Deaths of Local Men & Women in War: By Name

This page lists the names of 6360 Local Men & Women who died in World War I / World War II


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Edgar  Abbott [23rd July 1916]
James  Edward Abbott [2nd November 1917]
John  Eyre Abel [3rd January 1941]
William  Ackerley [15th July 1920]
William  Noel Ackerley [26th October 1918]
Albert  Ackroyd [17th August 1918]
Arnold  Ackroyd [16th August 1917]
Arthur  William Ackroyd [23rd November 1917]
Ben  Ackroyd [27th January 1944]
Benjamin  Ackroyd [6th September 1917]
Charles  Clay Thomas Ackroyd [8th October 1917]
Daniel  Toman Ackroyd [13th September 1915]
Ernest  Ackroyd [27th September 1915]
Frank  Ackroyd [28th August 1918]
Gerald  Ackroyd [1st August 1916]
Harold  Ackroyd [WW1]
John  Henry Ackroyd [24th January 1917]
John  William Ackroyd [25th September 1915]
Joseph  Ackroyd [24th April 1917]
Lewis  Ackroyd [30th March 1918]
Louis  Ackroyd [3rd October 1915]
Percival  Oscar Ackroyd [5th November 1918]
William  Henry Ackroyd [23rd August 1918]
Henry  Relf Acland [20th July 1918]
Relf  Acland [1st September 1918]
Edwin  Acrid [15th September 1916]
Matthew  Acrid [9th April 1917]
James  Benjamin Acton [19th February 1942]
George  Adams [14th October 1944]
George  Adams [20th October 1917]
George  Adams [WW2]
Irving  Adams [23rd April 1917]
John  Ernest Adams [1st January 1942]
Thomas  Adams [3rd October 1918]
Wilfred  Adams [29th January 1943]
Arthur  Addison [2nd November 1918]
Reginald France Addison [12th October 1916]
Herbert  Addy [2nd July 1916]
Allan  Ainley [24th October 1918]
Horace  Ainley [17th May 1917]
Luther  Samuel Ainley [7th July 1917]
Maurice  Ainley [3rd September 1916]
Tom  Ainley [26th August 1918]
Clifford  Aire [17th May 1940]
Arthur  Aked [23rd October 1918]
Eric  Aked [19th December 1915]
John  Thomas Aked [14th August 1915]
Charles  William Akroyd [19th December 1915]
Clifford  Akroyd [23rd April 1945]
Frank  Akroyd [8th January 1919]
Frank  Akroyd [WW1]
Harold  Akroyd [WW2]
Herbert  Akroyd [15th July 1917]
Leonard  Akroyd [6th May 1917]
William  Akroyd [3rd September 1916]
Eric  Albon [13th June 1944]
Ewart  Alderson [30th April 1917]
Thomas  Alderson [17th July 1917]
William  Alderson [25th May 1918]
Hartley  Allen [14th September 1916]
John  Allen [25th November 1917]
Thomas  William Hirst Allen [3rd September 1916]
Walter  Allen [16th April 1918]
Rennie  Allinson [14th July 1916]
Richard  Allinson [18th September 1918]
Herbert  William Allison [10th November 1918]
John Dyson Allison [7th September 1916]
Harry  Allister [3rd October 1918]
William  Clifford Allister [20th July 1918]
Alfred  Almond [22nd December 1916]
Arthur  Ambler [29th September 1918]
Edgar  Ambler [25th April 1917]
George  Ambler [12th May 1915]
George  Norman Ambler [17th April 1943]
Harry  Ambler [25th March 1916]
John  Thomas Ambler [30th April 1916]
William  Ambler [3rd September 1916]
William  Amos [5th June 1917]
George  Henry Anderson [26th April 1916]
Henry  Anderson [11th October 1918]
Henry  Anderson [4th October 1917]
James  William Anderton [20th November 1917]
John  Wainwright Anderton [1st November 1914]
W.  Anderton [WW1]
Thomas  Wilson Andrew [1st February 1945]
Archibald  Harold Andrews [1st August 1917]
Captain Maynard Percy Andrews [15th August 1915]
Harvey  Andrews [WW1]
Richard  Anker [5th June 1917]
Percy  Ansdell [20th November 1917]
William  Henry Ansell [1st July 1916]
Harold  Anthony [6th April 1917]
John  William Appleby [10th April 1918]
Geoffrey  Appleton [26th July 1942]
James  Appleton [11th October 1942]
Clifford  Appleyard [31st August 1917]
Geoffrey  Appleyard [26th July 1942]
Osmund  Appleyard [16th October 1915]
Wilfred  Firth Appleyard [7th October 1916]
Thomas  Arch [29th June 1915]
Clifford  Archer [30th November 1917]
John  William Butts Archer [16th February 1915]
Percy  Archer [24th May 1915]
Jesse  James Argyle [2nd October 1917]
Frank  Armitage [31st July 1917]
John  Henry Armitage [28th April 1917]
Maurice  Lucius Armitage [26th November 1942]
Ronald  E. Armitage [WW2]
Thomas  Armitstead [30th June 1940]
James  Armstrong [2nd March 1916]
Louis  Armstrong [2nd January 1916]
Robert  Armstrong [10th March 1915]
Wilson  Armstrong [18th August 1916]
Albert  Arnett [14th February 1919]
Alfred  Huntriss Arnold [30th December 1916]
Edgar  Arrandale [14th June 1917]
Ronald  Arrandale [2nd March 1944]
Walter  Hartley Arrowsmith [28th November 1914]
George  Stuart Arthur [1st July 1916]
John  Grover Ashby [24th January 1944]
Sidney  Ashmore [2nd September 1918]
Albert  Sims Ashton [2nd June 1918]
Alfred  Ashton [4th December 1916]
Arnold  Ashton [21st July 1944]
Harry  Ashton [27th September 1916]
John  Ashwood [7th November 1943]
Arthur  Ashworth [20th October 1917]
Edmund  Lord Ashworth [13th December 1915]
Ernest  Ashworth [10th April 1918]
Fred  Ashworth [12th June 1942]
Fred  Ashworth [3rd December 1917]
Horace  Orrell Ashworth [20th October 1917]
Samuel  Harry Ashworth [2nd February 1915]
Thomas  Roger Ashworth [18th April 1915]
Vernon  Ashworth [20th September 1917]
Willie  Ashworth [13th October 1918]
Charles  Parker Aske [5th March 1919]
Vincent  Charles Askew [20th August 1941]
Edgar  Asling [7th May 1915]
James  Albert Aspin [17th March 1918]
Joseph  Whiteley Aspin [21st November 1917]
Alfred  D. Aspinall [WW1]
Harry  Aspinall [18th October 1915]
Harry  Aspinall [24th October 1918]
Herbert  Aspinall [3rd September 1916]
John  Aspinall [9th July 1916]
Milton  Aspinall [13th December 1919]
Arthur  D. Aspinwall [12th April 1918]
Hugh  Dynevor Asquith [18th June 1917]
Gordon  Astin [4th May 1947]
Joseph  Astin [19th October 1916]
W. Astwood [WW1]
Eric  Atack [4th May 1917]
Frank  Atack [3rd September 1916]
Arnold  Atkin [10th April 1918]
William  Atkins [15th August 1917]
Charles  Atkinson [21st March 1918]
Ephraim  Atkinson [25th December 1915]
Ernest  Atkinson [22nd May 1918]
Harold  Atkinson [7th August 1916]
Henry  Atkinson [13th December 1917]
Hugh  Atkinson [28th July 1916]
James  William Atkinson [20th July 1918]
Johnny  Atkinson [10th April 1918]
Appleton  Benison Audus [3rd October 1917]
Joseph  William Ault [2nd June 1915]
Fred  Austin [13th March 1918]
Harry  Aves [2nd May 1919]
Alfred  Ernest Ayres [12th October 1916]
Thomas  Francis Ayrton [28th April 1917]
William  Edward Ayscough [12th February 1942]

Edward Lawrence Baddeley [6th June 1915] Walter Henry Bagnall [13th February 1915] Frederick William Bailey [24th May 1941] George Horace Bailey [29th October 1916] Herbert Bailey [10th November 1918] Joe Bailey [27th August 1918] John Shaw Bailey [21st August 1944] Sam Bailey [7th June 1917] Sydney George Bailey [26th April 1917] William Henry Bailey [19th September 1918] William Bailey [6th May 1915] John Clifford Bainbridge [17th September 1916] James Henry Bairstow [15th April 1917] Edmund Bake [31st March 1944] Alfred Baker [7th July 1918] Clifford Phillip Baker [14th November 1916] Fred Baker [15th May 1918] John Baker [23rd April 1917] Lawrence Baker [8th June 1943] Richard Thomas Baker [13th May 1918] William Henry Baker [11th October 1917] Charles W. Baldwin [WW1] Fred Baldwin [19th March 1917] Harold Evers Baldwin [9th October 1917] John Noel Anthony Baldwin [27th May 1942] John Baldwin [16th May 1944] Joseph Baldwin [11th March 1920] Joseph Baldwin [27th March 1918] James Henry Ball [24th May 1916] Philip Hugh Ballantyne [28th October 1918] Harry Balme [20th July 1916] Joseph Sutcliffe Balme [20th May 1917] Christopher William Balmforth [20th July 1918] Derrick Balmforth [11th July 1943] George Balmforth [19th July 1916] George Healey Balmforth [6th June 1944] Harry Balmforth [5th May 1917] Joe Balmforth [29th December 1918] John William Balmforth [8th July 1918] Sam Balmforth [25th April 1917] Thomas Balmforth [13th July 1916] Thomas Balmforth [27th July 1918] William Balmforth [4th May 1918] William Bolton Bamford [7th October 1916] Joseph William Bamforth [16th September 1916] Charles Ernest Bancroft [21st October 1916] Claude Bancroft [3rd September 1916] David Walker Bancroft [26th September 1917] Harry Thomas Bancroft [17th August 1917] Herbert Bancroft [29th January 1917] Isaac Bancroft [5th June 1916] James Bancroft [8th April 1917] John Bancroft [3rd September 1916] Wilfred Bancroft [3rd September 1916] Wallace Arthur Banister [6th March 1941] Douglas Banks [7th June 1944] Joseph Eric Banks [23rd March 1942] Reginald Walter Banks [23rd January 1942] Roland Banks [31st May 1916] Albert Henry Walton Banning [14th October 1918] Jack Bannister [15th November 1944] Edward Barber [12th March 1915] Fred Barber [26th November 1917] Herbert Barber [10th September 1916] William Thomas Barber [23rd September 1944] Willie Ralph Barber [19th January 1918] Frank Barcham [26th July 1916] Albert Hugh Bardell [25th August 1918] Isaac Bardsley [21st March 1918] Joseph Bardsley [16th April 1918] Harry Walter Bareham [14th February 1942] George Bargh [10th May 1915] Allan Barker [WW1] Arthur Barker [7th May 1943] Donald Schofield Barker [24th July 1946] Ernest Barker [14th July 1916] Ernest Barker [21st March 1918] Ernest Barker [13th April 1918] Frank Astin Barker [6th May 1915] Fred Barker [28th September 1916] Fred Barker [mmb129.html#48] Fred Barker [21st September 1916] George Norman Barker [15th August 1918] Gordon Barker [23rd October 1918] Harry Barker [13th May 1918] Helliwell Barker [WW1] Herbert Barker [WW1] Herbert H. Barker [WW1] Jack Barker [28th May 1942] James Roper Barker [5th May 1915] James Willie Barker [22nd March 1916] John Francis Barker [12th October 1918] John Albert Barker [5th October 1917] John Hawksworth Jackson Barker [7th August 1915] John Luke Barker [26th December 1916] Josiah Wilson Barker [21st March 1944] Norman Barker [17th September 1916] Percy Barker [14th September 1916] Ralph Sanderson Barker [16th July 1944] Robert Barker [6th April 1917] Roy Barker [1st August 1942] Sam Barker [30th November 1917] Thomas Edward Barker [WW1] Thomas Barker [27th March 1918] Thomas Barker [3rd August 1917] W. R. Barker [19th January 1918] W. T. Barker [WW2] Walter Barker [2nd July 1918] William Barker [22nd October 1940] William Young Barker [20th September 1941] Lancelot Cyril Barley [19th August 1918] Thomas J. Barlow [26th November 1917] H. Barmby [12th March 1944] Charlie Barnes [1st July 1916] Harry Barnes [7th October 1915] John Henry Barnes [17th July 1917] John Thomas Barnes [5th October 1915] Percy Barnes [5th July 1917] Will Barnes [2nd November 1918] Harry Baron [30th March 1918] Fulton Cunningham Barr [10th May 1917] William Barr [24th July 1918] Charlie Barraclough [31st May 1918] Clement Barraclough [3rd September 1916] Emsley Armitage Barraclough [26th September 1917] Enoch Barraclough [9th October 1917] Ernest Barraclough [21st October 1917] Harold Barraclough [2nd November 1918] Harry Barraclough [11th April 1918] Harry Barraclough [15th November 1918] Haydn Barraclough [3rd May 1917] James Barraclough [WW1] Joe Barraclough [20th July 1918] Joe Barraclough [3rd June 1916] John Alfred Barraclough [20th July 1918] Norman Barraclough [WW1] Wallace Duncan Barraclough [25th February 1919] William Barraclough [24th April 1916] William Charles Barraclough [WW1] Charles Barrett [30th July 1916] Fred Barrett [9th July 1917] George Edward Barrett [26th October 1917] Harry Barrett [9th August 1916] Joe Harry Barrett [22nd April 1918] John Barrett [27th April 1917] Kenneth John Barrett [23rd October 1943] Leyland Barrett [21st April 1917] P. Barrett [WW2] Reginald James Barrett [21st August 1918] Thomas Barrett [12th October 1916] William Henry Barrett [12th January 1918] William Barrett [9th September 1918] Cyril Barritt [13th January 1943] Thomas Barron [1st November 1914] Thomas Barron [1st November 1914] Willie Douglas Barron [3rd May 1917] Willie Douglas Barron [3rd May 1917] D. Barrow [1st May 1917] Alwyn Barry [23rd October 1943] Willie Barsford [7th October 1916] John Barstow [7th September 1944] Willie Barstow [29th June 1917] Harry Bartle [17th February 1942] J. E. Bartlett [WW1] Dennis Bartley [14th September 1939] Albert Barton [20th July 1943] William Edward Barton [19th October 1916] Jack Barwell [9th March 1943] David Bastide [2nd May 1918] Norman Bastow [WW1] Albert Bate [4th July 1918] Harry Bate [29th October 1917] Alfred Bates [10th September 1944] Edgar Dixon Bates [1st March 1917] Ellis Bates [21st March 1918] George Thomas Bates [17th November 1917] George Herbert Bates [16th April 1918] George Bates [21st December 1915] Harry Bates [1st March 1917] Herbert Bates [23rd September 1917] James Willie Bates [19th December 1915] John Herbert Bates [24th August 1916] Joseph Bates [18th March 1918] Reginald Bates [3rd May 1917] Ronald Bates [WW1] Sowden Bates [WW1] Thomas Priestley Bates [24th March 1945] Tom Bates [26th November 1917] Willie Bates [7th June 1917] Leonard Batho [24th September 1914] Robert Edward Batterton [20th November 1917] Thomas Batty [4th November 1940] Stanley Battye [6th January 1941] Wilfred Baum [17th March 1943] Wilfred Baume [17th March 1943] John Thompson Baxendale [17th July 1917] Clement Baxter [31st October 1917] Edgar Baxter [17th May 1916] Edgar Baxter [17th May 1916] H. Baxter [WW1] Harry Baxter [3rd May 1917] Horace Baxter [3rd September 1916] Isaac Edward Baxter [17th April 1915] Isaac Edward Baxter [17th April 1915] James Henry Baxter [14th September 1916] R. Baxter [WW1] Thomas Baxter [1st April 1918] Walter Renshaw Baxter [10th April 1918] Frank Baylis [29th April 1918] John Baylis [1st November 1918] Cyril Beach [26th December 1944] Cecil Gordon Bean [25th March 1918] Harold Knowles Bean [24th September 1916] H. Beanland [WW1] Bernard Beard [10th June 1944] George Beatty [1st June 1940] Albert Beaumont [3rd May 1917] Allan Beaumont [WW1] Charles William Beaumont [27th October 1914] Eric Paton Beaumont [2nd April 1918] Fred Beaumont [19th July 1916] Gerald Beaumont [21st March 1918] Granville Beaumont [12th March 1917] Henry Beaumont [11th November 1914] James Hutchings Beaumont [24th June 1917] Ronald Beaumont [26th May 1942] Stanley Beaumont [16th July 1943] Walter Beaumont [23rd September 1940] Dennis Beavan [6th November 1943] Harold Bebee [18th April 1915] Charles Ernest Beck [8th October 1918] Clement Beck [28th February 1943] Clement Bedford [18th January 1918] Harry Bedford [20th December 1915] Lawrence Bedworth [10th September 1916] Edmund Buckley Beech [9th May 1915] George Townend Beech [29th April 1917] Horace Beevers [23rd August 1917] Samuel Beevers [4th May 1917] Frederick William Bell [3rd September 1916] Harold Mozart Bell [5th May 1915] John Francis Bell [24th February 1916] John Francis Bell [24th February 1916] John Bell [16th August 1917] John Bell [16th August 1917] Tom Bell [14th April 1918] Tom Bell [14th April 1918] Walter Pearson Bell [27th September 1918] Walter Pearson Bell [27th September 1918] William Arundel Bell [14th June 1917] William Arundel Bell [14th June 1917] Albert Storey Bellenger [20th December 1941] Cyril A. G. Bellew [14th May 1915] Ralph Bellfield [WW1] Robert John Bellwood [23rd February 1917] Thomas Ingham Bellwood [18th June 1917] John Edward Benbow [11th February 1918] Gerard Norman Singleton Bennett [29th September 1918] William Bennett [12th April 1917] Daniel Benson [WW1] Thomas Washington Benson [22nd August 1917] Cookson Bent [1st October 1916] Reuben Bent [27th May 1918] Harold Bentham [25th September 1916] Alfred Bentley [25th April 1917] Arthur Bentley [18th October 1918] Bertram Bentley [18th September 1916] Edmund Bentley [17th April 1918] Edward L. Bentley [WW1] Fred Bentley [4th October 1917] George Bentley [24th June 1916] George Bentley [26th November 1941] Herbert Bentley [11th October 1942] Hubert Bentley [18th April 1917] J. Bentley [WW2] Joe Bentley [WW1] Joe Bentley [24th June 1945] John Bentley [12th October 1918] John Ernest Bentley [10th November 1915] John Bentley [WW1] Joseph Haigh Bentley [19th July 1918] Percy Bentley [WW1] Sam Bentley [27th April 1918] Thomas Bentley [3rd October 1918] John William Berrington [19th September 1918] Arthur Berry [22nd September 1917] Clement Berry [5th June 1916] Dixon Berry [2nd November 1916] Eric William Berry [19th September 1918] Ernest Berry [8th December 1916] Frank Arthur Berry [22nd January 1918] Fred Berry [3rd May 1917] George Arthur Berry [16th April 1917] Harold Berry [4th March 1917] Henry Berry [22nd September 1917] Horace Berry [28th March 1918] James Harold Berry [30th April 1917] James Berry [14th July 1943] John Raymond Berry [26th April 1918] John Berry [WW1] Kenneth Berry [WW1] Norman Berry [20th November 1917] Thomas Arthur Berry [16th March 1917] William Edgar Berry [8th October 1918] Wilton Edward Berry [8th July 1944] Norman Cornthwaite Best [7th December 1942] Jack Betley [15th July 1943] Arthur Verdi Beverley [5th May 1915] Cecil Adler Beverley [17th October 1918] Cecil Adler Beverley [17th October 1918] Herman Beverley [3rd September 1916] Fred Billington [5th July 1916] George Albert Bingham [8th August 1915] Godfrey Bingley [4th August 1916] Raymond Percy Binks [24th April 1945] Abram Binns [15th June 1944] Charles Binns [23rd August 1918] Clarence Binns [30th September 1918] Edgar Binns [9th October 1917] J. Cyril Binns [8th May 1918] John Joseph Binns [8th May 1944] Joseph Binns [22nd September 1917] Joseph Cyril Binns [26th March 1918] Sam Binns [21st July 1918] Samuel George Binns [29th June 1942] Trevor Grayson Binns [10th April 1918] Wilfred Binns [7th August 1915] Wilfred B. Binns [1st November 1916] William Thomas Binns [7th January 1918] Charles Bintcliffe [4th October 1917] John Henry Bintcliffe [18th February 1918] Albert Thomas Bird [12th October 1916] James Bird [25th April 1917] William Henry Bird [12th June 1917] Harry Birkby [21st November 1915] Ronnie Birkby [12th September 1944] Joseph Birkhead [18th September 1917] Stanley Birtles [WW2] George Birtwhistle [5th January 1916] George Birtwhistle [7th August 1917] Wriedt Willie Bischoff [5th September 1918] Alfred Bishop [2nd October 1917] Charles Black [20th February 1917] James Black [12th August 1918] Lauchlan Love Black [21st December 1915] Arthur Blackburn [16th December 1920] Arthur Joseph Blackburn [10th April 1918] Bertrand Blackburn [15th May 1918] Cecil Roland Blackburn [6th October 1918] Edward Blackburn [12th September 1917] George Henry Blackburn [21st May 1918] Herbert Blackburn [10th December 1917] John Willie Blackburn [4th October 1918] Joseph Blackburn [10th April 1918] Leonard Milton Blackburn [29th October 1916] Lewis Blackburn [17th July 1943] John Thomas Blackwell [WW1] John Blackwell [15th December 1916] George Stanley Blagbrough [11th February 1916] Jack Blagbrough [12th April 1918] Jack Blagbrough [12th April 1918] Clarvis Roy Blake [25th September 1944] Frank Blakey [3rd May 1917] James William Blamires [9th October 1917] Stanley Blaylock [27th March 1944] Stanley Blenkinsop [14th April 1945] James Edward Blezard [31st January 1916] James Edward Blezzard [31st January 1916] Ernest Blight [5th October 1917] Albert Bloomer [3rd May 1917] George Bloomer [12th September 1917] Charles Bloore [24th July 1918] Arthur Blunt [9th April 1917] Eric Boam [20th May 1941] Edgar Athelstan Boardall [1st December 1915] Mason Harold Boggis [30th October 1917] Arthur Boland [WW1] Patrick Joseph Boland [2nd December 1915] Ewart Boler [25th March 1945] Clement Bolton [9th October 1917] Edmund Bolton [26th October 1917] George Bolton [12th April 1918] John Bolton [1st May 1918] Samuel Bolton [26th November 1917] Will Bond [25th July 1918] Herbert Bonner [7th November 1914] Fred Boocock [6th September 1917] Horace Boocock [17th July 1915] John Colin Boocock [28th August 1917] Joseph Boocock [18th September 1916] Albert Edward Boosey [21st March 1918] Abraham Booth [7th November 1916] Albert Booth [17th September 1944] Arnold Booth [25th October 1942] Arthur Booth [30th December 1942] Colin Booth [1st January 1945] Edgar Booth [8th November 1918] Edgar Hartley Dawson Booth [10th September 1916] Ernest Booth [3rd September 1916] Frank Booth [16th July 1918] Frank Booth [22nd September 1918] Fred Booth [24th September 1917] Fred Booth [26th October 1916] Fred Booth [24th April 1918] George Booth [9th July 1916] Harry Booth [4th August 1918] Horace Booth [20th November 1917] Jack Booth [21st April 1943] John Rolston Booth [6th March 1916] Midgley Booth [4th September 1942] Norman Booth [15th November 1916] Percy Booth [20th November 1917] Roy Booth [16th February 1945] Selwyn Booth [27th November 1917] Thomas William Booth [14th December 1918] Tom Booth [8th November 1914] Vernon Booth [17th September 1918] Wilfred Nawton Booth [17th November 1943] William Stanley Booth [8th July 1916] William Booth [1st February 1917] Willie Booth [15th June 1916] Willie Booth [26th September 1917] Harold Boothman [12th March 1917] Harold Boothman [12th March 1917] Jack Boothman [14th October 1943] Ronald Alexander Boothman [15th September 1916] Ronald Alexander Boothman [15th September 1916] Isaac Cliffe Boothroyd [1st February 1920] James Boothroyd [15th September 1944] Lawrence Boothroyd [17th September 1917] Benjamin Bottomley [28th July 1942] Cyril Bottomley [1st August 1916] Dixon George Bottomley [28th April 1917] Edgar Bottomley [22nd July 1917] Edgar Bottomley [17th February 1917] Francis John Bottomley [21st November 1917] Frank Bottomley [22nd August 1917] Harold Bottomley [21st March 1918] Joe Leonard Bottomley [18th April 1915] Joe Leonard Bottomley [WW2] John William Bottomley [11th March 1918] Martin Walter Bottomley [3rd December 1944] Norman Bottomley [9th August 1944] Oswald Bottomley [13th April 1918] Percy Bottomley [9th April 1918] Samuel Bottomley [24th April 1944] Sykes Bottomley [8th September 1918] Thomas Reginald Bottomley [23rd September 1914] Thomas Bottomley [1st December 1917] Thomas Bottomley [1st May 1916] Thomas Bottomley [7th June 1917] Walter Hitchen Bottomley [3rd November 1917] Wilfred Norman Bottomley [3rd May 1917] William Russell Bottomley [15th June 1919] William Dyson Atkinson Bottomley [14th July 1917] Charles Henry Bower [3rd May 1917] Leonard Bower [20th November 1917] Harry Bowers [WW1] Herbert Bowers [8th August 1944] John Bowers [1st December 1917] Albert Bowes [7th December 1917] Walter Bowes [15th December 1918] John Bowker [10th July 1917] Joseph Bowles [20th September 1917] Francis Clifford Bowman [21st May 1915] Duncan M. Boyd [6th August 1916] Frederick Boyd [25th September 1914] George Boyd [10th June 1915] Thomas Boyd [8th May 1915] John Leslie Boyle [3rd July 1945] Selwyn Hopkinson Boyle [11th June 1940] Richard Curtis Bradbury [26th April 1918] Ernest Bradley [16th June 1918] Harry Bradley [19th May 1917] John William Bradley [18th June 1918] Lewis John Bradley [27th November 1918] Thomas Bradley [27th May 1940] William Bradley [12th October 1916] Frank Kaye Bradshaw [3rd September 1918] William Henry Braithwaite [3rd September 1916] Kenneth Bramley [5th July 1944] Thomas Bramley [2nd April 1917] Wilfred Bramma [1st December 1916] William Brandreth [6th April 1917] Isaiah Brandwood [3rd September 1916] Dominic Brankin [24th October 1942] James Brannan [23rd March 1918] George Ernest Brassington [6th September 1943] Charles Bray [12th August 1915] John Francis Bray [10th June 1918] Sidney Herbert Bray [20th July 1918] Vincent Bray [16th August 1916] Vincent Bray [16th August 1916] William Bray [13th April 1942] Graham Brayshaw [27th February 1943] Graham Brayshaw [27th February 1943] Lewis Brazey [8th August 1918] Kenneth Gough Breaks [20th December 1941] Arthur Lewis Brearley [16th September 1916] Edgar Brearley [1st January 1943] Ernest Clement Brearley [22nd July 1918] George Brearley [5th April 1917] Herbert Brearley [25th April 1917] Willie Brearley [7th July 1916] James C. Morris Breeze [17th June 1916] Bernard Brennan [WW1] Dermot Eugene Brennan [18th October 1918] James William Brennan [7th June 1917] James Brennan [2nd March 1916] James C. Brennan [WW1] John William Brennan [14th October 1916] Thomas Michael Brennan [10th April 1917] John Harold Brennand [7th July 1916] Michael Brennand [WW1] Vincent Brennand [29th October 1918] Sylvester Bretel [7th September 1943] Leonard Brett [15th August 1915] Cecil Brewer [14th October 1916] Edward Brewer [8th February 1945] Elijah Brewster [21st November 1916] Frank Bridges [10th August 1944] Norman Hayes Bridgewood [2nd November 1917] Charles Brier [11th November 1914] Charles Brier [11th November 1914] Percy Brier [2nd October 1917] Percy Brier [2nd October 1917] John Thomas Brigden [1st March 1917] Samuel George Brigden [6th August 1916] Arnold Douglas Brigg [25th February 1916] Allan Briggs [31st March 1917] Charles Arnold Briggs [31st July 1917] Charley Briggs [20th September 1914] Ellis Briggs [10th February 1917] Ellis Briggs [3rd December 1918] Frank Gledhill Briggs [3rd May 1917] Fred Briggs [18th June 1944] Harry Briggs [23rd March 1916] Harry Briggs [14th July 1916] Herbert Briggs [20th December 1915] Jack Briggs [2nd July 1945] John Willie Briggs [1st December 1917] Roy Briggs [3rd October 1943] Stanley Briggs [18th August 1943] Thomas Briggs [WW1] William Briggs [3rd March 1945] Charles Lawrence Brignell [6th January 1918] Guiton Brignoli [14th September 1916] Guiton Brindley [14th September 1916] Ernest Britton [19th July 1916] Harry Britton [9th February 1917] William Broadbelt [12th January 1917] Alan Stewart Broadbent [28th May 1944] Allan Robinson Broadbent [14th January 1944] Arthur Broadbent [13th April 1942] David Broadbent [3rd May 1917] Eric Broadbent [29th July 1944] Francis Gerald Broadbent [13th May 1943] Frank Broadbent [9th November 1918] Fred Broadbent [12th January 1917] George Broadbent [3rd May 1917] George Broadbent [20th July 1918] Gibson Broadbent [25th April 1918] Harold Broadbent [9th June 1918] Harold Broadbent [20th November 1917] Herbert Broadbent [15th April 1917] Herbert Broadbent [16th February 1917] John Broadbent [3rd May 1917] Joseph Stanley Broadbent [2nd October 1917] W. Broadbent [WW1] Walter Broadbent [20th April 1918] William Henry Broadbent [27th August 1917] Wallace Broadhead [27th May 1918] Arthur Broadley [6th December 1944] R. Broadley [WW2] Thomas Broadley [17th March 1916] Arnold Brockbank [13th March 1918] Herbert Bromley [16th August 1918] Robert Graham Brompton [22nd October 1917] Amon Brook [14th May 1917] Arthur Brook [14th September 1944] Clifford Brook [1920] Frank Brook [8th October 1918] George Herbert Brook [28th March 1918] Horace Brook [6th February 1944] J. Brook [WW1] Jack Brook [1st December 1942] James Brook [13th November 1916] John Harold Brook [2nd October 1917] John Brook [WW1] Joseph Lumb Brook [24th December 1918] Lloyd Mellor Brook [15th April 1918] M. Brook [WW1] Norman Brook [3rd May 1917] Norman Brook [13th August 1944] Percy Brook [20th July 1918] Raymond Brook [10th November 1918] W. A. Brook [WW1] Walter Brook [9th April 1917] Albert Brooke [28th December 1917] Albert Edward Brooke [30th September 1916] Ben Brooke [23rd February 1920] Ernest Brooke [5th January 1918] Herbert Brooke [28th March 1915] James Edward Brooke [6th May 1915] William Brookes [3rd May 1917] Ernest Brooks [9th October 1917] John Alexander Brooks [7th September 1941] John Amos Brooks [23rd April 1917] Raymond Brooks [8th January 1944] Geoffrey Brooksbank [25th April 1945] Leonard Brooksbank [25th November 1917] Benjamin Alfred Brookshaw [25th November 1941] Fred Broomhead [9th July 1918] Hall Broomhead [25th April 1917] Harry Broomhead [6th October 1918] Sam Broomhead [2nd March 1920] William Broomhead [9th August 1915] Donald Broughton [31st October 1943] Albert Brown [31st March 1917] Benjamin Brown [9th October 1918] Clarence Arthur Brown [27th August 1918] Frank Brown [20th December 1915] Fred Brown [9th April 1917] George Percy S. Brown [27th September 1917] Henry Brown [20th March 1918] Herbert Brown [26th April 1917] Herbert Brown [1st July 1916] John William Brown [27th March 1918] John William Brown [3rd May 1917] Louis John Brown [27th August 1916] Norman Brown [WW1] Thomas Brown [19th June 1917] Tom Brown [WW2] Wilfred Brown [13th August 1918] Robert B. Brownrigg [7th March 1919] Arthur Brumby [19th December 1915] Milton Brunning [3rd May 1918] Milton Brunning [9th February 1944] William Brunt [19th October 1918] Ernest Buckland [9th April 1918] Alfred George Buckle [22nd November 1918] Willie Buckle [6th December 1942] Arthur Buckley [3rd September 1916] Ernest Buckley [2nd September 1917] Harold Buckley [17th July 1918] James William Buckley [4th May 1917] Rufus Buckley [2nd September 1917] Sydney Buckley [4th June 1915] Wilfred Hodgson Buckley [30th April 1917] W. H. Bucknell [15th May 1916] Harold Smith Buffett [18th August 1915] Stanley Buffett [21st August 1944] Horace Bulcock [29th August 1917] John Bulcock [3rd May 1917] Frederick William Bull [26th December 1915] Frederick William Bull [26th December 1915] James Buller [14th September 1918] Tom Bulman [25th May 1919] Horace Bulmer [10th November 1915] John William Bulmer [3rd May 1917] T. Bulmer [WW1] W. P. Bumpstead [WW1] William Patterson Bumstead [19th April 1918] Harold Percival J. Bunney [WW1] William Henry Bunniss [16th September 1916] James William Bunting [17th June 1944] James Frederick Bunting [29th April 1942] L. Burdall [WW1] Herbert Burgess [WW1] Robert James Burgess [13th March 1920] Hubert Burke [21st March 1918] Joseph Burke [23rd August 1918] Martin Burke [18th September 1916] John Fell Burn [30th September 1918] Charles Richard Burnham [4th May 1915] Patrick Burns [6th September 1917] Patrick Burns [22nd May 1940] Robert Burns [3rd September 1916] T. H. Burrow [WW1] H. J. Burrows [WW1] Roy Thomas Nelson Burt [24th April 1943] Frank Burton [1916] John Benjamin Burton [30th September 1917] Robert Bush [27th July 1942] Thomas Owen Bush [10th July 1943] Walter George Bush [25th October 1916] Albert Bushell [15th April 1918] Ben Butler [24th April 1917] James William Butler [14th April 1916] Herbert Cyril Butters [23rd July 1917] Albert Edward Butterworth [11th January 1920] Ernest William Butterworth [5th April 1918] Fred Shaw Butterworth [20th July 1916] George Edmund Butterworth [13th May 1917] Herbert Butterworth [27th November 1917] John Butterworth [25th July 1943] John D. Butterworth [WW2] John Butterworth [17th August 1916] Leonard Butterworth [10th October 1918] Rudolph Butterworth [9th August 1942] Walter Butterworth [17th June 1940] Walter Butterworth [WW2] Wilson Butterworth [7th August 1915] Richard George de Fer Byrde [27th May 1941]

