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Butterfield, AsaRef 490-3215
Born in Oakworth.

He was landlord of the Queen's Hotel, West Vale [1895-1905].

On 16th September 1893, he married Mary Isabella Leighton [1864-1905] at St John's Church, Ingrow & Hainworth, Yorkshire.

Mary Isabella was born in Dewsbury


  1. John Archibald Leighton [1895-1917]
  2. Edith Rebecca [1897-1973]
  3. Arthur Stanley [1899-1914]

Asa died 21st February 1905.

Probate records show that he left effects valued at £280 15/8d.

Probate was granted to George Feather (jeweller) and George Stoney (butcher).

After his death, Mary Isabella took over at the Queen's.

Mary Isabella died later that year [19th April 1905].

Probate records show that she left effects valued at £493 6/9d.

Administration was granted to John William Butterfield (coachman).

They are mentioned in the List of Local Wills: 1905.

After the death of their parents, the children went to live with their uncle John William Butterfield in Bradford

This & associated entries use material contributed by Roger Beasley & Derrick Habergham

Butterfield, BenjaminRef 490-2536
Around 1599, he married Unknown.


  1. (possible) Thomas
  2. Benjamin

Butterfield, BenjaminRef 490-2721
Son of
Benjamin Butterfield.

Born in Ovenden.

He married Susan, daughter of Richard Wood.


  1. Thomas
  2. Benjamin [1600-1687]

Butterfield, BenjaminRef 490-2537
Son of
Thomas Butterfield.

On 3rd June 1629, he married Ann Junden.

Ann was the daughter of Richard Junden


  1. Mary [1632-1666]
  2. Benjamin [1636-1663]
  3. Jonathan [1638-1673]
  4. Nathaniel [1643-1719]
  5. Samuel [1647-1714]
  6. Joseph [1649-1720]

Around 1630, the family emigrated to Massachusetts, USA and all the children were born and died there

Butterfield, George HenryRef 490-767
Illegitimate son of Esther Alice Butterfield &
Henry Stark.

Born at Norland Hall [2nd January 1898].

In 1901, George Henry & his grandmother Sarah Ann Butterfield were living at Norland Hall, where Sarah Ann was housekeeper to John Smith [b Easingwold 1847] (worker for an oil maker) 

He was a woollen piecer [1911] / a woollen piecer with the Hollins Mill Company, Greetland  (out-of-work) [1921].

In [Q2] 1922, he married Doris Laycock in Halifax.

Child: Muriel [b 3rd October 1922=2007] who married Geoffrey Hilditch

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Butterfield, HenryRef 490-1501
Of Halifax.

He was an engine tenter in a worsted mill [1861].

In 1857, he married Sarah Ann, daughter of William Tasker, in Halifax.

Child: Albert [b 1860]

They lived at Beacon Corner, Northowram [1861]

This & associated entries use material contributed by Roger Beasley

Butterfield, JamesRef 490-1094
Vicar of
Elland [1544].

He married Elizabeth Gill

Butterfield, JohnRef 490-1917

He died 10th June 1846 (aged 59).

Members of the family were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 2717]

Butterfield, JonathanRef 490-1357
Worsted spinner and manufacturer at
Godley Bridge Mill, Shibden [1845]. In 1845, he put up at Ward's Temperance Hotel, Halifax

Butterfield, NathanielRef 490-1986
Born in Ovenden.

In 1610, he married Sarah Wood [1594-1635].

Sarah was born and died in Ovenden

Nathaniel died 3rd July 1615

This & associated entries use material contributed by Jeffrey Knowles

Butterfield, RobertRef 490-2629
Of Halifax.

He married Unknown.

Children: Grace who married Henry Hall from Bank Lodge, Leeds

Butterfield, RobertRef 490-2211
In 1748, he was
churchwarden at Halifax Parish Church

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Butterfield, SamuelRef 490-734
Son of
Thomas Butterfield.

In 1635, Samuel, his mother, his stepfather, and his stepbrother Jonathan sailed from Bristol to New England, aboard the James – see The Mitchells in America.

Samuel died in Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut, the victim of an Indian massacre.

One account says

In 1636, Samuel Butterfield was taken by the Pequot(t) indians and tortured to death

This & associated entries use material contributed by Jeffrey Knowles

Butterfield, SamuelRef 490-2569
Gas engineer at Duke Street, Halifax.

In August 1867, he was declared bankrupt

Butterfield, ThomasRef 490-701
(Possibly) son of
Benjamin Butterfield.

Born in Ovenden.

On 19th December 1596, he married (1) Isabel Murgatroyd.

Child: Benjamin

On 8th March 1612, he married (2) Susan Wood in Ovenden.


  1. Samuel
  2. Thomas

Thomas died in Ovenden [16th September 1614].

After his death, Susan married Matthew Mitchell and went with him to America

This & associated entries use material contributed by Carole Edwards Caruso & Jeffrey Knowles

Butterfield, ThomasRef 490-2722
Son of
Benjamin Butterfield.

On 8th February 1612/3, he married Susan [1590-1635], daughter of Edmund Wood, at Ovenden.


  1. (possible) Samuel
  2. Thomas [b 1615]

This & associated entries use material contributed by Carole Edwards Caruso

Butterfield, ThomasRef 490-3500
Son of
Thomas Butterfield.

Baptised at Halifax Parish Church [26th December 1614]

Butterfield, ThomasRef 490-178
Born in Denholme.

He was landlord of the Moorcock, Wainstalls [1905] / a farmer at the Moorcock, Wainstalls [1911] / landlord of the Moorcock, Wainstalls [1917].

Around 1890, he married Lily [1867-19??] from Denholme.


  1. Enoch [b 1891] who was a working on farm [1911]
  2. Ethel [b 1894] who was a mill hand [1911]

Butterfield, WilliamRef 490-1685
From Halifax.

He was an itinerant preacher [from 1784].

He died in Darlington


The Butterfield familyRef 490-2723
There have been many members of the family in the district.

Samuel Butterfield emigrated to America and was killed by Indians.

Being an ancient family, the Butterfields have a great number of descendants, and frequently inter-married with other local families.

The various researchers have contributed generously to the entries here, though their versions of the names, dates and relationships of these descendants may conflict at some point.

Although there may be some errors / inaccuracies, the information here will give the general reader some idea of who the family were and what they achieved through the generations


See Butterfield


Butterfield surnameRef 490-1
The surname probably originated in the Ribble Valley.

See Butterfield family

There are 19 entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Butterfield, as discussed in this SideTrack.

Unattached BMDs for Butterfield

Marriages 1883, 1916, 1922; Death 1904


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