Dr William Alexander

Dr William Alexander FRCP JP was the son of Dr Gervase Alexander, and a well-known local doctor and physician.

Born in Halifax.

Baptised in Halifax [27th October 1806].

He was educated at Hipperholme Grammar School. In his youth, he spent some time in Scarborough.

In 1830, he became a doctor and set up a practice in Halifax.

He was

In 1840, he carried out a study of the life expectancy in the district.

In 1869, he became a Fellow of the College of Physicians.

In 1878, he was appointed Magistrate at the West Riding Court.

His experience at the Halifax Infirmary gave him an insight into the diseases of the district, particularly those which were prevalent in the slums and the poorer areas.

After an inquiry in the mid-19th century, his remarks that

in Sowerby Bridge, the drainage could not be much worse

were instrumental in the establishment of the Borough of Sowerby Bridge.

Like his grandfather, Dr Robert Alexander, he was a supporter of Horley Green Spa.

He wrote several books:

He travelled widely in Europe, India and Canada.

On 4th October 1837, he married Emily Kirby.


  1. Arthur William
  2. Reginald Gervase

The family lived at

At his death, he was the oldest of the Honorary Physicians at the Halifax Infirmary.

He died of a heart attack [Q2 1888] (aged 81).

He was buried at Holy Trinity Church, Halifax

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