, Commercial, Brighouse, Prince of Wales, Brighouse, Duke of York, Rastrick, Rising Sun, Rastrick, Railway, Rastrick, Bridge, Brighouse, Ship, Prince Albert, Victoria, Star, Rastrick, Black Bull, Brighouse, and Grove, Brighouse

Brighouse & District Paraffin Oil Deniers' AssociationRef 33-B2203
Established in April 1900

Brighouse & District Radical AssociationRef 33-B2188
Church Street, Brighouse.

Recorded in December 1888.

See Radicals and A. B. Wakefield

The Brighouse & Elland EchoRef 33-B944
The name of The Brighouse Echo for a short time in the 1930s.

See Local Newspapers

The Brighouse & Elland ExpressRef 33-B930
Published by A. B. Bayes from offices in Briggate, Brighouse. It appeared on Friday, 14th March 1873.

In 1874, the name was changed to The Brighouse & Rastrick Express.

In 1874, Cooper Brothers were the proprietors.

The Friday edition of 4 pages cost ½d and the Saturday edition of 8 pages cost 1d. After the first year, the name was changed to the Brighouse & Rastrick Gazette.

See Local Newspapers

The Brighouse & Elland NewsRef 33-B929
Local newspaper. Published on Fridays. First published in 18??. Ceased publication 19??.

See John Edward Blackburn Howe and Local Newspapers

The Brighouse & Elland RegisterRef 33-B867
19th century newspaper.

See Local Newspapers

Brighouse & Halifax Model EngineersRef 33-21
Founded by William Douglas Miller at Ravensprings Park, Brighouse

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Brighouse & Lightcliffe Steam LaundryRef 33-B2204
Laundry and carpet cleaners at Hoyle House, Lightcliffe.

Established 1886.

See Squire Appleyard

Recorded in 1904 as the Lightcliffe Laundry.

On 1st March 1920, there was an explosion at the laundry, killing the proprietor, Johnnie Kendall.

An advertisement for the business in 1939 announced

Proprietors: Geo. Clayton & Son of 4 East Cliffe, Lightcliffe [Res]

Fine open air drying

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Brighouse & Rastrick BandRef 33-B689
The Brighouse and Rastrick Temperance Brass Band was formed in 1881. The band took its present name in 1929

See Ernest Armitage, Herbert Armitage, Fred Berry, John Vincent Floyd Bottomley, George Percy Bunce, Brian Evans, Jack Goodall, David Richard Marshall, Herbert Wood and Milnes Wood

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Brighouse & Rastrick Band of Hope UnionRef 33-16
Recorded around 1913.

See Band of Hope

Brighouse & Rastrick Bible SocietyRef 33-B3366
Recorded in November 1874, when they held their annual meeting at the Friends Meeting House, Brighouse

The Brighouse & Rastrick ChronicleRef 33-B928
The first local newspaper in the district. First appeared on Saturday 1st January 1859, and was edited by Jonas Yates. It was published monthly. It ceased publication in May 1865.

See Local Newspapers

The Brighouse & Rastrick ExpressRef 33-B3001
In 1874, the name of The Brighouse & Elland Express was changed to The Brighouse & Rastrick Express.

See Local Newspapers

The Brighouse & Rastrick GazetteRef 33-B859
Local newspaper. First appeared in March 1873 as the Brighouse & Elland Express. The name was changed in 1874.

Joah Pearson was owner and editor of the paper [18??].

In 1878, Charlotte Oates wrote a poem on the Russo-Turkish war which was published in the Gazette.

Jonathan Caldwell worked for the paper.

The paper ceased publication in 1???.

See Local Newspapers

Brighouse & Rastrick Liberal Club Building Company LimitedRef 33-B2984
The company which funded the Brighouse Liberal Club in 1877.

See John Edward Blackburn Howe, Charles Jones Ormerod and Hanson Ormerod

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Brighouse & Rastrick Naturalists' SocietyRef 33-B2189
Established at the Star, Rastrick in 1894.

Their collection of stuffed birds and animals was transferred to The Rydings and meetings were held there from 1898

Brighouse & Rastrick Savings BankRef 33-B16
Established on 20th November 1858 as a penny savings bank by members of Brighouse Mechanics' Institute. It closed on 19th November 1892

Brighouse & Rastrick Temperance Brass BandRef 33-B577
A drum and fife band was formed in the district around 1860.

The Brighouse and Rastrick Temperance Brass Band was formed in 1881.

Members had to sign the pledge of abstinence.

In 1929, the name was changed to the Brighouse & Rastrick Band.

See Samuel Henry Byrne and Arthur Oakes Pearce

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Brighouse & Rastrick Temperance SocietyRef 33-B3349
Recorded in May 1881, when they attended a meeting at the Rose & Crown Cocoa & Coffee Tavern, Brighouse.

See Brighouse Temperance Society

Brighouse & Rastrick Women's Liberal AssociationRef 33-B2196
Recorded in 1900

Brighouse & SpenboroughRef 33-B1180
Spenborough Urban District was formed in 1915 and combined the three districts of Cleckheaton, Gomersal and Liversedge.

In 1937, it was enlarged to encompass Birkenshaw, Hunsworth, Hartshead and part of Clifton.

Brighouse and Spenborough became a parliamentary constituency with 1 member in the same year.

MPs included

See Brighouse, MPs for Elland and Cleckheaton & Spenborough Guardian

Brighouse Angling AssociationRef 33-B1726
Founded in 1928 as a coarse angling club

Brighouse Anti-Vaccination LeagueRef 33-B875
An Anti-Vaccination League formed in 1898.

See Vaccination

Brighouse Art CircleRef 33-B480
Founded in June 1949.

Current details of the Circle's programme can be found at their website

Brighouse Art GalleryRef 33-B452

Brighouse Arts CouncilRef 33-B1004

Brighouse Assembly RoomsRef 33-B507

Brighouse BathsRef 33-B1980
Mill Royd Street. The baths were designed by S. S. Heywood, the Borough Surveyor for Brighouse. The baths cost £5,700 to build.

Opened by Mayor Bob Thornton on 2nd (or 5th) July 1913.

The facilities included a swimming pool, plunge baths, slipper baths and showers.

The separate entrances for men and for women are still visible.

Paul Hartley writes of the baths in the 1950s and 1960s

A succession of children were paraded two abreast from the various schools through the borough in an attempt to teach them all to swim. The swimming teacher was a formidable lady – Mrs Oates – who delighted in hanging a long pole just out of reach insisting that they should swim towards it. This long suffering lady must have taught hundreds, if not thousands, of Brighouse children to swim.

The pool attendant was called Raymond. The children used to chant

Raymond sells fish
three ha'pence a dish
repeatedly and loudly, much to the annoyance of the adults present

The baths continued in use throughout the 20th century, although they were often likely to be demolished and superseded by newer facilities when the area and the former Sugden's Flour Mill site is redeveloped.

In 2006 – and against considerable local opposition – the baths were closed after glass from the ceiling fell into the pool and the premises were considered unsafe.

After the usual wrangling over how much, where and when, new baths were promised on a site at Wellholme Park in 2008.

The new Pool and Fitness Centre opened on Woodvale Road, Brighouse in October 2010.

