Local Bridges, Tunnels & Viaducts

This Foldout collects the entries for some of the local bridges, tunnels, and viaducts


General Notes on Bridges

The earliest were clapper bridges, but arched bridges appeared from around 1550.

Because of the condition of roads and bridges, many 16th century wills included provision for the provision and repair of the highways and bridges.

The first railway bridge was the Tanfield Arch which was built in 1727 by Ralph Wood over a colliery railway at Cawsey Dell in County Durham


Alexandra Bridge, Kebroyd

Bailey Hall Bridge, Halifax
Baitings Bridge
Baltimore Bridge, Todmorden
Beaumont Clough Bridge, Erringden
Beverley Footbridge, Todmorden
Billy Mellor Bridge, Elland
Bilton Pier, Luddenden Dean
Black Castle Clough Bridge, Ripponden
Black Pit Aqueduct, Hebden Bridge
Black Pit Bridge, Hebden Bridge
Blake Dean bridge
Blake Dean railway bridge
Blakeborough's Bridge, Brighouse
Bogden Bridge
Booth Bridge, Rishworth
Booth Dean Bridge, Rishworth
Borders Bridge, Ogden Clough
Bowling Dyke Bridge, Halifax
Boy Bridge, Luddendenfoot
Boys Bridge, Halifax
Brearley Bridge, Luddendenfoot
Brearley Bridge, Luddendenfoot
Brearley Bridge, Luddendenfoot
Brow Bridge, West Vale
Burnt Acres Bridge, Todmorden

Caldene Bridge, Mytholmroyd
Calder Bridge, Brighouse
Calder Bridge, North Dean
Callis Bridge, Charlestown
Callis Canal Bridge, Hebden Bridge
Canal Road Bridge, Sowerby Bridge
Catherine House Bridge, Luddenden Dean
Caty Well Bridges, Wainstalls
Chain Bridge, Sowerby Bridge
Changeline Bridge, Todmorden
Charlestown Viaduct, Halifax
Clark Bridge, Halifax
Clifton Bridge, Brighouse
Clough Moor Bridge, Norland
Copley Lane Canal Bridge
Copley Lane Railway Bridge
Copley River Bridge
Copperas House Bridge, Todmorden
County Bridge, Mytholmroyd
County Bridge, Todmorden
Cow Bridge, Todmorden
Currer Bridge, Luddendenfoot

Dauber Bridge, Mytholmroyd
Dean Farm, Todmorden
Denton Bridge, Kebroyd
Donkey Bridge, Norland
Dover Bridge, Hebden Bridge
Dry Bridge
Dumb Mill Bridge

Elland Bridge

Fall Lane Railway Bridge, Sowerby Bridge
Falling Royd Bridge, Hebden Bridge
Fiddlers' Bridge, Todmorden
Foster Mill Bridge, Hebden Bridge
Foxen Lane Bridge, Mill Bank

Gandy Bridge, Todmorden
Gas Works Road Bridge, Sowerby Bridge
Gibson's Bridge, Heptonstall

Godley Bridge
Godley Brook Bridge
Grain Water Bridge, Hebden Bridge
Guerning Dog Bridge, Todmorden

Ha'penny Bridge, Brighouse
Hallroyd Bridge, Todmorden
Hard Hippings Bridge, Hebden Bridge
Hawks Clough Bridge, Hebden Bridge
Hawksclough Bridge, Mytholmroyd
Hebble Bridge, Wheatley
Hebble End River Bridge, Hebden Bridge
Hebble Hole Bridge, Colden
Heble Bridge, Luddenden Dean
Henden Bridge, Erringden
Hippins Bridge, Blackshawhead
Hirst Bridge, Wadsworth
Hollas Bridge, Sowerby Bridge
Hollas Lane Bridge, Sowerby Bridge
Holme Ends Bridge
Holme House Bridge, Barkisland
Holme House Bridge, Booth
Hoo Hole Bridge, Mytholmroyd
Horse Bridge, Pecket Well
Horse Close Bridge, Wyke
Hudson Bridge, Todmorden

Jack Bridge, Heptonstall
Jagger Bridge, Greetland
Jumples Bridge, Mixenden

Kebroyd Bridge, Triangle

Land Bridge, Blackshawhead
Lane House Bridge, Luddendenfoot
Ledgard Bridge, Elland
Lee Bridge
Lightbank Bridge, Walsden
Lilly Bridge, Halifax
Lilly Lane Bridge, Halifax
Lister Canal Bridge
Litthouse Bridge, Hebden Bridge
Long Tunnel, Sowerby Bridge
Low Bridge, Luddenden Dean
Luddenden Bridge
Luddendenfoot River Bridge
Lum Bridge, Soyland
Lumb Bridge, Pecket Well

