Mills in Brighouse

This Foldout collects the entries for 0 of the Mills which are – or were – to be found in Brighouse

The list may include Mills from nearby districts

Albert Mills, Brighouse
Alexandra Mills, Brighouse
Atlas Mill Brewery, Brighouse
Atlas Mill, Brighouse

Baines Square Mills, Brighouse
Baldwin's Silk Mill, Brighouse
Belle Vue Silk Mills, Brighouse
Bonegate Soap Works, Brighouse
Borough Bottling Works, Brighouse
Borough Wire Works, Brighouse
Bottomley's Saw Mills, Brighouse
Branksholme Dye Works, Brighouse
Bridge Road Works, Brighouse
Brighouse Corn Mill
Brighouse Low Mills
Brighouse Mill
Brighouse Mills, Mill Royd Street
Britannia Mill, Brighouse
Broadholme Mill, Brighouse
Brooke's Mill, Brighouse
Brookfoot  Mill [2], Brighouse
Brookfoot  Mill [3], Brighouse
Brookfoot  Mills, Brighouse
Brooksmouth Mill, Brighouse

Cabinet Works, Brighouse
Calder Bridge Mill, Brighouse
Canal Mill, Brighouse
Canal Works, Brighouse
Central Works, Brighouse
Clifton Bridge Iron Works, Brighouse
Clifton Bridge Mill, Brighouse
Clifton Vale Print Works, Brighouse
Coronation Works, Brighouse
Crown Wire Works, Brighouse
Cullingworth's Mill, Brighouse

Dyson's Brewery, Brighouse

Ganny Mill, Brighouse
George Street Mills, Brighouse
Grove Mills, Brighouse

Holmeroyd Mill, Brighouse

Jasmine Toffee Mills, Brighouse

Kirklees Iron Works, Brighouse

Leach Colour Works, Brighouse
Leach Works,  Brighouse
Leopold Wire Works, Brighouse

Livingston Wire Mill, Brighouse
Lower Mill, Brighouse

Mill Royd Mill, Brighouse
Mytholme Mill, Brighouse

Noble's Silk Mill, Brighouse

The Old Foundry, Brighouse
Owler Ings Mills, Brighouse
Oxford Mill, Brighouse

Perseverance Brass & Iron Works, Brighouse
Perseverance Mill,  Brighouse
Phoenix Foundry, Brighouse
Phoenix Mill, Brighouse
Pond Oil Works, Brighouse
Prince Albert Mill, Brighouse
Prospect Dye Works, Brighouse

Queen Street Wire Mill, Brighouse

Railway Saw Mills, Brighouse
Robin Hood Mill, Brighouse
Robin Hood Wire Works, Brighouse
Rookes Mill, Brighouse

Saint Peg Mills, Brighouse
Salford Card Works, Brighouse
Slead Mills, Brighouse
Slead Syke Mill, Brighouse
Spring Bank Saw Mill, Brighouse
Spring Bank Silk Spinning Mills, Brighouse
Stott's Mill, Brighouse

Thornhill Bridge Dye Works, Brighouse
Thornhill Briggs Mill, Brighouse

Upper Mill, Brighouse

Valley Dye Works, Brighouse
Victoria & Albert Mills, Brighouse
Victoria Iron Works, Brighouse
Victoria Mills, Brighouse
Victoria Wire Works, Brighouse

Widdop's Mill, Brighouse
Wilkin Royd Mill, Brighouse
Woodhouse Works, Brighouse
Woodland Mills, Brighouse
Woodvale Brassworks, Brighouse
Woodvale Cotton Mills, Brighouse
Woodvale Silk Mills, Brighouse

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