The old baths were demolished [from 2014]

See Bradford Road Baths, Brighouse

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Brighouse Bellman's BawlRef 33-B1005
An event in which town-criers and bell-ringers from around Britain demonstrate their skills. The event was inaugurated on 28th October 2006

Brighouse Board of CommissionersRef 33-B537
Formed in 1846 under an Act of Parliament which had been passed for

sewering, lighting and draining in the hamlet of Brighouse

Around 1865, the Commissioners were superseded by the Brighouse Local Board.

See Borough of Brighouse

Brighouse BoroughRef 33-B137
The Borough of Brighouse with Rastrick and Hove Edge was created – by an amalgamation of the local boards of Brighouse and Rastrick, and Hove Edge – in 1893. The Borough was incorporated on 30th September 1893. The Municipal Charter was granted in 1892.

The motto of Brighouse Borough Council was

Labore et Prudentia

By labour and prudence

Alderman William Smith was the first Mayor.

In 1937, the Borough was augmented by the addition of Bailiff Bridge, Hipperholme, Lightcliffe, Norwood Green and Southowram.

See Mayors of Brighouse, Brighouse Board of Commissioners, Brighouse Local Board, Brighouse Municipal Elections, Brighouse Town Hall, Metropolitan Borough of Calderdale, James Dyson, Rastrick Gas Company, Orlando Sladdin and Alexander Oldfield Stock

Brighouse Borough BandRef 33-B923
Brass band.

See Tommy Whitaker

Brighouse Borough Band ClubRef 33-B2378
Recorded in 1917 at Canal / Wharf Street when Arthur Thornton was secretary

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Brighouse Borough ClubRef 33-B2159
An early manifestation of the club is recorded around 1700.

The newer club was established some time after 1895.

From 1906, the club was based at the Assembly Rooms, Brighouse.

In 1917, Edward P. Chambers was honorary secretary.

The club closed in 19??.

See Sam Blackburn and Brighouse Flying Club

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Brighouse Borough Fire BrigadeRef 33-B339
Before mechanisation of the service, a horse-drawn appliance was used. This was drawn by 2 horses for a local fire, or 4 for a more distant fire.

It has been said that, at one time, the Fire Chief liked a drink, and his wife frequently stood in for him on a call.

The crew comprised 7 men, including the driver. In 19??, the driver fell off and was killed when the rear wheels ran over him.

See Brighouse Fire Station, Alexander Carmichael, Henry Barber fire engine and Neptune fire engine

Brighouse Borough Magistrates CourtRef 33-B925
King Street. The Courtroom was held in the former St Paul's Wesleyan Methodist Sunday School, Brighouse between 1938 and 1995. It is currently occupied by the Salvation Army when they moved from the Salvation Army Citadel, Brighouse

Brighouse Boundary WalkRef 33-B342
A 20-mile circular walk around the boundary of Brighouse devised by Peter Davies. The official route starts and ends at Thornhill Briggs

Brighouse Bowling ClubRef 33-B2379
Recorded in 1917 at Clifton Road when T. Fearnley was secretary

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Brighouse Brass Band & Hymn Tune competitionRef 33-B845
An annual event organised by Brighouse Lions

Brighouse Brick, Tile & Stone Company LimitedRef 33-B2135
Quarrying company at Gooder Lane, Rastrick.

In 1853, this was stone masons J. & G. Dyson.

In 1868, the business was taken over and named Brighouse Brick, Tile & Stone Company Limited.

In 1874, the St John Mission Church, Rastrick was built to serve the increasing population in Gooder Lane, many of whom worked for the company.

In 1877, they had another brickworks in Huddersfield, and by 1895 had a third in Littleborough. In that year, the three plants made almost ¼ million facing bricks per week of which perhaps 70,000 were made at Brighouse. They employed around 100 workers [1895].

In 1895, George Watkinson of Hipperholme was Chairman of the company.

They claimed to have the largest brick kilns in the district making several types of bricks and flooring tiles. The impact of their quarrying can be seen in the cliffs behind the works.

In November 1899, the company's name was listed in businesses represented at Bankruptcy Buildings, London.

Business reduced after World War I, and the company closed in 1962 due, it is said, to competition from cheap bricks by the London Brick Company.

The site was demolished for redevelopment. Miller's Oils now stands on the site.

Three rows of workers' housing – Brick Terrace, Tile Terrace and Brick & Tile Terrace - built for workers at the Company stand nearby

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Brighouse Bridge ClubRef 33-B2791
Royd Mill

Brighouse Bridges over the CalderRef 33-17
There are bridges over the canal and the river in Brighouse, including

Brighouse British Legion Drum & Bugle BandRef 33-9

Recorded in 1981, when

Brighouse British Legion HallRef 33-B1002
Opened in 1956.

It was demolished around 1988.

See Brighouse British Legion Hall War Memorial

Brighouse British RestaurantRef 33-B526
British restaurant opened on 26th June 1941 in premises on Park Row

Brighouse Bus StationRef 33-B1034
There had been various tram and bus termini around the town – notably the tram stops by the George Hotel.

  • A bus station was located on Owler Ings Road
  • In 1941, open space in Market Street was used, except on Saturday when the market was held there
  • In 1951, a new station was built in Market Street and the market was moved to Back Bonegate
  • In the 1970s, this was demolished to make way for the Wellington Arcade shopping precinct
  • In 19??, a new bus station was built alongside the new Luuml;denscheid Link bypass. This was in 2 sections: one near the Central Methodist Church and the other 100 yards away near Bradford Road
  • In 2004, there was much noise about a new bus station for Brighouse – with the usual artist's impression.

    In August 2005, the plans seemed to have been forgotten, and the estimated costs were found to have spiralled.

    In July 2008, work finally began on the new bus station, and this opened on Ganny Road, at a cost of £2.38 million, in May 2009 ... although

    there are no toilet facilities, and the bus station closes at 8:00 pm after which time passengers must wait outdoors!

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Brighouse Butchers' AssociationRef 33-22
Recorded around 1900 when Sam Fillingham was President

Brighouse Cage Bird & Fanciers SocietyRef 33-B709
Established in 18??.

See Brighouse & District Cage Bird Society

Brighouse canal basinRef 33-B1480
In 1768, the Brighouse canal basin on the Calder & Hebble Navigation opened. There is a roving bridge here.

The basin was used by barges delivering coal to Brighouse Gas Works The last delivery was around 1956.

The basin was improved in 1974 and there is now a small marina.

The canal rejoins the Calder at Brighouse Lower Lock just below the basin.

See Anchor Inn, Brighouse Gas Works, Mill Lane, Brighouse Low Lock, Brighouse Top Lock, Brighouse Wire Wharf, Clifton colliery railway, Navigation Warehouse, Brighouse and Old Lock House, Brighouse

Brighouse CemeteryRef 33-13

Brighouse Cemetery: LodgeRef 33-8281
The gatehouse for Brighouse Cemetery was the residence of the Registrar of the Cemetery.

Those living here have included

It is now a private house

Brighouse Chamber of CommerceRef 33-B570
Established in January 1904.

