Local Breweries


General Points

The first place in Britain known to have brewed beer on a regular basis is Winchelsea, in East Sussex, where it was introduced from the Low Countries in 1400

Because of the condition of the roads before the turnpikes appeared, beer and ale were brewed locally.

Halifax had a number of breweries – many took advantage of the local wells and springs.

In the 1830s, there were 889 brewers in Halifax and 1003 pubs.

In 1872, there were 78 breweries in Halifax and 2,671 in the UK.

In 1896, the Sowerby Bridge Almanack recorded that brewers who were brewing for sale in the UK, had to buy a licence for £1.

Several breweries went into a decline during World War I, with the men away at war.

Beside the large brewing conglomerates, there are now several small, independent breweries; these are often run by the owners / landlords of local pubs

Local Breweries

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