Robert Caden [12th April 1918] Patrick Francis Caffrey [29th November 1941] James Caldwell [28th August 1918] William George Callaghan [31st May 1916] John William Callon [1st June 1915] William Callow [20th January 1919] Arthur Irvine Calvert [19th April 1918] Arthur Calvert [1st July 1916] Ernest Garrett Calvert [30th March 1943] Herbert Calvert [27th March 1918] John James Calvert [4th November 1918] Leonard Calvert [11th August 1916] Richard Thomas Calvert [25th September 1915] William Calvert [8th December 1941] Willie Calvert [4th November 1918] Samuel Camm [22nd January 1918] Bernard Campbell [13th August 1944] Clifford Campbell [31st July 1918] Roy Douglas Campbell [6th July 1944] Willie Campbell [4th November 1918] John William Canning [7th January 1945] Walter Canning [19th December 1915] William Henry Capener [30th September 1917] Ernest Cardwell [1st December 1917] Peter Denzil O'Dowd Carey [28th January 1943] Thomas Henry Carle [5th December 1917] Eric William Carley [4th March 1944] Arthur Carling [8th June 1943] Clifford Adshead Carling [30th November 1918] Frank Carling [27th September 1917] Thomas Carlisle [WW2] Harold Carlton [16th January 1946] Walter Sefton Carlton [26th September 1918] Wallace Carlyle [8th December 1916] Joseph Arthur Carnelley [16th June 1916] Daniel Carney [21st March 1918] Thomas Carney [1st July 1916] Willie Carney [8th October 1918] Harry Carpenter [1st July 1916] John Arthur Carpenter [4th September 1944] William Henry Carpenter [15th July 1915] Eric Desmond Carr [25th November 1941] Frederick Ulysses Carr [10th November 1917] Arthur Carre [9th September 1943] George Carroll [22nd December 1915] James Carroll [25th October 1916] James Carroll [WW2] John Carroll [9th February 1917] John Carroll [WW1] Leslie Joseph Carroll [10th March 1943] Michael Carroll [27th June 1916] P. Carroll [1st May 1915] Robert Henry Carroll [25th September 1915] Norman Roy Waugh Carruthers [27th August 1918] William George Carruthers [17th July 1916] Alfred Carter [1st August 1917] Arthur Carter [12th December 1916] Frank Carter [3rd August 1917] Frank Carter [28th August 1918] G. Carter [WW1] George Frederick Carter [13th April 1918] George Henry Carter [2nd March 1941] Gilbert Alva Carter [12th August 1917] H. E. Carter [WW1] Harry Carter [21st March 1918] Harry Carter [3rd September 1916] Herbert Edward Carter [3rd May 1917] Herbert Carter [12th August 1917] James William Carter [23rd August 1944] Joe Carter [29th May 1944] John Taylor Carter [9th October 1917] Joseph Carter [3rd May 1918] Joseph Carter [11th June 1944] Thomas Carter [29th March 1918] Walter Carter [14th November 1916] William Frederick Carter [31st May 1916] Willie Ernest Carter [3rd October 1918] Willie Carter [31st July 1917] Harold Cartlidge [19th October 1943] James Alfred Cartlidge [5th August 1916] George Cartwright [23rd August 1918] Jack Cartwright [WW2] Richard Carveley [7th December 1915] Desmond Terence Cash [24th March 1944] Eric Lawrence Cash [20th August 1941] William Cassidy [WW1] A. Benjamin Casson [11th May 1915] Harry Casson [11th April 1918] Kenneth H. Castle [24th May 1946] Bernard Joseph Caulfield [9th September 1943] Charles Cavaghan [WW2] John Michael Cavaghan [6th September 1943] James Cavanagh [14th June 1917] William Cavanagh [WW1] Eric William Cave [10th December 1942] Joe Cave [21st September 1917] Nora Caveney [17th April 1942] Joe Beeton Cawood [23rd November 1915] Harold Cawthorn [8th November 1918] James Edward Cawthra [3rd November 1915] John Cawthra [27th August 1918] Albert Chadwick [16th February 1917] Charles Henry Chadwick [1st August 1915] Charles Henry Chadwick [1st August 1915] George Chadwick [9th November 1917] George Arthur Chadwick [1st July 1916] James Henry Haughton Chadwick [4th May 1917] James Henry Haughton Chadwick [4th May 1917] Ronald Chadwick [6th June 1944] Theodore Chadwick [22nd March 1918] Theodore Chadwick [22nd March 1918] Wallace Chadwick [26th April 1918] Sidney Chamberlain [3rd September 1916] Alfred Leo Chambers [14th July 1945] Samuel Chambers [20th July 1945] Ernest Henry Chapman [3rd May 1917] Ernest Henry Chapman [3rd May 1917] Ernest Chapman [28th April 1917] F. Chapman [19th April 1917] Harry Denzil Chapman [12th August 1943] John Samuel Chapman [10th September 1917] Karl Chapman [30th June 1917] Kenneth Chapman [12th April 1945] Frank Chappell [19th December 1915] Stanley Maynard Chappell [9th November 1945] Robert Spink Charlesworth [18th February 1945] Tom Charlesworth [5th July 1944] Herbert Charmer [12th January 1941] Frank Charnley [10th August 1918] Edgar Charnock [29th August 1918] Percy Isaac Charnock [2nd September 1918] William Chatburn [5th October 1918] Taylor Cheetham [30th November 1917] William Cheetham [17th January 1917] Reginald Hodgson Chester [24th February 1941] John Chilcott [16th January 1918] John Willie Child [4th August 1915] Jack Chipchase [7th January 1945] Douglas Christian [9th August 1943] Maurice Churchman [20th January 1944] Walter Henry Churchman [15th April 1918] Harold Clapham [4th July 1943] George Clare [10th April 1918] William Clare [26th July 1917] Alan Clark [24th May 1940] Alfred Clark [21st July 1916] George Clark [WW1] John William Clark [15th October 1916] Thomas Arthur Clark [1st November 1918] Wallace Clark [6th September 1917] Charles Clarke [WW1] Edward Clarke [6th June 1915] Herbert Clarke [5th June 1915] Thomas Henry Clarke [5th July 1916] Thomas Henry Clarke [5th July 1916] Tom Clarke [16th October 1915] Walter Clarke [21st March 1918] Wilfred Clarke [25th March 1918] Willie Clarke [WW1] Fred Clarkin [16th October 1915] John Clarkin [16th January 1942] Albert Clarkson [10th April 1918] Charles Clarkson [12th February 1917] William Claxton [8th September 1918] Cain Clay [13th August 1944] Clifford Clay [1st November 1914] Donald Clay [17th June 1940] E. Clay [13th April 1918] Ernest Clay [13th April 1918] Frank Clay [12th May 1917] George Arthur Clay [2nd September 1918] George Alfred Clay [5th January 1945] Harry Clay [23rd March 1918] James Arthur Clay [22nd March 1918] Lionel Pilleau Clay [18th February 1918] Louis John Clay [5th April 1918] Philip Barber Clay [WW2] Thomas Clay [20th May 1940] Vernon Harcourt Clay [26th October 1916] Derrick Clayton [23rd October 1943] Frank Rushworth Clayton [19th December 1915] Fred Clayton [13th December 1917] George Edward Clayton [7th December 1918] Harry Clayton [19th September 1917] Herbert Clayton [12th December 1915] Herbert Thomas Clayton [20th April 1917] John Henry Clayton [5th September 1916] John William Clayton [21st July 1917] John William Clayton [3rd May 1917] Leonard Clayton [14th September 1914] Oscar Clayton [27th September 1918] Ralph Clayton [20th October 1918] Roy Clayton [21st August 1945] John Cleary [7th July 1916] Arthur Clee [17th October 1915] Joseph Clee [20th December 1941] Albert Edward Clegg [1st July 1916] Arthur Clegg [11th April 1918] Donald Clegg [20th February 1944] George Bernard Clegg [1st June 1940] George Harold Clegg [21st April 1915] H. Ernest Clegg [WW1] Harry Clegg [10th April 1918] Harry Clegg [18th October 1944] Herbert Aquilla Clegg [29th January 1918] Jack Clegg [9th April 1918] Jack Clegg [WW2] John Clegg [15th January 1943] John Clegg [29th January 1943] John W. B. Clegg [WW2] John Henry Clegg [21st August 1917] Philip Clegg [3rd May 1917] Philip Clegg [2nd April 1943] Saville William Clegg [13th October 1918] Walter Clegg [7th July 1916] Douglas Clement [WW2] George Clewer [15th November 1915] John Cookson Cliffe [18th December 1946] Glyn T. Clifford [14th July 1916] Percy Clifford [27th December 1917] Thomas Henry Clifford [5th June 1917] Charles Clifton [28th August 1918] John Clifton [23rd May 1919] A. Clough [WW1] Albert Clough [15th June 1915] Samuel Clough [29th December 1916] William Clough [28th June 1915] Wilfred Coates [3rd September 1916] John Arthur Cobb [6th December 1915] Harry Coble [25th August 1918] Arthur Cockcroft [9th October 1917] Arthur James Cockcroft [2nd April 1918] Denys Cockcroft [25th March 1945] John Arthur Cockcroft [2nd June 1916] Walter Cockcroft [2nd January 1919] Willie Cockcroft [26th September 1917] Harold Cocker [8th December 1942] John Frederick Cocker [25th August 1915] Herbert Cockhill [20th November 1917] Albert Cockroft [15th June 1917] Albert Cockroft [15th June 1917] Arthur James Cockroft [2nd April 1918] Charles Cockroft [22nd November 1940] Edgar Cockroft [11th April 1917] Fred Cockroft [4th May 1917] George Geoffrey Cockroft [23rd April 1945] Harry Cockroft [24th May 1918] Henry Cockroft [21st March 1918] James Edward Cockroft [26th November 1918] Joe Cockroft [14th June 1917] John Ernest Cockroft [18th May 1916] John Henry Cockroft [11th April 1917] Lewis Ellis Cockroft [8th December 1917] R. Cockroft [29th September 1916] Sam Cockroft [15th September 1916] Samuel Cockroft [3rd May 1917] Spencer Cockroft [9th August 1917] Willie Cockroft [27th June 1917] George Cocksedge [5th July 1916] John Cogan [2nd March 1916] Thomas William Coghlin [18th July 1943] Cecil Cole [11th March 1945] George Cole [26th March 1943] John Cole [14th March 1917] Horace Collett [22nd February 1918] Alfred Collier [3rd September 1918] Vincent Collier [27th May 1917] Ben Collinge [21st September 1917] Ben Collinge [21st September 1917] Leonard Collinge [13th September 1918] Lewis Collinge [10th February 1947] Willie Foster Collinge [2nd October 1918] Willie Foster Collinge [2nd October 1918] Arthur Collins [WW1] Dennis Collins [15th February 1942] Frank Collins [WW2] Fred Collins [8th October 1918] George Henry Collins [10th November 1916] Reginald Meynand Collins [30th May 1945] Samuel Dunstan Collins [3rd May 1917] Walter Collins [WW2] William Dunstan Collins [5th March 1945] Willie Collins [12th February 1916] John Harold Collinson [21st March 1918] Clement Cone [26th October 1918] James Edward Connell [30th December 1915] Patrick Joseph Connell [11th June 1916] James Connolly [2nd December 1917] Nicholas Connolly [10th April 1918] Bernard Conroy [5th June 1942] John Patrick Conroy [3rd September 1916] John Roskruge Constance [17th January 1942] William Gill Roskruge Constance [9th August 1915] George Conway [5th July 1916] James William Conway [12th April 1918] George William Cook [7th June 1917] Sidney James Cook [29th May 1915] Sidney James Cook [29th May 1915] Arthur Gilbert Cooke [8th May 1918] Arthur Gilbert Cooke [8th May 1918] Frank Cookson [30th October 1917] Frederick Cookson [18th September 1942] James Cooney [25th May 1915] E. Cooper [WW2] Edward Cooper [WW1] George Henry Cooper [23rd March 1918] George Cooper [6th May 1943] Harold Cooper [3rd September 1916] Harold Cooper [15th July 1915] Harry Cooper [20th March 1918] Henry Cooper [31st August 1916] John Albert Cooper [19th February 1919] Roland Cooper [31st July 1917] Tom Cooper [19th November 1916] Walter Cooper [12th September 1944] William F. Cooper [WW1] William George Cooper [4th August 1919] Edwin Copley [16th June 1915] John Copley [17th February 1917] Walter Copley [14th April 1918] William Alvin Copley [15th October 1916] John Joseph Corboy [15th December 1916] Lewis Corder [12th September 1916] Willie Cordingley [3rd November 1916] Gilbert Allenby Core [27th March 1942] Alfred Willie Corker [10th October 1942] Norman Whitaker Corlett [18th August 1944] Edward Corner [13th June 1916] Dick Corney [3rd September 1916] Harry Corney [29th November 1917] Norman Cornwell [14th September 1944] John Cosgrove [15th November 1916] John Costello [27th June 1943] Joseph Henry Coton [2nd May 1918] James Trevor Cotterell [26th April 1945] Edward Cotterill [24th May 1940] Joseph Cotterill [29th May 1941] Charles Armstrong Cotton [3rd May 1917] Max Percy Coulson [12th August 1918] Fred Coulston [18th July 1921] George Coupe [21st April 1941] Herbert Coupe [18th February 1918] Eric Coverdale [22nd October 1943] Albert Cowan [WW2] James E. Cowan [20th October 1914] George Percival Cowburn [29th January 1918] William Cowgill [27th October 1918] Edward Cowie [9th May 1915] Harold William Cowie [8th June 1940] Arthur Cox [20th October 1917] Lewis Cox [11th November 1943] Norman Cox [3rd May 1917] Thomas Cox [20th October 1917] Walter Cox [15th August 1916] William John Cox [11th November 1914] Alfred Crabtree [24th August 1918] Allan Crabtree [28th April 1918] Alva Crabtree [8th June 1940] Angus Crabtree [3rd May 1917] Arthur Crabtree [5th July 1917] Clement Crabtree [19th July 1916] Douglas Barker Crabtree [WW2] Ernest Crabtree [30th June 1917] Ernest Crabtree [14th August 1917] Ernest Alfred Crabtree [27th November 1917] Ernest Crabtree [29th April 1918] Fielden Crabtree [2nd September 1917] Frank Crabtree [8th July 1916] Fred Walmsley Crabtree [15th August 1915] George Wilson Crabtree [18th January 1917] Harry Crabtree [27th March 1918] James Crabtree [4th May 1917] John Crabtree [18th August 1917] John Crabtree [WW2] Lewis Crabtree [21st October 1916] Percy Crabtree [12th June 1917] Richard Crabtree [29th April 1918] Robert Henry Crabtree [16th August 1917] Stanley Crabtree [14th September 1944] Thomas Crabtree [2nd October 1917] William Crabtree [17th October 1916] William Crabtree [9th February 1919] R. Cracknell [WW1] Sydney Craddock [11th March 1945] Charles Cragg [11th February 1917] Thomas Cragg [11th October 1943] Patrick Joseph Craughwell [4th July 1916] F. Craven [31st May 1917] George Willie Craven [1st July 1916] Jim Craven [17th August 1917] Selwyn Craven [WW2] Selwyn Craven [8th August 1944] Douglas Crawford [11th March 1943] Ronald Crawshaw [23rd May 1943] Ernest Garbutt Crear [27th April 1917] Christopher Crevey [19th December 1915] John Henry Crilley [31st January 1945] Richard Noel Pickwell Critchlow [24th November 1943] Gordon Croad [22nd December 1940] Lewis Croad [10th September 1914] Christopher Terence Cronley [25th March 1945] Ezra Crooks [26th August 1916] John Clifford Crosby [22nd September 1914] Albert Ernest Cross [8th May 1944] Albert Ernest Cross [9th March 1917] Kenneth Cross [19th June 1943] William Cross [3rd March 1917] F. Crossland [1917] Joe Crossland [8th June 1940] Richard Crossland [20th July 1916] Walter Crossland [11th April 1918] Walter Crossland [11th April 1918] Albert Crossley [29th November 1914] Alfred Crossley [21st March 1918] Arnold Crossley [8th June 1917] Charles Crossley [WW1] Clement Crossley [30th April 1943] Edgar Crossley [22nd March 1918] Frank Crossley [21st March 1918] Frank Crossley [19th May 1940] Fred Crossley [26th April 1918] Fred Crossley [9th March 1941] Geoffrey Crossley [WW2] George Crossley [24th July 1918] Gilham Crossley [7th August 1917] H. N. Crossley [WW2] Harry Crossley [19th December 1915] Harry Crossley [3rd June 1918] Harry Crossley [25th November 1917] Harry Crossley [1st November 1914] Henry Crossley [15th September 1916] Herbert Crossley [3rd May 1917] Jack Crossley [21st May 1944] James William Crossley [4th December 1918] James Stanley Crossley [3rd September 1916] Joe Crossley [8th February 1942] John Crossley [3rd November 1917] John Crossley [7th March 1919] John Haigh Crossley [20th September 1917] John Henry Crossley [11th November 1914] John Crossley [26th June 1944] John F. Crossley [WW1] John Crossley [22nd December 1917] John Willie Crossley [25th October 1918] Joseph Harry Crossley [11th November 1914] Leonard Crossley [2nd December 1917] Lewis Crossley [17th October 1918] Selwyn Crossley [15th December 1942] T. Will Crossley [WW1] Thomas Irvine Crossley [7th May 1921] Tom W. Crossley [WW1] Walter Crossley [3rd November 1916] William C. Crossley [WW2] Willie Crossley [14th July 1917] Lewis Oliver Crothers [26th August 1918] Arthur Percival Crow [21st September 1921] Herbert Crowson [6th September 1917] Albert Crowther [4th July 1916] Arthur Crowther [4th April 1917] Arthur Crowther [20th September 1918] Arthur Oates Crowther [7th June 1944] Charles Crowther [24th November 1914] Dyson William Crowther [21st March 1918] Ebison Crowther [15th May 1915] Frank Crowther [5th November 1916] Fred Crowther [12th October 1917] G. Crowther [WW2] George Howard Crowther [18th February 1918] George Albert Crowther [19th May 1917] George Raymond Crowther [26th November 1917] George Crowther [28th June 1917] George Crowther [28th June 1917] Gladstone Crowther [1st December 1917] Gordon Crowther [29th April 1918] Harold Crowther [15th May 1915] Harry Crowther [4th May 1944] Harry Crowther [22nd August 1917] Herbert Crowther [1942] James William Crowther [4th July 1918] John Crowther [4th March 1917] Johnny Crowther [25th May 1918] Jonas Willie Crowther [25th June 1918] Joseph William Crowther [6th May 1917] Lewis Crowther [29th March 1918] Milfred Crowther [31st August 1917] Norman Crowther [24th November 1915] Percy Crowther [20th September 1916] Reginald Shaw Crowther [28th July 1918] Reginald Crowther [19th August 1941] Richard Crowther [25th August 1918] Richard Joseph Crowther [19th June 1920] Richard Crowther [4th May 1918] Stanley Crowther [12th October 1916] Thomas Crowther [19th October 1914] Thomas William Crowther [23rd April 1917] Walter Edward Crowther [29th September 1917] Walter Crowther [24th June 1918] Willie Crowther [4th November 1918] Ernest Cryer [1st March 1945] Frank Cryer [6th June 1915] Jonathan Cryer [6th September 1917] Robert Pickering Cryer [21st April 1943] William Edward Cryer [28th February 1919] Arnold Cully [27th October 1916] Arnold Culpan [28th September 1918] Arthur Raymond Culpan [4th December 1917] Frank Ramsey Culpan [29th April 1945] George Arthur Culpan [11th April 1917] Gledhill Culpan [3rd December 1917] Ray Culpan [WW2] Wilfred Culpan [4th October 1917] William Culpan [29th August 1918] Willie Culpan [WW1] Horace Cummings [16th July 1947] Joseph Cunliffe [31st October 1917] Joseph Cunliffe [31st October 1917] Sam Cunliffe [27th November 1917] Sam Cunliffe [27th November 1917] Wilfred Cunliffe [25th April 1917] Charles Clement Francis Cunningham [19th August 1916] Charlie Cunningham [17th September 1917] Frank Cunningham [5th December 1944] John Cunningham [1918] Kenneth Edward Cunningham [3rd May 1917] Michael Cunningham [11th October 1918] Patrick John Cunningham [14th October 1917] Thomas Edward Cunningham [1st November 1917] Harry Cunnington [27th July 1918] Harry Cunnington [13th March 1915] John Christopher Curley [5th January 1920] Harry Cushing [1st September 1918] Albert Cusworth [WW1] Harold Cuthbert [18th November 1917]

