Halifax Board of Guardians


General Points

The first Board of Guardians for the Halifax Poor Law Union was elected in 1838, following the Poor Law Amendment Act [1834].

They held their first meeting on 17th February 1837.

The Board came to an end on 31st March 1929 under the Local Government Act [1929]

The First Meeting of the Halifax Board of Guardians

The Board of Guardians held their first meeting on 17th February 1837 at the Trustees' Office in Cheapside, Halifax. Those in attendance were:

Skircoat (2 Members) and Fixby did not appear to have elected their representatives leaving the Board 3 members short.

Charles Barstow, Solicitor, Halifax, was appointed Clerk to the Board


Those who have been elected to serve on the Board at various times are shown below


At a meeting of the Board of Guardians on 21st December 1864

it was reported that the master's best barrel of ale had in mistake been distributed amongst the paupers at their meals. The statement occasioned much laughter at the board, who did not at all regret the sad mishap to the master

In March 1890, Reynolds's Newspaper reported that

The Board of Guardians attend at Halifax Workhouse every Monday morning and start with a light lunch. At 1:00 o'clock they dine, and a typical menu included

oxtail soup, large joints of roast sirloin of beef, leg of mutton, vegetables of all kinds, fruit pies, tarts, cream cheese, beer, tea, coffee

and is laid in first-class hotel style with workhouse officials acting as waiters. The Chairman of the House Committee declared that the Guardians themselves pay the cost of the refreshment ... 6d each for lunch and dinner

Mrs Miriam Lightowler was the last Chairman of the Board

Others who served as Chairmen of the Board

Others who served as Members of the Board

  • Charles Barstow [1850]

  • David Binns [nominated 1869]

  • Daniel Clay [1865]

  • Jacob Greenwood

  • Frederick Hardcastle [18??]

  • Timothy Hitchen

  • Richard Hoyle [18??]

  • John Hutchinson of Rhodes Street, Halifax [nominated 1869]

  • William Keith [1869]

  • Rev Thomas King [18??]

  • Arthur T. Longbotham [18??]

  • Robert Midgley [1865]

  • Isaac Priestley [1869]

  • John Robertshaw [nominated 1869]

  • Herbert H. Sutcliffe [18??]

  • John Sutcliffe [1869]

  • John Taylor [from 1850]

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