See Chamber of Commerce and Brigadier General Richard Edgar Sugden

Brighouse Chamber of TradeRef 33-B3034
Recorded in 1960, when they met at the Imperial Café, Brighouse and N. Shaw was President and F. A. Lapish was Secretary

Brighouse Channel Islands SocietyRef 33-B2192
Formed by those refugees who came to Brighouse from the Channel Islands – notably Guernsey – following the German invasion in 1940 during World War II

Brighouse Charity GalaRef 33-B1006
Originally, the Brighouse Hospital Demonstration Parade.

This is now an annual parade in late June. The procession is still in existence, and is held in June. It starts at Hove Edge and finishes at Wellholme Park – weather permitting

Brighouse Choral SocietyRef 33-B719
Established in 1869. Their first performance was The Messiah on 29th December 1869 at Brighouse Town Hall.

See Arthur Boothroyd, Joe Naylor, Joah Pearson, Whiteley Singleton, Arthur Sladdin and Orlando Sladdin

Brighouse ChumsRef 33-15
A battalion of the Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment), – (possibly) the 4th Battalion – recorded in World War I.

Members included

See Pals Battalion

Brighouse Church Hockey ClubRef 33-B2810
Late 19th century club

See Brighouse Hockey Club

Brighouse Church InstituteRef 33-B793
Established on 1st January 1878 in Church Lane for
anyone above the age of 15 who is not an enemy of the church

It had been discontinued by 1880. It was revived in 1909 and premises were bought in Churchfields Road. In 1926, it moved to the Parish Hall

Brighouse Church Literary ClubRef 33-8
Recorded in 1892, when it was noted to be affiliated with the Church of England

Question: Can anyone confirm that this was connected with St Martin's Parish Church, Brighouse?


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Brighouse Church Literary ClubRef 33-B2161
Established in the 19th century

Brighouse: Churches & ChapelsRef 33-3

Brighouse ChurchwardensRef 33-B105
See Churchwarden and Churchwardens & Precentors for Rastrick-cum-Brighouse at Elland Church

Brighouse Civic HallRef 33-19
Bradford Road.

Built by Mallinson & Barber in 1866 as the town hall and municipal offices at a cost of £7,000 for the Brighouse Town Hall Company Limited.

It was opened by the Chairman, Sir George Armytage, on 14th October 1868.

The building was also known as Savoy Buildings.

The building housed the Brighouse Mechanics' Institute and 8 shops in the hall on the ground floor.

From 1880, it was used as a theatre, and in 1888, a grand concert was held here to celebrate Mrs Sunderland's golden wedding.

On 12th May 1882, a mob smashed all the windows as the police were being briefed on handling the Irish Riots.

In 1887, the Municipal Offices in Thornton Square were built to provide further office accommodation.

In 1898, the Magistrate's Court was held here.

It became a cinema in early 1902, and was known as the Savoy Cinema until 1959.

In 1937, there were plans to build a new civic hall at Wellholme Park.

In 19??, Stafford Cripps gave a speech – The Popular Front against Fascism – to the Brighouse Labour Party at the Hall.

The Council bought the building in 1960 and opened it as the Civic Hall in 1968.

The frontage has recently [1999] been restored, and the building is now used for concerts and light entertainment.

It was closed at the end of 2007 for refurbishment.

The Chairman's dais from Brighouse Town Hall was brought here in 2010.

See Brighouse & District General & Penny Savings Bank, Brighouse Town Hall and A. B. Brook

Brighouse Civic TrustRef 33-B685
Established in 1970.

This & associated entries use material contributed by Mike Stead

Brighouse Clifton Road Railway StationRef 33-B1986
Opened on 1st March 1881, on the Pickle Bridge branch line. Trains went to Bradford and to Huddersfield, and to London Marylebone.

On 11th December 1883, much of the station was blown away in gales which swept Britain.

The station closed on 14th September 1931 – the first of Brighouse's stations to close. It was demolished on 16th October 1934.

Trains continued to use the line until 1948. The line closed in August 1952.

The viaduct which carried the line stood next to the wooden shop was demolished in 1974.

Station Road, which led to the station, still exists at the bottom of Clifton Common.

Brighouse ClosesRef 33-B622
An area of open land overlooking Cromwellbottom at Rastrick

Brighouse Clothing SocietyRef 33-B2197
Charitable movement started by Rev Joseph Birch in 1843

Brighouse Coat of ArmsRef 33-B1008
The Brighouse arms were based on the arms of the Brighouse family and the Rastrick family.

The design includes

  • The golden lion and black crescents of the Brighouse family
  • The red roses of the Rastrick family
  • The motto:
    Labore et prudentia

    By labour and by prudence

The closed steel helmet is used by all permitted corporations

Brighouse Cocoa House Company LimitedRef 33-B2140
9 Church Street, Brighouse. The company was registered in February 1878.

In August 1878, the acquired a billiard licence.

In February 1886, a newspaper reported that

the Company closed more than 13 months ago, and since then, the furniture etc have been sold, realising more than £205 ... and a proposal will be made for winding up the company. The loss to shareholders by the enterprise is stated to be £933 0/5d

See Rose & Crown Cocoa & Coffee Tavern, Brighouse

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Brighouse Conservative AssociationRef 33-6

See Richard Kershaw

Brighouse Conservative ClubRef 33-B2163
On 5th October 1912, Cliffe House, Rastrick opened as the town's new Conservative Club. Recorded in 1917, when Fred Crowther was secretary.

See Holroyd's Buildings

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Brighouse constablesRef 33-B2500
The Foldout lists some of the people who have served as Police Officers in Brighouse

Brighouse Co-operative SocietyRef 33-B2191
The Brighouse Flour & Industrial Society was formed in August 1856 as a part of the Co-operative Movement

This & associated entries use material contributed by Malcolm Terry

Brighouse Co-operative Stores, King StreetRef 33-B1064
In September 1864, the first branch of the Brighouse Flour & Industrial Society in Commercial Street, Brighouse moved to premises on the south side of King Street. On 26th December 1864, this new Central shop opened for business

See Brighouse Co-operative Stores Stabbing [1929]

This & associated entries use material contributed by Malcolm Terry

Brighouse Co-operative Stores: Stabbing [1929]Ref 33-B1068
On 6th September 1929, a Manager was stabbed in Brighouse

On 10th December 1929, a Wyke boot repairer was sent to prison for 12 months at Leeds Assizes for the attack

Question: Can anyone tell me anything?


Brighouse Cotton Spinning Company LimitedRef 33-B2147
They had business at Victoria Mills, Brighouse. The company was registered in June 1875.

Richard Henry Beaumont was Secretary [1880]

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Brighouse Court HouseRef 33-B776
Stood near [what is now] Park Street, Brighouse.

See Captain Thomas Taylor

Brighouse Court LeetRef 33-B122
The court leet was recorded in 1871

This & associated entries use material contributed by Alan Longbottom

Brighouse Cow ClubRef 33-B2165
Established at the Black Swan Inn, the house of John Lancaster in May 1805 to
raise a fund for the relief of those members who may suffer losses in keeping cows

Half-yearly meetings were held at the Black Swan Inn

Brighouse Cricket ClubRef 33-B1719
Founded in 1870. The grounds were at Clifton Road. In 1884, the grounds were extended and a new pavilion built. In October 1892, they built a bowling green near St James's School.

In 1917, T. Fearnley was secretary.

