General Notes on Todmorden

It lies at the far west of Calderdale, 14 miles from Halifax, and 19 miles from Clifton at the far east of Calderdale.

There has always been confusion – and dispute – as to whether the town lies in Yorkshire or Lancashire. The original Yorkshire / Lancashire county boundary was a stream that ran through the town and under the Town Hall, it is now in a culvert. On the Town Hall pediment there is a dividing line showing the respective industries on each side of the line – bales of cotton on the Lancashire side, and bales of wool for Yorkshire.

There were separate toll-bars: one for Lancashire and one for Yorkshire.

In 1832, Cobbett wrote

The valley of Todmorden [is] the most curious and romantic that was ever seen, and where the water and the coal seem to be engaged in a struggle for getting foremost in point of utility to man

The boundaries changed in 1888, moving Todmorden from Lancashire to West Riding of Yorkshire.

On 29th May 1891, the West Riding Council agreed that, in the matter of inquests, Todmorden & Walsden should be regarded as a part of Yorkshire.

This simplified the incorporation of the Borough of Todmorden in 1896.

Since 1st April 1974, the town has been a part of the Calderdale and West Yorkshire administrative area, but its postcode is Oldham, and its telephone dialling code is Rochdale, both in Lancashire.

The town is first mentioned as Tottmerden in 1246.

According to the various sources, the name may be derived from

See Tod.

Pronunciation: The stress falls on the first syllable, and both vowels in the other syllables have the neutral schwa vowel: tod-mə-dən

Traditional industries include weaving cotton, silk and linen.

In the later 18th century, the spinning and weaving activities of the Fielden family transformed Todmorden from a village into one of the largest cotton manufacturing areas in the region.

The town was incorporated as a borough in August 1896 when parts of the townships of Stansfield and Langfield – formerly within the parish of Halifax – combined with the township of Todmorden-cum-Walsden formerly within the parish of Rochdale.

Some sites, sights and other entries for Todmorden

The Ashworth family of Todmorden
The Crossley family of Todmorden & Walsden
The Fielden family of Todmorden
The Lacy family of Todmorden
The Radcliffe family of Todmorden
The Stansfield family of Ewood & Todmorden
The Sutcliffe family of Todmorden

Abraham Ormerod Clinic, Todmorden
Acre Nook Clough, Todmorden
Acre Nook Farm, Todmorden
Adam Royd, Todmorden
Adamroyd, Todmorden
Aged Folks' Tea Party Society, Todmorden
Amateur Astronomy Centre, Todmorden
Arch View Working Men's Club, Lydgate
Arch View, Todmorden
Astoria Ballroom, Todmorden
Athenæum, Todmorden

Back Stone Hill, Todmorden
Baltimore Bridge, Todmorden
Bancroft & Company, Todmorden
Bank Top Farm, Todmorden
Bankfield Buildings, Todmorden
Barewise, Todmorden
Basin Stone, Todmorden
Bearnshaw Tower, Todmorden
Beeton Working Men's Club, Todmorden
Beggarington, Todmorden
Bellholme Sports Centre, Todmorden
Belsfield, Todmorden
Bent Head, Todmorden
Beverley Footbridge, Todmorden
Bible Society Repository, Todmorden
Black Cat Billiard Hall, Todmorden
Black Rock Farm, Todmorden
Blackshaw Clough, Todmorden
Blue Bell Lane Farm, Cornholme
Borough Treasurer: Todmorden
Bottomley Lock, Todmorden
Bottomley Road Bridge, Todmorden
Bradford House, Todmorden
Bramsche, Germany
Bride Stones, Todmorden
Bridge End Co-operative Progressionists' Society, Todmorden
Bridge End Co-operative Store, Todmorden
Bridge End Society, Todmorden
Bridge End Working Men's Club & Institute, Todmorden
Bridge Street Friendly Society, Todmorden
Bridge Street Sick & Funeral Society, Todmorden
Brink Top Farm, Todmorden
Broad Dean Farm, Todmorden
Broadstone Working Men's Club, Millwood
Brocklyn House, Todmorden
Brown Birks Farm, Todmorden
Buckley Wood
Buckley's Dam, Todmorden
Burnley Valley, Todmorden
Burnt Acres Bridge, Todmorden
Burnt House, Todmorden
Butterworth's Bobbin Works, Todmorden

