Halifax Equitable Benefit Building Society


General Points

Established in June 1871 by a group which included Walter Common and Henry Haley.

It opened on 5th July 1871 at 25 Waterhouse Street, Halifax.

Subsequently, their offices were at

On 22nd September 1927, it was announced that the Society would merge with Halifax Permanent Building Society of 1853 and Halifax Permanent Building Society of 1900 to become the Halifax Building Society. The actual merger was completed on 31st January 1928.

First Annual Report

The first annual meeting of the Society was held in a room at the Mechanics Hall on Tuesday 24th September 1872 The report gave the following information about the Society

  • Address: Bank Buildings, 23 George Street
  • Trustees: John Waterhouse Esq, Josiah Aked Esq, and Edward Ingham Esq

    Thomas Turley Esq was one of the trustees but died shortly after the Society started

  • Directors: James Bowman Esq [President], Councillor Edmonds [Vice President], George Adam Battinson, Frederick Chapman, Andrew Cockroft, Charles Horsfall Denham, Frederick Green Fleming, Henry Haley, George Jennings, Joseph Lee, Joseph Morton, James Parrish Jnr, Benjamin Walker, and John William Ward
  • Arbitrators: John Baynes, Alderman Berry, John Caw, Councillor Whitehead, and John E. Whitewood
  • Auditors: William Cash and James Nicholl
  • Secretary: Walter Common
  • Bankers: The Halifax and Huddersfield Union Banking Company
  • Solicitors: Messrs Emmet & Emmet
  • Treasurer: Robert Edgar Esq
  • Surveyors: Messrs Horsfall, Wardle and Patchett
  • Number of shares taken up during the year: 689 3/5
  • Number of shares withdrawn or redeemed: 37 3/5
  • Leaving on the books: 652
  • Amount of receipts from all sources: £12,543 11/-
  • Amount paid to borrowers: £10,745
  • Total Profit: £57 1/6d

    The report concluded

    Everyone was very happy with the results of the first year

    See Sir Alfred Arnold, James Bowman, John Caw, Equitable Bank Limited, Halifax, John Mackintosh and Joseph Harger Mitchell

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