Bertram Siddall Dale [20th April 1915] Joseph Bromley Dale [23rd January 1942] Leonard Dale [WW2] James Daley [26th March 1918] Jack Dalton [WW1] W. Dalton [30th January 1915] Thomas Frost Dalzell [21st March 1918] Jack Danby [27th February 1945] Henry James Danetry [3rd September 1916] Frank Daniels [22nd May 1944] Percy Daniels [9th November 1918] George Dannett [17th June 1918] George Danson [16th September 1916] Patrick Darcey [WW1] Herbert Darlington [3rd March 1918] Robert Henry Darrell [19th May 1917] John William Darvill [13th July 1917] Willie Darwin [25th August 1918] George Arthur Davey [1st July 1916] Harry Whiteley Davidson [23rd April 1917] Robert John Henry Davidson [23rd February 1919] Edward Davies [3rd September 1916] Enoch Davies [11th November 1914] Fred Davies [10th March 1916] L. C. Davies [WW1] Thomas Davies [15th January 1919] Victor W. Davies [WW1] William Davies [12th March 1916] William Davies [12th March 1916] Harry Davill [9th October 1916] Charles Henry Davis [8th June 1940] Lawrence Davis [11th September 1944] William Frederick Wilkinson Davis [27th June 1917] Thomas Daw [29th October 1914] Abraham Dawson [11th November 1914] Alfred Leonard Dawson [20th July 1915] Arnold Dawson [8th June 1917] Arthur Dawson [24th August 1917] Charles Dawson [30th October 1917] Charles Dawson [3rd May 1917] Clement Wallace Dawson [5th March 1943] David Llewellyn Dawson [2nd October 1915] Fred Dawson [5th November 1917] Harold Dawson [19th February 1944] Harold Dawson [WW1] Helliwell Dawson [30th September 1918] Herbert Dawson [WW1] James William Dawson [31st May 1940] John William Dawson [11th April 1917] Jonathan Dawson [13th April 1918] Leonard Baldam Dawson [3rd September 1916] Leslie Dawson [1st March 1945] Walter Dawson [20th July 1918] William Dawson [6th September 1917] Willie Dawson [6th September 1917] John Dawtrey [11th May 1915] Arthur Day [3rd May 1917] Charles Percival Day [22nd March 1940] Tom Day [2nd September 1918] Tom Elliott Day [10th October 1918] James Deaghan [20th September 1917] Horace Rupert Deakin [30th March 1915] Albert Dean [20th December 1916] Arthur Dean [15th February 1944] Edward Hodgson Dean [28th July 1942] Fred Dean [15th September 1916] Herbert Dean [25th April 1917] Ronald Dean [21st May 1943] Thomas Edward Dean [4th June 1945] Arthur Dearden [11th December 1916] Harold Oswald Dearden [31st October 1917] Thomas Dearden [10th May 1918] Wilfred Dearden [26th July 1917] Roy Dearing [4th December 1944] Willie Dearnaly [22nd April 1917] Stephen Thomas Deekes [18th November 1943] Eric Monro Denham [27th May 1918] Frank Arthur Denham [12th October 1917] Geoffrey Denham [1st June 1942] James Denham [13th April 1918] Frederick Henry Denley [25th January 1917] Robert Denman [10th June 1944] Charles Dennehey [22nd August 1915] Charles Stewart Dennett [29th September 1918] James Edward Dennett [7th July 1915] Leonard Dennis [11th October 1918] Frederick Dennison [16th January 1945] James Dent [6th October 1918] John Dent [16th October 1915] James Denton [21st July 1918] Leonard Denton [23rd August 1918] Matthew Denton [14th October 1918] William Charles Denton [18th September 1916] Dennis Denville [9th September 1942] John Denwood [16th July 1944] George Depledge [20th July 1918] Trevor Radley Derrington [20th December 1943] Michael Devers [17th October 1916] Ernest Devine [WW2] James Dewar [27th June 1917] William S. Dewar [1917] Arthur Dewhirst [31st March 1918] Charles Dewhirst [28th May 1917] George Frederick Dewhirst [23rd April 1918] George Shoesmith Dewhirst [26th October 1917] George Dewhirst [28th June 1915] Harry Dewhirst [9th June 1917] Henry William Dewhirst [5th March 1917] Lewis Dewhirst [3rd May 1917] William Dewhirst [13th May 1915] Young Dewhirst [23rd November 1915] Francis Dews [2nd November 1918] Wallace Dews [17th January 1917] William Dickinson [16th March 1917] James Dignam [8th November 1918] James Dignan [8th November 1918] Arthur Dilworth [27th August 1944] Charles Dilworth [15th July 1942] James Willie Dinsdale [5th December 1915] A. Dixon [27th February 1918] Archibald Dixon [12th May 1916] Carl Penrose Dixon [25th October 1917] Clement Arthur Dixon [30th October 1917] Edgar Dixon [WW1] Frank Edward Dixon [14th August 1943] Gordon Dixon [8th November 1942] Kalita Dixon [26th March 1916] Lewis Dixon [22nd April 1917] William Dixon [29th April 1917] W. Joseph Dobby [19th May 1916] Frank Dobson [21st March 1918] George Granville Dobson [8th April 1943] Harry Dobson [18th July 1916] Joseph Dobson [9th October 1917] Luther Herbert Dobson [30th October 1917] Reginald Dobson [10th December 1941] Thomas Dockerty [30th September 1915] Allan Dodds [24th July 1917] E. D. Dodsworth [6th May 1915] John M. Dodsworth [WW1] Gordon Edgar Doggett [18th March 1944] Charles Doherty [WW1] Michael P. Doherty [5th June 1916] Michael Doherty [31st May 1916] Dennis Dolan [23rd September 1918] John Dolan [1st May 1918] Ivan Dolman [11th November 1939] Norman Donaldson [10th March 1915] Robert Donaldson [4th November 1916] Samuel Donaldson [24th April 1917] Jack Donohue [6th June 1944] Thomas Donohue [28th April 1917] Ewart Doodson [9th April 1917] Ernest Patrick Dormer [31st July 1917] Patrick Dorsey [7th April 1916] Richard Dover [15th July 1943] Edward Downes [WW1] John Downes [5th May 1915] Tom Harry Downes [9th August 1917] Emsley Doxey [31st December 1916] James Doyle [9th April 1917] Willie Dracup [1st October 1917] Clement Drake [23rd October 1916] Frank Kenneth Drake [2nd May 1944] Gerald Drake [6th September 1944] Harry Drake [1st November 1918] John Albert Drake [14th December 1917] John Willie Drake [15th April 1916] Randall Drake [5th May 1915] Thomas Wilfred Drake [14th March 1917] Walter Drake [5th April 1918] Walter Drake [1st February 1915] Charles Leslie Drakes [27th July 1944] Ernest Dransfield [15th February 1945] Peter Bradley Dransfield [17th April 1941] Alfred Edward Frost Draper [5th May 1915] Harry Draper [WW1] James Driver [16th December 1917] John Drury [6th April 1918] Joseph Drury [1918] Robert Dryden [21st March 1918] Harry Duck [22nd February 1943] Cornelius Duckett [23rd May 1916] Sam Duckitt [13th February 1920] Herbert Duckworth [20th October 1915] Herbert Duckworth [20th October 1915] Willie Duckworth [15th April 1917] Edwin Duffield [WW1] John Duffy [12th October 1916] Richard Duffy [13th May 1915] Martin Duggan [25th February 1917] John Edward Dullenty [24th February 1919] Martin Duncanson [WW1] Robert Dunford [2nd December 1917] Frederick Dunkley [10th April 1918] Patrick Dunleavy [13th April 1920] Arthur Greaves Dunn [25th June 1944] Ernest Dunn [8th November 1916] Thomas Dunn [9th June 1946] Harry Dunnington [29th June 1916] Rev Sydney Dunstan [16th July 1918] Edward Durfer [WW1] James Durkin [21st March 1918] Ernest Durrans [30th June 1944] Kenneth Malcolm Duthie [9th August 1918] Charles William Dutson [17th August 1916] Thomas Walter Dutton [29th August 1919] Frank Kirby Dwight [7th October 1917] Edward Dwyer [19th February 1918] John Dyche [28th January 1917] Allen Leonard Dyer [20th March 1918] Horace James Llewelyn Dyer [WW1] Will Harold Dyment [22nd November 1917] Albert Edward Dyson [21st November 1915] Arnold Dyson [5th May 1915] Charles Francis Vernon Dyson [21st October 1916] Edwin Dyson [23rd March 1918] Ewart Gladstone Dyson [3rd May 1917] Frank B. Dyson [22nd October 1916] George William Dyson [31st July 1917] Harold Whiteley Dyson [4th October 1917] John Duncan Dyson [31st March 1944] Leonard Dyson [3rd May 1917] Lionel Thomas Dyson [18th March 1918] Norman Dyson [13th June 1942] S. J. Dyson [WW1] Stanley Dyson [29th September 1918] Stanley Gilbert Dyson [1st June 1918] Stanley B. Dyson [5th June 1915]

Harry Booth Eagland [4th October 1917] Arthur Eagle [5th April 1944] William Laurence Eagles [28th April 1917] Frank Eagling [23rd October 1942] Harry Ealham [7th July 1918] Alfred Eames [9th April 1918] Robert Allen Earle [26th October 1917] Arnold Earless [19th November 1918] Fred Earnshaw [24th November 1918] John William Earnshaw [25th March 1918] William Henry Earnshaw [5th March 1915] Albert Henry Eastwood [29th May 1916] Albert Eastwood [21st March 1918] Albert Scholfield Eastwood [4th October 1917] Alfred Eastwood [10th October 1918] Clifford Eastwood [31st October 1915] Fred Eastwood [26th October 1917] George Henry Eastwood [7th November 1914] Harold Eastwood [WW2] Harry Eastwood [26th October 1917] Herbert Eastwood [19th March 1942] James Stanley Eastwood [29th April 1918] James Holroyd Oates Eastwood [26th April 1918] John Whitaker Eastwood [13th July 1917] Lewis Eastwood [21st February 1919] Percy Eastwood [12th April 1917] Thomas Eastwood [16th October 1915] Gledhill Eccles [3rd August 1916] James Leslie Mazzini Eccles [12th July 1917] Max Eccles [9th April 1917] George Eder [10th August 1917] George Herbert Edgerton [12th October 1918] Arthur Edmondson [7th May 1917] Thomas Edmondson [18th April 1917] Willie Edmondson [13th June 1915] Willie Edmondson [13th June 1915] Albert Lewis Edwards [3rd February 1920] Alfred Rawnsley Edwards [25th April 1945] Eric Lea Priestley Edwards [20th September 1914] Eric Lea Priestley Edwards [20th September 1914] Geoffrey Otho Charles Edwards [7th July 1916] Geoffrey Otho Charles Edwards [7th July 1916] Harold Edwards [27th April 1917] James Arthur Edwards [13th March 1917] James Egan [9th November 1914] Douglas M. Eggleston [1st September 1944] Sydney William Eglen [27th July 1917] Clifford Eldridge [5th January 1943] Stanley Ellam [22nd March 1943] Jack Ellarby [16th March 1945] Bruce Elliott [1944] Geoffrey Edmund Elliott [12th October 1916] Harry Vincent Elliott [3rd December 1917] Herbert James Elliott [15th June 1918] Austin Ellis [18th September 1918] Douglas Ellis [30th April 1945] Edgar Ellis [WW1] Frank Ellis [18th February 1942] Frank Ellis [3rd September 1916] Fred Ellis [19th September 1918] George Ellis [7th May 1915] George Ellis [3rd September 1916] Gledhill Ellis [3rd August 1916] Jackson Ellis [29th September 1918] James Thomas Ellis [4th October 1918] John Arnott Ellis [13th April 1918] Robert Ellis [24th October 1918] V. Ellis [WW2] Vernon Ellis [3rd March 1945] Wilfred Ellis [8th July 1918] Willie Ellis [WW1] Harold Ellison [10th January 1919] Harry Ellison [22nd November 1916] Herbert Asquith Ellison [3rd May 1917] John Willie Ellison [10th June 1915] Sam Ellwood [11th April 1917] George Herbert Elsworth [14th September 1917] Seth Elsworth [17th April 1918] Percy Elvidge [3rd May 1917] Jeffrey Emerson [27th February 1943] Charles Herbert Emmett [6th June 1940] Geoffrey Conneau Emmett [4th July 1941] Reginald Emmett [20th December 1943] William Henry Emmett [20th November 1915] Allan Emsley [21st June 1944] Harry Emsley [28th May 1942] Frederick Scott Emslie [22nd June 1946] Edwin English [10th October 1916] John Enright [20th April 1945] Alfred Ernest [30th September 1916] Charles Edward Essam [13th February 1919] Daniel Joseph Evans [13th December 1917] Francis Vaughan Evans [24th October 1917] Percy Lewis Evans [22nd November 1918] R. Evans [WW1] Walter Evans [5th May 1915] Lewis Evers [12th June 1916] Tom Exley [15th September 1916] Harold Eyre [26th February 1943] Kenneth C. Eyre [WW2]

Fred Fairbank [17th March 1917] George Fairbank [19th April 1918] John Fairbank [1st November 1914] William Fairbank [18th May 1917] John Bertram Fairbridge [7th July 1916] Joseph Fairburn [7th August 1916] Harry Falkingham [17th July 1944] Michael Fallon [2nd May 1915] Clive Farmery [11th March 1918] George Farnell [17th September 1916] Harry Farnell [1st July 1916] Maximilian Farnell [23rd April 1917] A. Farrar [WW1] Albert Farrar [14th August 1918] Albert Farrar [WW1] Arthur Farrar [20th January 1918] Charles Farrar [2nd March 1917] Ernest Farrar [20th August 1916] George Victor Farrar [11th August 1916] George Farrar [1st April 1916] Howorth Farrar [20th July 1918] James Thomas Farrar [17th September 1918] John Frederick Farrar [2nd November 1918] John Farrar [27th July 1916] John William Beech Farrar [9th October 1917] John Farrar [WW1] Kay Farrar [17th July 1915] Lawrence Farrar [26th September 1918] Leonard Farrar [9th April 1917] Nelson Farrar [24th February 1915] Nelson Farrar [24th February 1915] Peter Thompson Farrar [20th September 1943] Prince Farrar [3rd May 1917] Walter Edward Farrar [21st April 1917] Walter Farrar [14th June 1915] Willie Albert Farrar [25th December 1917] John Farrell [20th November 1917] Arthur Farren [WW1] Percy Farren [12th April 1918] Richard Bracken Farrer [8th June 1917] Samuel Farrow [11th November 1917] John Francis Faulkes [28th March 1918] Ronald Smith Faulkes [23rd February 1944] Cyril Faulkner [10th April 1945] Harry Fawcett [30th November 1942] Herbert Fawcett [1st September 1944] Joseph Andrew Fawcett [13th June 1917] Selwyn Fawcett [27th April 1944] Thomas Fawcett [26th April 1916] Wilfred Fawcett [10th April 1918] William Fawcett [13th November 1918] Newman Fawley [28th February 1917] Frederick Thomas Fawthrop [18th October 1918] John Staveley Fawthrop [27th April 1917] Ethel Fearnley [23rd November 1914] Frank Fearnley [31st May 1916] Frank Fearnley [31st May 1916] Joe Fearnley [5th October 1916] Joe Fearnley [5th October 1916] Ronald Fearnley [15th July 1941] Edgar Feather [2nd May 1944] Ernest Feather [20th December 1917] Herbert Spencer Feather [4th October 1916] James Henry Feather [4th March 1917] Percy Feather [28th March 1918] Richard Edwin Feather [16th September 1916] Richard Edwin Feather [16th September 1916] Sam Feather [18th April 1918] Robert Henry Feber [26th August 1918] William Feber [26th October 1917] William Fee [2nd December 1917] James Feeley [2nd January 1919] Jack Clarke Fell [27th April 1944] Jack Feltham [14th April 1942] John Wreford Fenny [18th September 1943] K. Ferguson [WW1] Richard Ferguson [22nd July 1918] James Congreve Fern [31st July 1918] Frederick Fickling [8th February 1916] Cyril Field [4th May 1917] Fred Field [8th July 1915] Fred Field [5th August 1917] Fred Field [5th August 1917] George Edward Field [5th July 1918] George Edward Field [5th July 1918] Harry Field [19th September 1917] Harry Field [19th September 1917] Walter Field [25th July 1918] Wilfred Field [5th September 1944] Wyclif Field [31st July 1917] Allan Fielden [28th February 1918] Arthur Fielden [7th April 1918] Edgar Fielden [WW1] Fred Fielden [21st March 1918] Frederick Fielden [6th September 1918] Gilbert Sutcliffe Fielden [18th July 1917] Harold Fielden [10th November 1918] Harold Fielden [WW2] Harold Fielden [26th November 1917] Hugh Fielden [3rd March 1946] John Fielden [3rd May 1917] Percy Fielden [20th May 1918] Sam Fielden [29th March 1918] Walter Fielden [3rd September 1916] Walter Fielden [28th April 1917] William Fielden [3rd September 1916] Fred Fielder [7th June 1915] F. Thomas Fielding [31st October 1918] Harold Fielding [1st September 1918] John Thomas Fielding [15th March 1915] Richard Allen Fielding [17th March 1945] Thomas Fielding [31st October 1918] Willie Fielding [3rd May 1917] Sydney Fields [27th July 1944] Joseph Harold Fillingham [2nd September 1918] Ronald Finlayson [WW1] Jack Vernon Finney [13th August 1944] John Finnigan [29th March 1918] Thomas Finnigan [28th March 1918] William Finnigan [22nd September 1914] Albert Firth [14th April 1917] Albert Firth [6th October 1945] Albert Edward Firth [21st August 1918] Archer Irvine Firth [13th November 1918] Benjamin Firth [17th March 1918] Charles Ronald Firth [9th November 1918] Charles Firth [9th October 1917] Clifford Firth [31st July 1917] Gilbert Firth [3rd September 1916] Harold Firth [WW2] Harold Firth [23rd May 1917] Harry Firth [WW1] John Edward Firth [19th December 1915] John Edwin Firth [19th December 1915] John Firth [WW1] John Willie Firth [11th December 1916] Kenneth Firth [18th June 1944] Percy Firth [WW1] Peter Firth [18th January 1917] R. Firth [1942] Sidney Firth [25th November 1918] Thomas Firth [9th April 1918] Walter Firth [19th September 1942] Wilfred Firth [12th April 1918] William Frederick McCluer Firth [12th December 1917] David Gordon Fisher [28th April 1917] Dyson Armsworth Fisher [24th June 1915] Frank Fisher [1942] George Arthur Coates Fisher [15th September 1916] George Henry Fisher [10th April 1942] Gordon Fisher [15th November 1916] John Fisher [3rd September 1916] Norman Fisher [27th November 1917] Norman Hill Fisher [16th April 1917] Tom Harry Fitton [18th September 1918] John Fitzpatrick [5th May 1915] Michael Fitzpatrick [WW1] John Fitzsimmons [15th January 1915] David Flaherty [12th March 1915] John Flaherty [28th February 1917] George Norris Flather [17th October 1915] Basil Anthony Fleming [21st March 1941] Frederic William Oswald Fleming [20th December 1915] Henry Fleming [16th April 1918] Henry Arthur Fleming [25th January 1945] Thomas Worrall Fleming [12th August 1915] Walter Fleming [WW1] William Fleming [13th December 1918] Clement Fletcher [6th August 1944] David Fletcher [20th January 1917] Edwin Fletcher [16th November 1916] Frank Fletcher [1st February 1944] George Granville Fletcher [13th July 1915] Howard Valrose Fletcher [25th April 1918] Jack Fletcher [WW2] Neville Fletcher [10th December 1941] Norman Frederick Fletcher [12th April 1918] Norman Fletcher [13th November 1943] Percy Albert Fletcher [19th December 1915] Peter Charles Fletcher [19th July 1944] Thomas Campbell Fletcher [18th April 1915] Thomas Edward Fletcher [15th April 1918] Thomas Fletcher [11th July 1916] Walter Fletcher [3rd May 1917] William Fletcher [WW1] Zephaniah Fletcher [3rd May 1917] Herbert Flint [3rd July 1916] Albert Flitcroft [10th December 1941] Sam Flood [26th April 1918] Thomas James Flood [1st January 1918] John Flynn [1st October 1918] Horace Fogg [3rd November 1918] Thomas Albert Forbes [19th March 1917] Kenneth Forbes-Robertson [7th November 1914] David James Ford [4th May 1944] James Ford [13th September 1914] Michael Ford [27th December 1916] Owen Ford [11th July 1916] Harold Fordham [26th September 1916] Richard Foreman [28th January 1918] Jack Forrest [WW1] John Edward Deet Forrest [2nd July 1916] Phillip O. O. Forrest [14th April 1917] Geoffrey Jack Forse [27th January 1944] Joseph William Fort [18th April 1915] Eric Arthur Fortune [23rd October 1943] Fred Fosbrook [31st July 1917] Alfred Fossard [26th August 1917] Alfred Fossard [26th August 1917] Harry Fossard [24th March 1918] Ernest George Fossey [10th August 1917] Stanley Fossey [12th September 1944] Albert Foster [18th July 1918] Arthur Foster [27th November 1917] Arthur Foster [21st September 1944] Charles Clifford Foster [29th July 1918] Clarence Foster [20th September 1944] Edgar Frederick Foster [4th July 1916] Edwin Foster [1st July 1916] George William Foster [20th September 1917] Harry Foster [WW1] Herbert Foster [25th April 1918] Jack Foster [7th May 1945] John William Foster [5th May 1915] Joseph Foster [16th February 1916] Lawrence Richard Foster [24th August 1914] Leonard J. Foster [3rd September 1916] Pliny Foster [22nd November 1918] Ronald Foster [7th April 1942] Selwyn Foster [22nd March 1918] Stanley Foster [16th September 1917] Thomas Sydney Foster [3rd September 1916] Walter Francis Foster [17th November 1916] John William Fothergill [7th May 1918] Sam Foulds [20th July 1918] Albert Percival Pegg Fowler [3rd September 1916] C. J. Fox [WW1] Friend Fox [3rd September 1916] Henry Sutcliffe Fox [31st December 1917] Albert Edward France [17th April 1918] Edward France [3rd May 1917] George Arthur France [7th November 1915] Leonard France [29th July 1918] Alonzo Frankland [20th July 1918] Fred Frankland [28th April 1918] Ronald Frankland [7th June 1942] Walter Frankling [4th October 1918] Tristram Freeman [12th March 1915] Harry Freer [14th October 1944] William Freeth [11th August 1942] Harold French [23rd October 1944] Peter Frith [WW1] Charles Amos Frobisher [16th September 1917] Joseph Henry Frobisher [29th July 1916] Frederick Frost [4th October 1917] Harold Fry [2nd March 1917] George Mitchell Fryer [1st February 1917] Willie Fryer [1st November 1918] Arthur Furness [21st March 1915]

Matthew Gaines [21st March 1918] George Gale [1st May 1919] John Gallagher [17th June 1940] John Joseph Gallagher [27th April 1918] Gilbert Haigh Gallon [7th November 1917] Harold John Gallop [29th January 1942] Thomas Galvin [30th September 1918] William Garaghty [24th May 1918] Victor Gardener [27th March 1918] Stanley Edward Samuel Gardner [21st February 1941] Geoffrey Garforth [1944] George Garforth [6th May 1915] George Garforth [6th May 1915] James Henry Garforth [21st October 1919] Norman Garforth [26th January 1945] Arthur Garlick [21st November 1917] Firth Garlick [22nd August 1918] John Thomas Garner [18th July 1915] Archie W. Garnett [27th March 1918] Clifford Garnett [18th August 1917] Clifford Edward Garnham [20th February 1917] Reginald Henry Hobson Garratt [2nd June 1942] Thomas Garrett [1st June 1942] George Frederick Garside [25th February 1918] Harry Garside [10th October 1917] John Herbert Garside [14th July 1918] John Willie Garside [1st May 1916] Thomas Oughtibridge Garside [5th April 1917] Thomas Henry Garside [3rd May 1917] Thomas Gartland [20th April 1945] Clarence Gartside [29th September 1915] Christopher William Garvey [12th October 1944] Arthur Gaukroger [2nd May 1917] Edwin Gaukroger [18th December 1917] George Alexander Gaukroger [23rd September 1918] Herbert Gaukroger [7th May 1919] James Kenneth Gaukroger [8th August 1918] Sam William Gaukroger [25th November 1917] Walter Gaukroger [27th October 1918] William Gaukroger [15th September 1916] Charles Gavaghan [10th May 1945] Herbert Edward Gawthorpe [11th June 1940] Benjamin Gee [3rd September 1916] Richard Gee [31st August 1918] Thomas Gee [24th April 1918] William Gee [1st July 1916] Ernest William Gelder [29th June 1917] Frederick Arnold Gelder [10th April 1917] George Douglas Gelder [4th November 1918] Edward George [19th December 1915] Harry George [8th October 1941] James Gibb [9th April 1918] Arthur Gibson [15th September 1916] Ben Gibson [3rd May 1917] Charlie Gibson [24th October 1917] E. S. Gibson [WW1] Ernest Gibson [6th July 1944] Frederick Gibson [10th April 1918] Gerald Gibson [3rd September 1916] Harold Gibson [13th December 1946] John Edward Gibson [27th October 1917] Robert Gibson [22nd March 1918] Roy Gibson [27th March 1943] Sidney Gibson [28th April 1918] Thomas Gibson [7th August 1915] Vernon Gibson [28th July 1917] William Gibson [14th September 1916] William Henry Gibson [20th November 1917] Harold Gidley [3rd April 1918] William Gidley [7th July 1916] Ernest Haythorn Giggal [12th February 1944] Albert Edward Gill [21st August 1915] Alfred Bamber Gill [27th July 1916] Arthur Gill [8th May 1917] Hemingway Gill [6th February 1917] James Gill [17th June 1940] Thomas Gill [7th December 1941] William Gill [12th May 1917] James Gillespie [11th November 1914] Ernest Gillibrand [20th December 1918] Ogden Gillibrand [17th June 1918] Ernest Gilliebrand [20th December 1918] James R. Gilmour [17th July 1917] Alfred Girdler [22nd September 1943] Harry Gladwin [7th October 1916] James William Gladwin [30th July 1916] Joshua Glasbey [25th June 1941] Charles Glasby [WW1] Harold Glassbrook [18th July 1918] Charles Glasse [28th August 1917] Albert Gledhill [30th October 1918] Arthur Sandwell Gledhill [21st August 1917] Arthur Gledhill [21st August 1917] Arthur Gledhill [10th June 1917] Arthur Gledhill [29th November 1918] Arthur Shane Gledhill [20th September 1943] Arthur Gledhill [23rd August 1918] Benjamin Gledhill [3rd September 1916] Daniel Gledhill [22nd March 1918] Edgar Gledhill [29th November 1917] Edwin Gledhill [25th April 1917] Ernest Gladstone Gledhill [24th October 1918] Ernest Cameron Gledhill [14th December 1941] Francis Edward Gledhill [25th April 1918] Fred Gledhill [25th March 1918] Harry Gledhill [12th February 1917] Harry Wells Gledhill [1st July 1916] Herbert Gledhill [17th September 1918] Irvine Gledhill [3rd September 1916] James Gledhill [1918] Joe Gledhill [24th August 1918] John William Gledhill [20th July 1918] John Gledhill [25th April 1943] Joseph Gledhill [11th November 1914] Lawrence Gledhill [21st August 1941] Leonard Gledhill [26th March 1918] Norman Gledhill [23rd August 1915] Oswald Gledhill [24th April 1916] Otis Gledhill [3rd May 1917] Peter Gledhill [11th November 1916] Peter Aspinall Gledhill [18th December 1944] Thomas Smith Gledhill [3rd August 1918] Tom Gledhill [11th May 1919] William Gledhill [10th February 1945] William Gledhill [25th May 1941] Willie Arthur Gledhill [7th July 1916] Willie Barber Gledhill [6th August 1916] Henry Glentworth [25th October 1943] Jack Sutcliffe Glover [3rd February 1915] Oswald Glover [9th October 1918] Henry Edward Goddard [2nd March 1916] Sidney Goddard [29th March 1918] George Godfrey [26th September 1916] Jack Gold [20th November 1915] Fred Goldthorpe [18th April 1918] Walter Goldthorpe [1st July 1916] Walter Goldthorpe [18th April 1918] Albert Edward Gomersall [3rd September 1916] Ernest Edward Roberts Gomersall [28th July 1943] James Henry Gooch [3rd September 1916] Ledgard Goodall [13th April 1944] John W. Goodcliffe [WW1] Albert Gooder [22nd March 1918] William Hall Gooder [7th October 1917] Sydney Goodfellow [16th July 1918] Eustace Illingworth Goodrich [26th October 1943] Frederick Walter William Goodwin [20th April 1918] J. Goodyear [9th February 1919] George Douglas Goose [22nd November 1917] Douglas Neave Gordon [21st February 1917] Ernest Arthur Woodhall Gordon [29th July 1917] Elias Gore [16th August 1917] Harry Fortescue Gorman [20th January 1946] Philip Gorman [WW2] Joseph Gosling [18th October 1914] Elliott Senior Gothard [29th March 1918] Norman Gott [2nd July 1916] Benjamin Gough [7th November 1918] Arthur Goulden [7th November 1914] Harry Graham [12th July 1916] Harry Wilkinson Graham [15th April 1918] Harry Graham [26th December 1917] John Graham [6th November 1944] Leslie Graham [14th July 1944] William Briggs Grandage [14th May 1917] George Grange [27th November 1918] Thomas Richard Grange [22nd April 1916] Thomas Grannan [27th December 1915] Arnold Grave [12th October 1917] Herbert Evan Gravenor [16th October 1917] Herbert Evan Gravenor [19th October 1917] Cedric Charles Graves [5th September 1916] Henry Matthew Gray [3rd May 1917] Percy Gray [8th September 1940] Richard Gray [27th October 1914] Fred Graydon [1st October 1918] Fred Graydon [1st October 1918] Margerison Graydon [27th November 1918] John Thomas Greatbatch [23rd November 1939] Thomas William Greatorex [30th May 1941] Arthur Tom Greaves [2nd October 1918] William Greaves [26th May 1940] Alfred Greef [26th April 1916] Eric Green [24th October 1942] Francis Green [21st March 1918] Frank C. Green [17th June 1915] Frank Green [21st March 1918] Fred Green [18th April 1917] Harold Green [14th August 1916] Harry Whaley Green [5th August 1917] Herald Green [14th July 1918] John Henry Green [14th October 1915] Walter Green [19th December 1915] Tom Pierce Greenhalgh [7th January 1916] Walter Greenhalgh [18th August 1916] Ernest Greenroyd [21st May 1916] A. Greenwood [27th September 1918] Albert Greenwood [3rd November 1944] Albert Greenwood [3rd May 1917] Alfred Greenwood [31st March 1917] Arnold Greenwood [31st March 1942] Arthur Greenwood [2nd June 1918] Arthur Greenwood [10th October 1917] Arthur Greenwood [7th June 1917] Arthur Greenwood [3rd October 1918] Arthur Greenwood [WW1] Arthur Wilson Greenwood [26th April 1918] Ashton Greenwood [2nd May 1917] Benjamin Greenwood [24th October 1918] Bernard Greenwood [27th February 1917] Charles Greenwood [4th December 1917] Charles Greenwood [28th August 1916] Charles Ezard Greenwood [14th April 1943] Charles Norman Greenwood [5th September 1918] Charles Greenwood [4th April 1918] Clarence Greenwood [21st March 1918] Clement Greenwood [28th February 1918] Clifford Greenwood [11th June 1940] Cyril Stewart Greenwood [20th August 1916] David Greenwood [3rd May 1917] David Smith Elliott Greenwood [2nd September 1945] Dennis Greenwood [25th September 1916] Dennis Greenwood [1st November 1942] Dent Kershaw Greenwood [9th July 1942] Edwin Greenwood [20th July 1918] Edwin Greenwood [9th March 1917] Ernest Greenwood [1st February 1943] Ernest Greenwood [20th December 1915] Ernest Greenwood [31st October 1918] Ernest Greenwood [7th August 1915] Ernest Greenwood [WW2] Ernest Greenwood [WW2] Ernest Greenwood [WW1] F. Greenwood [WW1] Francis Idris Greenwood [31st July 1916] Frank Greenwood [14th August 1917] Fred Greenwood [20th June 1918] Fred Greenwood [31st May 1916] Fred Greenwood [27th August 1918] Fred Greenwood [12th May 1918] Fred Greenwood [2nd September 1917] G. Greenwood [1st July 1918] George Greenwood [13th January 1918] George Greenwood [23rd October 1918] George Greenwood [WW2] George Greenwood [23rd October 1918] Gerald William Greenwood [27th September 1916] Gilbert Swift Greenwood [2nd January 1918] Harold Sutcliffe Greenwood [2nd July 1916] Harold Greenwood [14th February 1919] Harold Greenwood [13th December 1940] Harold Greenwood [WW1] Harold Greenwood [21st June 1915] Harry Greenwood [3rd May 1917] Harry Stansfield Greenwood [1st October 1942] Harry Greenwood [12th January 1941] Harry Greenwood [WW1] Harry Greenwood [14th December 1941] Harry Greenwood [5th October 1917] Henry Greenwood [10th September 1918] Herbert Greenwood [13th April 1918] Herbert Greenwood [11th October 1918] Herbert Greenwood [25th September 1915] Herbert Greenwood [27th February 1917] Herbert William Greenwood [20th September 1917] Hilbert Greenwood [10th October 1918] Irving Greenwood [14th October 1918] Jack Greenwood [2nd March 1941] Jack Greenwood [13th July 1943] James Greenwood [21st March 1918] James Edward Greenwood [3rd May 1917] James Harry Greenwood [24th May 1915] James Greenwood [19th October 1916] James Greenwood [1st July 1918] James Greenwood [30th August 1941] James Greenwood [11th November 1915] James Edward Greenwood [9th April 1918] James Greenwood [30th October 1918] James Greenwood [WW1] James Greenwood [26th August 1918] Jesse Greenwood [WW1] Joe Herbert Greenwood [28th September 1916] John Greenwood [7th January 1917] John Walton Greenwood [30th September 1918] John Thomas Greenwood [3rd May 1917] John Henry Greenwood [14th December 1915] John Greenwood [21st March 1918] John Exley Greenwood [11th September 1917] John Thomas Greenwood [14th March 1917] John William Greenwood [24th August 1914] John Henry Greenwood [13th April 1917] John Robert Greenwood [26th August 1916] John William Greenwood [6th September 1917] John William Greenwood [17th January 1918] Joseph Greenwood [5th June 1917] Joseph Henry Greenwood [6th January 1917] Kenneth Barrett Greenwood [16th July 1944] L. R. Greenwood [WW2] Leonard Greenwood [30th September 1916] Leonard Greenwood [1st April 1918] Leonard Aspinall Greenwood [13th April 1918] Leonard Greenwood [4th October 1917] Leonard Greenwood [20th September 1917] Lewis Leonard Greenwood [22nd September 1914] Lewis Greenwood [7th April 1917] Lewis Greenwood [30th June 1944] Lewis Greenwood [24th January 1941] Mark Greenwood [24th September 1917] Martin Greenwood [28th March 1918] Matthew Henry Greenwood [3rd June 1916] N. Greenwood [WW1] Paul Greenwood [2nd October 1917] Percy Sutcliffe Greenwood [16th August 1917] Richard Greenwood [3rd October 1916] Richard Arthur Greenwood [22nd September 1917] Robert Greenwood [6th August 1917] Robert Collinson Greenwood [13th March 1918] Roland Greenwood [4th October 1916] Ronald Greenwood [4th June 1942] Ronald George Greenwood [5th April 1942] Ronald Greenwood [26th August 1944] Sam Greenwood [31st August 1918] Samuel Greenwood [30th September 1918] Samuel Greenwood [1st July 1916] Samuel Greenwood [30th November 1942] Selwyn Greenwood [21st May 1917] Sydney Greenwood [2nd March 1916] Sydney Greenwood [27th May 1918] Thomas Greenwood [24th August 1914] Thomas Henry Greenwood [17th September 1916] Thomas Philip Greenwood [20th February 1945] Thomas Greenwood [12th September 1915] Thomas Greenwood [WW1] Thomas H. Greenwood [3rd June 1915] Tom Greenwood [9th October 1917] Tom Greenwood [30th September 1918] Tom Greenwood [21st February 1919] Trevor Greenwood [7th November 1944] Wade Greenwood [7th October 1917] Walter Greenwood [25th June 1916] Walter Greenwood [10th September 1917] Wilbert Greenwood [26th October 1917] Wilfred Greenwood [11th October 1918] Wilfred Greenwood [5th August 1917] William Greenwood [30th January 1918] William Henry Greenwood [6th November 1915] William Greenwood [6th February 1917] William Greenwood [9th April 1917] William Albert Greenwood [20th August 1915] William Greenwood [8th November 1918] Willie Victor Greenwood [11th April 1917] Willie Greenwood [10th July 1917] Wright Greenwood [8th August 1919] Wright Greenwood [1st April 1918] Patrick Joseph Gregan [28th September 1916] Donald Gregory [3rd February 1944] Frank Wynell Gregory [12th May 1940] Robert Miller Gregory [14th September 1914] Ernest Gregson [5th May 1915] Ernest Gregson [21st February 1919] Harry Gregson [14th April 1917] Harry Gregson [14th April 1917] Lionel Griffin [21st September 1943] Robert Griffiths [3rd June 1916] A. E. Grimley [7th July 1916] Harry Grindrod [26th September 1916] John Grindrod [20th January 1916] John James Grinson [WW1] George A. Groome-Laxton [19th July 1944] Harry Grout [14th December 1914] Lewis Grummett [18th March 1918] G. E. Grundy [WW1] Robert Grundy [5th July 1916] George Henry Gudgeon [22nd March 1918] John William Gudgeon [28th November 1917] Henry Guest [24th August 1914] Herbert Guest [3rd May 1917] William Henry Guppy [22nd October 1917] Alexander Guthrie [WW2]