Calder Bank House, Todmorden
Calder House, Todmorden
Calder Valley Rifle Club
Cally Hall, Todmorden
Canal Yard Livery Stables, Todmorden
Canteen, Todmorden
Carholes Clough, Todmorden
Carlton Buildings, Todmorden
Carr House Estate, Todmorden
Carr House Farm, Todmorden
Carr House
Carr Laithe, Todmorden
Cash Clothing Company, Todmorden
Castle Grove Hall, Todmorden
Castle Hill Tunnel, Todmorden
Castle Lodge, Todmorden
Catholes Dam, Todmorden
Catholes Stone, Todmorden
Catholes, Todmorden
Causeway East Farm, Todmorden
Causey Wood, Todmorden
Central Ward, Todmorden
Central Working Men's Club, Todmorden
Centre Rock, Todmorden
Centre Vale Military Hospital, Todmorden
Centre Vale Park Museum, Todmorden
Centre Vale Park, Todmorden
Centre Vale, Todmorden
Changeline Bridge, Todmorden
Chapel House Cottages, Todmorden
Chapel House Farm, Todmorden
Chatham, Todmorden
Cheapside Todmorden
The Clef Club
Clough Foot Minewater Treatment Scheme, Todmorden
Clough Foot, Todmorden
Coal Clough Wind Farm, Todmorden
Cobden Club, Todmorden
Copperas House Bridge, Todmorden
Cornholme & Shore United Band of Hope
Cornholme Ward, Todmorden
Cornholme Working Men's Club
Cornholme, Todmorden
County Bridge, Todmorden
Cow Bridge, Todmorden
Cross Brook, Todmorden
Cross Gap Farm, Todmorden
Cross Hill, Todmorden
Cross Lee House, Todmorden
Cross Lee Library, Todmorden
Cross Lee

Dale Street Co-operative Store, Todmorden
Dalton Club, Todmorden
Dawson Weir, Todmorden
Dean Bottom Farm, Todmorden
Dean Farm, Todmorden
Dental Villa, Todmorden
Dineley Knowl, Todmorden
Ditches Farm, Todmorden
Dobroyd Castle Farm, Todmorden
Dobroyd Castle, Todmorden
Dobroyd Road Bridge, Todmorden
Doghouse, Todmorden
Dover, Todmorden
Drill Hall, Todmorden
Dulesgate Liberal Club, Todmorden

Eagle Crag, Todmorden
East Greenhurst Hey, Todmorden
East Hey Head Farm, Todmorden
East Lee, Todmorden
East Rodwell Farm, Todmorden
East Summit Lock, Todmorden
East View, Todmorden
Eastwood Co-operative Store
Eccles's Fold, Todmorden
Eccles's Steps, Todmorden
Edge End Farm, Todmorden
Empire Theatre, Todmorden
Ewood Hall, Todmorden
Ewood House, Todmorden

Fern House, Todmorden
Ferney Lee Club, Todmorden
Ferney Lee Park, Todmorden
Fiddlers' Bridge, Todmorden
Fielden Centre, Todmorden
Fielden Children's Hospital, Todmorden
Fielden House, Todmorden
Fielden Joint Hospital, Todmorden
Fielden Square, Todmorden
Fielden Terrace, Todmorden
Fielden Wharf, Todmorden
The Fieldens, Todmorden
Flailcroft, Todmorden
Fold, Todmorden
Folly Dam, Todmorden
Frieldhurst, Todmorden
Frith's Farm, Todmorden
Frostholme Institute, Cornholme

Gaddings Dam, Todmorden
Gandy Bridge, Todmorden
Garden of Remembrance, Todmorden
Gem Picture Theatre, Todmorden
Geoffrey Fell, Todmorden
George Street Co-operative Society, Todmorden
Gibson's Oyster Saloon, Todmorden
Glen View, Todmorden
The Glen, Todmorden
Glenroyd House, Todmorden
Glenview Lodge, Todmorden
Gorpley Farm, Todmorden
Gorpley Reservoir, Todmorden
Goshen Working Men's Club, Todmorden
Great Clough House, Eastwood
Greenfield House, Todmorden
Greenhurst Hey Old Farm, Todmorden
Grey Stone, Todmorden
Gronny Bonk, Todmorden
Guerning Dog Bridge, Todmorden

