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Rastrick is a district of Calderdale to the south of Brighouse and neighbouring on Elland and Huddersfield. Until the coming of the turnpikes and the canals, the town was originally more important than Brighouse which lay in the swampy valley bottom. There was much quarrying in the area in the 19th century.

The name appears in Domesday Book as Rastric, and is variously spelled as Rashryke, Rasterick and means a halting place, a resting place, or a place where horses can be rested.

Watson suggest that the name is of Old English origin and means a sleeping hill, a raised ridge with a resting place for travellers, or a place of accommodation for travellers.

In 1284, an inquest reported that the village of Rastrick was rated at 13/- and at that time contained only 6 freemen. The rest were, according to the inquest

native tenantes, villans or bondsmen

The surname Rastrick originated here.

There was a maypole here until the mid-19th century.

Rastrick became a part of the new Borough of Brighouse in 1893.

Some sites, sights and other entries for Rastrick

Aire Terrace Co-Op, Rastrick
Asa Farrar Stone, Rastrick

Back Brade Farm, Rastrick
Back Braid Farm, Rastrick
Badger Hill Reservoir, Rastrick
Birds Royd House Reservoir, Rastrick
Birds Royd House, Rastrick
Birds Royd
Black Gress, Rastrick
Boothroyd Park, Rastrick
Boothroyd, Rastrick
Boothroyd, Rastrick
Borough Treasurer: Rastrick
Bottom o' th' Town, Rastrick
Bottomley's Yard, Rastrick
Bowling Alley Farm, Rastrick
Bowling Green, Rastrick
Bramston Street Gymnasium, Rastrick
Bramston Street recreation ground
Bridge End Co-Op, Rastrick
Bridge End Sunday School, Rastrick
Briggroyd, Rastrick
Brighouse & Rastrick Band
The Brighouse & Rastrick Chronicle
The Brighouse & Rastrick Express
The Brighouse & Rastrick Gazette
Brighouse & Rastrick Naturalists' Society
Brighouse & Rastrick Savings Bank
Brighouse & Rastrick Temperance Brass Band
Brighouse & Rastrick Women's Liberal Association
Brighouse Fields Co-Op, Rastrick
Brighouse (for Rastrick) Railway Station
Brook Grains Hill Baths, Rastrick
Brooklyn House, Rastrick
Brookrennels, Rastrick
Brow Lee, Rastrick

Calder House, Rastrick
Carr Green Nursing Home, Rastrick
Castle Fields, Rastrick
Castle Hill Co-Op, Rastrick
Castle Hill House, Rastrick
Castle Hill Wood, Rastrick
Castle Hill, Rastrick
Castlefields, Rastrick
Chapel Croft, Rastrick
Cheetham Estate, Rastrick
Church Street Co-Op, Rastrick
The Clay family of Rastrick
Clay Hall, Rastrick
Cliffe's Buildings, Rastrick Common
Cliffe Field House, Rastrick
Cliffe Hall Club, Rastrick
Cliffe House, Rastrick
Clough House, Rastrick
Cottage Residential Home, Rastrick
Croft House, Rastrick
Cross Lanes House, Rastrick
Crow Trees Cottage, Rastrick
Crowtrees, Rastrick

Delf Cottage, Rastrick

Fern House, Rastrick
Field Lane Co-Op, Rastrick
Firth House, Rastrick
Fox Croft, Rastrick
Foxcroft Estate, Rastrick

Grainings, Rastrick
Grantham Park, Rastrick
Green Royd, Rastrick

Halifax Steam Brewing Company, Rastrick
Harry Castle Hill, Rastrick
Healey Wood House, Rastrick
Healey Wood, Rastrick
Hepper Botham, Rastrick
Hipperholme-cum-Brighouse & Rastrick Reformers' Association
History of Brighouse, Rastrick, & Hipperholme
History of Rastrick Grammar School 1621-1985
The Hollins, Rastrick
Holly Bank House, Rastrick
Holly House, Rastrick