In 2002, the land was bought for a new Tesco supermarket. The facilities were moved to the new Brighouse Sports Club.

See Brighouse Women's Cricket Club, Stuart David Fletcher, Richard Kershaw, Abraham Longbottom, Mark Morrell and Alfred Stott

Brighouse Cricket, Cycling & Bowling ClubRef 33-B3360
Recorded in November 1891, when Charles Jessop was President

Brighouse Crippled Children's Outing CommitteeRef 33-B1020
Recorded in the 1950s.

See Arthur Reeve

Brighouse Cycling ClubRef 33-B1702
Aka Brighouse Wheelers' Club. Established in 1884.

In 1917, the Brighouse Wheelers' Club was recorded at 14 Huddersfield Road.

They met variously at the Rose & Crown Cocoa & Coffee Tavern, Brighouse, the George, Brighouse, and the Royal Hotel, Brighouse

The Brighouse DerbyRef 33-B1007
A publication produced on 20th May 1865 to announce the candidates in the local election.

See Local Newspapers

Brighouse District Industrial Society LimitedRef 33-B2184
The Brighouse District Industrial Society Limited evolved from the Brighouse Flour & Industrial Society around 1862.

In 19??, it became the Brighouse Co-operative Society

This & associated entries use material contributed by Malcolm Terry

Brighouse Doubling Company LimitedRef 33-B2406
Cotton spinners and doublers.

Partners included Emmanuel Mitchell, Frederick Holroyd, and John Herbert Newell.

Recorded in 1922 at Victoria & Albert Mills, Brighouse.

The partnership was dissolved [December 1927] and the business carried on by John Herbert Newell

This & associated entries use material contributed by Derrick Habergham

The Brighouse EchoRef 33-B927
Weekly newspaper founded by John Hartley and edited by Jonathan Caldwell. First published on 24th June 1887. Published on Fridays.

In 1908, it merged with The Brighouse News.

It was published from the Echo Printing Works in Post Office Buildings, Park Street, Brighouse.

From 5th October 1923, it was published from the Courier building in Halifax.

For a short time in the 1930s, the name was changed to The Brighouse & Elland Echo.

The tag line [1951] was

Circulating throughout Brighouse, Elland, Rastrick, Clifton, Hipperholme, Wyke and Hartshead

There was an Elland edition.

The only one of the remaining local newspapers for Brighouse and Elland. It is published on Thursdays [2005].

On 7th October 2010, it was reduced from broadsheet to tabloid size.

As a reader, I am of the opinion that, like the other local newspapers in this group, the online version of the Brighouse Echo is of very poor quality.

    1. It is not updated as frequently as it could be
    2. The grammar and spelling is consistently shocking
    3. Much of the editorial material is cut-and-paste text from sister  newspapers
    4. It is completely overwhelmed by highly intrusive advertisements
    5. The reading matter is continually rearrange and re-ordered,  making it difficult to follow a long story
    6. The whole publication is clearly produced by a group of people with only minor  qualifications in Media Studies, and is aimed at people with only minor qualifications in anything

See Sir Larry Lamb, Local newspapers and Gordon Sampson

This & associated entries use material contributed by Chris Helme

The Brighouse Echo Historical AlmanackRef 33-B908
First published in 1899 by John Hartley.

See Local Newspapers

Brighouse Education SocietyRef 33-B2195

Brighouse Electricity WorksRef 33-B670
Built 1909. Stood at the corner of Huddersfield Road / Mill Royd Street.

See A. B. Brook

Brighouse Elocution SocietyRef 33-B3026
Recorded in June 1881, when they held at meeting at the Rose & Crown Cocoa & Coffee Tavern at which Mr Cotterill of Bailiff Bridge gave a recital

Brighouse EmpireRef 33-B353

Brighouse Empire Company LimitedRef 33-B2200
In January 1914, Arthur William Newling, a music hall artiste known as Mysterious Mysticus, sued the Company for £50 damages for breach of contract. Mysticus had been engaged to appear at the Empire on 15th December 1913, at a salary of one-third of the takings, with a guarantee of £20. The act was to include a spiritualistic performance, a chameleon act and fire-dancing. At Leeds County Court, the Judge heard that the defence was that the guarantee was repudiated. Mysticus was not allowed to perform and his place at the Empire was filled by the Three Musical Shavers. The Judge found for Mysticus, assessing the damages at £27 10/-

In 1917, the company bought the Palace Rink in Atlas Mill Road, Brighouse and opened it as the Empire Theatre

Brighouse Engineering Company LimitedRef 33-B2146
Of Hipperholme

Brighouse Fields Co-Op, RastrickRef 33-B3364
A branch of the Brighouse District Industrial Society opened at Brighouse Fields / Thornhill Road, Rastrick [4th January 1886].

This was described as

a 2-storeyed building of stone. The first floor has 2 departments: grocery, drapery and meat. The second floor is a warehouse and storeroom

Several stone cottages were built on the Society's grounds, close by. The store and cottages cost £2,000. The designs were by Roger Flather Rogerson.

See Thornhill Road Co-Op, Rastrick

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Brighouse Fire StationRef 33-B2156
In 1855, Samuel Baines bought the Neptune fire engine to protect his property.

In August 1895, the machine could not cope with a fire at Sugden's flour mill, and in 1897 it was decided to buy a new horse-drawn steam-fired engine, and to form the Borough Fire Brigade. It was costly providing horses to pull the new engine, and, in 1911, a new engine was ordered at a cost of £1000.

Blakeborough's established their own fire brigade at their Woodhouse Works.

A fire station was created from the former stable block of The Rydings which had been acquired as the Library for Brighouse in 1897/8.

The present fire station is on Lister Street, Halifax Road and was opened on 12th June 1971.

In 2011, it was announced that this, Elland Fire Station, and Rastrick Fire Station would close and the resources be combined into a single unit at Rastrick.

See Henry Jocelyn Barber

Brighouse Floral ClockRef 33-B825
Stood on the site of the Sun Dial Inn

Brighouse Flour & Industrial SocietyRef 33-B2190
In the 1850s, a group of residents of Fool's Penny Row, Rastrick – who were workers at Calder Dye Works – set the local co-operative movement in motion.

In August 1856, they held a meeting which proposed that the Brighouse Flour & Industrial Society be formed.

Around 1862, it became the Brighouse District Industrial Society

This & associated entries use material contributed by Malcolm Terry

Brighouse Flying ClubRef 33-B2170
Formed at Clifton in June 1935. 25 people attended the first meeting at Brighouse Borough Club. Mayor Arthur Reeve was a keen supporter.

See Toothill Hall

Brighouse (for Bradford) Railway StationRef 33-B1988
When Brighouse station opened on 5th October 1840, it was called Brighouse for Bradford, as there was no station in Bradford at that time.

A service with horse-drawn omnibuses carried passengers from Bradford and Huddersfield to and from the station.

Bradford got its own station in 1846

Brighouse (for Bradford) StationRef 33-B187

Brighouse (for Rastrick) Railway StationRef 33-B1987
When a new station opened at Brighouse in 1872, it was known as Brighouse (for Rastrick)

Brighouse Free Church Federal CouncilRef 33-B1031

The Brighouse Free PressRef 33-B2287
Aka The Brighouse Free Press District News & Advertiser.

