Halifax Bus Station

By 1938, bus traffic in Halifax had increased to such an extent that streets such as King Edward Street and Albion Street were so congested by buses that they were of little use to other vehicles.

Pressure grew for a centralised bus station, and possible sites included Bull Green, George Street, Clare Road, Market Street and Woolshops.

  1. The first Halifax bus station was built at Ward's End in 19??.

    This was not a bus station in the true sense, rather just an off-road parking ground in front of the garage and petrol station of I. W. Holdsworth Limited, which enabled their Hebble buses to load and unload without plying for hire on the public highway.

    This closed in 193?. The Regal Cinema was built on the site [1938].

    In 1936, there were proposals for 2 bus stations: one at Cross Fields and another on a site known as the Central Hall on Market Street/Union Street. The proposal for the Central Hall site was abandoned

  2. Halifax Bus Station: Crossfields

  3. The Winding Road Bus Station was built between Northgate and Winding Road on the site of the Unitarian Church and Northgate Building, Halifax. It opened in 1989.

    The frontage of the Sion Sunday School was incorporated into the new building. The façade of the Jubilee Hall forms the lower, eastern entrance

    This is obviously not the final solution, as there have recently erupted a great many bus stops in the town centre itself which presents a traffic problem and a health & safety problem – and an unwelcoming confusion for visitors and tourists; problems yet to be recognised by the worthy fathers of the town!

  4. In 2021, the Winding Road Bus Station was completely rebuilt

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