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The Halifax Guardian [10th September 1853] reported

Fire at Ovenden Brewery

On Saturday last a barn of Mr Samuel Webster, brewer of Ovenden, was observed to be in flames.

Mr Webster, with some assistance, began busily removing cattle and horses from the barn. A man on horseback was sent to Halifax for assistance of the Fire Brigade. Mr Swaine, foreman of the fire brigade, swiftly gathered his men together and, in a quarter of an hour after receiving intimation of the fire, the Halifax, Bradford and Keighley Insurance Company brigade arrived at the barn. However, the speed at which the horses had been driven was so great that the lock-chain snapped coming down the hill beyond Pellon, greatly endangering the men's lives.

It was believed that the hay had been purposely set on fire and it was noticed that the fire had started at either end of the barn. But another circumstance is still more suspicious – namely, that whilst Mr Webster was engaged trying to save the barn, some person, or persons, entered his room, where it was probably supposed that he would have deposited a large sum of money (about £200) which he had collected in Halifax on the Saturday; fortunately, however, the money was not there.

We are happy to add that Mr Webster was insured. No part of the building was seriously injured, except the roof, and a large quantity of hay was saved


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