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Sowerby – or Sowerby Town – is a hilltop village above and to the west of Sowerby Bridge.

The village appears in Domesday Book as Sorebi, and in the 13th and 14th centuries as Sourbi, Sourby, and Soureby. The name means a village on sour landsour meaning muddy or swampy.

Until the coming of the turnpikes and the canals, Sowerby was more important than Sowerby Bridge which lay below in the swampy valley bottom.

Sowerby was owned by the Earls of Warenne – who are said to have had a hunting lodge there – and was an important part of the manor of Wakefield.

Sowerby New Road was completed in 1929 as a means of providing employment during the economic depression, and a Government grant was made available to Sowerby Bridge Urban District Council on condition that a proportion of the workforce came from an economically distressed area. Road workers were brought from Barnsley and many of them settled in Sowerby after the work was done.

In 1926, the amalgamation of Sowerby and Sowerby Bridge resulted in the formation of Sowerby Urban District Council, and in 1937 the Sowerby Bridge Urban District Council.

Pronunciation: the first word is pronounced sor-bi – as is Sowerby Bridge – with the stress on the first syllable

See Graptolite's Notes on the Church at Sowerby

Some sites, sights and other entries for Sowerby

Ball Green, Sowerby
Barton Farm, Sowerby
Bell Hotel, Sowerby
Bent Farm, Sowerby
Bentley Hollins, Sowerby
Bentley Royd, Sowerby
Birch Farm, Sowerby
Blue Bell, Sowerby
Bowood, Sowerby
Brantom Farm, Sowerby
The Breck, Triangle
Britain Farm, Sowerby
Briton, Sowerby
Buck Stones Well, Sowerby
Bull's Head, Sowerby

Carr, Sowerby
Castle Hill Farm, Sowerby
Castle Hill, Sowerby
Church Stile, Sowerby
Collon Bob Farm, Sowerby
Cross Stone Farm, Sowerby
Crowell Shaws, Sowerby

Davy Lea Farm, Sowerby
Dean House, Sowerby
Dean Lane Fountain, Sowerby
Deerstones Farm, Sowerby
Ducking stool, Sowerby Bridge

Field House, Sowerby
Flints Reservoir, Sowerby
Flone Nook, Sowerby
Forge House, Sowerby
Free Gift Institution Friendly Society

Gaukroger Farm, Sowerby
Golden Fleece, Sowerby
Goodgreave, Sowerby
Great Greave, Soyland

Levi Haigh
Haigh's Farm, Sowerby
Hanging Lee, Sowerby
Hattering Stone, Sowerby
Haugh End House, Sowerby
Hell Croft, Sowerby
Hollinghey, Sowerby
Hollow End, Sowerby
Hullen Edge Farm, Sowerby

Ing Head, Sowerby

Jack Hey, Sowerby

King's Arms, Sowerby
King's Head, Sowerby

Joshua Lea
Little Buck Stones, Sowerby
Little London House, Sowerby
Little Toothill Farm, Sowerby
Long Royd, Sowerby
Lower Bentley Royd, Sowerby
Lower Snape Farm, Sowerby
Lumb Beck, Sowerby
Lumb Fold Farm, Sowerby
Lumb House, Sowerby
The Lumme, Sowerby

Mill House, Sowerby
Millbank Hall, Sowerby
Milner Lodge, Sowerby
Milner Place, Sowerby
Moorcock, Sowerby
MPs for Sowerby

Nether Field House, Sowerby

Old Dene, Sowerby
Old Eli Clough, Sowerby
Old Hall, Sowerby
Old Haugh End, Sowerby
Old House, Sowerby

Parkin Hall, Sowerby
Pinfold, Sowerby
The Platts, Sowerby
Naylor Pollard
Pond, Sowerby
Providence Sick & Funeral Society, Sowerby

Quarry Hill, Sowerby
Queen, Sowerby
Quickstavers, Sowerby

Rawson Wood
Rosemary Hall, Sowerby
Royal Oak Farm, Sowerby
Royal Oak, Sowerby
The Royd, Sowerby
Rushcart, Sowerby

Saint Peter's Community Centre, Sowerby
Shaw's Clough, Sowerby
Shepherds' Rest, Sowerby
Shield Hall, Sowerby
Shoulder of Mutton, Sowerby
Skircoat, Sowerby & Soyland, Prosecution Society
Sod, Sowerby
Sowerby Bridge Nurses Home
Sowerby War Memorial
Spring Hill, Sowerby
Stanhope Farm, Sowerby
Stannery End, Sowerby
Stansfield Mill, Sowerby
Stansfield Pond, Sowerby
Star, Sowerby
Stavery, Sowerby
Style, Sowerby

Thorp Farm, Sowerby
Thorp House, Sowerby
Thorpe Place, Sowerby
Thymeley Bent, Sowerby
Toothill End Farm, Sowerby
Town Farm, Sowerby
Towngate Hall, Sowerby
Travellers' Rest, Sowerby
Travellers' Rest, Sowerby
Triangle, Sowerby
Trinity Cottage, Sowerby

Upper Bentley Royd, Sowerby
Upper Gaukroger, Sowerby
Upper Old House, Sowerby
Upper Quickstavers, Sowerby
Upper Snape Farm, Sowerby

Vicarage Farm, Sowerby

White Windows, Sowerby
Withens Moor, Sowerby
Withins, Sowerby
Wood Lane Hall, Sowerby
Woodland Hall, Sowerby

The Hopkinson family of Sowerby
The Horton family of Sowerby
The Moore family of Northowram & Sowerby
The Wood family of Wood Lane Hall

Beerhouses & Pubs in Sowerby

Several beerhouses and public houses have been recorded in and around Sowerby, including

See Population, Parish statistics and Manor of Wakefield

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