Hall Royd Junction, Todmorden
Hall Royd, Todmorden
Hall Stones Farm, Todmorden
Hallroyd Bridge, Todmorden
Halshaw Clough, Todmorden
Hanging Field Farm urnfield, Todmorden
Hanging Shaw, Todmorden
Hare Hill, Todmorden
Harehill Street Co-operative Society, Todmorden
Harley Bank, Todmorden
Harley House Cottage, Todmorden
Harley House, Todmorden
Harley Wood Library, Todmorden
Harley Wood, Todmorden
Harley Wood, Todmorden
Hartley Royd Farm, Cornholme
Harvelin Park
Haslingden & Todmorden Roads Bill
Haugh House, Todmorden
Hawks Stones, Todmorden
Hawkstones Farm, Todmorden
Hazelgreave Farm, Todmorden
Heatherlow, Todmorden
Height Top Farm, Todmorden
Hey Head Green, Todmorden
Hey's Farm, Todmorden
Higher Eastwood, Todmorden
Higher Hanging Shaw, Todmorden
Higher Hartley, Todmorden
Higher Langfield Farm, Todmorden
Higher Woodfield Farm, Todmorden
Hillside, Todmorden
Hipperholme Farm, Todmorden
Hippodrome Theatre, Todmorden
History of Todmorden
Holden Gate, Todmorden
Hole-Bottom-Meadow-Bottom, Todmorden
Hollins Farm, Todmorden
Hollins Lock, Todmorden
Holly House, Todmorden
Holmcoat Bridge, Todmorden
Holme Meadow, Todmorden
Holme Nursery, Todmorden
Holme Railway Station, Todmorden
The Holme, Todmorden
Holt Brothers of Todmorden
Hope Buildings, Todmorden
Horsfall Farm, Todmorden
Horsfall House, Todmorden
Horsfall Railway Tunnel, Eastwood
Hudson Bridge, Todmorden
Hudson Moor, Todmorden
Hudson's Clough, Todmorden
Hungry Wood Railway Arch, Todmorden

Idol Cross, Todmorden
Information Exchange, Todmorden

Jean Royd, Todmorden
John Fielden's Todmorden
Jumble Hole Clough, Todmorden
Jumble Hole Falls, Todmorden
Jumps Mill House, Todmorden
Jumps, Todmorden

Kebcote Fair, Todmorden
Kebcote, Todmorden
Kilnhurst Bridge, Todmorden
Kilnhurst Cottage, Todmorden
Kilnhurst Farm, Todmorden
Kilnhurst Toll Bar, Todmorden
Kilnhurst Toll House, Todmorden
Kitson Royd, Todmorden
Knotts Naze, Todmorden
Knotts Wood, Todmorden
Knowl Wood
Knowle End Farm, Todmorden
Knowlwood Sick & Funeral Society, Todmorden

Lacy House, Hebden Bridge
Lad Stones, Todmorden
Lane Top Farm, Todmorden
Laneside House, Todmorden
Langfield House, Todmorden
Langfield Ward, Todmorden
Latchford Cottage, Todmorden
Lee Bottom Cottage, Todmorden
Leeming Hall, Todmorden

Library Lock, Todmorden
Lifeboat Saturday
Lineholme Villas, Todmorden
Little Oldham, Todmorden
Lob Mill Lock, Todmorden
Lob Mill Viaduct, Todmorden
Lob Mill Working Men's Club, Todmorden
Lobb Mill Bridge, Todmorden
Lobb Stables, Todmorden
London House, Todmorden
Long Stoop, Todmorden
Longfield Farm, Todmorden
Longfield House, Todmorden
Longfield, Todmorden
Longlees Lock, Todmorden
Lovers' Walk, Todmorden
Lower Birks Farm, Todmorden
Lower Ditches Farm, Todmorden
Lower East Lee, Todmorden
Lower Hanging Shaw, Todmorden
Lower Hartley, Todmorden
Lower Horse Wood, Todmorden
Lower Longfield Farm, Todmorden
Lower Winsley Farm, Todmorden
Lower Woodfield Farm, Todmorden
Lucky Dog of Todmorden
Lydgate Conservative Club, Todmorden
Lydgate Post Office, Todmorden
Lydgate Viaduct, Todmorden
Lydgate Working Men's Club, Todmorden

