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Brierley, MrRef 500-3139
Of Halifax.

He married Unknown.


  1. John
  2. George

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Brierley, CharlesRef 500-1641
Born in Halifax.

He was a smallware manufacturer [1851] / (possibly) associated with Alfred Brierley & Son.

He married Anne [1825-1861].

Anne was born in Marple, Cheshire


  1. Mary Jane [1846-1922] who never married
  2. Emily [b 1849]
  3. Alfred J. [b 1850]
  4. Catherine Louisa [1854] who died in infancy

Charles died 17th July 1854 (aged 32).

Anne died 17th November 1861 (aged 36).

The couple & the children were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 4427]

Brierley, Rev EdwardRef 500-716

Born in Southern England.

He was educated at London University / ordained deacon at York [1885] / ordained priest at Ripon [1886] / Curate at Stainland [1885] / headmaster at Grace Ramsden's School, Elland [1886] / Curate at Sowerby [1890] / Curate at St Augustine's Church, Pellon [1895] / Vicar of St John the Divine, Thorpe [1897, 1915].

He composed music for the Church choir.

He left at Easter 1915, and went to live at Ashbank, Arnside.

In [Q3] 1882, he married Margaret Hoggarth in Burnley.

Margaret came from Kendal, the daughter of John Hoggarth of Westmorland, and sister of Dora who married Frederick Gerard Selwyn Rawson

They had no children.

He died at Arnside [12th September 1915] (aged 70)  and was buried there

Brierley, Edward JohnRef 500-3352
Son of
John Brierley.

Born in Halifax.

He was a constable of Halifax [1845] / Superintendent of police [1851] / landlord of the Black Bull, Halifax [1861, 1864] / a coal agent [1871] / a retired coal merchant [1891].

In 1845, he married Elizabeth Cooling [1818-1???] at Huddersfield Parish Church.

Elizabeth, of Huddersfield, was the daughter of innkeeper Samuel Cooling.

She was dead by 1881



  1. Louisa M A. [b 1846]
  2. Ann Elizabeth [b 1847]
  3. Frederick William [b 1853] who was an ironmonger's  apprentice [1871]

They lived at

  • Wards Cottage, Wards End, Halifax [1851]
  • 12 Blackwall, Halifax [1871]
  • Barton-upon-Irwell,  Lancashire [1881]
  • Lewisham, London [1891]

This & associated entries use material contributed by Roger Beasley

Brierley, GeorgeRef 500-3140
Son of
Mr Brierley and brother of John Brierley.

Born in Ovenden.

He was a schoolmaster in Halifax [1828] / a teacher of writing, arithmetic &c [1851] / a schoolmaster in Halifax [1863].

He was a beneficiary of his brother's will [1863].

In 1828, he married Elizabeth Blagbrough [1803-1???] at Halifax Parish Church.

Elizabeth came from Halifax


  1. Lucy Ann [1831-1874] who was an assistant teacher [1851]  & is (possibly) buried at Lister Lane Cemetery Plot 4428 with  Isaac Sykes
  2. Thomas Allin [bapt 1835]

The children were baptised at Salem Methodist New Connexion Church, Halifax.

They lived at

  • Black Ledge, Croft Street, Halifax [1841]
  • 22 Upper Brunswick Street, Halifax [1851, 1861]

His widow Elizabeth and unmarried daughter Lucy Ann were both living at Joseph Crossley's Almshouses, Arden Road, [1871]

This & associated entries use material contributed by Roger Beasley

Brierley, H.Ref 500-1849
Wood turner at Halifax.

In January 1863, he was declared bankrupt

Brierley, Henry EdwardRef 500-786
Born in Halifax.

He was joiner & beerseller at an unidentified beerhouse at Hoyland's Passage, Halifax [1851] / beerseller at an unidentified beerhouse in Halifax [1855].

Question: Does anyone know which beerhouse this may have been?


In December 1855, he was declared insolvent.

He married Mary A. [1800-1???].

Mary was born in Halifax

Children: Elizabeth W. [b 1831] who was a dress maker [1851]

Brierley, Rev IsaacRef 500-1608
He trained at Pickering Academy before becoming Minister at
Moor End Congregational Church [1842-1864].

He moved to Great Ayton, Cleveland.

He resigned in 1872

Brierley, JohnRef 500-2985
Or Brearley.

Son of Mr Brierley.

He was local volunteer [1800] / in the local militia [1813] / Deputy Constable at Copper Street Lockup, Halifax [1815,  1816, 1819, 1822] / a yeoman of Halifax [1836] / (possibly) a shuttle maker in Copper Street [1837] / a house proprietor [1861]

He was mentioned in several newspaper reports concerning the apprehension of criminals and/or trials in courts in and around the district.

On 9th March 1835, he discovered, in the wall of a house in Hebden Bridge, a set of dies which the Coiners had used to produce counterfeit Portuguese coins. He presented these to the Halifax Antiquarian Society.

He married Ann. He was a widower by 1861.


  1. Frederick William [bapt 1817]
  2. Edward John
  3. Samuel Henry [bapt 1821]
  4. George [bapt 1824] who was a solicitor [1861]
  5. Alfred [bapt 1826]
  6. Joseph [bapt 1827]
  7. Eliza Ann [bapt 1834]
  8. Walter [bapt 1836] who was a patent agent [1861]

They lived at 22 Clarence Street, Halifax [1861].

He is mentioned in the Catalogue of Portraits of Old Halifax Worthies which appears in Horsfall Turner's Halifax Books & Authors.

This & associated entries use material contributed by Roger Beasley & Anthony Buckless

Brierley, John HenryRef 500-339
Son of Mary & Alfred Brearley.

Born in Halifax.

He was a partner in Walsh & Brierley [1851] / a manufacturer in London employing 194 men [1871] / an insurance & general agent in London [1891] / a chess player.

In [Q2] 1845, he married Hannah Walsh in Halifax.

Hannah was the sister of his partner Samuel Walsh

They lived at Springfield House, Lewisham [1871?].

He died in Margate [23rd July 1899]

This & associated entries use material contributed by Lair Behr & Malcolm Corbett

Brierley, Joseph EdwardRef 500-1865
Born in Halifax.

He was a turner (fitter) machine tool shop [1901] / an iron turner [1911] / a Sunday School caretaker [1911].

In [Q3] 1899, he married Lily Whiteley [1871-19??] in Halifax.

Lily was born in Halifax, the daughter of
David William Whiteley


  1. Florence [b 1900]
  2. Thomas Edward [1908-18th April 1920] who was buried with  his mother

They lived at

  • 4 Greenwood Street, Halifax [1901]
  • 38 Great Albion Street, Halifax [1911]

Living with them [in 1901] was brother-in-law Arthur Whiteley [b 1878] (turner machine tool shop).

Living with them [in 1911] was brother-in-law Arthur Whiteley (driller of iron), & his wife (Joseph Edward's sister) Edith [b 1885].

Joseph died in Halifax [27th November 1939] (aged 75), and was buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 101] with Charles King.

Lily died 18th September 1946 (aged 76).

She & son Thomas Edward were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 852] with her parents

Brierley, WalterRef 500-1619
Born in Halifax.

He was a patent agent (employer) [1901].

He married Unknown.

He was a widower by 1901.

Children: Maude [b 1874]

They lived at 28 Prescott Street, Halifax [1901]


Brierley surnameRef 500-1
A variant of the surname Brearley

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