Documents relating to Benjamin Jowett

The following documents mention the Crime & Punishment of Benjamin Jowett [1844]

The Yorkshire Gazette [15th July 1843] reported

Benjamin Jowett (22) was charged with entering the shop of John Hadfield of Rastrick and taking some merinos and other articles.

Nothing occurred to connect Jowett with the burglary, but on the night of the 1st of May, Mr Sutcliffe, constable of Northowram, and another person saw Jowett come out of a public house in New Bank, Halifax, known as the Stump Cross, along with two other men carrying bundles. When the constable tried to take the bundle, the prisoner escaped after throwing the bundle away. The bundle was found to contain a piece of merino which was identified as part of the property stolen from Mr Hadfield's shop.

The prisoner was apprehended a fortnight later.

Verdict: Guilty, to be transported for 12 years


20th March 1844

Benjamin Jowett was one of 210 male convicts aboard the BLUNDELL (573 tons) which sailed from Downs, England, on a voyage lasting 102 days, arriving Norfolk Island, Van Diemen's Land on 6th July 1844.

The Blundell was said to be the first ship to sail from England to Norfolk Island.

Each convict was allocated his own berth (20 ins wide) and sufficiently long


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