Lorenz Hüppler [22nd April 1915] Alexander Hacking [29th May 1917] John David Hacking [13th May 1945] Noel Waugh Hadwen [1st July 1916] James Haggerty [WW1] Edgar Haggis [7th May 1917] Archibald Haigh [31st March 1918] Arthur Haigh [29th September 1918] Charley Haigh [3rd October 1918] Clement Haigh [7th August 1917] Clifford Haigh [9th May 1946] Colonel James Haigh [29th March 1918] Cyril Bertram Haigh [13th October 1918] Dennis Haigh [13th July 1943] Denton Haigh [14th November 1916] Donald Sagar Haigh [29th September 1940] Ernest Willie Haigh [12th May 1917] Ernest Haigh [19th February 1918] Ernest Haigh [27th May 1918] Fred Haigh [26th September 1917] Fred Haigh [27th July 1917] Fred Haigh [5th July 1916] Geoffrey Haigh [1st September 1943] Geoffrey James Haigh [18th October 1944] Harold Haigh [15th April 1917] Harold William Haigh [4th August 1944] Harry Haigh [16th February 1917] Harry Haigh [15th September 1916] Harry Haigh [31st May 1916] Harry Haigh [17th September 1939] Isaiah Haigh [20th December 1915] James Haigh [29th March 1918] James Edward Haigh [4th March 1917] John Haigh [1st July 1916] John Haigh [14th September 1916] Mortinton Haigh [27th April 1917] Percy Haigh [17th October 1918] Ralph Haigh [1st August 1943] Rev John Foster Haigh [23rd September 1943] Rowland Norcliffe Haigh [5th June 1918] Sam Haigh [9th April 1918] Sidney Haigh [WW1] Tom Haigh [WW1] Trevor Roseberry Haigh [30th July 1916] Walter Haigh [3rd April 1915] Walter Haigh [3rd April 1915] William Herbert Haigh [18th April 1915] Dudley William Hailstone [7th July 1918] Harold Hainsworth [11th June 1940] Vernon Hainsworth [1st March 1919] William Hainsworth [27th July 1917] Arthur Haley [29th November 1917] Charles Haley [WW1] Edward Cecil Haley [30th October 1917] Edward Cecil Haley [30th October 1917] Frederick Haley [10th April 1917] Frederick Haley [16th June 1944] Joshua Haley [21st November 1917] Joshua Haley [21st November 1917] R. Haley [WW1] Robert Craven Haley [30th January 1917] Robert Craven Haley [30th January 1917] Ernest A. Halford [WW1] Albert Edward Hall [26th April 1917] Charles Henry Hall [9th April 1917] Henry Hall [8th February 1919] Herbert Hall [9th June 1917] James Stevens Hall [17th March 1917] Lewis Hall [17th February 1917] Reginald Frank Hall [3rd August 1945] Roger Hall [31st January 1945] Travis Hall [25th March 1942] Walter Hall [29th March 1918] Willie Wray Hall [8th October 1918] Richard Henry Hallas [24th November 1915] Alfred L. Haller [12th September 1943] Frederick Haller [12th September 1940] Fred Hallett [WW2] George Hallett [1st September 1944] Arthur Gordon Hallewell [17th August 1917] A. L. Halley [WW2] Anthony Halliday [4th March 1917] Arthur Halliday [25th April 1917] Fred Halliday [23rd May 1915] Fred Robertshaw Halliday [15th October 1918] Albert Edward Halliwell [12th December 1944] Ernest Hallos [26th May 1941] Henry Hallos [17th June 1944] Norris Lambert Hallowell [20th September 1917] Herbert Halmshaw [11th April 1918] Albert Halstead [3rd May 1917] Arthur Halstead [13th April 1918] Arthur Halstead [1st August 1917] Arthur Halstead [20th August 1944] Edward Scholfield Halstead [26th November 1917] Herbert Halstead [WW2] John Henry Halstead [27th March 1918] John William Halstead [1st July 1916] Leonard Halstead [WW2] Sam Halstead [21st March 1918] W. Halstead [WW1] Walter Halstead [3rd May 1917] William Halstead [10th July 1917] Arnold Hamer [4th October 1917] Emmanuel Hamer [26th November 1917] Ernest Hamer [25th November 1917] F. Hamer [WW1] Fred Hamer [24th May 1920] Jack Hamer [21st March 1918] John Hamer [26th November 1918] Joseph Hamer [23rd February 1919] Bernard St. George Hamilton [28th June 1917] W. Hamilton [WW2] John Henry Hamm [11th December 1916] George Hammond [23rd January 1917] Walter Hammond [8th December 1942] Arthur Hamnett [7th March 1915] Bernard Hamnett [1st May 1940] Hubert Hampson [29th September 1945] Wilfred Hampson [26th September 1916] Thomas Alfred Hand [16th July 1916] Robert Handy [28th March 1918] Joseph Hanley [12th October 1916] M. Hanley [WW1] John C. L. Hanmer-Strudwick [WW2] W. H. Hann [WW1] Ian Charles Hannam [19th September 1944] Albert Hanson [11th November 1914] Albert Hanson [12th May 1917] Charles Hanson [WW1] Charlie Hanson [4th September 1918] David Hanson [24th November 1941] Eric Hanson [20th July 1943] George Hanson [29th May 1941] Harold Hanson [7th October 1918] Herbert Hanson [13th October 1918] Isaac Hanson [25th August 1917] Jeffrey Graydon Hanson [31st October 1945] Joe Hanson [12th October 1918] John Hanson [26th January 1919] John Hanson [23rd April 1918] Louis Hanson [30th September 1918] Richard Hanson [3rd September 1916] Robert Hugh Hanson [21st June 1943] Saville Hanson [15th August 1916] Willie Hanson [4th July 1942] John A. Harcourt [13th January 1942] Ernest Hardacre [5th December 1917] Ewart Hardacre [8th August 1918] Harold Norman Hardacre [WW2] Irvine Hardacre [14th October 1918] John Henry Hardacre [10th January 1918] Leonard Hardacre [29th March 1918] Harold Norman Hardaker [28th April 1942] Edmund Hardcastle [27th September 1914] Herman Hardcastle [9th April 1917] John Hardiman [WW1] Rev Wilfred John Harding [31st October 1917] Charles Albert Hardisty [3rd May 1917] Wilfred Hardisty [5th September 1914] Arthur Hardy [7th May 1918] Bernard Hardy [2nd December 1914] Cyril Hardy [19th July 1918] John Edgar Hardy [7th November 1918] Raymond Hardy [21st September 1914] Shaw Hardy [11th April 1918] John Wilfred Hare [28th September 1917] William Edward Hare [21st February 1919] Thomas Henry Harewood [4th May 1917] Lawrence Hargrave [7th October 1916] Albert Hargreaves [12th October 1915] Albert Hargreaves [19th April 1917] Dean Hargreaves [31st October 1918] Derrick Hargreaves [23rd January 1945] Ernest Hargreaves [20th June 1915] Geoffrey Hargreaves [2nd January 1945] Harold Hargreaves [4th August 1917] Henry Hargreaves [8th September 1917] Jim Craven Hargreaves [2nd July 1944] Joseph Hargreaves [6th November 1918] Sydney Hargreaves [28th May 1915] Raymond Harker [28th October 1944] Lewis Dixon Harkness [15th September 1917] Edgar Harland [WW1] Frank Harling [WW2] Thomas Francis Harold [29th July 1916] Leonard William Harper [18th July 1943] Reynold Harper [26th September 1917] Albert Harrington [13th January 1916] Daniel Harrington [31st August 1917] Albert Edward Harris [4th May 1917] Edward James Frank Harris [23rd February 1944] Frederick George Harris [11th November 1914] Harold Harris [17th June 1940] William Henry Harris [5th October 1916] Denis Storr Harrison [30th June 1940] Edgar Harrison [4th February 1918] Edwin Harrison [31st January 1915] Frank Harrison [28th May 1918] Fred Harrison [26th April 1915] Fred Harrison [3rd October 1918] George Harrison [WW2] H. Harrison [13th October 1918] Harold Halliwell Harrison [15th April 1917] Herbert Mercer Harrison [21st April 1918] James Thomas Harrison [22nd April 1917] John Holroyd Harrison [9th September 1944] John Harrison [20th July 1918] John W. Harrison [WW1] Joseph Shaw Harrison [6th June 1942] Lewis Harrison [16th March 1917] Tom Harrison [25th September 1918] William Harrison [14th August 1917] William Ralph Harrison [21st April 1943] Charles Gordon Harrop-Lomas [25th September 1942] Bernard Hart [WW2] Walter Hart [22nd April 1946] Ernest Edward Hartland [14th August 1918] Albert Hartley [27th March 1918] Bernard Hartley [WW2] Charles Hartley [25th June 1916] Charles Beaumont Hartley [25th June 1916] F. Hartley [WW1] Frank Hartley [5th July 1944] Frank Hartley [27th May 1917] Frank Hartley [24th March 1918] George Thomas Hartley [27th February 1917] Herbert Hartley [27th September 1916] Hollas Hartley [15th February 1917] John Henry Hartley [4th February 1915] John E. Hartley [6th April 1918] John Henry Hartley [8th April 1941] John Armitage Hartley [19th December 1915] John Hartley [WW1] John Hartley [3rd May 1917] Joseph James Hartley [23rd October 1918] Leonard Hartley [1st March 1917] Leonard Hartley [WW2] Percy Hartley [3rd May 1917] Richard Henry H. Hartley [17th December 1916] Saul Hartley [WW1] Selwyn Hartley [28th September 1918] Thomas Horsfall Hartley [20th November 1917] Thomas Harold Hartley [12th March 1919] Walter Hartley [25th July 1916] Wilbert Crowther Hartley [3rd September 1916] Willie Hartley [17th August 1917] Wilson Hartley [7th October 1916] Wilton Hartley [26th September 1916] John Thomas Hartney [4th May 1917] Lewis John Harvey [5th February 1917] Albert Barrett Harwood [15th April 1917] Fred Harwood [10th July 1917] Harry Harwood [10th April 1918] George Herbert Haslem [25th February 1944] John Haslem [26th October 1918] Joseph Haslem [15th May 1918] George Hatto [6th May 1943] George Henry Hawkes [9th April 1918] Walter Raymond Clark Haworth [8th October 1916] Edward James Hayden [31st December 1918] Harrison Holt Hayden [28th August 1918] Frank Haywood [21st March 1918] Joseph Haywood [10th July 1916] Harold Hazelgrave [7th September 1917] Herbert Hazeltine [5th June 1915] James W. Hazeltine [WW1] James William Heald [12th July 1943] Alfred Healey [28th May 1940] Leonard Heaney [7th September 1944] Edwin Heap [24th January 1918] Fred Heap [3rd November 1918] George Benson Heap [23rd May 1917] Maurice Fleming Heap [6th August 1917] Samuel Walton Heap [27th September 1914] Walker Heap [9th October 1917] George Frederick Heaton [12th August 1918] Harry Heaton [WW1] James Heaton [4th October 1916] Jo J. Heaton [14th November 1916] Walter Heaton [17th August 1916] Walter Heaton [17th August 1916] Leonard Heeley [11th August 1942] John Hefferman [23rd July 1916] James Henry Heggarty [26th June 1917] Edward Hartley Heginbottom [13th November 1916] Christopher Stephen Hegney [14th December 1914] Ernest Hellawell [20th November 1917] John William Hellawell [6th April 1917] Albert Helliwell [19th February 1919] Albert Edward Whiteley Helliwell [5th August 1917] Arthur Helliwell [13th November 1916] Charles Helliwell [24th March 1916] David Helliwell [5th August 1944] Edgar Helliwell [12th May 1917] Edgar Helliwell [19th August 1916] Ernest Helliwell [10th December 1917] Frank Helliwell [19th October 1944] Frank Helliwell [12th October 1916] Fred Helliwell [20th July 1918] Fred Helliwell [3rd May 1917] Harold Victor Helliwell [17th August 1944] Harry Helliwell [15th September 1916] Harry Helliwell [31st December 1918] Herbert Helliwell [16th October 1918] John William Helliwell [30th July 1917] John Helliwell [6th September 1917] John Edmund Helliwell [6th April 1916] Joseph Edward Helliwell [20th November 1917] Joshua Harry Helliwell [20th October 1916] Percy William Helliwell [4th October 1917] Roland Helliwell [16th June 1917] Walter Helliwell [24th September 1916] William Henry Helliwell [28th November 1920] William Helliwell [WW2] Willie Helliwell [23rd July 1918] Willie Helliwell [28th June 1942] Arthur Hellowell [22nd March 1918] Brierley Hellowell [10th March 1915] Charlie Hellowell [11th October 1918] Eric Hellowell [28th December 1943] Ernest Hellowell [15th September 1916] Verney Barrett Hellowell [11th October 1918] Harry Helme [28th July 1918] Albert John Hemblys [21st April 1943] A. Hemingway [WW1] Norman Hemingway [4th August 1916] Sam Hemsley [3rd August 1917] Edgar Henderson [8th July 1915] Edgar Henderson [8th July 1915] Sam Henderson [20th October 1918] Sam Henderson [20th October 1918] James Hendry [3rd October 1945] Harold Henfrey [5th June 1915] George Henley [11th April 1917] Joseph William Henley [18th October 1917] D. E. Hennion [WW1] John W. Henry [9th May 1918] Martin Henry [29th October 1944] Ernest Hensby [3rd September 1916] Frank Hensby [4th July 1916] Fred Henson [9th August 1915] Frank Hepper [27th October 1916] C. A. Hepworth [WW1] Joseph Albert Hepworth [12th April 1918] Sam Hepworth [12th July 1916] Tom Denton Hepworth [31st July 1917] Wilmott Hepworth [10th October 1916] Albert Lawrence Heron [19th May 1942] Fred Heron [25th March 1918] Isaac George Heron [27th November 1917] William Henry Herridge [10th August 1944] George Frederick Vincent Hervey [18th August 1918] Herbert Bentley Heseltine [26th August 1917] Hilton Heslop [9th April 1917] Stanley Scott Hesp [16th January 1943] Charles Hesselden [13th July 1917] Tom Hesselden [21st July 1916] Whiteley Hesselden [25th November 1917] Sidney Fred Hetherington [1945] George Hewetson [WW1] Frank Hewitt [2nd April 1918] Harry Bernard Hewitt [1st December 1942] James William W. Hewitt [1st August 1917] F. Hewson [WW1] Charles Hey [27th November 1917] Clement Hey [22nd October 1917] Harold Rawsthorne Hey [23rd March 1918] James Willie Hey [11th December 1917] Joe Hey [16th August 1917] John Hey [4th September 1918] Lewis Hey [7th July 1916] Arthur Dickinson Heys [3rd March 1916] Charles Allan Heywood [18th June 1944] Peter Heywood [9th November 1942] Charles Arthur Heyworth [14th August 1944] Frank Heyworth [2nd December 1917] James W. Heyworth [WW2] John Bruce Heyworth [26th May 1917] Henry Percy Valentine Hickman [9th November 1918] Joan Winifred W. Hickox [28th October 1945] Fred Higgins [11th August 1918] James Higgins [15th September 1914] Bertram Preston Higginson [28th March 1918] Stanley Higgitt [1st March 1944] Arthur Thomas Highley [17th June 1940] Charles William Highley [22nd June 1917] Ernest Jackson Highley [1st July 1916] Fred Highley [8th September 1945] Horace Highley [22nd December 1915] James Highley [15th September 1916] James Joseph Highley [19th January 1917] John Henry Highley [1st November 1914] Joseph Highley [20th July 1913] John Hignett [5th October 1939] Harold Hiley [30th August 1918] Robert Hiley [25th September 1944] Ernest Oswald Hill [25th April 1917] Ernest Hatton Hill [11th April 1918] Fred Hill [13th April 1915] G. Hill [20th May 1919] George Hill [14th April 1918] Harry Hill [13th September 1918] Harry Hill [5th May 1915] Henry de Ferneaux Hill [27th November 1915] Herbert Hill [14th July 1917] Jack Hill [12th September 1943] James Oliver Hill [5th November 1916] William Hill [1st May 1918] S. Hilton [4th November 1917] Arthur Hinchcliffe [29th October 1914] Harold Hinchcliffe [4th April 1918] Joseph Edgar Hinchcliffe [5th July 1916] Charles Leonard Hinchliffe [2nd July 1917] Clement Hinchliffe [WW1] Friend Hinchliffe [16th April 1917] George Hinchliffe [22nd September 1915] George Hinchliffe [WW1] Allan Hincklieff [4th May 1918] Russell Hincklieff [11th September 1916] Ernest Hines [8th October 1917] Albert Hirst [24th September 1917] Albert Hirst [3rd September 1916] Arnold Hirst [23rd September 1943] Cecil Hirst [11th December 1915] Dick Hirst [5th July 1916] E. Hirst [16th November 1918] Ernest Hirst [23rd July 1918] James William Hirst [3rd May 1917] James Hirst [8th December 1943] Joe Hirst [WW1] John William Hirst [3rd May 1917] John Eli Hirst [28th March 1918] Leslie Hirst [18th April 1945] Norman Hirst [31st July 1917] Norman Hirst [30th March 1942] Norman Hirst [14th August 1915] Norman Hirst [20th April 1918] Hirst Fred [5th October 1917] Harold Hiscoe [27th March 1918] A. Hitchen [WW1] Albert Hitchen [22nd August 1918] Austin Arthur Hitchen [3rd September 1916] Charles Hitchen [1st July 1916] Clares Milton Hitchen [3rd May 1917] Clares Milton Hitchen [3rd May 1917] Harold Wilson Hitchen [29th May 1918] Herbert Hitchen [17th April 1916] Irwin Hitchen [10th September 1917] James Selwyn Hitchen [20th April 1917] John Gregson Hitchen [30th October 1940] Leonard Hitchen [14th November 1917] Oswald Hitchen [19th March 1941] Theodore Hitchen [21st July 1918] Thomas Henry Hitchen [1st November 1918] John Herbert Hives [27th May 1940] Leonard Hobson [24th June 1944] John Hocking [9th October 1917] Harold Farnell Hodgetts [26th October 1917] Joseph Hodgkiss [4th August 1943] Benjamin Hodgson [30th January 1917] Charles Edward Hodgson [25th September 1915] Donald Henry Hodgson [15th February 1942] Ernest Hodgson [19th November 1917] Geoffrey Hodgson [1st April 1944] George Henry Hodgson [5th September 1918] Harry Hodgson [3rd September 1916] Harvey Hodgson [27th October 1918] Herbert Hodgson [5th May 1915] John Lee Hodgson [3rd May 1917] Paul Bousfield Hodgson [28th September 1916] Samuel Hodgson [13th October 1914] William Henry Hodgson [3rd May 1917] William Herbert Hodgson [12th October 1916] Eric Hogan [15th April 1919] William John Hoggarth [9th November 1918] Arthur Holden [WW1] Benjamin Holden [10th July 1916] Evelyn Holden [19th February 1919] Frank Holden [19th July 1917] Fred Holden [17th February 1917] Irvine Holden [19th July 1945] P. Holden [WW2] Percival Holden [19th November 1917] R. Holden [WW2] Richard Thomas Holden [19th July 1916] Albert Edwin Holdsworth [6th October 1917] Cyrus Holdsworth [15th January 1944] Ernest Holdsworth [9th October 1917] Irvine Holdsworth [18th April 1918] John Holdsworth [1945] Michael Holdsworth [24th February 1942] Thomas Holdsworth [11th July 1917] Charles Holgate [28th July 1916] Fred Holgate [24th March 1918] Walter Richard Holgate [12th April 1918] Wilfred Holgate [24th October 1917] J. R. Holker [19th September 1918] Edgar Holland [19th December 1918] Ernest Holland [20th November 1915] Fred Holland [2nd September 1916] Hamlet Holland [7th June 1917] Harry Holland [11th April 1918] John Henry Hollas [30th August 1918] Thomas Holliday [22nd April 1918] Ernest Hollingsworth [25th June 1917] W. Hollingsworth [29th September 1918] Donald Hollinrake [22nd February 1945] Harold Foster Hollinrake [8th November 1918] James Hollinrake [4th September 1916] Jesse Hollinrake [9th September 1916] Keith Hollinrake [21st June 1944] Walter Hollis [23rd January 1917] Alfred James Holmes [20th October 1914] Arthur Lewis Holmes [31st May 1916] Clement Holmes [14th November 1943] Frank Holmes [7th October 1918] Fred Holmes [WW1] John Holmes [7th April 1916] John George Vernon Holmes [16th March 1917] Joseph Holmes [16th August 1918] Laurence Gibson Holmes [WW2] Norman Holmes [8th December 1918] Oswald Matthews Holmes [25th August 1917] Roy Holmes [5th February 1945] T. Holmes [WW1] William Holmes [16th August 1918] William Holmes [16th August 1918] William Keith Holmes [WW2] Edgar Holmfield [WW1] Arthur Holroyd [1st August 1916] Clement Holroyd [3rd May 1917] Clement Holroyd [3rd May 1915] Clifford Holroyd [3rd May 1917] Crossley Montrose Holroyd [3rd October 1918] Cyril Holroyd [6th August 1918] Edward Holroyd [19th September 1916] Exley Holroyd [26th June 1944] Fred Holroyd [16th February 1941] Friend Henry Holroyd [19th May 1918] George Selwyn Holroyd [22nd March 1918] George Holroyd [11th April 1917] George Holroyd [16th July 1944] Hall Hepworth Holroyd [6th June 1915] Harold Holroyd [15th March 1917] Harry Holroyd [15th September 1916] Isaac Henry Holroyd [11th February 1918] James Holroyd [6th May 1915] John Reginald Holroyd [1st October 1918] Lewis Holroyd [23rd October 1918] Norman Holroyd [10th August 1918] Robert Henry Holroyd [24th March 1918] Stanley Holroyd [19th September 1918] Wilfred Holroyd [12th November 1918] William Henry Holroyd [29th November 1917] William Holroyd [3rd January 1918] William Holroyd [3rd May 1917] Alphonso Holroyde [3rd September 1916] Ammon Holroyde [15th April 1917] Harry Holroyde [WW1] Howard Holroyde [26th November 1941] John Edwin Holstead [25th March 1918] Charles Holt [1st June 1917] Clarance Hebblethwaite Holt [9th October 1917] Clarke Holt [14th April 1918] Edmund Holt [26th September 1917] Edward George Holt [15th December 1917] Fred Holt [WW1] G. Holt [WW1] J. W. Holt [WW1] John William Holt [27th August 1917] John William Holt [13th November 1944] John Percy Holt [16th April 1917] Joseph Alfred Holt [31st October 1915] Herbert Hooson [29th August 1917] Hubert Hooson [18th June 1943] Eugene Stratton Hopkins [22nd December 1942] Arthur Hopkinson [12th April 1918] Ernest George Hopkinson [1st July 1916] Fred Hopkinson [4th November 1918] Fred Hopkinson [WW2] John Frederick Hopkinson [17th June 1940] Leslie Hopkinson [7th July 1943] Percy Clement Hopkinson [3rd September 1918] W. Hopkinson [5th August 1916] Willie Leonard Hopkinson [8th June 1917] Maurice Hopwood [1st October 1916] George Levi Horn [4th November 1918] George Levi Horne [4th November 1918] Walter Horne [7th June 1917] Charles William Horner [3rd September 1916] Fred Horner [10th September 1918] Harold Horner [30th August 1918] Willie Horner [26th April 1918] George Robert Hornsby [14th July 1916] Ralph Blair Hornsby [3rd September 1916] Norman Hornsey [10th April 1917] Albert Edward Horsfall [1st June 1916] Albert Horsfall [WW2] Albert Horsfall [WW2] Benjamin Horsfall [3rd September 1916] Frederick William Horsfall [2nd October 1915] Geoffrey Hodgson Horsfall [8th June 1917] Harry Horsfall [7th June 1917] Herbert Halstead Horsfall [27th September 1918] James Horsfall [3rd May 1917] James Hervey Horsfall [3rd May 1917] John Joseph Horsfall [19th January 1917] John William Horsfall [27th April 1919] Luke Horsfall [16th March 1944] Peter William Horsfall [14th April 1919] Peter William Horsfall [14th April 1919] Redman Horsfall [7th May 1918] Vernon Adams Horsfall [3rd September 1916] Frank Duerden Horsfield [29th September 1918] Henry Horsfield [9th November 1918] Henry Horsfield [9th November 1918] Henry Horsfield [27th August 1944] John Ogden Horsfield [28th February 1919] John Ogden Horsfield [28th February 1919] John James Horsfield [23rd November 1943] Austin Horsford [19th July 1915] John (Joe) Horsley [15th April 1917] Fred Briggs Horsman [12th April 1918] Charlie Hough [13th April 1918] Charles Anthony Howard [23rd December 1942] James Henry Howard [5th June 1943] A. Howarth [9th July 1916] Abraham Howarth [18th March 1917] Albert Howarth [7th May 1915] Albert William Howarth [13th July 1916] Albert Howarth [7th May 1915] Edgar Howarth [1st July 1916] Ezekiel Greenwood Howarth [30th September 1918] Fred Ewart Howarth [31st May 1918] Gilbert Howarth [WW1] Henry Howarth [3rd September 1916] James Herbert Howarth [13th May 1918] Maurice Howarth [28th March 1918] Othello Howarth [6th September 1917] Ray Howarth [WW1] Wallace Howarth [16th August 1917] Willie Howarth [WW1] Willie Howarth [9th April 1917] Alfred Wilson Howe [10th April 1917] Walter Howe [1st August 1943] William Henry Howe [10th April 1917] Augustus William Howell [15th April 1917] Frederick Baden Howell [18th August 1920] Harry Howell [28th March 1918] Harry Howie [23rd February 1915] Charles Howley [1st May 1918] Albert Howorth [14th October 1915] Charles Howorth [WW1] Harry Howorth [27th March 1918] Herbert Howorth [WW1] John Howorth [WW1] Thomas William Howorth [23rd October 1943] Wilfred Howorth [26th September 1943] Jack Hoyland [5th March 1943] Archie Hoyle [10th November 1917] Derek J. Hoyle [WW2] Donald Hoyle [WW2] Edgar Hoyle [29th September 1916] Frederick Harold Hoyle [20th April 1918] Harold Hoyle [23rd July 1916] Harry Hoyle [9th September 1916] Herbert Hoyle [5th November 1918] Herbert Hoyle [13th October 1918] Herbert Hoyle [30th September 1918] Herbert Hoyle [WW1] Hubert Hoyle [17th August 1916] Jack Hoyle [WW1] James William Hoyle [5th April 1918] John Henry Hoyle [1st January 1918] John Derek Hoyle [27th May 1940] John Hoyle [20th May 1941] John Edmund Hoyle [10th June 1944] John Edward Hoyle [23rd January 1919] Joseph Harry Hoyle [30th October 1914] Lawrence Hoyle [12th April 1918] Peter J. D. Hoyle [27th June 1942] W. Hoyle [WW1] William Hoyle [9th April 1917] William Hoyle [4th October 1917] Willie Hoyle [9th November 1918] Will Hubbard [WW1] Charles Herbert Hudson [16th May 1915] Fred Hudson [11th August 1917] S. Hudson [WW2] Stanley Hudson [3rd September 1942] Charles Hughes [10th September 1916] Christopher James Hughes [24th March 1945] David Hughes [7th August 1915] James Herbert Hughes [12th January 1945] Frank Exley Hull [23rd March 1918] Irvin Hullah [4th April 1918] Norman Hulme [8th January 1944] Charles Edward Hulyer [23rd March 1918] William Humphrey [24th October 1918] Arthur George Humphries [26th October 1917] Herbert H. Hunsworth [16th August 1917] Albert Hunt [3rd April 1917] Birdsall Hunt [14th March 1941] Dr Tom Harold Hunt [29th April 1918] Horace Holman Hunt [9th November 1917] Charles Hunter [28th September 1918] John Joseph Hunter [4th November 1918] Cyril John Huntriss [1st July 1916] Harold Edwards Huntriss [17th May 1915] William Huntriss [23rd October 1918] James Hurie [WW1] James Morton Hussey [11th September 1916] Arthur Hutchinson [19th May 1918] Eric Hutchinson [12th June 1942] George Williamson Hutchinson [23rd July 1916] George Williamson Hutchinson [23rd July 1916] George Earle Hutchinson [3rd September 1916] Henry Hutchinson [1st June 1944] Heywood Hutchinson [2nd April 1943] John Hutchinson [2nd September 1917] John Hutchinson [2nd September 1917] Albert Hutton [25th September 1916] James Alexander Hyde [8th December 1943] Thomas Hyde [11th July 1915] Norman Hyslop [31st May 1916]

