Composite Surnames: Wolfenden

This Foldout collects the Calderdale Companion entries for people with the surname Wolfenden and cognates such as

Wolfenden ...

Albert Blagbrough Wolfenden
Alfred Wolfenden
Arthur Blagbrough Wolfenden

Ernest Wolfenden

Frank Wolfenden
Fred Wolfenden

George Woffenden

H. Wolfenden

Haley Wolfenden

James Wolfenden
James R. Wolfenden
John Wolfenden
John Wolfenden
John Frederick Wolfenden
John William Wolfenden
Jonathan Wolfenden
Joseph Wolfenden
Joseph Wolfenden
Joshua Wolfenden

Lawrence Wolfenden

Leonard Wolfenden
Louis Wolfenden

Rev Richard Woffenden
Robert Wolfenden
Robert Wolfenden

Thomas Wolfenden

William Wolfenden
William Wolfenden
William Wolfenden
William Wolfenden

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