Major  Clough, Todmorden
Malt Kiln Bridge, Todmorden
Mankinholes Farm, Todmorden
Martins Bank, Todmorden
Masonic Hall, Todmorden
Mayfield House, Todmorden
Meadow Bottom, Todmorden
Melling Clough, Todmorden
Mercy Lodge, Todmorden
Merlin Club, Todmorden-cum-Walsden
Middle Longfield House, Todmorden
Middle Midgelden Farm, Todmorden
Middle Stoodley House, Todmorden
Middleton Division
Midgelden, Todmorden
Millbrook House, Todmorden
Millwood Bus Depot, Todmorden
Millwood House, Todmorden
Millwood Working Men's Club, Todmorden
Moor Hey Farm, Todmorden
Mount Cross, Todmorden
The Mullions, Todmorden

Nazebottom Temperance Brass Band
Neddy Bridge, Todmorden
Nell Cote, Todmorden
New Olympia Cinema, Todmorden
Newell's Buildings, Todmorden
Newton Green Co-operative Society, Todmorden
North Midgelden Farm, Todmorden
North Scaitcliffe Farm, Todmorden
North View, Todmorden
Notes: (Historical & Biographical) Mainly of Todmorden & District

Oak Hill Clough, Todmorden
Oak Hill, Todmorden
Oakhill Clough, Todmorden
Oddfellows' Hall, Todmorden
Old Royd Lock, Todmorden
Old Royd, Todmorden
Old Shop Meadow, Todmorden
Old Woman, Todmorden
Oldroyd Farm, Todmorden
Olympia Cinema, Todmorden
Olympia Skating Rink, Todmorden
Orchan Rocks, Todmorden
Oxford Street Livery Stables, Todmorden

Parlick Pike, Todmorden
Patmos Memorial Garden, Todmorden
Patmos War Memorial
Paul Clough, Todmorden
Pavilion Theatre, Todmorden
Peel Cottage, Todmorden
Pex House, Walsden
Pex Place, Todmorden
Pex Tenements Farm, Todmorden
Phoenix Ice Skating Rink, Todmorden
Pickles Bridge, Todmorden
Pickles's Court, Todmorden
Pighill, Walsden
Pike House Lock, Todmorden
Pitts Shore, Cornholme
Pitts, Todmorden
Platts House, Todmorden
Pole Hill Air Traffic Beacon, Todmorden
Portsmouth Co-operative Society, Todmorden
Portsmouth House, Todmorden
Portsmouth Reservoir, Todmorden
Portsmouth, Todmorden
Powerloom Overlookers' Club, Todmorden
Preacher's House, Todmorden
Public baths, Todmorden
Pudsey Clough, Todmorden
Pudsey, Todmorden
Punchbowl Lock, Todmorden

Queen Victoria Lodge, Todmorden

Rake Hey Farm, Todmorden
Rambles in & around Todmorden
Ramsden Clough Reservoir, Todmorden
Ramsden North Farm, Walsden
Ramsden Wood
Range Hoyle, Todmorden
Ratcher Cottage, Todmorden
Ratcher Rock, Todmorden
Rattan Clough, Cornholme
Rawson Field, Todmorden
Rawsonfield, Todmorden
Reaps Moss Wind Farm, Todmorden
Redmires Reservoir, Todmorden
Religious Tract Society of Todmorden
Ridgefoot House, Todmorden
Riley Street Working Men's Club, Todmorden
Rive Rocks, Todmorden
Riverside, Todmorden
Robin Cross Hall, Todmorden
Robin Wood, Todmorden
Robinwood House, Todmorden
Robinwood Viaduct, Todmorden
Rochdale Crippled Children's Home, Todmorden
Rock Springs House, Todmorden
Rodwell End Farm, Todmorden
Roncq, France
Roomfield Co-operative Society, Todmorden
Roomfield House, Todmorden
Rose of Sharon Lodge, Todmorden
Rough Top, Todmorden
Round about Todmorden and its Hills & Dales
Royd Farm, Todmorden
Royd House, Todmorden
The Royd, Todmorden