Harry Ibberson [20th November 1917] Wilfred Ibberson [30th April 1918] Harry Ibbotson [27th May 1944] Robert Iddon [10th October 1918] Ernest Illingworth [8th September 1916] Jack Bradley Illingworth [29th July 1943] James Henry Illingworth [4th September 1917] John Broughton Illingworth [3rd August 1918] John Illingworth [WW1] William Illingworth [15th April 1917] Frederick Ing [23rd February 1944] Archer Ingham [WW1] Cyril Robert Ingham [9th October 1917] Fred Ingham [18th February 1919] Frederick Gordon Ingham [21st August 1943] Helliwell Ingham [28th April 1917] Herbert Ingham [7th April 1942] Herbert Ingham [22nd November 1915] Horace Ingham [18th September 1944] Jack Ingham [WW2] James William Ingham [9th April 1917] John William Ingham [9th April 1917] John William Ingham [3rd March 1917] John Robert Ingham [1st May 1918] Mark Ingham [30th May 1916] Robert Ingham [30th April 1915] Samuel Ingham [27th October 1914] Thomas Wilbert Ingham [28th November 1917] Thomas Ingham [22nd September 1917] Trevor Ingham [5th May 1944] W. Ingham [WW1] W. Ingham [WW1] Walter Ingham [18th September 1916] Willie Ingham [23rd November 1917] James Alfred Ingle [7th May 1917] Willie Inman [5th October 1917] Herbert Gerald Insall [31st May 1940] Arnold Iredale [3rd May 1918] Frank Iredale [10th October 1916] Haigh Iredale [14th April 1918] Harold Iredale [16th April 1916] Harold Iredale [16th April 1916] Joe Willie Iredale [27th November 1917] Joe Willie Iredale [27th November 1917] Joseph Iredale [20th July 1918] John Henry Irving [16th June 1917] Laurence Irving [13th November 1944] Wilfred Irving [9th November 1916] Clifford Isherwood [31st July 1917] John Isles [29th September 1918] Richard Ives [1st October 1916]

Robert Jackman [18th April 1915] Albert Jackson [20th January 1917] Albert Jackson [19th February 1919] Alpha Jackson [29th September 1917] Arnold Jackson [1st November 1918] Arthur Cecil Jackson [27th November 1919] Arthur Jackson [25th April 1917] Asa Jackson [24th February 1919] David Victor Jackson [30th September 1918] Eugene Alexander Watkin Jackson [25th February 1919] Frank Jackson [23rd April 1917] Freeman Jackson [11th April 1918] Henry Jackson [4th October 1917] Herbert Henry Jackson [29th September 1917] Herbert Jackson [18th September 1917] James William Jackson [26th August 1917] Joe Jackson [28th January 1916] John Theodore Jackson [13th October 1916] John Jackson [2nd April 1945] Milford John Jackson [25th August 1917] Ralph Jackson [28th June 1944] Richard Harrison Jackson [6th July 1942] Robert Jackson [1st July 1916] Ronald Charles Jackson [28th December 1943] Sam Jackson [3rd September 1916] T. J. Jackson [WW1] Thomas Jackson [18th June 1915] Thomas Jackson [13th March 1918] Tom George Jackson [28th March 1918] Tom Jackson [5th September 1918] Walter Jesse Jackson [9th June 1917] Walter Henry Jackson [4th January 1917] Walter Jackson [3rd November 1942] Walter Jackson [28th February 1918] Wilbert Jackson [11th February 1918] Wilbert Jackson [23rd January 1915] Willie Clayton Jackson [9th April 1917] Willie Jackson [26th June 1918] Young Jackson [29th May 1918] Tom Jacobs [9th December 1941] Angus Jagger [13th January 1919] Edwin Kelita Jagger [28th July 1916] Ernest Jagger [2nd September 1918] Frank E. Jagger [3rd May 1917] Fred Jagger [3rd August 1917] Harold Robert Jagger [3rd July 1942] Harry Jagger [2nd April 1918] Harry Jagger [10th June 1918] Marshall Jagger [20th December 1915] Mrs Emmeline Jagger [20th March 1941] Thomas Henry Jagger [13th March 1919] Thornton Jagger [23rd August 1916] Zima Jagger [18th April 1918] Eugene Jambu [28th November 1918] Henry James [18th August 1916] Leslie James [26th November 1943] James Theodore Jamieson [18th January 1918] David Alexander Jappie [21st July 1944] Astin Jarvis [10th April 1917] Edwin Jebson [9th March 1918] Alfred Jeffrey [29th May 1940] Peter Jeffries [1944] William Henry Jenkins [13th November 1916] Albert Jenkinson [29th October 1916] Arthur Jenkinson [26th April 1918] Arthur Jenkinson [26th April 1918] Ernest Jenkinson [21st August 1918] Arthur Jennings [WW1] Charles Jennings [14th August 1916] Ernest Edgar Jennings [8th November 1918] Herbert Jennings [12th January 1917] Thomas Jennings [10th April 1917] Walter Henry Woodrow Jennings [24th May 1941] Harry Jessop [6th May 1916] Arthur Jevons [12th October 1917] Fred Job [18th October 1915] Albert Johnson [27th May 1942] Edward Johnson [30th July 1916] Ernest Fielden Parker Johnson [24th April 1918] Fred Johnson [WW1] John Wilfred Johnson [14th October 1918] Joseph Johnson [7th July 1916] Percy Johnson [26th April 1918] Thomas Johnson [28th April 1918] Wilfred Isaac Johnson [19th November 1917] George Frederick Johnston [4th May 1917] Joseph Allenby Johnston [27th October 1943] Goodall Johnstone [WW1] John Andrew Benjamin Jolley [11th October 1915] Alfred Theodore Rice Jones [23rd March 1918] Arthur Jones [17th December 1916] D. Jones [27th February 1945] Edward Jones [3rd September 1916] George William Jones [3rd May 1917] Harold Jones [31st October 1918] Harry Jones [15th September 1916] John Jones [10th March 1919] Joseph Jones [3rd May 1917] Richard Henry Titterington Jones [27th May 1918] Richard George Kenneth Jones [18th February 1941] Thomas Edward Jones [2nd December 1920] Thomas Jones [27th August 1918] Anthony Jordan [25th April 1917] James Douglas Jordon [9th March 1917] Alfred Henry Jowett [20th December 1920] Arnold Jowett [6th November 1916] Bernard Jowett [1st July 1916] Harry Jowett [4th April 1917] Thomas Lister Jowett [26th August 1918] Thornton Jowett [3rd November 1916] Wilson Jowett [27th September 1917] Donald Judson [29th July 1944] Edgar Judson [8th June 1918] Ernest Judson [26th November 1917] Thomas Judson [23rd March 1918] William Thomas Judson [28th September 1915] James William Justice [3rd September 1916]

Edward Osborne Kaines [29th June 1941] James Robert Kaley [2nd August 1918] John Edward Kane [30th August 1918] Abraham Kaye [16th March 1917] Edward Crossley Kaye [29th July 1917] Irvine Kaye [19th July 1918] James Edward Kaye [9th June 1917] John William Kaye [10th May 1915] Wilfred Kaye [22nd October 1918] Frank Kear [15th October 1916] Thomas Kearney [WW1] Mervin H. Keast [7th March 1947] Fred Keathy [WW1] Francis Richard (Frank) Keating [23rd November 1940] Ernest George Keen [8th September 1918] Terence Keenan [15th April 1941] James Keighley [20th June 1918] Edward Keirns [WW1] John Keith [17th June 1944] James Harry Kellett [17th December 1942] Willie Kellett [WW1] Alan Kelley [17th November 1942] George Harry Kelly [17th September 1916] George Harry Kelly [17th September 1916] James Kelly [2nd September 1916] John William Kelly [23rd June 1916] John William Kelly [23rd June 1916] John Patrick Kelly [9th October 1917] Tom Wilson Kelly [25th December 1917] Vincent Kelly [31st October 1915] Vincent Kelly [31st October 1915] William Kelly [27th May 1916] William Kelly [7th January 1945] John Kelsey [10th May 1915] Fred Kendall [31st December 1917] Frederick William Kendall [21st March 1918] George Kendall [27th June 1917] George Kendall [16th June 1941] George William Kendall [3rd June 1917] Jack Kendall [24th January 1944] Jack Kendall [12th August 1943] Percy Fewster Kendall [27th January 1916] W. Kendall [WW1] John W. Kendrew [10th October 1918] David Kennedy [5th April 1915] James Kennedy [20th November 1917] Michael Kennedy [31st March 1918] Timothy Kennedy [5th October 1916] William Kenny [27th April 1916] George Kent [6th December 1917] Thomas Knowles Kenworthy [30th July 1916] Horace Kenyon [22nd July 1918] Lewis Kenyon [WW1] Harold Kerfoot [3rd September 1918] Graham Collow Kerr [10th February 1942] Frederick Cyril Kerrod [11th April 1918] Leonard Kerrod [7th July 1918] Arthur Kershaw [2nd December 1943] Ben Kershaw [15th September 1914] Christopher Kershaw [2nd September 1916] Edwin Kershaw [23rd November 1915] Frank Kershaw [9th August 1916] George Herbert Kershaw [9th April 1917] Hodgson Kershaw [27th November 1917] Joe Kershaw [5th May 1918] John Kershaw [18th April 1915] Leonard Kershaw [23rd November 1916] Lister Kershaw [3rd May 1917] Norman Kershaw [26th April 1918] Thomas Kershaw [25th December 1918] Wilfrid Kershaw [WW2] William Kershaw [11th August 1917] Roy Kettlewell [23rd May 1944] Harold Kettley [4th November 1918] Frederick Charles Kiddle [18th September 1918] Levi Ackroyd Kighley [3rd May 1917] Harry Kilburn [21st November 1917] Albert Kilby [18th July 1917] Joseph Kilkenny [WW1] Thomas Kilkenny [16th September 1915] William Edward Kilmister [13th September 1945] Frank Gilbert Kilner [14th June 1917] Alister King [17th April 1918] Charles King [22nd October 1917] Edwin King [17th January 1945] Harold King [15th May 1941] Harry King [28th March 1918] James King [5th June 1915] Samuel King [1st November 1914] Harold Kingham [19th August 1918] Walter Stenhouse Kingsbury [5th December 1918] Wilfred Kingsbury [26th October 1917] Edward Cyril Kingsford [22nd December 1941] Paul Kinsey [28th June 1946] Paul Kinsey [WW2] Arthur Haddon Kippax [1st July 1916] Wilfred Kirkbride [1st October 1918] James William Kirkbright [4th October 1918] Ned Kirkbright [4th November 1918] Arthur Kitchen [24th July 1916] Arthur Kitchen [20th July 1918] Fred Kitchen [21st August 1918] Gideon Kitchen [24th April 1917] Leonard Kitchen [7th January 1918] Walter Kitchen [30th May 1918] Herbert Kitley [9th October 1917] Arthur Kitson [3rd April 1917] Arthur Kitson [3rd April 1917] Harry Kitson [25th March 1918] Edward Knapton [10th October 1918] Fred Knapton [5th June 1917] George Herbert Knapton [18th May 1917] Stanley Waddy Knight [7th August 1943] T. K. Knight [WW1] Edgar Knowles [21st October 1917] Edwin Knowles [9th October 1917] John William Knowles [16th February 1918] Joseph Knowles [25th August 1918] T. Knowles [21st March 1921] Thomas E. Knowles [5th May 1915] Willie Knowles [3rd May 1917] Jake Kyte [11th November 1940]

William Lake [WW2] Ernest Lakey [22nd November 1915] Edward Lamb [WW2] John William Lamb [12th October 1916] Walter Vincent Lamb [21st November 1917] William Arthur Lamb [14th November 1918] Ambrose Lambert [9th September 1916] Bruce Lamont [14th October 1916] John Edward Lancaster [23rd July 1915] Walter Lancaster [6th September 1916] Laurence Land [23rd July 1940] Jack Landale [22nd September 1944] John Landale [6th September 1917] Frank Langford [17th September 1916] James Langford [27th November 1917] Thomas Langhorn [15th April 1918] John Frederick Langley [30th May 1943] John Lapish [WW2] Patrick Larkin [17th April 1918] G. Lassey [WW2] George Lassey [2nd May 1944] Gerald Lassey [25th September 1944] Francis John Laurison [WW2] James W. Lavin [WW2] Frank Taylor Law [25th March 1918] George Taylor Law [7th November 1942] Herbert Law [31st May 1918] James Herbert Law [5th February 1918] John Law [21st July 1943] Mark Law [25th October 1916] Paul Law [10th May 1915] Walter Law [3rd May 1917] Walter Leslie Law [27th March 1918] William Law [1st October 1916] William Henry Law [3rd July 1917] Harry Lawer [22nd September 1918] James Lawlor [13th December 1917] Patrick Lawlor [WW1] Eric Lawrence [WW2] George Lawrence [31st March 1944] James Lawrence [4th June 1915] Selwyn Lawrence [23rd July 1917] Arthur Raymond Lawson [21st August 1918] Edward Lawton [27th September 1917] Arthur L. Laycock [30th March 1943] James Laycock [23rd June 1918] John Laycock [19th September 1944] Kitson Laycock [WW1] Walter Laycock [14th September 1916] Arnold Leach [11th January 1917] Clarence William Leach [26th September 1916] Douglas Leach [26th April 1941] John Leach [9th April 1915] Arnold Leah [7th October 1915] Edmund Leah [8th August 1944] William Leah [16th July 1917] Arnold Percy Leaitherland [30th April 1945] Leonard Learoyd [25th June 1944] Arthur Edward Leary [8th November 1918] Eric Leary [21st June 1915] Ernest Leather [22nd March 1916] Frank Leather [1st May 1918] John William Ledgard [3rd September 1918] Albert Lee [25th August 1918] Albert Lee [18th May 1915] Albert Lee [23rd November 1916] Albert Lee [29th May 1915] Alfred Lee [10th April 1918] Charles Lee [17th January 1915] Clarence Lee [25th September 1915] Edward Lee [WW1] Frank Lee [WW1] Isaac Lee [27th October 1914] James Denton Lee [22nd January 1918] John Willie Lee [WW1] Martin Cunningham Lee [9th October 1917] Sam Lee [3rd September 1916] Thomas Lee [11th June 1940] Tom Lee [28th May 1917] Wilfred Bentley Leek [27th September 1915] Edwin Lees [WW1] William Thomas Easterbrook Legg [28th October 1944] William Henry Leggett [10th October 1918] Fred Lemm [10th October 1942] Joseph Lemm [4th November 1918] Rowland Lennock [5th May 1942] George John Letten [1st September 1915] John Lever [5th January 1918] Eric Lewin [13th August 1941] John Lewin [24th November 1944] David Harold Lewis [8th May 1945] Ernest Lewis [22nd June 1915] Francis George Lewis [8th June 1940] Frank Gordon Lewis [23rd January 1945] Harold George William Lewis [31st July 1917] Ronald Gilbert Lewis [31st March 1941] Willie Lightowler [16th March 1918] Denis Lilley [13th April 1942] Albert Limb [20th July 1918] Allan Limb [3rd February 1917] John Albert Limbert [14th October 1917] Gordon Seymour Lind [1st July 1944] Harry Lindley [WW1] John Lindley [14th August 1914] Jack Lindsay [31st January 1942] David Atkinson Linfoot [29th March 1918] Percy Lingard [25th July 1915] Walter Lingard [11th March 1917] Ernest Linney [24th May 1918] Douglas Gascoine Linsey [3rd May 1917] Thomas Linton [25th October 1942] William Richardson Lisle [27th March 1918] Alfred Lister [8th August 1944] Arthur Lister [20th July 1918] Arthur Lister [3rd May 1917] Ernest Lister [11th November 1914] Frank Lister [3rd February 1917] Frank Lister [27th September 1942] Fred Lister [WW1] Harold Lister [3rd December 1944] Hedley Lister [20th March 1943] Herbert Lister [19th December 1915] Herbert Edward Lister [5th August 1917] Herbert Lister [25th April 1920] James Lister [11th July 1916] John Raymond Lister [15th December 1915] Joseph William Lister [10th October 1916] Norman Armitage Lister [7th August 1916] Richard William Lister [24th September 1944] Ronald V. Lister [WW1] Thomas Lister [1st February 1943] Thomas Lister [WW2] Walter Lister [11th October 1918] William Edward Lister [1st July 1916] John Little [28th May 1915] William Little [2nd November 1918] Arthur Littlewood [22nd October 1916] Albert Liversedge [12th October 1918] Harry Livesey [29th November 1917] John William Livesey [1st January 1915] Richard Livesey [7th August 1915] Cyril Lloyd [31st January 1944] Fred Lockwood [29th July 1916] John Lockwood [9th April 1917] Ralph Lofthouse [7th April 1917] James Bartholomew Logan [20th December 1941] Frank Long [20th October 1915] Geoffrey Long [4th May 1944] Amon Longbottom [3rd November 1917] Edward Longbottom [WW1] Ernest Longbottom [24th February 1918] F. Longbottom [WW1] Fred Longbottom [15th December 1917] Fred Longbottom [10th October 1916] Harry Longbottom [16th April 1918] Jack Longbottom [WW2] Otis Longbottom [19th July 1917] Richard Longbottom [20th September 1917] Sam Longbottom [WW1] Samuel Longbottom [WW2] Walter Longbottom [27th August 1918] Fred Longstaff [22nd July 1916] Percy Longthorpe [14th December 1918] Bob Longworth [14th February 1945] Albert Edward Lord [29th April 1918] Edward Lord [WW1] Ernest Henry Lord [14th August 1917] Fred Lord [3rd June 1917] George Arthur Lord [16th October 1918] Jack Lord [27th September 1943] James Edward Lord [31st January 1916] James Lord [12th October 1918] Joe Lord [21st March 1918] John Lord [3rd September 1916] John Lord [8th July 1944] Leonard Lord [26th August 1918] Leslie Newhall Lord [18th August 1916] Sam Leslie Lord [7th December 1942] Sam Lord [14th July 1943] Sam Lord [23rd January 1918] Walter Lord [WW1] Willie Lord [3rd January 1919] Willie Lord [18th August 1916] Willie Lord [2nd April 1917] Joseph Lovelace [19th October 1915] Albert Lovell [23rd October 1916] Paul Lovett [2nd August 1916] Edward Joseph Lowe [29th July 1917] George Ernest Lowe [28th October 1918] John W. Lowe [18th October 1918] Wilfred Steel Lucas [22nd February 1942] Allen Lumb [3rd February 1917] Charles Albert Lumb [21st August 1942] Clifford Lumb [31st August 1918] Edgar Lumb [1st June 1944] Edward Lumb [26th October 1942] Frank Lumb [15th October 1917] Fred Lumb [19th September 1918] Gilbert Lumb [18th September 1918] Harold James Lumb [23rd June 1943] Harry Lumb [3rd September 1916] Harry Lumb [WW1] Harry Lumb [20th November 1917] Herbert Rawson Lumb [27th May 1918] Joe Lumb [28th October 1916] John Beech Lumb [12th May 1916] John William Lumb [21st February 1919] Kenneth Joe Lumb [WW2] Matthew Lumb [3rd May 1917] Maurice Lumb [18th May 1918] Samuel Lumb [2nd November 1917] Selwyn Lumb [15th October 1917] Walton Lumb [26th November 1917] William Lumb [13th July 1917] Willie Lumb [3rd May 1917] Willie Lumb [14th April 1918] Willie Lumb [WW1] Arthur Lumley [13th August 1915] James William Lund [18th September 1917] George Lunn [9th May 1915] Arthur Luty [20th August 1917] Fred Luxford [3rd May 1917] John Lynch [9th September 1917] Philip Grenville Lyon [11th March 1943] Thomas Lyons [WW1] Timothy Lyons [3rd April 1917]