Appeared in 1891, when it was published by R. H. Ashworth & Company Limited.

It was published by The Premier Printing Company Limited [1917].

Published Thursdays.

It ceased publication around 1940.

See Brighouse Free Press & District Advertiser and Local Newspapers

The Brighouse Free Press & District AdvertiserRef 33-20
Published by R. H. Ashworth & Company Limited [1897] See Brighouse Free Press

Brighouse Friendly SocietiesRef 33-B3061
In conjunction with the Trade Societies, they held demonstration parades in the district [1907]

Brighouse Games LeagueRef 33-10
A social group which meets on Mondays to play dominoes and cards.

Recorded in the 1950s.

Question: Does anyone know when the League was established ... and by whom?


Popularly known as the Old Gits' League

This & associated entries use material contributed by Sandra

Brighouse Gas CompanyRef 33-B2162
Opened in 1844. The gas was produced by Benjamin Firth at Victoria Mills.

In 1857, a new plant was built at Mill Lane.

Became a part of the North Eastern Gas Board after nationalisation of the gas industry in 1949.

Production stopped on 14th April 1954.

In 1846, an Act of Parliament was obtained for gas lighting in Brighouse.

See Brighouse canal basin, Brighouse Sewering, Drainage & Lighting Bill [1845], Clifton colliery railway and Royal Hotel, Brighouse

Brighouse Gas Works, Mill LaneRef 33-B2548
Next to Brighouse Canal Basin. Built in 1857 by the Brighouse Gas Company. These were extended in 1886. It was demolished in 19??. Office accommodation was built on the site. The offices were used by Kirkdale Industrial Training Services. It was later known as Dale House

Brighouse Glee & Madrigal SocietyRef 33-B704
Musical society established in 18??.

See William Marshall Turner

Brighouse Glee UnionRef 33-B648
Musical society established in 18??

Brighouse HarriersRef 33-5
See Gilbert Lawson

Brighouse Hockey ClubRef 33-B2277
Late 19th century club

See Brighouse Church Hockey Club

Brighouse Holiday WeekRef 33-B888
The annual holiday began on the first Saturday after the second Thursday in August each year.

See Brighouse rush

Brighouse Home Guards BandRef 33-14
Recorded in the 1930s

Brighouse Horticultural SocietyRef 33-B2187
Established in the mid-19th century. They held their annual shows in Wellholme Park. It ceased in 1858.

See Frederick Cavendish, Hipperholme-cum-Brighouse Horticultural Society and Rastrick & Brighouse Horticultural Society

Brighouse Hospital Demonstration ParadeRef 33-B1063
The Demonstration Parade was the forerunner of the Brighouse Gala. It was organised by local tradesmen and began in the early 1900s. A procession of horse-drawn carts demonstrated the goods and services offered by local traders. The parade terminated at a recreation ground, such as Lane Head or Bramston Street Recreation Ground

Brighouse industrial estateRef 33-B1160

Brighouse Joint HospitalRef 33-B3294
Recorded in 1929

Brighouse Labour ClubRef 33-B2638
Bradford Road. Opened in 18??. Closed in 19??.

It is now the Great Wall Chinese restaurant

Brighouse Labour ExchangeRef 33-B149
The first labour exchange opened in Holroyd's Building in 1911

Brighouse Lads' ClubRef 33-B2160
Established around 1901. They used facilities at St James's School, Brighouse. From 1903, their headquarters were at Victoria Mill, Brighouse

Brighouse Lark Singing AssociationRef 33-B2194
A lark singing society formed in 18??. They held meetings and competitions at the New Inn, Bradford Road, Delver's Arms, Southowram, and Sun Inn, Rastrick. 18 entries are reported in the 1896 event. The association lapsed in 1???

Brighouse Laurie CommandRef 33-B911
Scout troop formed by Rev Oscar Sidney Laurie

Brighouse Lawn Tennis ClubRef 33-B1725
Formed in 1886. They originally used a court in Brighouse Wood Lane. They had 2 courts behind St Martin's Church in Church Lane, and a third was built in 1887. In 1912, they moved to Lightcliffe Road

Brighouse Liberal AssociationRef 33-B2201
Formed on 8th July 1890.

See Brighouse Polling District Liberal Association, Thomas Butterworth, Sir Algernon Freeman Firth, Hanson Ormerod, Henry Sugden and Thomas Whiteley

Brighouse Liberal ClubRef 33-B2169
Bradford Road. Aka Brighouse & Rastrick Liberal Club.

Proposals for a Liberal club were raised at a meeting attended by Lord Frederick Cavendish and A. Illingworth MP on 15th June 1872.

The new club opened on 22nd May 1877. It was funded by the Brighouse & Rastrick Liberal Club Building Company Limited.

Because of the different gauge of the tram lines in Halifax and in Huddersfield, trams could not run uninterrupted between the 2 towns, and passengers had to disembark and change to another vehicle.

There were public slipper baths here between 1877-1893.

John Edward Blackburn Howe was Secretary of the Club for several years, and President for a term. In 1917, Herbert G. Roberts and S. B. Bottomley were honorary secretaries.

In 1938, it became Blakeborough's Club.

See Bradford Road Baths, Brighouse Permanent Orchestra, Thomas Butterworth, Irish riots and Alfred Stott

This & associated entries use material contributed by Paul Blackburn & Alan Longbottom

Brighouse LibraryRef 33-B482
Aka Smith Art Gallery & Library.

The Brighouse branch library is housed in The Rydings, Halifax Road, Brighouse

Brighouse Light Opera SocietyRef 33-B655
Originally St James Amateur Operatic Society.

Officers and members of the Society have included

In 2005, merged with Brighouse Amateur Operatic & Dramatic Society to become Brighouse Theatre Productions

Brighouse Local BoardRef 33-B527
Replaced the Brighouse Board of Commissioners when the town broke away from Hipperholme-cum-Brighouse in 1865.

Those who served on the Board included Thomas Blackburn, John Carr Bottomley, Emerson Brooke, Richard Kershaw, James Parkinson, John William Robinson and Richard Sugden

In 1891, Brighouse Local Board and Rastrick Local Board proposed incorporation of the 2 boards.

In 1893, the Charter of Incorporation established the Borough of Brighouse

See Local Board

Brighouse Lodge of FreemasonsRef 33-B2555
The lodge opened in October 1870

Brighouse Low LockRef 33-B1530
Aka Brighouse Lower Lock

Brighouse Lower LockRef 33-B1354
Lock #16 on the Calder & Hebble Navigation.

The Calder and the Calder & Hebble Navigation join here at Brighouse canal basin. It was built about 1768 by James Brindley

Brighouse Lüdenscheid SocietyRef 33-B2186
Twinning association to promote contact between the people of Brighouse and Lüdenscheid.

See John Stanley Armitage

Brighouse, Manor ofRef 33-B710
Aka Manor of Hipperholme.

The Manor was granted to John de Ealand by John, Earl of Warren. He then granted it to his father, Sir John Elland.

See Kaye Aspinall, Thomas Bradbury Chambers, Robert Eland, Langley Hall, Hipperholme, Brighouse Manor House, Alice de Radcliffe and Rastrick Mill

Brighouse MarketRef 33-B643
Brighouse Old Market was held on King Street.