Ivy House, Rastrick

Jagger Dam, Rastrick

The Knowle, Rastrick

Lands Farm, Rastrick
Lands House, Rastrick
Lands Reservoir, Rastrick
Lands Reservoir, Rastrick
Lillands Farm, Rastrick
Lodge, Rastrick
Longroyd, Rastrick
Longroyde Hospital, Rastrick
Longroyde Park, Rastrick
Lower Edge, Elland
Lower Woodhouse, Rastrick

Miln Cliff, Rastrick
Morton Villa, Rastrick

Nether Woodhouse, Rastrick
New Dick, Rastrick
New Hall Riding, Rastrick
Newlands, Rastrick

Nunnery Farm, Rastrick

Oaks Green Co-Op, Rastrick
Oaks Green, Rastrick
The Oaks, Rastrick

Pelico House, Rastrick
The Poplars, Rastrick

Quakers in Brighouse & Rastrick

Ramsden's Baths, Rastrick
Rastrick Beck
Rastrick Board of Guardians
Rastrick Botanical Naturalists' Society
Rastrick Bowling Club
Rastrick Bowling Green Company Limited
Rastrick Bridge
Rastrick Brighouses
Rastrick British Restaurant
Rastrick Building Company Limited
Rastrick Burial Board
Rastrick Carnival
Rastrick Churchwardens
Rastrick Common Post Office
Rastrick constables
Rastrick Constitutional Club
Rastrick Co-operative Store
Rastrick Cricket Club
Rastrick Cross
The Rastrick family
Rastrick Finishing Company
Rastrick Fire Station
Rastrick Free Library
Rastrick Free Wanderers Football Club
Rastrick Gas Company
Rastrick Glee & Madrigal Society
Rastrick Hall
Rastrick Handloom Weavers
Rastrick House
Rastrick House Lodge
Rastrick Liberal Club
Rastrick Library, Crowtrees Lane
Rastrick Library, Ogden Lane
Rastrick Local Board
Rastrick Local History Group
Rastrick Lock-Up
Rastrick, Manor of
Rastrick Mechanics' Institute
Rastrick [No 4885] Masonic Lodge
Rastrick or Brighouse?
Rastrick Overseers of the Poor
Rastrick Parish Centre
Rastrick Police Station
Rastrick Post Office
Rastrick Private Subscription Bowling Club
Rastrick School Board
Rastrick Society for the Prosecution of Felons
Rastrick Viaduct, Bridge End
Rastrick Vicarage
Rastrick War Memorial
Rastrick Ward, Halifax
Rastrick Water Company
Rastrick Workhouse
Red Cross Model Lodging House, Rastrick
Rosemary Park, Rastrick
Round Hill, Rastrick
Ryburn Villa, Rastrick

Saint John's Ambulance Hall, Rastrick
Saint Winifred's Nursing Home, Rastrick
Scar Mill Cliff, Rastrick
Scotty Well, Rastrick
Smith's Botanical Gardens, Rastrick
Smith's Homes, Rastrick
Snake Hill Ford, Rastrick
Snake Hill, Rastrick
South Lodge, Rastrick
Sparrow Park, Rastrick
Spout, Rastrick
Star Steps, Rastrick
Strangstry Wood, Rastrick

Thorncliffe, Rastrick
Thornhill Road Co-Op, Rastrick
Thornton Cottage Homes, Rastrick
Throstle Nest Farm, Rastrick
Toothill Court, Rastrick
The Toothill family of Rastrick
Toothill Grove, Rastrick
Toothill Hall Lodge, Rastrick
Toothill Hall, Rastrick
Toothill Lane Well, Rastrick
Top o' th' Town, Rastrick
Town Clerk: Rastrick
Towser, Rastrick

Upper Edge, Elland

Victoria Youth Club, Rastrick
Vulcan House, Rastrick

White House, Rastrick
Woodhouse Hall, Rastrick
Woodhouse Lane Co-Op, Rastrick
Woodhouse Park Estate, Rastrick
Woodhouse, Rastrick

The Firth family of Rastrick
The Fryer family of Rastrick
The Thornhill family of Rastrick

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