Rev Alban Bodley Mace [3rd October 1916] J. W. MacGregor [WW1] Thomas MacGregor [22nd April 1945] Kenneth Alexander Machen [1st November 1944] Robert Machin [30th November 1916] James MacIntyre [23rd July 1916] Leonard Mackie [10th July 1917] James William Mackintosh [WW1] Clifford Mackrell [16th October 1917] Sam Mackriel [WW1] Dominic Madden [28th July 1944] Thomas James Mageen [23rd May 1940] William Mageen [15th May 1944] Ernest Magson [27th September 1918] Walter Magson [27th September 1918] Daniel Maguire [19th November 1942] Bartholomew Mahon [26th November 1942] John Edward Major [3rd May 1917] J. Edward Makin [WW2] Ernest Mallalieu [14th September 1916] G. Mallalieu [23rd September 1947] James Malley-Martin [29th October 1918] Albert Mallinson [23rd February 1917] Ernest Mallinson [30th October 1918] Fred Mallinson [3rd September 1916] John W. Mallinson [WW2] Thomas Mallinson [20th July 1916] William Mallinson [17th August 1917] Harold Edgar Mallison [3rd September 1916] James Joseph Mallyon [10th November 1914] William Mallyon [24th July 1917] John Edwin Mamwell [3rd May 1917] Clifford Mandefield [18th January 1943] Alfred Ernest Mander [9th October 1917] David Manger [17th June 1917] Kenneth Manger [11th August 1940] Henry Marcus Manks [12th March 1918] William Manks [31st March 1915] Harold Mann [20th April 1918] Jack Mann [28th April 1940] William Henry Mann [24th May 1917] Albert Edward Manning [1st July 1917] Alexander Mantle [22nd May 1917] Thomas Clifford March [19th April 1941] Harold Cuthbert Marchant [3rd February 1941] Herbert Marchant [28th June 1918] William Marchant [10th April 1918] George Allan Margerison [15th September 1916] Arthur Marriott [16th March 1945] John Marron [4th November 1918] Alec Marsden [17th August 1916] Arthur Marsden [22nd March 1918] C. Marsden [WW1] Denis Marsden [15th February 1943] Frederick Marsden [9th April 1917] Herbert Harry Marsden [17th May 1918] Lawrence Everret Marsden [9th October 1917] Norman Alfred Marsden [16th June 1917] Sam Marsden [21st March 1918] Willie Marsden [13th May 1917] Felix Patrick Marsh [WW1] Harry Marsh [WW2] William Knowles Marsh [15th October 1944] William Knowles Marsh [15th October 1944] Albert Marshall [16th December 1917] Albert Marshall [4th October 1917] Albert Marshall [WW1] Ambrose Marshall [27th March 1918] Arthur Marshall [16th August 1944] Arthur Marshall [WW1] Cecil Marshall [WW1] Charles Stuart Marshall [9th September 1943] E. Marshall [WW1] Ernest Marshall [WW2] Frank Marshall [17th March 1916] Fred Marshall [10th December 1917] Fred Marshall [6th September 1917] George Marshall [7th June 1917] George Edward Marshall [15th January 1943] George Marshall [WW2] Henry Marshall [7th June 1917] John Marshall [13th October 1918] L. Marshall [WW1] Leonard Marshall [12th June 1917] Leonard Marshall [5th October 1918] Leslie Marshall [10th December 1941] Norman Edwin Marshall [27th May 1918] Norrie Warden Marshall [19th December 1915] Percy Marshall [26th December 1916] Roland Gomm Marshall [27th November 1945] Stanley Marshall [21st May 1945] Theodore Marshall [1st August 1917] Thomas William Marshall [26th February 1946] Tom Marshall [WW2] Will Marshall [12th April 1945] William Marshall [1st May 1917] Willie Marshall [9th September 1916] James Robert Haley Marsland [2nd August 1918] P. L. Marston [WW1] Percy Ingram Marston [20th September 1917] William Marston [22nd November 1940] Bernard Martin [23rd September 1943] Frank William Martin [13th August 1943] Frank Martin [3rd May 1917] George Martin [31st March 1918] George Martin [31st March 1918] George Martin [31st March 1918] George Martin [31st March 1918] James Lawrence Martin [11th April 1917] James Lawrence Martin [11th April 1917] James Malley Martin [29th October 1918] James Malley Martin [29th October 1918] John Henry Martin [6th November 1918] John Henry Martin [6th November 1918] Joseph Martin [18th April 1915] Wilfred Martin [15th September 1916] Wilfred Martin [WW2] William Martin [29th August 1944] Albert Mason [27th April 1916] Arthur A. Mason [27th February 1942] Harry Rothwell Mason [15th August 1918] John Mason [7th August 1915] John Mason [7th August 1915] Thomas Mansell Mason [3rd July 1916] William Mason [26th April 1916] James Henry Massam [22nd January 1920] Charles Matthews [5th October 1916] Eric James Maud [2nd December 1940] Harry Maude [26th October 1918] William Maude [12th October 1916] Irvin Thomas Maudsley [28th October 1916] John Edward Maudsley [21st July 1916] George William Mawe [28th August 1914] Tom May [13th July 1916] William May [21st December 1916] Fred Mayor [6th June 1915] Robert McAllister [3rd November 1918] James McAndrew [20th August 1916] John McAndrew [19th July 1917] Anthony McArdle [WW2] Mr McBoyd [WW1] Walter McCartney [14th January 1946] James William McCauley [6th June 1941] N. McConnochie [WW1] Norman McConnochie [20th March 1918] William McConville [23rd May 1940] Joseph Edward McCormack [12th August 1915] John McCormick [12th August 1915] John James McCormick [27th August 1918] Harold McCrea [8th June 1940] John McCue [23rd July 1918] John McCulloch [7th September 1918] William McCulloch [26th September 1916] Charles McCusker [13th November 1915] Arthur McDanielson [WW1] John McDonald [18th April 1915] Victor McDonald [WW1] Peter McFarlane [29th May 1943] John McGhee [29th April 1917] Joseph Ambrose McGovern [17th November 1914] Edward McGuiness [WW1] Albert McGuinness [31st December 1917] Leonard McGuinness [1st September 1916] John McGuire [6th April 1917] John McHale [15th July 1916] James H. McHugh [20th January 1915] John McHugh [21st October 1915] Thomas McHugh [17th September 1916] James McIlwraith [WW1] Wilfred McKay [16th September 1916] David Gray McKeand [23rd March 1919] John Alexander McKee [8th June 1940] Harry Exley McKelvin [29th November 1917] Charles McKenna [31st July 1916] Joseph C. McKenna [20th August 1944] John McLarnon [19th December 1915] George McLean [9th June 1944] John William McLean [26th June 1944] John Whitworth McLintock [25th November 1917] John McMahon [19th June 1917] Wilfred McMaster [21st September 1915] Bernard McNea [5th May 1915] Ernest McNea [1st March 1944] H. McNeil [11th August 1917] Stephen McQuinn [26th October 1915] William Archibald McShee [23rd November 1917] Harry Mear [22nd July 1918] Frank N. Meddings [WW2] Leslie Megson [12th September 1944] Charlie Mehew [9th October 1917] George Mellin [28th April 1917] Ernest Melling [25th March 1945] John William Melling [27th November 1917] John Thomas Melling [14th July 1918] Thomas Hinason Mellish [22nd October 1917] Charles Henry Mellor [2nd March 1918] Frank Mellor [10th October 1916] J. R. Mellor [22nd March 1918] Joe Mellor [10th October 1917] Lawrence Mellor [WW1] Leonard Mellor [30th August 1918] Leonard Mellor [30th October 1916] Norman Mellor [22nd April 1917] Norman Mellor [10th October 1918] Norman Mellor [7th March 1916] Thomas Menaghan [5th August 1918] Stanley Menton [22nd May 1944] Ernest Merifield [25th April 1918] Ernest Merifield [25th April 1918] George Merrett [12th April 1918] Sylvester Merrion [31st May 1916] George Merritt [12th April 1918] Arthur Sanderson Messenger [16th October 1918] Willie Welburn Metcalf [30th May 1918] Cyril Metcalfe [20th February 1918] H. H. Metcalfe [WW1] John Claude Metcalfe [31st August 1917] Leslie Metcalfe [21st December 1941] William Metcalfe [26th October 1917] Charles Middleton [15th February 1942] Frank Roy Middleton [28th June 1944] Jeffery Middleton [9th February 1945] Albert Midgley [10th April 1917] Albert Midgley [9th June 1944] Arthur Midgley [15th July 1916] Arthur Midgley [29th October 1918] Edward Rayner Midgley [27th September 1917] Ellis Reginald Midgley [17th November 1915] Ernest Midgley [29th May 1918] George Henry Midgley [12th February 1919] Harold Midgley [4th September 1917] Harold Midgley [6th June 1942] Henry Foster Midgley [2nd August 1917] Herbert Midgley [16th October 1917] James Herbert Midgley [17th October 1916] John Thomas Midgley [3rd May 1918] Joseph Midgley [13th August 1917] Percy Midgley [26th December 1917] Ronald Stansfield Midgley [25th April 1918] William Midgley [18th September 1918] Wilson Midgley [24th March 1917] William Milburn [10th August 1916] Ernest Miles [9th September 1917] Louis Miles [WW1] Patrick Miles [14th October 1939] Clifford Vernon Millar [20th October 1918] Cyril Millar [5th May 1915] Harry Millar [30th January 1941] Robert Millar [11th November 1914] Albert Edward Miller [16th April 1918] Fred Horsfall Miller [23rd August 1917] George Miller [23rd April 1917] George Miller [23rd April 1917] Lawrence Ayrton Miller [31st July 1944] Ronald B. Miller [3rd November 1944] Samuel Charles Miller [3rd September 1916] William Edward Millington [17th September 1916] Joseph Mills [30th September 1918] Leslie Mills [1944] Thomas Mills [23rd June 1915] Tom Mills [27th February 1943] George Milner [WW1] Walter Milner [31st July 1917] Wilfrid Milner [15th April 1918] Wilfrid Milner [15th April 1918] Arthur Milnes [5th May 1917] Arthur Milnes [5th May 1917] Clifford Milnes [21st October 1941] Granville Milnes [27th May 1918] James Walter Milnes [23rd May 1917] James Fred Milthorp [30th September 1918] Frederick Milton [21st January 1917] Henry Milton [5th August 1917] Henry Elsworth Minett [1st July 1916] George Minnett [17th August 1918] Harry Elsworth Minnett [1st July 1916] Albert Victor Mitchell [24th March 1917] Albert Lewis Mitchell [14th May 1917] Alexander Robert Mitchell [19th April 1918] Arthur Mitchell [28th August 1918] Arthur Mitchell [20th September 1917] Arthur Page Mitchell [15th August 1941] Charles Mitchell [21st January 1920] Edgar Mitchell [14th October 1916] Edwin Mitchell [27th May 1918] Eric Mitchell [28th April 1943] Foster Mitchell [9th November 1916] Frank Mitchell [8th August 1916] Frank Mitchell [12th May 1917] Fred Mitchell [1st July 1915] Fred Mitchell [29th October 1915] George Mitchell [13th September 1918] George Albert Mitchell [31st August 1918] Granville Mitchell [6th September 1917] Harry Mitchell [3rd September 1916] Harry Mitchell [21st March 1918] Hubert Norman Mitchell [10th April 1918] Jack Mitchell [26th October 1918] Jack Mitchell [4th December 1944] James Mitchell [1st February 1941] James Mitchell [WW1] James Herbert Mitchell [12th August 1915] James Mitchell [31st October 1918] James William Mitchell [16th November 1917] John Edward Mitchell [3rd May 1917] John Mitchell [4th August 1917] John Edward Mitchell [10th April 1918] John Leslie Mitchell [11th June 1942] Joseph Thomas Mitchell [9th October 1917] Joseph Mitchell [2nd November 1914] Lewis Percy Mitchell [3rd May 1917] Owen Patrick Mitchell [24th December 1915] Rowland Mitchell [WW1] Walter Mitchell [7th August 1915] Wilbert Mitchell [9th October 1917] Wilfred Mitchell [25th June 1917] William Mitchell [3rd September 1916] William Mitchell [22nd August 1916] William Henry Mitchell [16th June 1943] William Henry Mitchell [18th May 1917] William Mitchell [5th July 1916] William Mitchell [25th April 1917] William Mitchell [WW1] William Mitchell [16th November 1917] William Mitchell [28th August 1916] Willie Mitchell [5th July 1916] Wright Mitchell [5th April 1918] Fred Mitton [15th June 1944] Harold F. Moe [23rd July 1916] David Moffat [WW2] Timothy Moger [1st June 1917] Charles George Conradi Moncrieff [24th November 1916] Hubert Moodycliffe [1st July 1916] John Mooney [26th August 1916] Andrew Richardson Moore [30th September 1918] Arthur Moore [23rd April 1918] Edgar Moore [16th March 1918] Edward Moore [11th October 1918] Harry Moore [23rd November 1940] Horace Moore [WW1] James Joseph Moore [WW1] John W. Moore [1st July 1916] John Binner Moore [8th June 1940] John Moore [WW1] Norman Kerr Moore [28th January 1916] Walter Moore [15th April 1918] William Harold Moore [11th August 1918] Reginald Cyril Moores [WW1] Dennis Moran [1st October 1944] Edward Albert Moran [10th February 1942] Frank Moran [7th January 1945] Gerard Moran [15th May 1941] Leo Moran [23rd May 1943] Patrick Moran [9th October 1917] Sylvester Moran [5th September 1945] Thomas Moran [27th September 1915] Harry Morby [20th July 1918] Harold Morgan [18th May 1917] Percy Morgan [10th August 1918] George Henry Moroney [10th April 1917] Thomas Moroney [3rd May 1917] A. Morris [3rd June 1918] Charles Stanley Morris [23rd April 1944] Edgar Morris [20th March 1916] Harold Morris [5th May 1915] Hedley Morris [WW1] Leonard James Morris [3rd April 1918] Harry Morrish [6th April 1917] Arthur Morrison [24th March 1918] G. Morrison [20th October 1918] James Morrison [14th February 1916] John Percy Morrison [25th April 1918] Albert Edward Mortimer [26th November 1914] Bobbie Mortimer [20th March 1945] Cyril Mortimer [WW2] Edward Frankland Mortimer [9th July 1943] James Mortimer [1st March 1916] John Cyril Mortimer [30th December 1917] Ethelbert Morton [11th July 1916] Harry Morton [16th May 1940] Joseph Morton [20th March 1917] Joseph Henry Morton [25th November 1941] Leonard Morton [20th September 1918] Percival Clare Morton [13th April 1918] Sam Morton [20th December 1915] Tom Morton [24th May 1915] William Morton [28th September 1917] Frederick Mosey [20th July 1918] Stanley Ryder Mosey [5th May 1943] Harry Mosley [WW1] Ernest Moss [27th May 1918] Ralph Sunderland Moss [16th August 1915] Tom Moss [15th October 1944] Harold Mossman [27th July 1943] John Frederick Most [24th May 1917] Horace Mottram [18th September 1918] Stanley Mottram [24th September 1918] George Mounsey [9th August 1917] John Graham Mowat [27th June 1917] William Henry Moxon [m.html#m1185] Norman Muff [19th October 1915] Hilda Mugglestone [9th November 1943] Herbert Muir [6th May 1915] Robert Edward Muir [9th August 1947] Mitchell Joseph Mulholland [23rd December 1917] Joseph Francis Mulroy [22nd October 1917] Thomas Bernard Mulroy [23rd January 1916] Bertie Munday [1st December 1916] Herbert Reginald Mundy [21st August 1918] Arthur Murdoch [15th February 1917] Alfred Tate Murgatroyd [26th April 1918] Ernest Murgatroyd [5th May 1915] Frank Murgatroyd [20th December 1915] Harold Murgatroyd [4th August 1916] Herbert Murgatroyd [11th April 1917] Jack Murgatroyd [11th February 1944] John Murgatroyd [3rd May 1917] Jonathan Murgatroyd [1st October 1917] Tom Walker Crabtree Murgatroyd [11th July 1944] James Stocks Murie [4th September 1916] J. T. Murphy [1948] James Murphy [15th April 1916] John Henry Murphy [7th June 1916] Nicholas Michael Murphy [4th September 1916] Thomas Murphy [23rd October 1918] Brian McBeath Murrell [30th May 1940] Thomas Murtagh [9th April 1917] Thomas Francis Musson [27th November 1917] Fred Thackray Myers [26th October 1917]

John Nairn [4th October 1916] Alfred Nash [17th October 1918] A. Naylor [WW1] Arthur Albert Naylor [27th October 1915] Arthur Naylor [11th December 1917] Gordon Naylor [18th September 1942] Harold Naylor [17th August 1916] Harold Naylor [2nd May 1917] Harry Naylor [2nd October 1916] Harry Willie Naylor [31st October 1915] Harry Naylor [30th December 1917] Herbert H. Naylor [26th November 1917] James Greenwood Naylor [27th November 1917] James Harold Naylor [29th July 1918] Job Leonard Naylor [14th September 1915] John Walter Naylor [17th June 1940] Lewis Naylor [9th April 1917] Ratcliffe Naylor [30th July 1944] Reginald Naylor [18th July 1916] Robert Ernest Naylor [13th November 1918] Tom Close Naylor [7th June 1917] Fred Neatby [1st December 1917] Arthur Charles Needham [16th November 1916] Ernest Needham [20th September 1917] John Needham [13th August 1917] Richard Needham [12th November 1918] Thomas Needham [9th July 1916] Herbert Neil [8th September 1916] William Nelson [13th October 1914] Robert Nesbitt [WW2] John William Netherwood [19th December 1915] Arthur Nettleship [1st November 1914] Arnold Nettleton [13th April 1917] Eric Nettleton [20th August 1942] Ernest Nettleton [14th July 1944] James William Nettleton [10th December 1918] Saville Nettleton [13th March 1945] Carl Ernest Neumann [15th August 1918] Willie Nevison [30th September 1944] William H. Newbould [WW2] Herbert Newby [13th November 1916] Wilfred Abraham Newcomb [27th November 1917] John Albert Newell [28th February 1919] Reginald Lewis Newell [1st December 1941] Robert Newell [29th September 1918] John William Newham [5th June 1942] William Haley Newport [27th September 1916] Charles Newsome [1st July 1916] Charles Newsome [1st July 1916] Frank Newsome [11th November 1914] Harry Newsome [15th September 1916] Kenneth Newsome [30th October 1944] Norman Newsome [5th August 1917] Ralph Dickinson Newsome [10th June 1916] William Herbert Newsome [23rd August 1918] Harry Newton [30th September 1916] John Nichol [14th March 1945] Percy Ramsden Nichol [17th August 1915] Thomas Henry Nichol [2nd September 1918] William Edwin Nichol [27th April 1918] Alfred Nicholl [20th November 1918] Arnold Nicholl [18th July 1916] Arthur Nicholl [17th October 1917] Derek Nicholl [3rd January 1945] Donald William Nicholl [24th May 1941] Ernest Nicholl [9th May 1918] Ernest Hodgson Nicholl [21st March 1918] Frank Nicholl [7th August 1915] George Nicholl [4th October 1917] George Arthur Nicholl [2nd October 1942] Gilbert Thompson Nicholl [9th July 1916] Herbert Nicholl [27th September 1918] Herbert William Nicholl [19th September 1916] Joseph Nicholl [18th December 1916] William Nicholl [15th April 1918] Clement Nicholson [28th July 1917] Walter Nicholson [11th April 1918] John Nightingale [26th February 1917] John Nixon [5th October 1918] Arthur Noble [31st July 1917] Fred Noble [23rd May 1916] Harry Noble [29th January 1942] Herbert Noble [25th November 1917] John Noble [14th April 1918] Frederick May Nodder [14th August 1916] James Joseph Noone [22nd April 1915] John Norfolk [3rd May 1917] Ernest Normanton [13th May 1917] Frank Normanton [23rd March 1918] Herbert Henry Normanton [19th April 1917] James Henry Normanton [25th March 1944] Ronald Normanton [6th August 1944] Willie Normanton [25th April 1917] Willie Normanton [19th July 1916] Herbert Normington [WW1] Jack Normington [16th August 1944] Raymond H. Normington [25th March 1944] William Normington [6th November 1916] Lawrence Norminton [25th November 1917] Mark Norminton [15th August 1916] Leslie Norris [19th June 1944] Herbert Norrish [2nd November 1915] Allan North [5th May 1944] Herbert North [31st July 1917] Tom North [10th March 1915] Douglas Northrop [14th April 1941] Albert James Norton [13th December 1916] Hugh Neville Nugent [1st July 1919] Richard Nugent [6th April 1943] Halstead Nunn [15th July 1915] Barker Nuttall [13th July 1918] Edgar Nuttall [26th April 1918] Fred Nuttall [17th January 1943] James Nuttall [29th October 1914] James Nuttall [WW1] Joseph Naylor Nuttall [11th November 1914] Phyllis Nuttall [12th February 1944] Albert Henry Nutter [5th July 1916] David Edward Nutter [15th March 1944] James William Nutter [21st March 1918] George Arthur Nutting [18th April 1915] Arnold Nutton [10th October 1917] Arnold Nutton [10th October 1917] George Cyril Nutton [16th August 1917] Harry Nutton [22nd July 1918] Ronald Nutton [21st July 1943] Wilfred Nutton [29th November 1918] Willie Nutton [2nd September 1917]

Harry O'Brien [23rd August 1918] John William O'Brien [20th November 1917] John O'Brien [24th April 1917] John Barrie O'Brien [15th August 1940] Joseph O'Brien [11th September 1916] Harold John O'Connor [28th August 1942] Vincent O'Connor [12th August 1917] Vincent O'Connor [1st August 1943] William O'Donnell [12th October 1918] Patrick O'Hara [28th January 1917] Bernard O'Leary [2nd July 1940] James William Oade [19th September 1918] Fred Oakes [1st November 1918] Selwyn Oakes [3rd May 1917] Arthur E. Oates [9th October 1917] George Leslie Oates [21st March 1918] Harry Oates [3rd September 1918] Kenneth Oates [12th February 1944] Ronald Oates [21st August 1944] Squire Oates [17th May 1944] Walter Oates [4th November 1918] Joseph Steven Ockwell [28th August 1944] Edgar Oddy [3rd May 1917] Edgar Oddy [28th April 1917] Harry Oddy [8th September 1916] Harry Oddy [8th September 1916] Henry Richardson Oddy [20th September 1917] Joseph Oddy [21st July 1918] Willie Oddy [28th March 1918] Percy Odell [2nd July 1916] Albert Ogden [26th October 1917] Albert Ogden [24th June 1915] Arthur Ogden [14th November 1916] Christopher Ogden [27th August 1918] Clement Ogden [24th October 1915] Fred Ogden [7th July 1916] Harold Ogden [4th October 1917] Harry Ogden [8th August 1918] James Henry Ogden [10th October 1917] Jesse Ogden [3rd March 1919] John William Ogden [16th September 1916] John William Ogden [26th September 1917] John William Ogden [26th May 1918] John William Ogden [15th July 1917] Percy Ogden [12th April 1917] Willie Ogden [2nd November 1917] John Okey [10th September 1918] Allan Oldfield [13th February 1916] Arthur Oldfield [9th July 1917] Edgar Oldfield [10th July 1917] George Oldfield [27th May 1918] Jack Oldfield [29th June 1942] John Oldfield [6th September 1917] Gerald Oldroyd [15th June 1917] Herbert Oldroyd [7th August 1917] Norman Oldroyd [19th July 1943] Joseph William Oliver [20th July 1918] John Orilley [WW2] Basil John Orlebar [15th January 1915] Herbert Ormerod [22nd April 1920] Reginald Hanson Ormerod [9th February 1918] Vincent Ormerod [23rd April 1918] Walter Ormerod [4th November 1918] William Norman Ormerod [5th August 1918] Willie Ormerod [30th September 1916] Edwin Orr [25th January 1916] Geoffrey Osborn [24th April 1915] Walter Wilmott Osborn [2nd June 1917] Walter Wilmott Osborn [2nd June 1917] Geoffrey Osborne [24th April 1915] Jack Osbourne [22nd April 1943] Alan Ostler [16th September 1918] Thomas Ostler [7th June 1917] Kenneth Oswin [17th October 1944] Reverdy Carriborne Otley [5th October 1946] Ernest Owen [WW1] J. Owen [WW1] Harry Stanley Peter Oxley [13th October 1917] Walter Samuel Oxley [13th October 1917]

Alfred Packwood [17th October 1915] Thomas Padden [17th November 1917] George Padley [WW1] William Henry George Rayner Page [7th December 1915] Arthur Elvis Painter [7th October 1917] Fred Paley [WW1] John James Paley [25th February 1917] Joseph Edward Palfreeman [22nd March 1941] Wilfred Palfreeman [30th July 1916] Hubert Palfreyman [6th September 1917] Hedley Palmer [18th August 1916] Herbert Pamment [20th October 1918] Abel Parfitt [25th May 1918] Charles Robert Park [6th October 1915] Herbert Park [10th April 1944] John A. Park [WW1] Leonard Park [21st April 1944] Ambrose Parker [24th April 1917] David Parker [8th March 1919] Edmund Shuttleworth Parker [19th December 1915] Felix Parker [3rd May 1918] Francis Parker [3rd September 1916] Frank Parker [WW1] George Parker [5th December 1916] H. Parker [10th October 1918] Jim Parker [11th October 1918] John William Parker [26th September 1917] N. Parker [WW1] R. D. Parker [WW1] Ronald Parker [6th March 1944] Tom Parker [27th July 1917] Wallace Parker [10th April 1918] Walter Parker [15th July 1916] Lewis Horace Parkin [17th August 1916] Richard Parkin [3rd May 1917] David Fortune Parkinson [27th February 1945] Ernest Parkinson [WW2] H. Parkinson [WW1] Joseph Parkinson [7th June 1917] Lance Parkinson [7th October 1917] Samuel Parkinson [14th September 1916] Walter Parkinson [7th June 1915] Younger Sykes Parkinson [10th March 1915] Irvine Parr [20th November 1917] Charles Parrish [20th October 1917] Thomas Parrott [8th June 1917] Ifor Parry [17th June 1943] Fred Patchett [4th November 1918] John Patchett [25th April 1918] Hugh Paterson [24th February 1915] William Paton [15th October 1918] Fred Patrick [8th February 1919] Harry Patrick [WW1] Arthur Payne [17th May 1919] Ernest Payne [2nd February 1918] George Payne [3rd September 1916] Herbert Peacock [13th October 1918] Herbert John Pearce [13th September 1916] Kenneth Pearce [26th February 1943] James Pearsall [15th September 1916] Allen Pearson [15th September 1916] Ambrose Pearson [19th December 1915] Arnold Pearson [6th June 1944] Arthur Pearson [WW1] Edgar Vincent Pearson [7th October 1916] Eric Sapho Pearson [22nd November 1940] Ernest Pearson [18th September 1918] Fred Alwyn Pearson [12th March 1943] Harold Pearson [22nd May 1918] James Arthur Pearson [14th May 1917] Samuel Pearson [29th September 1918] Samuel Pearson [18th November 1918] T. H. Pearson [29th July 1916] William John Pearson [26th February 1917] William Pearson [9th August 1915] William Alfred Pearson [10th February 1915] Charles Peckett [4th April 1917] Clarence Eastwood Peel [21st September 1917] R. Peel [WW1] Robert Henry Peel [30th April 1917] Robert Peel [17th December 1917] William Peel [WW1] Frank Pemberton [17th January 1944] John Joseph Pendle [21st April 1947] Albert Penney [14th September 1917] James Penrith [WW1] Robert Clement Perks [27th October 1918] John Perrin [7th October 1916] Alfred David Perry [11th October 1918] Herbert Perry [25th January 1915] Arthur Person [17th February 1919] Albert Petch [9th August 1915] John Henry Petch [20th May 1941] Francis Frank Pettitt [26th April 1918] Arthur Edgar Petty [4th November 1916] Eric Bateman Petty [23rd March 1918] Eric Phillips [18th September 1944] James Phillips [27th October 1918] John Phillips [8th May 1915] John William Phillips [30th October 1918] Clifford Pickard [16th April 1917] Frederick Pickard [3rd September 1916] John Pickard [WW1] Charles Edward Pickering [18th October 1918] Emperor Pickersgill [9th August 1918] John Pickersgill [19th February 1944] John Pickersgill [12th April 1918] Andrew Pickles [31st March 1918] Angus Pickles [11th October 1918] Archie Jeffrey Pickles [18th October 1916] Arnold Thomas Pickles [30th November 1917] Arthur Rowland Pickles [8th October 1916] Benny Pickles [6th April 1918] C. Pickles [WW1] David Arthur Cyril Pickles [26th April 1918] Donald Pickles [8th July 1944] Frank Pickles [28th May 1917] Fred Pickles [28th November 1917] Fred Pickles [7th August 1915] Geoffrey Pickles [7th July 1944] George Albert Pickles [4th June 1916] George William Pickles [3rd June 1943] George Pickles [24th June 1916] Harry Pickles [30th April 1918] Harry Pickles [9th April 1918] James Pickles [5th November 1916] John Norris Pickles [16th August 1917] John Henry Pickles [18th November 1918] John Gladstone Pickles [26th October 1917] Joseph Wilkinson Pickles [10th July 1917] Lionel Pickles [9th January 1918] Robert Pickles [3rd September 1918] William Pickles [22nd April 1900] James Pickup [3rd September 1916] Harold Pilling [6th September 1917] Harold Dixon Pilling [6th September 1917] Harold Dixon Pilling [6th September 1917] Harold Pilling [29th November 1916] Herbert Pilling [2nd August 1916] James Pilling [21st August 1915] James Pilling [21st August 1915] John Pilling [25th April 1918] Leonard Pilling [14th July 1918] Norman Pilling [13th September 1917] Ronald Pilling [17th January 1917] Samuel Edwin Pinder [4th October 1918] Tom Pinder [16th March 1917] Tom Pinder [16th March 1917] Robert Pitcher [4th October 1917] Harry Howard Place [1st March 1919] Cyril Platt [26th September 1916] Joseph Platt [20th November 1916] Bernard Riley Plews [5th May 1915] Harold Turner Plews [31st March 1918] Reginald Peel Pohlmann [5th February 1918] Albert Pollard [19th December 1941] Herbert Edward Pollard [26th June 1917] James Pollard [5th June 1916] Leonard Pollard [4th December 1916] Percy Pollard [12th November 1918] Walter Pollard [19th March 1915] J. Pollitt [10th November 1918] John Robert Pool [12th July 1916] Albert Poole [1st May 1918] Edwin Poole [17th December 1944] George Harry Poole [25th February 1917] John Robert Poole [12th July 1916] Wilfred Popple [25th August 1918] Clifford Porter [30th November 1914] Stephen William Porteus [30th September 1916] Richard Potter [25th September 1915] Fred Potts [11th August 1917] Joseph Potts [7th August 1915] John Poulton [WW1] Ernest Poutney [20th July 1918] Charles Powell [30th October 1944] Charles Powell [20th October 1944] Edward Gordon Powell [26th November 1918] Eric Nash Powell [25th April 1944] Godfrey George Powell [7th August 1915] Roger Powell [29th March 1918] W. Arthur Powell [WW1] Richard Pownall [2nd June 1915] Gilbert Pratt [16th June 1917] Frank Pressgrave [WW2] John Presswood [1st October 1916] Harold Gordon Price [18th March 1944] Harry Price [21st September 1918] Sidney Price [3rd October 1918] John Edgar Prickett [29th April 1915] Albert Priestley [2nd June 1916] Angelo Priestley [2nd July 1917] Benjamin Priestley [9th September 1917] Clement Priestley [14th July 1915] Edgar Watkin Priestley [8th October 1918] Edmund J. Priestley [5th June 1917] Eli Garnett Priestley [24th April 1918] Farrar Priestley [3rd September 1916] Frank Priestley [19th September 1917] Harry Priestley [22nd October 1917] Herbert Priestley [19th July 1918] Ira Priestley [3rd October 1915] John Priestley [1st July 1916] Lewis Priestley [4th May 1917] Norman Priestley [31st March 1919] Tom Priestley [21st February 1915] Vincent Priestley [WW1] Wilbert Priestley [25th April 1940] Wilfred Priestley [28th April 1917] Willie Jagger Priestley [7th November 1915] Harry Victor Prince [7th March 1942] A. E. Prior [WW1] G. Pritchard [WW1] Herbert Shackleton Proctor [22nd November 1915] Edward Prout [23rd November 1917] Arthur Prynn [9th June 1920] Clement Pugh [20th October 1915] G. Pugh [WW1] Arthur Pullan [3rd May 1917] Cuthbert Pulman [21st March 1918] Frederick Wilborough Pulman [7th August 1915] John Edgar Pulman [6th June 1916] C. Pursglove [WW2] Herbert Pybus [27th March 1918] Walter Pybus [4th April 1916]

Albert Erwin Quarmby [8th October 1917] Lewis Quarmby [28th July 1918] Harold Quest [3rd November 1916] Lewis Quick [24th April 1943] Cecil Quigley [8th June 1940] Bartholomew Quinn [14th April 1917] Eamonn Quinn [WW2] Patrick Joseph Quinn [11th October 1944] Thomas Quinn [25th March 1916] Thomas Quinn [28th December 1915]

