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Barkisland is a hill-top village in Calderdale, and lies about 5 miles to the south-west of Halifax. The Ryburn forms the western boundary of the township. Rishworth lies to the south.

Early forms of the name include

The name is said to mean wolf country, or the land belonging to Barkr, or Barch. Watson writes that it means birch tree country. Others have suggested that the bar element is from the Old English word for barley.

There is a Barsey Green at Barkisland, and an Alan de Barkesay is mentioned in 1326

Pronunciation: The stress falls on the first syllable and the final syllable has the neutral schwa vowel: bar-kiss-lənd

Some sites, sights and other entries for Barkisland

Abbotroyd, Barkisland

Bank Hall Farm, Barkisland
Banquet House, Barkisland
Barkisland Almshouses
Barkisland Board of Guardians
Barkisland Church of England (VA) Primary School
Barkisland Coal Society
Barkisland Co-operative Store
Barkisland Cricket Club
Barkisland Cross
Barkisland Endowed School
The Barkisland family
Barkisland Free School
Barkisland Grammar School
Barkisland Hall
Barkisland Hall Farm
Barkisland Local Board
Barkisland Lockup
Barkisland Lower Hall
Barkisland Mills
Barkisland Old Hall
Barkisland Overseers of the Poor
Barkisland Parish of
Barkisland Pinfold
Barkisland Post Office
Barkisland stocks
Barkisland Surveyor of the Highways
Barkisland Urban District Council
Barkisland Vicarage
Barkisland War Memorial
Barkisland with Scammonden Parish Church
Barkisland Workhouse
Barkisland, Soyland & Rishworth Prosecution Society
Manor of Barkisland
Barr House, Barkisland
Barsey Green, Barkisland
Beacon Hill Round Barrow, Barkisland
Blackburn Beck, Barkisland
Blackburn House, Barkisland
Bold Hall, Barkisland
Booth Dean Clough, Barkisland
Bottomley's Mill, Barkisland
Bower's Mill, Barkisland
Bowers Hall, Barkisland
Brantwood, Barkisland
Brisko, Barkisland

Calf Garth, Barkisland
Calf Hey Farm, Barkisland
Cherry Tree, Barkisland
Christ Church, Barkisland
Christ Church Graveyard, Barkisland
Clay Fields Meeting House, Barkisland
Clay House Farm, Barkisland
Clayhouse Farm, Barkisland
Clock Face Quarry, Barkisland
Crab Trees, Barkisland
Cut Edge Farm, Barkisland

Dean Head Church School, Barkisland

Fairview, Barkisland
Firth House, Barkisland
Folly, Barkisland

Gallipole Allotment, Barkisland
Geslingroyd, Barkisland
Griffin, Barkisland

Harrison's School, Barkisland
Hawk, Barkisland
Head Spring, Barkisland
Heath Lea Farm, Barkisland
The Heights, Barkisland

High Royd Farm, Barkisland
High Trees Hall, Barkisland
Hill Top Farm, Barkisland
Holden House, Barkisland
Holme House Bridge, Barkisland
The Holmhouse, Barkisland
Horse Godley, Barkisland
Howroyd Hall, Barkisland

Ivy House, Barkisland

Krumlin Hall Estate, Barkisland
Krumlin Hall, Barkisland
Krumlin Methodist Chapel, Barkisland
Krumlin Mills, Barkisland
Krumlin Service Reservoir

Law & Bog Holes, Barkisland
Lightcliffe Royd, Barkisland
Little Even, Barkisland
Lower Hey House, Barkisland
Lower Holmhouse, Barkisland

Meg Dike, Barkisland

Nelson House, Barkisland
New House, Barkisland
New Mill, Barkisland
New Rock, Barkisland
Nolson House, Barkisland
Northfield, Barkisland

Oak, Barkisland
Oak Lea, Barkisland
Old House Farm, Barkisland
Old Poor House, Barkisland

Park View House, Barkisland
Peat Pitts Farm, Barkisland
Pike Plain, Barkisland
Pinfold House, Barkisland
Plash House, Barkisland

Railway Hotel, Barkisland
Rice Fields, Barkisland
Ringstone Edge Farm, Barkisland
Ringstone, Barkisland
Ripponden & Barkisland Railway Station
Royal Oak, Barkisland

Saint Hilda's Church, Barkisland
Saint Michael's Mount, Barkisland
Sam Farrer's Hill, Barkisland
Sandyfoot Clough, Barkisland
Slack, Barkisland
Stile House, Barkisland
Stocks House, Barkisland
Stone Stile, Barkisland

Top o' th' Town Mill, Barkisland
Town Farm, Barkisland

Upper Holmhouse, Barkisland

Woodhead, Barkisland
Wormald Farm, Barkisland

Zachariah Wood, Barkisland
The Firth family of Barkisland
The Gledhill family of Barkisland
The Horton family of Barkisland
The Stancliffe family of Barkisland
The Whiteley family of Barkisland

Beerhouses & Pubs in Barkisland

Several beerhouses and public houses have been recorded in and around Barkisland, including

See Population, Sir Hylton Ralph Brisco, Parish statistics and Joshua Thomas Horton

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