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General  Baptist Chapel, QueensburyRef 5-389
A chapel was built here in 1773.

It opened on 29th September 1773.

Rev John Taylor was ordained the next day and became Minister.

The present chapel was built in 1823.

It was enlarged in 1853.

See General Baptist Chapel, Queensbury Graveyard and Queenshead

General  Baptist Church, Haley HillRef 5-G129

Around 1773, a group of Baptists with Dan Taylor and John Taylor met at the house of Mr Hutchinson. They met at Queensbury and held services in Halifax.

They rented a room in Gaol Lane where

very few attended except when Mr Taylor preached

They bought land in Haley Hill for a new Church. It opened on 3rd September 1777.

In 1782, the 30 members formed a separate Church and invited Dan Taylor from Birchcliffe to their Haley Hill church.

In his Report of 1850, William Ranger mentioned the health hazards at the Baptist Burial Ground at Haley Hill.

In 1854, it was decided to move to

a more favourable part of town

and North Parade Baptist Church was opened.

Pastors at the Church have included


See Joseph Nicholson

General  Baptist Graveyard, QueensburyRef 5-855
The burial ground of General Baptist Chapel, Queensbury

Some of the monumental inscriptions in the graveyard are shown in the CD entitled Halifax Monumental Inscriptions #4

General  Cemetery, HalifaxRef 5-G18

Gibbet Street Chapel of Rest, HalifaxRef 5-39

Gibbet Street Primitive Methodist Church, HalifaxRef 5-345
Recorded in 1873.

In 1884, Rev Edgar Ball preached his first sermon at the Church

Goathouse Church, RishworthRef 5-911
Recorded in 1916, when the curate-in-charge was Rev J. T. Tarplee, and he delivered a sermon at the anniversary service for Rishworth Church Sunday School.

See Rishworth School Chapel and Goat House, Rishworth

Good Shepherd Catholic Church, MytholmroydRef 5-G140
Royal Fold. It stands on the site of two rows of 18th/19th century cottages. Opened in 1991 and replaced St Peter & St Paul's Catholic Church, Mytholmroyd, St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Church, Hebden Bridge and St Walburga's Catholic Church, Luddendenfoot.

The organ by Laycock & Bannister was moved here from St Joseph's Church, Paisley. Details can be found in the National Pipe Organ Register.

Subsequent Ministers at the Chapel have included


Good Shepherd Mission Church, HalifaxRef 5-188
Recorded in 1905 at Lister Street, Winding Road.

In August 1936, the Ministry of Transport issued a compulsory purchase order on the Church in order to build extensions to the Electricity Works

Gorple MissionRef 5-503
On 23rd June 1928, a mission hut was opened to serve those working on the construction of the Gorple Reservoirs

Goshen Salvation Army Citadel, TodmordenRef 5-259

The Gospel Hall, HalifaxRef 5-264
Lister Lane.

Recorded around 1915, when Gilbert Mallison was recorded on the Roll of Honour at Gospel Hall, Lister Lane

The Gospel Hall, TodmordenRef 5-65
Vale Street. Recorded on 25th January 1908, when newspapers reported the
Opening of a new preaching place in Vale Street, Todmorden, styled The Gospel Hall, being the outcome of Tent Services conducted in Holme field by the Yorkshire Brethren

Gospel Mission Church, BrighouseRef 5-328
Hangram Street. Opened around 1905.

Closed in 19??

Grace Baptist Church, PellonRef 5-141
Roils Head Road. Established around 2005 at Pellon Community Centre by a group from Pellon Baptist Church.

See Rev Ray Biddiss

Grace Hill Baptist Church, Mount TaborRef 5-413
Roils Head Road.

Built in ???? on the site of an earlier factory

Graves, Memorials & EpitaphsRef 5-529
Some local graves, memorials and epitaphs are recorded with the entries for individual people and families.

See Epitaphs, Graves and War Memorials

Graveyard PlansRef 5-757

Greetland & Lindwell Methodist ChurchRef 5-350
Established in 2002 when Greetland Methodist Church and Lindwell Primitive Methodist Church, Greetland merged.

Both the original buildings are still retained [2009].

In June 2009, it was announced that a new Methodist church is to be built on the site of Greetland Methodist Church

Subsequent Ministers at the Chapel have included


Greetland Methodist ChurchRef 5-452
Cross Hills, Rochdale Road.

The Greetland Wesley Church opened in 1779.

Wesley preached here on several occasions [1781, 1784, 1786].

In 1898, an organ by Forster & Andrews of Hull was installed. Details can be found in the National Pipe Organ Register.

Question: Does anyone know where the organ is now? Was it installed in the new Church of 1974?


The Minister's Manse was attached to the Church.

In 1973, dry rot was discovered in the building and it was demolished.

A new Church was built on the site. The new church opened in 1974.

In 2002, the church merged with Lindwell Primitive Methodist Church, Greetland to become Greetland & Lindwell Methodist Church. Both buildings are still retained [2009].

Subsequent Ministers at the Chapel have included


A new building – known as Cross Hills Methodist Church, Greetland – was constructed [2013/2014].

See Greetland Methodist Church War Memorial and Greetland Methodist Church Graveyard

Greetland Methodist GraveyardRef 5-639
The graveyard for Greetland Methodist Church is said to be the oldest Methodist burial ground.

When the new Cross Hills Methodist Church, Greetland was built [2013], much of the Graveyard was sold for housing. The remains were exhumed and reburied in a grave at Elland Cemetery

Some of the monumental inscriptions in the graveyard are shown in the CD entitled Halifax Monumental Inscriptions #3

Greetland, Parish ofRef 5-G932
Aka Parish of Greetland with West Vale. The ecclesiastical parish was created in 1860. St Thomas's Church, Greetland opened the same year.

The civil parish of Elland-cum-Greetland was abolished in 1894 and divided into the parishes of Elland, Greetland and Upper Greetland.

Greetland VicarageRef 5-809
Moor Bottom Lane. Built in 1863. The vicarage for St Thomas's Church, Greetland

In 1975, a new vicarage was used at 138 Rochdale Road. The building is now a private house.

In 1989, a new vicarage was built on the Goldfields estate

Greetland Wesley ChurchRef 5-479

See Greetland Methodist Church

Greetland Wesleyan ChapelRef 5-97
This was the first Methodist chapel in Greetland. Built by John Hirst in 1778. The site was provided by Christopher Hopper. It opened in 1779.

After he was killed during World War I, the parents of George Mitchell established an institute at the chapel in his memory.

Ministers at the Chapel have included


In 1813, Rev Thomas Jackson refused to bury men who had been executed for the attack on William Cartwright's mill at Rawfolds. His reasons were that they were not Methodists.

Porches were added in 1897, and the doors were replaced by windows

Grinsworth Wesleyan Church, WadsworthRef 5-339
Recorded in 1933

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