Jack Raby [29th March 1946] Sam Raby [7th July 1916] Thomas Charles Raby [9th April 1918] Edgar Radcliffe [16th June 1915] Frank Radcliffe [WW1] J. W. Radford [WW1] Thomas Raine [WW1] Thomas William Hitching Raisbeck [16th October 1918] Arthur Ramsden [13th December 1940] Arthur Ramsden [18th September 1944] Clara Ramsden [28th December 1918] Edward Ramsden [WW1] Edward Ramsden [WW1] Elkanah Ramsden [6th August 1917] Emsley Ramsden [15th September 1916] Ernest Ramsden [4th November 1916] James Ramsden [25th August 1917] James Ramsden [23rd February 1918] James Frederick Ramsden [23rd July 1916] Robert Ingersoll Ramsden [26th August 1918] Tom Ramsden [15th April 1918] Willie Ramsden [27th October 1916] William Randolph [15th April 1917] John T. Raney [WW1] Arthur Rangeley [10th November 1915] C. V. Rastrick [WW1] Clement Rastrick [4th March 1919] Harold Ratcliff [29th June 1946] Abraham Ratcliffe [19th December 1915] Albert Ratcliffe [WW1] Gibson Ratcliffe [22nd September 1914] Joe Ratcliffe [24th March 1917] John Ratcliffe [WW1] Norman Ratcliffe [4th June 1918] Sidney Ratcliffe [8th May 1917] Walter Ratcliffe [WW1] William Ratcliffe [19th November 1944] Willie Ratcliffe [WW1] Joshua Henry Ratlidge [14th November 1917] Zia Ratlidge [26th March 1918] Charlie Raven [19th June 1918] George Frederick Raven [25th November 1917] John Willie Rawling [27th November 1917] Albert Rawnsley [29th September 1918] Arthur Rawnsley [3rd November 1916] Brian Rawnsley [18th April 1917] Charles Rawnsley [27th October 1914] Charles Edward Rawnsley [15th August 1917] Fred Rawnsley [30th April 1918] Fred Rawnsley [24th August 1918] George Rawnsley [WW1] Gerald Rawnsley [22nd January 1917] Harrison Rawnsley [11th April 1918] Herbert Rawnsley [15th September 1916] Horatio Rawnsley [7th June 1917] Joe Rawnsley [24th July 1917] Frank Rawson [21st August 1918] Hugh Wyatt Hay Rawson [15th November 1916] James Rawson [10th January 1918] Reginald Bertram Rawson [16th November 1914] Richard Rawson [28th September 1916] Edward Lloyd Rayner [8th October 1918] Eric Bottomley Rayner [17th October 1918] Isaac Rayner [23rd December 1918] Joseph Rayner [22nd June 1915] Joe Raynor [22nd June 1915] C. Read [WW1] William Howard Reader [30th July 1916] Charles Reading [20th December 1915] Tom Readyhough [29th September 1916] Samuel Reckless [10th December 1941] Ernest Redfearn [9th October 1917] Goldthorp Harvey Redfearn [1st April 1918] John Alfred Redick [27th July 1916] Claud Redman [WW2] Claude Stansfield Redman [30th October 1917] Claude Stansfield Redman [30th October 1917] Ethelbert Redman [10th March 1918] James William Redman [14th December 1917] James William Redman [14th December 1917] Percy Redman [WW1] Peter Redmond [12th September 1944] Duke  Lionel Reed [21st August 1915] Charles Henry Reekes [7th October 1915] Francis Edward Rees [23rd August 1918] Harry Charles Reeves [24th August 1916] Tom Reeves [10th April 1918] Charles Dennis Regan [10th August 1942] Alec Reid [29th November 1944] Alexander Reid [21st October 1944] David Colin Reid [27th May 1940] Donald Reid [6th June 1944] Duke Reid [WW1] James Reid [1943] John Frederick Reid [3rd May 1917] John Reilly [7th January 1943] William Reneham [2nd March 1916] Albert Reynolds [12th November 1916] Aloysius Reynolds [14th October 1917] Edwin Reynolds [WW1] Herbert Reynolds [26th September 1917] John Francis Reynolds [5th December 1942] Lewis Mawson Reynolds [11th April 1918] Tom Rheeder [16th January 1946] Harold Whitaker Rhodes [11th April 1917] Herbert Rhodes [19th April 1917] Leonard Rhodes [1st February 1944] M. Rhodes [WW1] Norris Rhodes [29th October 1917] Sam Rhodes [14th October 1917] Claude Richards [13th October 1918] Ernest Richards [10th April 1918] George William Richards [20th August 1944] Guy Neville Richards [16th June 1917] Thomas Ewing Richards [13th April 1944] Arthur Richardson [31st May 1916] Eric Leslie Richardson [18th May 1915] Frank Richardson [19th July 1916] Frank Richardson [21st August 1944] Herbert Donald Richardson [3rd May 1917] John Valentine Richardson [8th June 1918] Thomas Rowland Richardson [24th October 1916] Thomas Richardson [WW1] Clarence Richmond [8th November 1918] Frank Richmond [17th July 1942] Walter Richmond [9th July 1917] William Guy Rickard [22nd March 1918] Thomas Arthur Ridehalgh [25th July 1917] Herbert Rider [3rd May 1941] John Earnshaw Rider [26th April 1916] Alfred Normington Ridge [21st February 1917] Robert Stanley Ridout [7th June 1944] Jack Rielly [WW2] C. Rieves [WW1] Samuel Rigg [3rd July 1918] Alfred Riley [11th April 1945] Arnold Royston Riley [29th September 1916] Arthur Hitchen Riley [18th September 1918] Arthur Hanson Riley [18th February 1940] Arthur Riley [1st July 1916] Benjamin Riley [24th November 1918] Clarence Riley [2nd September 1918] Clement Riley [10th April 1918] Clifford Riley [12th April 1918] Fred Riley [16th February 1917] George William Riley [12th December 1917] Harry S. Riley [3rd May 1917] Herbert Riley [1st September 1918] Herbert Lewis Riley [4th November 1918] Herbert Lawson Riley [22nd September 1914] James Trevor Riley [3rd September 1916] Joe Riley [3rd September 1916] John E. Riley [WW1] Lewis Riley [11th November 1916] Norman Riley [14th May 1917] Samuel Edwin Riley [7th May 1916] Thomas Riley [10th October 1917] Willie Riley [3rd May 1917] Willie Riley [24th September 1918] Fred Ripley [23rd July 1917] Arthur James Ritchie [14th November 1916] James Roach [15th December 1915] John Edward Roach [6th April 1918] Michael Roach [18th December 1914] Arthur Stanley Roberts [10th October 1917] Arthur Edward Roberts [14th May 1918] Cyril Ainley Roberts [25th April 1918] Cyril Roberts [18th March 1944] Fred Roberts [27th September 1915] Gerard Chipchase Roberts [8th June 1916] Leonard Ernest Roberts [19th December 1915] Thomas Roberts [24th February 1944] William Roberts [26th March 1918] William Roberts [9th October 1917] A. Robertshaw [WW1] Albert Hope Robertshaw [16th August 1941] Charles Herbert Robertshaw [21st May 1918] Cyril Robertshaw [26th August 1917] Frank Robertshaw [WW2] Fred Robertshaw [18th October 1916] Fred Robertshaw [21st November 1917] George Wilfred Robertshaw [24th February 1915] James Robertshaw [21st November 1917] John Wilson Robertshaw [23rd October 1918] John Robertshaw [11th February 1945] Joseph Robertshaw [24th February 1944] Joseph Robertshaw [24th February 1944] Lawrence J. Robertshaw [21st October 1916] Milfred Robertshaw [9th April 1917] Richard Robertshaw [18th February 1919] Roland Robertshaw [25th April 1917] Rowland Robertshaw [25th April 1917] Stanley Robertshaw [4th September 1944] Wilfred Robertshaw [26th October 1917] Charlie Robertson [3rd May 1917] Hugh John Trafford David Robertson [11th July 1944] Joseph Robey [15th November 1918] Ellis Robins [22nd July 1918] Harry Granville Robins [16th November 1914] Alfred Robinson [9th October 1917] Angus Robinson [12th April 1918] Eric Leslie Robinson [23rd May 1917] G. Robinson [8th December 1916] George Robinson [21st September 1916] George Robinson [19th December 1915] Harry Robinson [17th June 1944] Herbert Robinson [14th March 1917] Joseph Robinson [4th October 1917] Joseph Robinson [21st June 1918] Kinninmont Robinson [21st June 1917] Philip Robinson [12th March 1942] R. H. Robinson [3rd October 1917] Richard Robinson [10th November 1914] Robert Harold Robinson [3rd October 1917] T. Robinson [WW1] William Henry Robinson [3rd May 1917] William Henry Robinson [11th July 1917] William Robinson [9th August 1915] Clifford Robson [26th October 1941] Lawrence Robson [22nd September 1916] James Roche [WW1] Thomas Rochford [14th October 1917] William Rock [17th March 1917] Herbert Orril Rodgers [1st June 1941] Arthur Hugh Roebuck [23rd September 1918] Fred Roebuck [17th March 1919] Stanley Alfred Albert Roff [22nd June 1941] James Henry Rogan [17th July 1916] Cecil Rogers [14th October 1917] Cyril Rogers [24th April 1944] Denis Rogers [7th August 1915] Ernest Rogers [11th October 1918] Charles Goulding Rogerson [13th November 1945] George William Rohrer [5th May 1917] Fred Rook [15th August 1918] Richard Rooke [WW1] John Richard Rooks [7th April 1917] Ben Roper [29th April 1918] Ronald Percy Roper [28th April 1917] Ronald Percy Roper [28th April 1917] Harry Rose [18th April 1915] Enoch Ross [18th January 1943] John Ross [30th August 1918] John Ross [23rd October 1918] Arthur Rostron [21st October 1917] Arthur Rothery [11th September 1918] Cyril Rothery [16th October 1915] Samuel Rothery [28th August 1918] Clifford Holt Rothwell [10th August 1917] Gerald Holt Rothwell [15th September 1916] Gerald Holt Rothwell [15th September 1916] John Thomas Rothwell [3rd May 1917] Arthur Dewhirst Roulson [4th December 1943] William Rowan [5th May 1915] Samuel Rowe [14th September 1914] J. W. Rowlands [WW2] Charles Rowley [12th April 1918] Sam Royals [3rd September 1916] Arthur Royds [4th May 1918] Ronald Royston [24th April 1944] Edward Ruane [10th January 1915] George Ruddlesden [20th July 1918] James Edward Ruddy [3rd May 1917] John Ruddy [20th November 1917] John Rudman [WW1] George Ruff [30th January 1917] Edward Thomas Ruffle [2nd October 1915] Harold Herman Ruhe [9th April 1917] Clement Rukin [24th July 1917] John Rukin [25th October 1917] John Herbert Rukin [13th December 1916] Frank Rule [WW1] John William Rushforth [24th March 1918] John Henry Hope Rushton [13th October 1918] John Henry Rushton [13th October 1918] Walter Hubert Rushton [21st April 1944] Walter Hubert Rushton [21st April 1944] Allan Rushworth [24th August 1918] Arthur Rushworth [17th August 1916] Clement Rushworth [16th November 1943] Herbert Rushworth [1st July 1916] Jonas William Rushworth [3rd September 1916] Ralph Rushworth [22nd May 1916] Tom Rushworth [7th May 1917] Wilfred Rushworth [30th October 1917] Albert Russell [2nd April 1944] Ernest A. Russell [WW2] George Rutherford [3rd September 1916] Ambrose Ryan [16th November 1916] Bertram Ryan [10th November 1942] William Frederick Ryan [19th March 1918] Arthur Ryder [29th March 1917] Oliver Ryder [13th November 1914] Lionel Derrick Rymer [5th July 1942]

Robert Alfred Sadler [2nd November 1914] Manuel Saiz [16th October 1942] Arthur F. Salcombe [2nd July 1917] Harry Salmons [1st April 1918] John Salts [10th May 1944] Bryan Samples [10th June 1917] John Samples [1st May 1940] John Sanderson [26th March 1918] Sydney Sandiford [24th July 1917] George Sansom [18th March 1915] Joseph William Satchwell [4th November 1918] Keay Saunders [29th May 1918] Terence James Savage [27th April 1942] Henry Thomas Sawford [25th February 1945] Fred Greenwood Scales [28th January 1941] Gerald Scarborough [12th September 1918] James Harold Scarborough [16th May 1915] Norman F. Scarborough [WW1] James William Scarff [11th October 1918] John Edward Scargill [13th June 1917] William Scargill [23rd November 1917] Alexander Schofield [15th October 1918] Arthur Schofield [30th August 1916] Edward Schofield [9th July 1916] Harry Schofield [27th September 1915] Harry Hanson Schofield [26th September 1915] Harry Schofield [13th September 1918] Herbert Schofield [7th January 1917] Kaye Schofield [26th July 1917] N. Schofield [WW1] Sam Schofield [20th September 1918] Thomas Schofield [3rd December 1917] Arthur Hoyle Scholefield [18th May 1917] Herbert Scholefield [11th April 1918] Herbert Scholefield [11th April 1918] Albert Bloomer Scholey [20th February 1943] Arthur Scholfield [17th June 1940] Frank Scholfield [6th September 1917] Joseph Rothery Scholfield [2nd January 1918] George Henry Scotford [10th July 1916] Arnold Scott [31st May 1916] Bryce Gilbert Scott [21st March 1918] Elijah Scott [15th August 1915] Ernest B. Scott [WW1] George Scott [6th November 1914] Herbert Scott [2nd November 1916] J. Scott [3rd May 1917] James Alexander Scott [10th August 1918] Norris Scott [10th October 1917] Percy Scott [22nd October 1914] Percy Scott [5th June 1917] Raymond Scott [3rd June 1917] Ronald Scott [10th September 1947] Arthur Scratcherd [10th February 1918] Cyril Scratcherd [12th September 1918] Edgar Scratcherd [28th April 1917] Albert Seal [6th September 1917] Herbert Seaman [19th July 1916] Alexander Adam Seaton [4th September 1915] James Alfred Seccombe [2nd March 1915] Clifford Seddon [23rd July 1918] Fred Sedgwick [21st July 1918] Harry Sedgwick [29th March 1918] Arthur Seed [18th November 1916] John Richard Seed [29th April 1918] John Richard Seed [29th April 1918] Leonard Tetley Seed [28th July 1918] Bertie Charles Seekings [2nd September 1916] Albert Sellars [30th September 1914] John William Sellars [26th April 1918] Tom Sellars [20th May 1915] Frank Sellers [21st September 1944] Harry Sellers [21st July 1944] Hiram Senior [2nd August 1916] Maurice Hilton Senior [27th September 1943] Sam Senior [26th April 1918] Ingham Sennett [9th September 1916] James A. Sennett [12th September 1915] George Edward Servant [1st October 1918] John Sladdin Servant [10th December 1917] William Servant [4th August 1916] Wilfred Settle [22nd August 1918] Edward Sewed [29th August 1920] Albert Shackleton [1st April 1917] Ernest Shackleton [26th July 1944] Harold Sands Shackleton [26th August 1918] James Shackleton [7th April 1917] James Sutcliffe Shackleton [16th April 1917] Joe Hirst Shackleton [1st May 1917] John Thomas Shackleton [21st September 1918] John Shackleton [24th March 1918] John Shackleton [3rd September 1916] Ronald Shackleton [14th April 1918] Thomas William Shackleton [27th August 1917] Patrick Shannon [26th September 1916] James Sharkey [20th November 1916] Alfred Sharman [14th December 1915] Robert Sharman [31st July 1917] Edward Raymond Sharp [16th March 1943] Ernest Sharp [18th April 1915] Frank Sharp [19th August 1915] Fred Sharp [29th January 1917] Fred Sharp [27th November 1917] Harold Sharp [2nd June 1917] Richard Sharp [10th August 1915] Tom Sharp [21st September 1917] Wilfred Sharp [WW1] William Sharp [17th October 1916] William Henry Sharp [20th March 1918] Willie Sharp [20th September 1917] Edgar Sharpe [24th March 1917] Tom Sharpe [21st September 1917] Willie Sharpe [WW1] A. Shaw [8th October 1918] Albert Edward Shaw [26th August 1915] Albert Shaw [20th September 1914] Alec Shaw [23rd July 1944] Alexander Morton Shaw [10th April 1918] Arthur Shaw [16th October 1917] Arthur Shaw [3rd September 1916] Arthur Shaw [8th July 1918] Arthur Shaw [21st April 1944] Arthur Shaw [12th September 1944] Charles Richard Shaw [11th April 1918] Charles Peter Shaw [27th August 1942] Eli Walker Shaw [18th September 1918] Ernest Shaw [8th August 1915] Fred Shaw [WW1] George Albert Shaw [14th April 1918] George Wilfred Shaw [10th February 1917] H. Shaw [WW1] Harold Shaw [9th August 1915] Harry Shaw [21st June 1920] Harry Shaw [29th June 1944] Henry Lewis Shaw [26th July 1917] Herbert Andrew Shaw [15th April 1918] Herbert Shaw [WW1] Horace Shaw [3rd September 1916] Jack Shaw [12th July 1947] James Pearson Shaw [5th June 1916] James Shaw [25th September 1916] James Herbert Shaw [12th July 1917] James William Shaw [22nd March 1918] Joah Harry Shaw [23rd March 1918] Joe Shaw [1st July 1916] John Shaw [28th February 1918] John Hanson Shaw [18th July 1915] Joseph William Shaw [8th October 1916] Joshua Harold Shaw [1st May 1918] Newton Marsden Shaw [2nd October 1918] Percy Allen Shaw [9th August 1917] Robert Shaw [14th October 1917] Ronald Shaw [20th December 1915] Samuel Esdaile Shaw [23rd December 1916] Sykes Shaw [11th July 1917] Trevor Shaw [12th April 1918] Wilfred Shaw [19th December 1915] William Shaw [25th September 1915] William Shaw [30th September 1915] William Shaw [8th May 1918] Henry Edward Shea [25th June 1944] Frank Sheard [20th August 1916] James Schofield Sheard [18th February 1917] James Schofield Sheard [18th February 1917] James Sheard [WW1] John Smith Sheard [2nd September 1918] John William Sheard [16th February 1918] Maurice John Sheard [23rd April 1917] John Francis Sheedy [4th April 1943] Charles Sheehan [12th March 1919] William Henry Sheehan [30th July 1916] William Sheehan [WW1] James Denis Sheeran [17th November 1943] John Shelley [3rd September 1916] John Shelley [9th May 1940] William James Shenton [30th December 1919] Albert Shepherd [15th June 1918] Albert Shepherd [15th September 1916] Daniel Shepherd [7th August 1918] David Dunwell Shepherd [26th February 1919] Frank Shepherd [23rd February 1915] Irvine Shepherd [12th May 1917] John Shepherd [14th August 1942] John Shepherd [8th July 1943] Richard Edward Shepherd [9th October 1917] George Wilfred Shepley [12th October 1917] F. N. Sheriden [1st October 1917] Walter Shield [18th September 1918] Frederick Cecil Shindler [3rd May 1917] Roy Shingler [7th November 1944] Fred Shipley [4th April 1915] Arnold Shoesmith [27th July 1918] George Shoesmith [11th April 1918] Joseph Arthur Shoesmith [28th June 1944] Fred Shooter [10th April 1916] James Robert Shooter [1st July 1916] James Shooter [WW1] Joseph Albert Shooter [19th December 1915] Charles Shoreman [19th December 1915] Harry George Spencer Short [22nd September 1916] Alvin Shuttleworth [1st July 1916] Harry Shuttleworth [26th May 1918] James William Shuttleworth [24th August 1917] Robert John Shuttleworth [14th February 1919] Douglas Hamblett Siddall [11th April 1918] Robert Selwyn Siddall [6th June 1918] Roland Woolfall Siddall [14th April 1918] Tom Burwell Silkstone [16th August 1917] Geoffrey Silverwood [30th October 1944] John Silvester [2nd July 1944] Frederick John Simcock [30th October 1914] William Henry Simkin [15th September 1916] Albert Edward Simms [12th October 1918] George Herbert Simms [13th March 1918] Alfred Simpson [22nd October 1917] Archibald Simpson [29th November 1917] Clement Simpson [9th April 1917] Edgar Simpson [2nd November 1918] Edward Simpson [28th March 1917] Francis Simpson [29th September 1918] Frank Simpson [6th December 1915] Granville Simpson [4th June 1918] Henry Simpson [WW1] Thomas Parr Simpson [16th November 1918] W. H. Simpson [WW1] Walter Leslie Simpson [24th August 1942] William Allison Simpson [14th April 1918] John Goodwin Singlehurst [25th November 1917] William Edward Singleton [WW1] Albert Edward Skelton [15th September 1916] Arthur Skelton [27th September 1918] Hubert Skelton [28th October 1916] Leslie G. Skelton [WW2] Thomas Skelton [23rd October 1916] Thomas Skelton [23rd October 1916] William Daniel Skelton [30th November 1917] William Daniel Skelton [30th November 1917] Willie Skelton [21st November 1917] John Willie Skitmore [12th October 1916] Edwin Arnold Sladdin [31st March 1916] John Sladdin [10th February 1917] Charles Edward Slade [18th April 1918] Dixon Slater [31st May 1916] George Frederick Slater [20th March 1945] Harry Slater [4th October 1917] James Daniel Slater [2nd October 1941] Joe Clegg Slater [4th October 1917] Percy Slater [14th June 1916] Sam Leslie Slater [9th October 1920] U. Slater [WW1] Ernest Slinger [3rd September 1916] Edward Sloan [WW1] Peter Sloan [2nd May 1917] James Smallwood [1st August 1917] Percy Smallwood [1st October 1918] A. Smith [9th April 1917] Abraham Smith [6th March 1917] Albert Smith [9th January 1918] Albert Smith [22nd March 1918] Albert Smith [19th April 1944] Albert Smith [1st June 1916] Alfred Smith [30th January 1945] Alfred Smith [20th July 1918] Allan Smith [1st October 1917] Amos Smith [17th March 1917] Arnold Smith [29th September 1916] Arthur Smith [18th June 1917] Arthur Smith [31st May 1916] Arthur Whittey Smith [9th June 1940] Arthur Smith [21st September 1943] Arthur Smith [26th September 1918] Arthur Smith [22nd March 1918] Bernard Smith [11th October 1918] Bertie Edgerton Smith [13th October 1917] Charles Smith [8th June 1917] Charles Hazelhurst Smith [24th September 1918] Charles Smith [26th May 1918] Charlie Smith [9th November 1918] Clement Smith [20th July 1918] Clifford Minchin Smith [24th April 1915] Daniel Smith [3rd August 1916] Duncan Smith [28th April 1918] Edgar Smith [5th July 1917] Edgar Smith [30th August 1944] Edgar Smith [5th November 1918] Edward C. Smith [WW1] Edwin Smith [27th November 1917] Ephraim Smith [20th September 1916] Eric Smith [5th October 1944] Ernest Smith [24th August 1917] Ernest Smith [27th November 1917] Ernest Smith [24th May 1917] Ernest Hirst Smith [12th April 1919] Ernest Smith [2nd December 1917] Frank Smith [12th July 1916] Frank Smith [24th August 1921] Fred Smith [12th October 1918] Fred Smith [6th May 1917] Fred Smith [12th October 1916] Fred Smith [25th September 1917] Fred Smith [17th May 1918] Fred Smith [25th July 1915] Frederick Smith [6th December 1943] G. Smith [WW2] G. A. Smith [25th April 1917] Geoffrey Smith [15th May 1943] George Alexander Smith [16th September 1914] George Vincent Smith [31st July 1917] Harry Owen Smith [26th March 1917] Harry Smith [9th June 1917] Harry Smith [3rd May 1917] Harry Smith [29th September 1918] Harry Smith [28th September 1918] Harry Christopher Smith [20th October 1917] Harry Smith [1st July 1916] Herbert John Smith [27th November 1917] Herbert Smith [8th June 1917] Horace Dawson Vincent Smith [2nd November 1917] J. Smith [WW1] J. W. Smith [13th February 1916] Jack Smith [20th December 1915] Jack Smith [20th March 1918] James Daniel Smith [3rd September 1916] James Smith [4th October 1915] James William Smith [26th July 1918] John Thomas Smith [5th August 1918] John Smith [21st May 1916] John Smith [25th September 1916] John William Smith [13th February 1916] John William Smith [31st August 1918] John William Smith [6th March 1947] John Wilfred Smith [9th July 1943] John H. Smith [WW1] John William Smith [28th March 1918] John R. Smith [WW1] Joseph Smith [20th March 1918] Joseph Smith [17th April 1941] Joseph Smith [8th July 1916] Joshua Harold Smith [12th August 1915] Kenneth Smith [21st May 1940] Leonard Smith [WW1] Leonard Smith [29th November 1918] Leslie Ambrose Smith [8th March 1917] Lewis Smith [12th November 1916] Louis Smith [19th July 1917] M. Smith [WW1] Norman Smith [WW1] Raby Smith [12th April 1918] Robert Henry Smith [24th December 1915] Robert Philip Smith [30th June 1942] Samuel Smith [24th August 1915] Samuel Smith [8th May 1917] Sidney Smith [30th March 1944] Stanley Smith [27th November 1917] Thomas Smith [7th July 1916] Thomas A. Smith [WW2] Walter Bennett Smith [4th October 1918] Walter Smith [31st December 1942] Wilfred Smith [13th June 1917] Wilfred Smith [28th November 1918] William Smith [19th December 1915] William Baines Smith [18th April 1915] William Fielding Smith [28th August 1917] William Frank Smith [27th March 1918] William Henry Smith [23rd April 1917] William Henry Smith [12th October 1918] William Henry Smith [3rd May 1917] William Smith [7th August 1915] Willie Smith [19th December 1915] Willie Smith [4th June 1915] Willie Smith [25th July 1917] Jack Smithies [31st July 1944] Norman Wharton Smithies [2nd October 1920] James Smorthit [24th February 1944] J. Snape [27th June 1944] Bertie Colley Snell [1st November 1917] George Albert Snowden [5th October 1942] Walter Snowden [26th October 1917] C. A. Snowdon [WW2] Cecil Solomon [25th October 1918] James Alfred Sonley [25th November 1919] Herbert Soothill [26th June 1918] George South [25th April 1918] Herbert Southern [16th October 1915] James Henry Southern [23rd January 1917] Walter Southern [21st December 1940] Ernest Southwell [24th August 1918] Fred Southwell [25th August 1918] Fred Southwell [11th October 1918] Harold Barstow Southwell [14th August 1915] Herbert Southwell [WW1] Hubert Coningsby Southwell [12th February 1943] William Wilfred Southwell [12th June 1942] William Henry Southwell [3rd May 1917] Willie Southwell [4th October 1917] George Sowden [10th April 1917] James Sowden [8th April 1915] Herbert Speak [20th November 1917] John Hubert Speak [5th November 1916] Peter Speak [10th February 1917] Trevor Speak [30th November 1944] Clifford Speight [12th February 1919] George Speight [23rd September 1917] George Edwin Speight [9th April 1917] Harold Speight [17th June 1943] Louisa Speight [8th January 1920] Harry Spence [9th June 1917] Herbert Spence [WW1] R. Spence [WW1] Walter Spence [15th April 1918] William Spence [3rd September 1914] Alfred Gorton Spencer [28th July 1918] Jesse Spencer [20th November 1917] John Spencer [25th April 1918] Kenneth Spencer [14th October 1941] Kenneth Spencer [5th May 1944] Thomas Knight Spencer [24th August 1918] Tom Spencer [14th September 1918] Wilford Spencer [30th April 1915] William Herbert Spencer [WW1] Eric Evan Spicer [28th March 1918] Arthur Spink [15th September 1918] Farrar Spink [17th April 1918] Lewis Spink [18th August 1919] Harold Spoxley [WW1] P. Stafford [WW1] Richard Stafford [20th October 1916] William Henry Stancliffe [23rd September 1917] William Henry Stancliffe [23rd September 1917] Maurice Crowther Standeven [13th August 1915] Thomas Gilbert Standing [7th July 1942] John Ward Standish [23rd August 1943] Robert Henry Stanger [20th July 1918] William George Stannard [9th July 1918] Alan F. Stansfield [WW2] Albert Stansfield [21st October 1917] Albert Edward Stansfield [7th August 1915] Arthur Stansfield [14th May 1944] Ernest Stansfield [8th October 1916] Fred Stansfield [10th September 1918] Fred Stansfield [5th May 1915] Fred Stansfield [4th August 1917] George Stansfield [7th April 1945] George Dickson Stansfield [28th August 1916] Herbert Stansfield [31st July 1917] James Stansfield [9th April 1917] John William Stansfield [27th August 1918] John William Stansfield [9th September 1918] Joseph Stansfield [28th April 1917] Richard Henry Stansfield [15th June 1917] Robert Stansfield [21st March 1918] Thomas Stansfield [26th May 1917] Uttley Stansfield [1st July 1916] William Ingham Stansfield [30th August 1918] William Stansfield [12th October 1916] Wilson Stansfield [30th August 1917] James Stanton [19th December 1915] James L. Stanton [1st July 1915] Frederick Stapleford [18th August 1946] David Stapleton [10th May 1940] Cameron Stapp [6th June 1942] A. Starke [WW1] Frederick John Starkie [7th June 1919] John Starkie [8th August 1915] Archibald Stead [23rd December 1914] Arthur Stead [17th June 1940] Edmund Stead [25th September 1915] Frank Stead [WW1] Frederick Arthur Stead [7th June 1917] Gilbert Stead [20th May 1918] John Stead [23rd April 1917] Joseph Stead [4th January 1918] Lewis Stead [17th April 1917] William Hargreaves Stead [19th August 1917] John William Steel [6th November 1917] William John Steel [24th July 1917] Harold Steele [22nd June 1918] Jack Steele [8th September 1944] Leonard Steele [3rd September 1916] Robert Steele [6th May 1917] John William Stell [23rd March 1918] William Stell [6th November 1917] George Anthony Stenhouse [20th September 1917] Tom Stenson [27th September 1918] Raymond Thomas Stephen [29th July 1944] Alfred Stephenson [7th May 1918] Fred Stephenson [28th March 1918] George Stephenson [15th September 1916] George Stephenson [1st July 1916] Harry Stephenson [4th July 1916] James W. Stephenson [WW1] John Thomas Stephenson [14th November 1916] Arthur Varley Sternwhite [9th October 1917] Milton Stevens [7th July 1916] Richard Michael Stevens [11th April 1945] Wilfred Edward Stevens [14th July 1917] William Hosking Stevenson [24th October 1916] Walter Edward Steward [15th November 1942] Edwin Stewart [25th July 1944] John Arthur Stewart [3rd November 1915] Meynell Merrington Stewart [23rd October 1943] Frank Stirk [1st October 1940] Ernest Stirzaker [24th April 1917] Arthur Stocks [9th January 1918] Arthur Hudson Stocks [26th July 1940] Harold Stocks [9th April 1917] John Percy Stocks [17th February 1917] Michael George Stocks [24th November 1914] N. Stocks [WW1] Robinson Stocks [23rd November 1917] Thomas Henry Stocks [18th September 1916] Thomas Stocks [25th September 1916] William Henry Stocks [28th March 1918] Benjamin Walter Stockton [3rd May 1917] Reginald Stockton [28th January 1941] Ernest Stockwell [8th May 1918] Albert Stoker [22nd April 1918] Ellis Stonehewer [15th September 1916] Alvara Storey [3rd September 1916] Harold Storey [16th October 1944] Allan Stork [20th November 1916] Allan Stork [20th November 1916] Albert Stott [22nd September 1918] Arthur Stott [1st June 1916] Charles Clifford Stott [13th October 1919] Clarence William Stott [18th June 1915] Cyril Stott [1st April 1945] Fielden Stott [9th April 1917] Frank Gordon Stott [11th July 1916] Frank Reynard Stott [27th July 1918] Fred Stott [12th June 1942] Fred Stott [12th June 1942] George Stott [4th July 1916] Gilbert Stott [3rd May 1917] Harry Stott [6th July 1916] Jack Stott [20th January 1944] James Edward Stott [10th October 1918] John William Stott [25th July 1917] Leonard James Stott [12th October 1944] Thomas Alexander Stott [8th January 1942] William Charles Herbert Ernest Stott [29th September 1918] Fred Stringer [WW1] Joseph Harry Stuart [22nd September 1918] Alfred Stubbs [17th April 1918] Frank Stubbs [2nd September 1916] Joseph Stubbs [31st December 1945] Walter Cecil Ewart Stubbs [2nd November 1918] Roy Stuttard [10th April 1940] Aaron Sucksmith [4th September 1916] Leonard Sucksmith [23rd November 1920] Walter Sucksmith [8th December 1916] Tom Suddick [10th October 1917] Arnold Sugden [22nd November 1916] Ernest Sugden [22nd November 1917] John Garside Sugden [21st March 1918] Peter Goldthorp Sugden [16th May 1943] Smith Driver Sugden [3rd September 1916] Tom Sugden [17th September 1916] William Sugden [20th September 1917] Jeremiah Sullivan [27th November 1917] William Sullivan [17th April 1918] Charles Summerscales [12th July 1917] Harry Summerscales [14th July 1916] Tom Summerscales [9th April 1917] Alfred Joseph Elton Sunderland [31st July 1917] Alfred Sunderland [22nd May 1917] Alfred B. Sunderland [WW1] Alvah Sunderland [4th August 1917] Archibald Sunderland [16th August 1917] Charles Edward Sunderland [1st May 1918] Clarence Ingham Sunderland [1st July 1916] Edwin Sunderland [WW1] Ernest Wilfred Sunderland [24th October 1918] Frank Sunderland [4th July 1916] George Sunderland [25th September 1918] Giles Sunderland [12th October 1916] James Henry Sunderland [17th November 1918] James William Sunderland [26th August 1918] John W. Sunderland [WW1] Joseph Sunderland [10th November 1917] Joseph Edwin Sunderland [20th July 1916] Lord  Sunderland [1st October 1917] Nelson Sunderland [18th July 1915] Peter Graham Sunderland [28th May 1944] Tom Sunderland [28th June 1917] Tom Sunderland [WW1] Wilbert Sunderland [18th September 1919] John Edward Sunners [10th June 1941] John Surtees [2nd November 1914] Albert Sutcliffe [29th September 1917] Albert Sutcliffe [24th April 1917] Arnold Sutcliffe [23rd October 1915] Arnold Sutcliffe [29th September 1918] Arnold Sutcliffe [27th March 1918] Arthur Sutcliffe [29th November 1918] Arthur Sutcliffe [27th March 1945] Clement Arthington Sutcliffe [14th July 1919] Clifford H. Sutcliffe [31st July 1920] David Wilfred Sutcliffe [12th April 1918] Dick Sutcliffe [9th August 1916] Edgar Sutcliffe [9th June 1917] Edward Sutcliffe [WW1] Ellis Sutcliffe [30th August 1918] Francis Sutcliffe [24th September 1915] Frank Sutcliffe [1st July 1919] Frank Sutcliffe [19th July 1917] Frank Leslie Sutcliffe [30th January 1944] Frank Sutcliffe [WW1] Frank Sutcliffe [WW1] Frank Sutcliffe [WW1] Frank Sutcliffe [27th December 1918] Frank Sutcliffe [6th September 1917] Fred Sutcliffe [6th November 1914] Fred Sutcliffe [20th July 1918] Fred Sutcliffe [27th January 1945] Fred Sutcliffe [24th March 1918] Fred Sutcliffe [7th July 1916] Frederick William Sutcliffe [9th April 1917] George Mitchell Sutcliffe [21st October 1917] George Garnet Sutcliffe [15th May 1917] Granville Sutcliffe [1st May 1918] Greenwood Sutcliffe [20th July 1918] Harold Henry Sutcliffe [27th November 1917] Harry Sutcliffe [28th July 1916] Harry Sutcliffe [WW1] Harry Sutcliffe [WW2] Harry Sutcliffe [9th April 1918] Harry Sutcliffe [WW1] Helliwell Sutcliffe [4th September 1918] Henry Sutcliffe [8th November 1918] Herbert Sutcliffe [3rd September 1916] Herbert Ernest Sutcliffe [4th October 1916] Herbert Sutcliffe [6th February 1917] Herbert Sutcliffe [9th April 1917] Herbert Sutcliffe [23rd September 1918] Herbert Sutcliffe [16th October 1917] Herbert Sutcliffe [27th May 1918] Herbert Sutcliffe [14th August 1918] Herbert Sutcliffe [11th March 1917] Irvine Sutcliffe [13th July 1916] Jack Sutcliffe [24th March 1942] Jackson Sutcliffe [11th January 1915] James Henry Sutcliffe [4th October 1917] James Thomas Sutcliffe [9th April 1917] Joe Sutcliffe [27th March 1918] John Farrar Sutcliffe [20th August 1917] John Sutcliffe [30th March 1918] John Farrar Sutcliffe [18th September 1942] John Sutcliffe [24th August 1944] John Sutcliffe [WW2] John Sutcliffe [15th November 1919] Jonathan Sutcliffe [1st September 1917] Joseph William Sutcliffe [20th September 1917] Joseph Sutcliffe [2nd June 1917] Leonard Sutcliffe [3rd August 1916] Leonard Sutcliffe [25th August 1916] Lewis Sutcliffe [WW1] Milton Sutcliffe [27th October 1918] Norman Sutcliffe [4th April 1918] Oswald Sutcliffe [3rd November 1916] Robert Sutcliffe [5th July 1916] Robert Edgar Sutcliffe [4th May 1917] Ronald Sutcliffe [31st October 1945] Samuel Sutcliffe [22nd May 1918] Sarah Sutcliffe [9th March 1943] Thomas Sutcliffe [25th April 1918] Thomas William Sutcliffe [1st September 1918] Thomas Sutcliffe [28th August 1918] Thomas Walker Sutcliffe [1st June 1915] Thomas Henry Sutcliffe [17th September 1917] Tom Sutcliffe [WW1] Vine Sutcliffe [13th July 1916] W. Sutcliffe [19th October 1917] W. Sutcliffe [WW1] Walter Sutcliffe [18th October 1917] Wilfred Sutcliffe [WW1] William Sutcliffe [4th June 1915] William Sutcliffe [17th March 1917] William Richard Sutcliffe [19th August 1917] William Sutcliffe [5th June 1915] Willie Sutcliffe [11th November 1914] Willie Sutcliffe [22nd February 1919] Willie Sutcliffe [31st March 1918] William Sutherland [3rd November 1918] Charles Arthur Suthers [19th September 1918] Charles Arthur Suthers [19th September 1918] Frank Suthers [WW1] Robert Suthers [9th October 1917] Wilbert Suthers [26th March 1942] Garnet Suttle [3rd December 1916] Arthur Sutton [15th May 1918] George Sutton [WW1] Kenneth Sutton [4th March 1945] Eric Swain [18th February 1945] Charles William Swaine [23rd March 1918] Donald Swaine [WW1] Frank Edgar Swaine [29th December 1916] Thomas Swaine [1st November 1917] Ernest Swale [WW1] William Herbert Swale [31st October 1916] Leonard Swall [10th December 1917] Arthur Reginald Swallow [24th April 1917] Arthur Reginald Swallow [24th April 1917] Leonard Swallow [15th November 1916] Robert Swallow [29th October 1944] Sam Swallow [11th October 1918] Sam Swallow [11th October 1918] Turner Swallow [13th December 1916] Alfred Swan [10th July 1916] John William Swan [25th January 1940] Robert Swan [11th August 1917] Thomas Swan [25th September 1915] Albert Edward Swift [14th September 1916] Albert Edward Swift [14th September 1916] Herbert William Swift [8th November 1918] James Swift [9th October 1916] Patrick Swift [1st October 1915] W. F. Swift [WW1] William Hallewell Swire [3rd April 1943] Albert Sykes [WW1] Benjamin Sykes [1st August 1917] Edgar Sykes [31st January 1917] Edgar Sykes [31st January 1917] Edward Sykes [30th August 1918] Ernest Edward Sykes [3rd July 1916] F. A. Sykes [WW1] Frank Sykes [3rd May 1917] Fred Sykes [20th May 1941] George Sykes [28th June 1917] Harold Sykes [WW1] Horace Sykes [4th March 1919] J. Sykes [WW1] John Sykes [24th June 1917] John Sykes [18th June 1944] John William Sykes [22nd May 1917] John Coggin Sykes [21st March 1918] Lewis Sykes [18th August 1917] Nathan Sykes [1st September 1917] Percival Sykes [20th May 1917] Peter Roy Crompton Sykes [20th May 1943] Samuel Sykes [4th November 1916] Selwyn Sykes [12th February 1918] Thomas Sykes [2nd April 1915] Thompson Arthur Sykes [17th April 1918] Victor Ernest Sykes [9th June 1917] Wilfred Sykes [mms145.html#3] Willie Sykes [10th June 1916] Clifford Symons [26th April 1916] Frank Symons [28th June 1944]