On 10th June 1902, Brighouse Town Council decided to borrow £40,000 to establish a public market, construct new sewers and carry out street improvements.

Around 1910, the market was held in Market Street.

Around 1951, it was moved to Back Bonegate, and the Market Street site was occupied by the bus station.

It is now held on a purpose-built site in Ship Street

See Markets and Market Tavern, Brighouse

Brighouse, Mayors ofRef 33-B140

Brighouse Mechanics' InstituteRef 33-B2152
A Mechanics' Institute formed on 22nd September 1846 and established by several local people – including Samuel Baines, Fairless Barber, Rev Joseph Birch and T. T. Ormerod.

Early meetings were held at Thomas Taylor's School in Church Lane. They later moved to various addresses in Commercial Street, Brighouse. They had rooms at the Civic Hall in Brighouse.

On 28th January 1852 Mrs Sunderland was due to sing at the Institute's Annual meeting, but she had been thrown from a gig earlier in the day and could not appear.

In May 1853, a Daily News report on Yorkshire Mechanics' Institutes wrote

Brighouse has a small but well-situated building, new this year; and, as I understand, built by the Institute

For a short time in 1858, they moved to rooms owned by John Brooke at Briggate.

They occupied a part of Perseverance Mills, Brighouse [1893].

In 1858, the Brighouse & Rastrick Savings Bank opened here.

Brighouse Mechanics' Institute opened on 14th October 1868.

In 1875, they had 289 members.

They had an extensive library and a news room. In 1887, the library was known as the Victoria Library.

On 16th June 1898, the 61st Annual Meeting of the Yorkshire Mechanics' Institutes was held in Brighouse.

Those who held the office of President included John Atkinson and T. T. Ormerod [1853].

The Institute was wound-up before 1911.

See Brighouse & Rastrick Savings Bank, Charley Jessop, Thomas Whiteley, Richard Sugden and Joseph Terry

Brighouse Military HospitalRef 33-B840
Established at Boothroyd, Rastrick during World War I

This & associated entries use material contributed by Chris Helme

Brighouse: MillsRef 33-1

Brighouse Mothers' UnionRef 33-B852
A branch was formed in 1906

Brighouse Motor AgencyRef 33-B2168
Aka BMA.

Started by brothers Percy and James Firth at Bailiff Bridge in 1911.

They started by selling petrol in cans.

They subsequently moved on to fitting solid tyres to motor cars, and then to commercial vehicles.

They became agents for the Leyland Commercial Vehicles Company.

In the 1920s, they provided a bus service in the district, in competition with the local authority's trams. In the early 1930s, they sold their routes to Bradford Corporation.

They took on contract work from the Government in servicing Army vehicles, and carrying out precision engineering for the Rolls Royce Company.

In 1952, the company became Calder Engineering.

In 1971, the business was bought by ?.

It was eventually owned by the Reed Paper Group who sold the property and contents at auction.

The property was bought by a man from Denholm who also bought Mile Cross Works in Halifax

This & associated entries use material contributed by Chris Helme

Brighouse, MPs forRef 33-B338

Brighouse MuseumRef 33-B524
Opened at the Rydings, Brighouse on 8th May 1899 A collection of geological and natural history exhibits was provided by Brighouse Naturalists' Society. William Smith gave 13 pictures to the Museum.

The Museum closed in 1957. Much of the coin collection and glass photographic plates, by George Hepworth, went to the Tolson Museum in Huddersfield

This & associated entries use material contributed by Chris Helme

Brighouse Music ClubRef 33-B629
Established in 1???.

See Whiteley Singleton

Brighouse Musical FestivalRef 33-B571
Established 18??. Recorded on 2nd August 1891, when it was held at Clifton Road cricket ground in support of local medical charities, and 4000 people attended.

Recorded in August 1910 when it was cancelled on account of bad weather.

See Joe Naylor, Arthur Sladdin and James Sunderland Sladdin

The Brighouse NewsRef 33-B1016
Local newspaper. Published by J. S. Jowett. First appeared on Saturday, 17th February 1866, It cost 1d. It was originally a monthly paper, then it became a weekly.

Later, it was published on Wednesday.

It was published in Nettleton's Yard, Brighouse.

Jonathan Caldwell was owner of paper [1891]. He moved the offices to Perseverance Mill, Brighouse.

Caldwell sold The Brighouse News to John Hartley.

In 1908, it merged with The Brighouse Echo. The Wednesday edition disappeared shortly afterwards.

See Local Newspapers

The Brighouse News, Time-table & AdvertiserRef 33-B809
Newspaper owned by J. S. Jowett. First appeared in 18??.

See Local Newspapers

Brighouse [No 1301] Masonic LodgeRef 33-B3035
Masonic Lodge.

They were at the Masonic Rooms, Brighouse [1937]. They met on the third Wednesday of the month [1937].

Masters and members of the Lodge have included

Brighouse Nonconformist CouncilRef 33-B538
19th century group.

See Thomas Whiteley

Brighouse Nurses' Endowment FundRef 33-B1120
Some of the money raised for the erection of Brighouse War Memorial in 1922 was used to set up a trust fund to provide 2 district nurses

The Brighouse ObserverRef 33-B3002
First published in 1912.

It had gone by the end of World War I.

See Local Newspapers

Brighouse Old MarketRef 33-B560
Stood on what is now the car park next to the Co-operative Society and the Salvation Army Hall in King Street / Dale Street.

See Brighouse Market

Brighouse or Rastrick?Ref 33-B2774
There is some confusion as to whether a particular location is in Brighouse or in Rastrick. Old documents were not always clear. Strictly, Brighouse lies north of the Calder and Rastrick lies on the south.

Nevertheless, many of the places which are shown here as Brighouse should really be shown as Rastrick, and vice-versa

Brighouse Orchestral SocietyRef 33-B1080
See Joah Pearson

Brighouse Overseers of the PoorRef 33-B320
The Foldout lists some of the people who have served as Overseer of the Poor for Brighouse

This & associated entries use material contributed by Alan Longbottom

Brighouse Parish ChurchRef 33-B424

Brighouse parish hallRef 33-B350
See Rydings Hall

Brighouse, Parish ofRef 33-B599
The Parish of Brighouse was created in 1843

Brighouse ParkRef 33-B1582
Once stood in the Park Street / Bethel Street area of Brighouse. The park had an ornamental lake.

The land was sold in 1792.

A Methodist chapel was built here in 1795

Brighouse Penny BankRef 33-B20
See John Carr Bottomley and Brighouse & District General & Penny Savings Bank

Brighouse Permanent OrchestraRef 33-B1014
Established in 18?? by the Brighouse Permanent Orchestral Society. They rehearsed at Liberal Club.

See Clement Blackburn

Brighouse Photographic SocietyRef 33-B2185
Founded in 1894.

Members have included George Hepworth, Martin Manley, Harry Mitchell and Henry Robinson

Brighouse Pig FairRef 33-B644
An annual livestock fair – for cattle, horses and pigs – and known as Briggus Pig Fair, which was held on the first Monday – Pig Fair Monday – after the 12th October each year at Swan Field from 1850.

In October 1892, it was revived and became a general cattle fair – the Brighouse Autumn Horse, Cattle & Pig Fair.