Saint John's Ambulance Hall, Todmorden
Sandhome Rope Walk, Todmorden
Sands Lock, Todmorden
Saunder Clough, Todmorden
Scaitcliffe Hall, Todmorden
Scarrtop Working Men's Club, Cross Stone
Scout, Todmorden
Shade Junior & Infants' School Baths, Todmorden
Shade Lock, Todmorden
The Shaw West, Todmorden
Shaw Wood Bridge, Todmorden
Shaw Wood
Shoebroad Dam, Todmorden
Shop Lock, Todmorden
Shore Moor, Todmorden
Shore Working Men's Club & Institute
A Short History of Todmorden
Skew Bridge, Todmorden
Sladen Lock, Todmorden
Smithyholme Lock, Todmorden
Snow White Laundry, Todmorden
Sobriety Hall, Todmorden
South Midgelden Farm, Todmorden
Speke Edge Farm, Clough Foot
Stack Hills Bridge, Todmorden
Standing stones, Todmorden
Stanley Club, Todmorden
Stansfield Cottage, Todmorden
Stansfield Hall Nursery Cottage, Todmorden
Stansfield Hall, Todmorden
Stansfield View Hospital, Mankinholes
Stansfield View Reservoir, Todmorden
Stansfield Ward, Todmorden
Staups Clough, Todmorden
Stickitt Gate, Todmorden
The Stile, Todmorden
Stone House Bridge, Todmorden
Stones Farm Standing Stones
Stones Farm, Todmorden
Stones Grange Farm, Todmorden
Stones House Baths, Todmorden
Stones House, Todmorden
Stoneswood House, Todmorden
Stoney Edge, Todmorden
Stoney Lee, Todmorden
Stoney Royd, Todmorden
Stoodley Bridge, Todmorden
Stoodley Edge Farm, Todmorden
Stoodley Hall Cottages, Todmorden
Stoodley Hunting Lodge, Todmorden
Stoodley Lodge, Todmorden
Strait Hey Farm, Todmorden
Strines, Todmorden
Stubley, Todmorden
Summit Pass, Todmorden
Summit Tunnel, Todmorden
Swillington, Todmorden
Swineshead Working Men's Club, Todmorden

Taplin Memorial Fountain, Todmorden
Temperley & Son Limited
Temple Buildings, Todmorden
Thickone Lock, Todmorden
Thorngreese, Todmorden
Thorns Greece, Todmorden
Toad Carr, Todmorden
Toadcarr Library, Todmorden
Todmorden (G) Company, 2nd Battalion of Lancashire Fusiliers
Todmorden Buses : A Century of Service
Todmorden Cameos
Todmorden Company of Volunteers
Todmorden Hippodrome
Todmorden Unitarian Church Vicarage
Todmorden Vicarage
Todmorden War Memorial
Top of the Rough, Todmorden
Town Clerk: Todmorden
Townley Estate
Trams & buses: Todmorden
Two Lads standing stones, Todmorden

Under Bank Hall, Todmorden
Underbank Hall, Hebden Bridge
Union Offices, Todmorden
Unitarian Lodge, Todmorden
United District School Board of Todmorden
Upper East Lee, Todmorden
Upper House Farm, Todmorden

Vale Cottage, Todmorden
Vale House, Todmorden
Vale Manse, Cornholme
Vale Nursery, Todmorden
Vale of Todmorden Agricultural Society
Vale Street Police Station, Todmorden
Vale, Todmorden
Varley's Pool, Todmorden

Wadsworth Mill Lock, Todmorden
Walsden Ward, Todmorden
Warland Drain, Todmorden
Warland Lower Lock, Todmorden
Warland Upper Lock, Todmorden
Waterside House, Todmorden
Watty House, Todmorden
Watty Place, Todmorden
Watty Scout, Todmorden
West Bar, Todmorden
West Lodge, Todmorden
West Summit Lock, Todmorden
Whirlaw, Todmorden
Whirlaw, Todmorden
Whitehaven, Todmorden
Whiteley Royd Farm, Todmorden
Wickenberry Clough, Todmorden
Wickenbury Cottage, Todmorden
Windy Harbour Farm, Todmorden
Winterbutlee Lock, Todmorden
Withens Cross, Todmorden
Wittonstall End Farm, Todmorden
Wood Cottage, Todmorden
Woodfield Top Farm, Todmorden
Woodhouse Bridge, Todmorden
Woodhouse Football Club, Todmorden
Woodshade, Todmorden

Yorkshire Bank, Todmorden
Youths' Temperance Society, Todmorden

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