Pubs & Inns in Todmorden

This Foldout collects the entries for some of the Pubs & Inns which are – or were – to be found in Todmorden

The list may include Pubs & Inns from nearby districts

Anchor, Todmorden

Bay Horse, Cross Stone
Bay Horse, Todmorden
Black Swan, Todmorden
Bramsche Bar, Todmorden
British Queen, Todmorden

Castle, Todmorden
Cattle Market Hotel, Todmorden
Central Commercial Temperance Hotel, Todmorden
Clarence, Todmorden
Coach & Horses, Todmorden
Coach House, Todmorden
Country Friends, Todmorden
Cross Stones, Todmorden

Dog & Partridge, Todmorden
Duke of York, Todmorden

Fielden Temperance Hotel & Coffee Tavern, Todmorden
Fountain, Todmorden
Fox & Hounds, Todmorden
Freemasons' Arms, Todmorden
Frieldhurst Tavern, Cornholme
Friendly, Todmorden

Glen View, Todmorden
Golden Lion, Todmorden
Grapes, Todmorden
Greyhound, Todmorden
Grinning Dog, Todmorden
Guerning Dog, Todmorden

Hall Inn, Todmorden
Hare & Hounds, Todmorden
Havelock Arms, Todmorden
Hole in the Wall, Todmorden
House that Jack Built, Stansfield

Jack's House, Todmorden
Jockey Tavern, Cornholme

Lord  Nelson, Todmorden

Masons' Arms, Todmorden
Mechanics Arms, Todmorden
Millstone, Todmorden

New Coffee Tavern, Todmorden
New Inn, Holme
New Inn, Todmorden

New Inn, Todmorden
New Inn, Todmorden

Old Banks, Todmorden
Old Canteen, Todmorden

Pack Horse, Todmorden
Patmos, Todmorden
Peacock, Todmorden
Peeping Tom, Cornholme

Queen Hotel, Todmorden

Railway Hotel, Lydgate
Railway Hotel, Todmorden
Ramsden Wood, Todmorden
Rope & Anchor, Langfield
Rose & Crown, Todmorden
Rose & Crown, Todmorden
Royal George, Todmorden
Royal George, Todmorden
Royal Oak, Todmorden

Shepherds' Inn, Todmorden
Shoulder of Mutton, Southowram
Shoulder of Mutton, Todmorden
Shoulder of Mutton, Todmorden
Slave's Rest, Todmorden
Sourhall, Todmorden
Spring Gardens, Todmorden
Staff of Life, Cornholme
Stansfield's Temperance Hotel, Todmorden
Star, Todmorden
Swan with Two Necks, Todmorden

Temperance Hotel, Cornholme
Temperance Hotel, Todmorden

Waggon & Horses, Cornholme
Weavers' Arms, Todmorden
Wellington, Todmorden
Whisket, Todmorden
White Hart, Todmorden
White Lion, Todmorden
White Lion, Todmorden
Wild's Temperance Hotel, Todmorden
Wood Mill, Todmorden
Woodman, Todmorden
Woodpecker, Todmorden

York Tavern, Todmorden

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