Parkin Pigs were sold at this and other fairs, and can still be bought in the district.

The fair was discontinued in 19??

Brighouse Police CourtRef 33-B546
Opened on 2nd November 1906

Brighouse Police StationRef 33-B2157
36 Brighouse Lane / Police Street.

Thomas Blackburn lived at a house in Brighouse Lane, which (possibly) later became the Police Station.

The Station opened in 1864-1865, when the old station in Ganny Road and the towser closed.

On 16th February 1928, a police sergeant at Brighouse was killed by a wheel which had become detached from a motor vehicle.

The station on Bradford Road opened in March 1964 at a cost of £40,000.

See Tom Lawrence

This & associated entries use material contributed by Paul Blackburn

Brighouse Polling District Liberal AssociationRef 33-B2180
Formed in 1864.

See Brighouse Liberal Association and Conservative Association for the Brighouse Polling District

Brighouse Post OfficeRef 33-B2182
A postal service began in 1849, with John Noble as the first postmaster, and was based in a shop in Bethel Street

See Charley Binns, Edith Holland and Benjamin Noble

Brighouse Public MortuaryRef 33-12
Mill Royd Street.

Stood behind the Offices of the Brighouse Waterworks.

Demolished [200?]

Brighouse: Pubs & InnsRef 33-2

Brighouse Railway StationRef 33-B1989

The station was originally called Brighouse & Bradford, as there was no station in Bradford at that time.

On 5th October 1840, Brighouse station (from Hebden Bridge) opened. On 1st March 1841, the Manchester-Leeds railway line opened. On 31st March 1854, the Bradford-Halifax railway line opened.

See Mafek, the Elephant, Railway Hotel, Rastrick, Royal Hotel, Brighouse and Walker's Coke

Brighouse RangersRef 33-B1597
Rugby club.

The club was Brighouse Rangers Rugby Football Club [1878-1895]. and Brighouse Rangers Northern Union Football Club [1895-1906].

They were founder members of the Northern Union Rugby League. The League split into 2: the Yorkshire and the Lancashire Sections.

They were the first winners of the Yorkshire Senior Competition [1897].

They originally played at Finkhill.

From 1883, they held their meetings at The Albion Inn and had Waterloo Fields grounds.

They later moved their headquarters to The Royal Hotel, Brighouse.

They also met at The George Hotel, Brighouse.

In the 1894/95 season, they won the Yorkshire Challenge Cup.

In 1905, they won the Yorkshire Cup – see F. Wood.

The club disbanded in 1906.

It was revived in 1913.

It was reformed after World War I with their first game being kicked off by Alderman George Frederick Sugden on 21st October 1922.

It reformed in 1928.

It disbanded in 1936.

It reformed in the 1970s. The players appeared regularly as the Skelthwaite Scorpions in the ITV series Where the heart is.

Their grounds are at Brighouse Sports Club.

The list of people who have played with/for the Club includes

This & associated entries use material contributed by David Holroyd, Dominic McKenzie & Derek Rawlinson

Brighouse Ratepayers' AssociationRef 33-B805
Formed on 30th January 1912

Brighouse Recreation GroundRef 33-B1574
Open park at Lane Head. Opened in 1895. Built on land bought from Sir Gillery Piggott's estate. Galas and Whit walks were held here. The park at the Rydings was the only public park until the Recreation Ground opened.

See John Brooke

Brighouse Regeneration ForumRef 33-B457
An organisation established to strengthen organisations in the Brighouse area.

It replaced BRASS in 2005

Brighouse Remedial Training CentreRef 33-B1044

Brighouse Rest CentreRef 33-B2435
Park Row / HD6 1AB / Brighouse

01484 716702

Community centre.

The Brighouse & District Historical Society holds meetings here and welcomes new members of all abilities

It is a friendly society with a varied programme

The programme includes

  • Demonstrations
  • Workshops
  • Life Models
  • Exhibitions

During the summer months there are also Tuesday afternoon outdoor meetings

New members of any age or ability will be warmly welcomed at any time of the year

Brighouse river crossingRef 33-B651
The main crossing of the Calder from Brighouse to Rastrick has always been an important feature.

  • There was a ford – Snake Hill Ford – across the river Calder here in prehistoric times. In Roman times, this was a part of the route from Manchester to Wakefield.

    The Calder Bridge on the Huddersfield Road section of the Bradford to Huddersfield turnpike was opened in 1825.

    In 2015, cracks developed in the Bridge. Other than placing traffic cones and a cordon on the road near the cracks, nothing appeared to be done by Calderdale Council. These cracks were aggravated by the floods of December 2015.

  • A wooden bridge – known as Rastrick Bridge – at Bridge End was recorded around 1270. This was still a wooden structure in 1514 when John Hanson gave timber for its construction. Hanson's son gave money for the construction of a stone bridge in 1558.

    It was a house which stood near this bridge which gives Brighouse its name.

    A datestone on a building at the Brighouse end of the bridge – H H M 1756 – records the Hoyle family who lived there

See Blakeborough's Bridge, Brighouse and River Crossing Calder

Brighouse Rotary ClubRef 33-B2166
Inaugurated on 24th April 1936 when Dr James Wood was President

Brighouse Rowing ClubRef 33-B2279
Established after World War I.

Chris Helme says that

they held races from Mellor's boatyard to Kirklees Lock

This & associated entries use material contributed by Chris Helme

Brighouse RushRef 33-B1052

Brighouse rush-bearingRef 33-B1157
Rush-bearing ceremony – known as Brighouse Rush and Briggus Rush. The 4-day celebrations involved fairs and amusements, and were held in Brighouse on the first Saturday after the second Thursday in August each year, and coincided with Brighouse Holiday Week.

This was the annual holiday for Brighouse workers. The last day was Thump Sunday.

The ceremony died out around 1750 and was revived around 1820, when it was held in Swan Fields and, from 1855, on land behind the Black Bull. The ceremony was discontinued in 19??

This & associated entries use material contributed by Kai Roberts

Brighouse SanatoriumRef 33-B387
See Clifton Isolation Hospital

Brighouse School BoardRef 33-B827
School Board set up in 18??.

Closed in March 1904.

See John William Robinson

Brighouse: SchoolsRef 33-4

Brighouse Sewage WorksRef 33-B2915
Opened on 23rd June 1900 by Mayor John William Clay

Brighouse Sewering, Drainage & Lighting Bill [1846]Ref 33-B789
This was passed on 18th August, 1846 to improve conditions in the township of Hipperholme-cum-Brighouse. In 1866, the local board of health took over responsibility

Brighouse Skating ClubRef 33-B1703
Established in the 19th century for roller-skating

Brighouse Smallpox HospitalRef 33-18
Dr Frederick Fielding Bond was Superintendent [1892]

See Smallpox

Brighouse Soap Company LimitedRef 33-B2134
Soap makers at Brighouse Soap Works.

The original business was established in 1847 by 2 Frenchmen as Faucon, Rochette & Company.

In 1874, Faucon, Rochette & Company was taken over by J. A. Heaton.

In 1891, the company was under new management and became known as the Brighouse Soap Company Limited

In 1895, John Garside was managing director and Joe Naylor was a director of the business

Brighouse Socialist ClubRef 33-B2381
Recorded in 1917 at 44 Bradford Road when Ernest Cliffe was secretary

This & associated entries use material contributed by Alan Longbottom

Brighouse Sports ClubRef 33-B2612
Bradford Road.