Malt Kiln Bridge, Todmorden
Mansion Lane railway footbridge
Marshaw Bridge, Cragg Vale
Mearclough Bridge, Sowerby Bridge
Milking Bridge, Colden
Mill Bank Bridge, Sowerby Bridge
Mutterhole Bridge, Charlestown
Mytholm Bridge, Hebden Bridge
Mytholme Bridge, Shibden

Narrow Nick Bridge, Luddendenfoot
Navvy Bridge, Mytholmroyd
Neddy Bridge, Todmorden
New Bridge, Hebden Bridge
New Bridge, Hebden Bridge
New Bridge, Luddenden Dean
New Gate End Bridge, Blackstone Edge
Noah Dale Bridge, Heptonstall
North Bridge, Halifax
North Dean Railway Bridge

Old Bridge, Hebden Bridge
Oliver Hall Bridge, Elland
Ovenden Station Bridge
Oxygrains Bridge, Rishworth

Packhorse Bridge, Hardcastle Crags
Packhorse Bridge, Hebden Bridge
Paddock Beck, Wadsworth
Paddy Bridge, Mytholmroyd
Paris Gates Bridge, Halifax
Pennine Way bridge
Phoenix Bridge, Brighouse
Pickles Bridge, Todmorden
Pretoria Bridge, Ripponden
Princess Bridge, Hebden Bridge
Pudsey Clough, Todmorden

Ragby Bridge, Walsden
Rastrick Bridge
Rastrick Viaduct, Bridge End
Red Beck Bridge, Northowram
Riding Bridge, Luddenden
Ripponden bridge
Ripponden Old Bridge
Rishworth Trestle Bridge
Roving Bridge, Brighouse

Saint George's Bridge, Hebden Bridge
Salterhebble Bridge
Sandbed Bridge, Charlestown
Scammonden Bridge
Shaw Wood Bridge, Todmorden
Skew Bridge, Todmorden
Slippy Lane, Mixenden
Slitheroe Bridge, Rishworth
Smithy Bridge, Halifax
Smythe Bridge, Southowram
Sowerby Bridge railway arches
Spa Bridge, Cragg Vale
Spa Wood Bridge, Luddenden Dean
Stansfield Bridge, Triangle
Stansfield Mill Lane Bridge, Triangle
Station Road Bridge, Luddendenfoot
Staups Clough, Todmorden
Sterne Bridge, Sowerby Bridge
Stirk Bridge, Sowerby Bridge
Stoodley Bridge, Todmorden
Strines bridge
Stubbin Bridge, Hebden Bridge
Stubbing Brink Bridge, Hebden Bridge
Stubbing Holme Road Bridge, Hebden Bridge

Tag Lock Bridge, Elland
Thornhill Bridge & Ford, Brighouse
Town End Bridge, Sowerby Bridge

Victoria Bridge, Hebden Bridge
Victoria Bridge, Sowerby Bridge

Wade Bridge, Luddenden
Walshaw Bridge, Hardcastle Crags
Waterloo Bridge, Ripponden
Watson Mill Bridge, Sowerby Bridge
West End Bridge, Hebden Bridge
Wheat Ing Bridge, Wadsworth
Wheatley Valley Bridge
Whittaker Dyke Bridge, Colden
Wilson Bridge, Copley
Woodhouse Bridge, Todmorden


Bankhouse Tunnel
Beacon Hill Tunnel

Castle Carr Tunnel
Castle Hill Tunnel, Todmorden

Dean Royd Tunnel, Walsden

Elland Tunnel

Hipperholme Tunnel
Horsfall Railway Tunnel, Eastwood

Lee Bank Tunnel, Halifax

Lightcliffe tunnel
Long Tunnel, Mytholmroyd
Long Tunnel, Sowerby Bridge
Long Tunnel, Sowerby Bridge

Manshead Tunnel
Millwood Tunnel, Stansfield

North Bridge Railway Tunnel

Old Lane Tunnel, Halifax

Queensbury Tunnel

Salterhebble Tunnel
Scar Head Tunnel
Sowerby Tunnel
Summit Tunnel, Todmorden

Tuel Lane Link Tunnel, Sowerby Bridge

Weasel Hall Tunnel, Hebden Bridge
Wheatley Tunnel
Winterbutlee Tunnel
Wyke Tunnel

Cemetery Tunnel, Sowerby Bridge


Beacon Hill Viaduct, Halifax
Bottom Hall Viaduct, Norwood Green

Calder Viaduct
Charlestown Viaduct, Halifax
Clifton Common Viaduct
Copley Viaduct

Gauxholme Railway Bridge
Gauxholme Viaduct

Greetland Viaduct

Lob Mill Viaduct, Todmorden
Lydgate Viaduct, Todmorden

Mytholmroyd Viaduct

Rastrick Viaduct, Bridge End
Rawroyds Viaduct, Holywell Green
Red Lion Viaduct

Robinwood Viaduct, Todmorden

Stainland Viaduct

Thornhill Briggs Viaduct
Todmorden Viaduct

Wheatley Viaduct
Woodside Viaduct&44; Halifax
Wyke Viaduct

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