Constructed in 2004 when the earlier cricket ground was sold for the construction of the Tesco Supermarket.

The grounds for Brighouse Cricket Club and Brighouse Rangers are here

Brighouse StationRef 33-B178

Brighouse Storthes Hall SocietyRef 33-B2183
Formed by Stanley Armitage to provide additional comforts for patients at Storthes Hall, Huddersfield

Brighouse Subscription BandRef 33-B3371
Recorded in July 1873, when they took part in a contest promoted by North Ward Brass Band

Brighouse Subscription Fire EscapeRef 33-11
Recorded on 21st February 1873, when it was used to tackle a fire at Atlas Mill, Brighouse. Henry Jocelyn Barber was in charge.

This appears to have been a type of ladder which gave access to the upper floors of the burning building

Brighouse Subscription Hand Bell RingersRef 33-B795
19th century musical organisation

Brighouse Subscription LibraryRef 33-B448
Established as a commercial venture in 1784

Brighouse Surveyor of the HighwaysRef 33-7
Those who held the post of Surveyor of the Highways for Brighouse included:

Brighouse Swimming ClubRef 33-B1708
Established in 1893. They met at Ramsden's Baths

Brighouse Swimming PoolRef 33-B950

Brighouse Table Tennis LeagueRef 33-B2280
Established in September 1939

Brighouse Telephone ExchangeRef 33-B969
Opened on 8th January 1927

Brighouse Temperance Drum & Fife BandRef 33-B3377
Recorded in February 1882, when they gave a concert of vocal and instrumental music at Brighouse Town Hall

Brighouse Temperance SocietyRef 33-B1203
Temperance society founded about 1850.

See Brighouse & Rastrick Temperance Society and Thomas Whiteley

Brighouse Theatre ProductionsRef 33-B1158
Established in 2005 when Brighouse Light Opera Society and Brighouse Amateur Operatic & Dramatic Society merged

Brighouse Top LockRef 33-B1538
Aka Brighouse Upper Lock

Brighouse town crierRef 33-B443
See Brighouse Bellman's Bawl and Fred Perry

Brighouse Town Football ClubRef 33-B1724
Association football club established in 1963

Brighouse Town HallRef 33-B1000
Thornton Square.

The building now known as the Town Hall was built as the Municipal Offices on the site of the old Malt Kiln.

It opened on 16th March 1887.

It was built to provide further office accommodation for the original town hall of 1868 on Bradford Road – which is now known as the Civic Hall.

It stands next to the Halifax Commercial Bank.

It was the result of a competition to design a building costing no more than £2,000. The winner was John Lord Junior. It is a 2-storey building with a 5-bay symmetrical façade of ashlar stone. It has a slate roof within a balustrade.

The Halifax Courier [10th April 1915] reported that, on 15th April 1890,

a Stalybridge gentleman took the Brighouse Town Hall, on a lease for the purpose of opening it as a Brighouse People's Theatre & Opera House

W. S. Barber did further work on the building around 1898.

The Council Chamber – originally known as The Board Room – has a dais with the Chairman's chair, carved wooden reredos, and canopy with the Brighouse Arms above. The woodwork is by Harry Percy Jackson.

In 1912, Robert Thornton presented the town with the clock and the balustrade on the building. The clock was popularly known as Owd Bob and Bob Thornton's. and was opened by the Mayoress Mrs J. Atkinson on 9th November 1914.

The doorway is inscribed

Public Offices

It continued to be used by Brighouse Corporation until 1974.

In 1993, the Council tried to sell the building and a campaign was started to save it. It was subsequently used by various small private companies.

In May 2008, there were suggestions that the building might be put up for sale.

In December 2010, it was put up for sale. A few days later, the dais and panelling were being dismantled. The dais was subsequently moved to the Civic Hall.

In February 2012, there were proposals to convert the property from offices to a dental practice. It is now the Town Hall Dental Practice.

See Brighouse Civic Hall, James Dyson, Hipperholme Town Hall and Union Street, Brighouse

Brighouse Town Hall Company LimitedRef 33-B2148
Company which was established in 1866 and built the Civic Hall in Brighouse in 1868.

Those who supported and subscribed – a total of £2,475 – to the formation of the company included

Officers of the Society included

Brighouse Town PumpRef 33-B2444
Recorded in 1893 at Briggate

Brighouse Trades CouncilRef 33-B83

Brighouse Tradesmen's AssociationRef 33-B2181
They held their inaugural meeting on 13th May 1907 at Lord's Dining Rooms. Tom Barnett was acting Chairman

Brighouse Tradesmen's Cricket ClubRef 33-B1698
Established in 18??. In September 1900, the name was changed to Brighouse Tuesday Cricket Club

Brighouse Tuesday Cricket ClubRef 33-B1642
In 1900, Brighouse Tradesmen's Cricket Club became Brighouse Tuesday Cricket Club

Brighouse Upper LockRef 33-B1415
Lock #17 on the Calder & Hebble Navigation at Brighouse Canal Basin

Brighouse, Vicars ofRef 33-B505

Brighouse Ward, HalifaxRef 33-B2618
One of the Electoral Wards of Halifax

Brighouse WaterworksRef 33-B3031
Mill Royd Street.

dated 1909.

In 1961, the works were taken over by Halifax Corporation Waterworks.

Brighouse Public Mortuary stood to the rear of the Offices

Brighouse Wheelers' ClubRef 33-B1634
Aka Brighouse cycling club.

Recorded in 1917 at 14 Huddersfield Road. It stood next to Perseverance Mill, Brighouse.

Recorded in 1936, when the Brighouse Echo reported on the Club's AGM

Mr Hirst (secretary) gave figures showing the progress of the Club since it came into its new premises in March 1911

See Brighouse & District Cage Bird Society

This & associated entries use material contributed by Alan Longbottom, David Nortcliffe & Derek Rawlinson

Brighouse Wire WharfRef 33-B2364
A part of the Brighouse canal basin used by the many wire manufacturers in the area

Brighouse Wireless & Experimental SocietyRef 33-B2171
See George Albert Stillingfleet

Brighouse Women's Co-operative GuildRef 33-B726
Recorded in 1900

Brighouse Women's Cricket ClubRef 33-B1640
A women's team is recorded in Brighouse in 1898.

This was one of the few women's teams in the North of England [1930s].

A Brighouse vs Rastrick Ladies' match is recorded in July 1931.

The ladies' team were Yorkshire champions [1935].

See Miss Irene Brown and Mona Greenwood

This & associated entries use material contributed by Chris Helme

Brighouse WoodRef 33-B484
Woodland which stood along the banks of the Calder around Brookfoot.

See Benjamin Thwaite

Brighouse WorkhouseRef 33-B525
See Workhouse and Hipperholme-cum-Brighouse Workhouse

Brighouse Working Men's Reading RoomRef 33-B502
On 7th September 1867, the Committee held a Dog, Pig and Poultry Show behind the Black Bull Inn

Brighouse YMCARef 33-B957
A branch of the YMCA founded by Joseph Horsfall Turner in October 1870. He was Secretary of the Association

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