Ronald James Tagg [18th August 1943] Bernard John Talbot [8th November 1914] Arthur Tamblin [6th June 1915] Percy Edmund Tamblin [18th February 1916] James Tansey [7th August 1916] Ben Targus [31st July 1917] Walter Tarn [7th February 1945] Alfred Tasker [26th April 1918] Arthur Stanley Tasker [2nd November 1917] Dennis Tasker [14th August 1943] Preston Tasker [1st October 1918] Benjamin James Tatham [23rd March 1918] Frank Tatham [13th October 1918] Harold Tatham [9th April 1918] William Tatham [13th June 1917] Arthur Tattersall [23rd October 1918] Harold Vernon Tattersall [10th February 1916] Herbert Gordon Tattersall [8th November 1944] James Henry Tattersall [24th April 1917] John James Tattersall [26th September 1917] Ernest Tattersfield [14th April 1918] Alan Gordon Taylor [10th September 1943] Arnold Taylor [29th August 1918] Arnold Raphael Taylor [27th October 1918] Arthur Taylor [13th June 1917] Arthur Gilbert Taylor [WW1] Berwin Taylor [31st August 1918] Charles Edgar Taylor [16th August 1916] Cyril Taylor [16th July 1944] Edgar Taylor [19th February 1917] Edgar Taylor [15th May 1918] Eric Taylor [22nd October 1918] Ernest Taylor [12th April 1918] Ernest Taylor [16th October 1915] Ezra Taylor [19th October 1916] Francis Laurie Taylor [WW1] Frank Taylor [20th March 1919] Frank Taylor [25th November 1917] Fred Stanley Taylor [15th April 1918] Fred Taylor [18th April 1944] Fred Taylor [25th April 1917] Fred Taylor [9th June 1917] George Taylor [8th November 1914] George Taylor [17th June 1943] H. Taylor [WW2] Harold Taylor [30th June 1918] Harold Taylor [6th September 1917] Harold Taylor [WW1] Harry Taylor [1st November 1918] Harry Taylor [10th April 1918] Harry Taylor [WW1] Harry Taylor [20th September 1942] Herbert Taylor [30th June 1917] Herbert Taylor [9th April 1918] J. Taylor [23rd November 1915] Jack Taylor [31st January 1942] James Taylor [3rd September 1916] James Edwin Taylor [2nd May 1945] James Henry Taylor [18th April 1915] Joe Taylor [23rd November 1915] John Wood Taylor [28th November 1917] John Taylor [1918] Joseph Edward Taylor [29th September 1918] Leslie Taylor [13th May 1946] Luther Taylor [25th May 1917] Percy Taylor [5th May 1915] Percy Taylor [20th November 1917] R. Taylor [WW2] Ratcliffe Taylor [12th October 1918] Robert Leslie Taylor [13th February 1917] Robert Norman Taylor [9th August 1916] Robert Taylor [6th May 1918] Sam Taylor [WW1] Sidney Taylor [8th October 1916] T. Taylor [WW1] Thomas Taylor [29th December 1916] Thomas William Taylor [28th March 1915] Thomas Taylor [9th April 1918] Thomas W. Taylor [WW1] Tom Taylor [29th June 1915] Tom Taylor [19th August 1918] Victor Taylor [12th May 1943] Wilfred Mallinson Taylor [30th November 1917] Wilfred Taylor [12th July 1916] William Bruce Taylor [17th April 1917] William Taylor [1st July 1920] William Henry Taylor [15th July 1916] George Teal [3rd September 1916] Lewis Fred Teal [17th May 1916] Herbert Teasdale [4th May 1918] Charles Tell [7th December 1914] Bertram Stanley Temperton [29th July 1916] Armitage Tempest [3rd September 1916] Ernest Ingham Tennant [13th August 1944] Thomas Tennant [25th December 1919] Harold Arthur Tetley [12th April 1918] Leslie Mellor Tetley [28th August 1942] Thomas Crawshaw Tetley [11th March 1918] Rowland George Thacker [WW2] Edgar Wallace Thickett [18th June 1944] Arthur Reginald Thomas [1st October 1917] Charles W. Thomas [15th May 1915] Cyril Wormald Thomas [21st September 1915] Dyson Thomas [12th November 1915] George Willie Thomas [3rd May 1917] George William Thomas [1st June 1918] H. Thomas [15th December 1917] Harold Thomas [1st August 1916] Harold Thomas [5th August 1917] Harry Thomas [15th December 1917] Herbert Thomas [2nd March 1916] James Gilbert Broadbent Thomas [18th June 1940] John Willie Thomas [19th February 1917] John William Thomas [WW2] Leslie Alan Thomas [31st October 1917] Maurice Thomas [21st November 1915] Nathan Thomas [19th July 1916] Norman Thomas [16th October 1943] Percy Thomas [12th October 1917] Robert Arnold Thomas [16th November 1918] W. Thomas [4th October 1918] Walter Thomas [10th September 1918] Walter Clay Thomas [28th January 1917] Walter Greenwood Thomas [14th April 1917] William Albert Thomas [5th May 1915] William Henry Thomas [16th January 1917] Cyril Thompson [WW1] E. Thompson [WW1] Ernest Thompson [1st July 1916] Ernest Samuel Wharton Thompson [29th September 1918] Ernest Thompson [13th February 1944] Frank Thompson [17th March 1945] Frederick David Thompson [19th December 1915] Frederick Ward Thompson [28th August 1917] George Armstrong Thompson [30th July 1917] Herbert Edward Thompson [3rd September 1916] Jack Thompson [14th July 1942] James Thompson [24th February 1915] John Arthur Thompson [7th March 1918] John William Thompson [23rd April 1918] John Thompson [7th February 1917] John Thompson [27th March 1942] John Henry Thompson [28th June 1915] L. Thompson [WW1] Selwyn Thompson [24th July 1944] Thomas Thompson [18th October 1918] Wallace Thompson [3rd May 1917] William Frank Thompson [10th June 1944] George Thompson Thorburn [31st August 1918] Harry Thorne [WW1] Arthur Thornton [25th January 1917] Arthur Thornton [20th September 1917] Donald Thornton [13th August 1915] Edgar Thornton [15th November 1915] Jack Thornton [17th December 1917] James Thornton [17th August 1916] Reginald Thornton [11th April 1918] Sam Thornton [17th October 1918] Sydney Thornton [21st September 1916] Willie Thornton [18th April 1918] Austin Thorp [30th October 1918] Austin Thorp [30th October 1918] John Thorp [1st March 1917] Thomas E. Thorp [WW2] Frank Helliwell Thorpe [10th October 1918] Fred Thorpe [8th April 1943] George Thorpe [13th May 1917] George Thorpe [13th May 1917] John William Thorpe [22nd March 1918] John Lewis Thorpe [1st October 1917] Nathan William Thorpe [3rd September 1916] Willie Thorpe [1st May 1916] Arthur Thoseby [23rd October 1916] James Henry Thoseby [3rd September 1916] Archie Throp [28th November 1917] Fred Tidswell [21st March 1917] Fred Tidswell [21st March 1917] Harry Tidswell [3rd May 1917] Herbert Bedford Tidswell [13th November 1916] Wilfred Tidswell [24th September 1917] Dennis Melville Tierney [24th December 1940] Harry Tiley [16th October 1915] John Ralph Tillotson [6th April 1918] George Alfred Tilton [21st May 1918] Louis F. Tinker [5th May 1915] Ronald Tiplady [3rd May 1917] James Edgar Tipping [20th March 1918] Cecil Charles Tisson [29th June 1944] Percy Todd [23rd September 1917] William Sutcliffe Todd [31st July 1917] Edward Tolan [8th November 1914] Percy John Tolley [21st August 1915] Vernon Stanley Tolley [16th October 1915] James Martin Tolson [20th October 1918] Robert Huntriss Tolson [1st July 1916] Sydney Tolson [12th December 1942] Charles William Tomlinson [3rd September 1916] Eric Arthur Tongue [25th February 1944] Ernest Toothill [24th September 1917] Kenneth Hutley Toothill [15th September 1941] Leonard Tootill [4th October 1918] Richard Stanley Topham [10th March 1944] Norman Tordoff [31st January 1918] Robert Tose [23rd March 1916] Frank Tout [WW1] James Towey [17th May 1944] Albert Town [13th October 1918] John Milton Town [22nd May 1918] West Town [3rd July 1916] Albert Edward Townley [1st June 1916] George Richardson Townsend [11th March 1917] Henry Vickerman Townsend [31st May 1916] Henry Vickerman Townsend [31st May 1916] John Townsend [18th October 1915] John Robinson Townsend [18th September 1917] Arthur Townsley [5th May 1915] George William Trafford [12th September 1944] Hugh Price Travers [7th August 1915] Hugh Mortimer Travers [8th November 1914] Oswald Edward Meader Travis [23rd February 1942] Patrick Traynor [3rd September 1916] John Tregellas [18th October 1944] Ernest Trewartha [19th December 1915] James Trippier [15th August 1916] Harry Trollope [26th October 1917] John Trueman [16th September 1916] Arthur Tucker [WW2] Tom Ewart Tuley [24th October 1918] Louis Turban [1944] A. Turner [WW1] Albert Turner [16th April 1918] Albert Turner [5th May 1941] Charles Percy Turner [3rd May 1917] Hanson Victor Turner [7th June 1944] Harold Turner [17th August 1918] Harold Turner [25th May 1915] Harry Turner [29th July 1918] J. Turner [17th June 1920] James William Turner [22nd July 1918] John Turner [25th January 1916] John Turner [WW1] Jonathan Turner [12th May 1915] Lewis Turner [29th May 1918] Raymond Turner [8th February 1945] Ronald Turner [10th October 1944] Rowland Turner [17th November 1914] Sam Turner [9th June 1940] Sam Turner [16th January 1920] T. Turner [WW1] Thomas Hanson Turner [17th October 1918] Wilfred Turner [4th October 1940] Willie Turner [12th October 1917] John William Turpin [5th May 1915] George Turton [22nd March 1918] Ernest Turver [23rd May 1918] Harold Empsall Tyas [28th May 1943] George Tye [29th May 1918] John Wilson Tyson [17th March 1917]

George Henry Ulrich [11th April 1918] Herbert Unwin [6th May 1916] George Upfold [15th January 1944] Arnold Sutcliffe Uttley [24th March 1918] Arthur Uttley [4th July 1918] Clifford Uttley [6th May 1944] Fred Uttley [22nd April 1943] Graham Howard Uttley [14th September 1943] Harry Uttley [29th March 1918] Harry Uttley [WW1] Ingham Uttley [3rd September 1916] James Uttley [12th November 1916] John Uttley [1919] Samuel Uttley [3rd September 1916] W. Uttley [10th January 1916] Wilfred Uttley [19th January 1916] Willie Uttley [23rd August 1918]

William Randolph Valentine [26th March 1916] Harry Varley [19th October 1915] Herbert Varley [18th April 1918] Thomas Varley [3rd September 1916] Nora Varney [22nd November 1940] Frederick Horsfall Veal [3rd May 1917] Herbert Veal [7th January 1917] George Veevers [18th July 1915] Thomas Veevers [WW2] John Venables [13th June 1916] William Burt Verity [6th April 1918] Walter Vickerman [24th September 1944] Arthur Viney [3rd September 1916] James Henry Vowles [18th August 1916]

Ernest Wadd [30th July 1916] Frank Ewart Waddington [14th March 1947] John Alfred Waddington [5th September 1918] Ambrose Wade [5th June 1918] Amos Wade [17th September 1916] Ben Wade [19th June 1944] Frederick Albert Wade [19th December 1915] Gordon Stafford Wade [17th January 1945] Matthew Wade [17th July 1916] Raymond Lister Wade [17th June 1944] Stamper Plaskett Wade [1st November 1914] Thomas Wade [27th March 1918] W. H. G. Wade [WW1] William Ewart Gladstone Wade [26th November 1917] Willie Wade [19th April 1918] Arnold Wadsworth [18th July 1918] Arthur Wadsworth [27th November 1917] Arthur Wadsworth [4th June 1945] E. Wadsworth [WW1] George Wadsworth [WW1] Harold Victor Wadsworth [26th February 1918] Harold Wadsworth [1st July 1916] Harry Wadsworth [7th September 1916] Jack Wadsworth [4th October 1943] Jack Wadsworth [WW2] James Willie Wadsworth [1st September 1916] John Holroyd Wadsworth [7th February 1917] John Wadsworth [WW1] Joseph Wadsworth [11th October 1918] Joseph Wadsworth [5th December 1941] Percy Wadsworth [22nd March 1928] Sam Wadsworth [7th March 1918] Thomas Wadsworth [1st August 1918] Jack Wainhouse [13th April 1941] Harold Wainwright [17th December 1917] John Wainwright [1st November 1914] Gerald Waite [4th May 1943] William Herbert Waite [1st July 1916] James Edward Waites [9th April 1917] George Bruno Wakefield [10th March 1915] Rylatt Wakefield [13th April 1918] Frank Waldron [10th May 1942] Thomas Waldron [3rd May 1917] William Waldron [29th July 1944] John William Walkden [30th July 1916] Arthur Walker [3rd May 1917] Clarence Walker [31st May 1915] Frank Walker [19th December 1916] Frank Sherwin Walker [3rd April 1918] Fred Walker [3rd July 1916] Fred Walker [19th April 1917] Fred Walker [WW1] Fred Walker [WW1] Harold Walker [24th October 1918] Harry Walker [21st December 1915] Harry Walker [28th July 1917] Hugh Walker [29th August 1916] James Walker [15th December 1914] James Walker [4th July 1917] James Walker [8th August 1917] James Walker [8th August 1917] James Walker [WW1] John Walker [3rd May 1917] John Thomas Walker [8th September 1916] Joseph Walker [3rd May 1917] Norris Walker [6th July 1945] Percy Brown Walker [22nd March 1918] Philip Walker [WW2] Roland Walker [9th December 1915] Samuel Walker [25th April 1917] Samuel Walker [25th April 1917] Samuel Walker [16th June 1917] Saville Walker [1st October 1918] Thomas Henry Walker [21st October 1918] Walter Thomas Walker [7th July 1916] Walter Melnotte Walker [3rd May 1917] William Renford Walker [9th September 1916] William Edward Walker [21st February 1916] William Edwin Walker [21st February 1916] William Walker [23rd March 1946] Jackson Walkington [7th August 1943] Albert Wall [25th October 1916] Arthur Wall [3rd May 1917] Henry Norman Waller [3rd July 1917] William Walls [11th October 1917] Thomas Herbert Walmsley [17th March 1917] Thomas Richardson Walmsley [3rd December 1917] Arthur Garfield Walsh [8th April 1918] Arthur Walsh [25th April 1918] Clement Walsh [28th March 1918] Edward Walsh [13th October 1918] Edwin Walsh [3rd September 1916] Harry Walsh [11th January 1916] Jack Walsh [6th June 1918] James Walsh [WW1] James Walsh [WW2] Joe Walsh [27th November 1917] John Edmund Walsh [11th August 1917] Patrick Walsh [WW1] Peter Walsh [WW1] Rowland Walsh [10th June 1918] William Walsh [25th April 1918] William Arthur Walsh [28th December 1916] William Walsh [16th May 1915] Tom Walshaw [18th April 1918] Tom Walshaw [18th April 1918] Arthur Walton [1st July 1916] Bannister Walton [4th September 1918] David Leck Walton [27th November 1917] Frank Walton [16th October 1917] Harold Walton [20th October 1918] Harold Walton [10th June 1947] Harold Walton [12th March 1918] J. E. Walton [WW1] John Walton [30th September 1918] John Luther Walton [19th May 1916] Joseph Cyril Walton [29th April 1918] Julian Merrall Walton [21st May 1917] Mitchell Walton [5th September 1916] Ralph Walton [27th May 1918] Robert Walton [3rd December 1917] Shadrach Walton [16th May 1918] Wilbert Walton [1st July 1916] William Walton [9th February 1917] William Walton [29th September 1915] William Walton [9th February 1917] William Walton [8th August 1915] Alfred Ward [WW1] Cecil Ward [2nd April 1945] Eric Ward [19th August 1944] George Arthur Ward [25th October 1917] James Ward [24th November 1940] John Ward [12th October 1916] John Ward [13th August 1918] John Robert Ward [26th September 1917] John Henry Ward [15th December 1917] Joseph Ward [21st January 1919] Patrick Ward [12th February 1918] Patrick Ward [2nd May 1918] Rowland Wadsworth Ward [4th November 1918] Albert Wardle [21st March 1918] Albert Spray Wardley [10th April 1917] Harry Broadbent Warhurst [12th October 1918] Alan Waring [5th October 1942] Arthur James Waring [13th April 1941] Roger Bourne Wark [16th January 1942] Joseph Matthias Warne [3rd October 1918] Reginald Alexander John Warneford [17th June 1915] Walter Keymes Francis Goodall Warneford [14th July 1919] Donald Warner [18th September 1942] Robinson Warner [8th October 1918] Albert Warren [14th April 1942] John Bottomley Warren [3rd May 1917] John Edley Warren [20th January 1944] William Henry Warren [27th March 1918] Albert Warrington [15th April 1918] Benjamin Warrington [3rd May 1917] Frederick George Washington [25th August 1918] Harry Washington [16th June 1915] Lawrence Robert Washington [11th December 1919] Norman Waterhouse [1st July 1916] Charles Edward Waterman [17th August 1916] Edwin Waterworth [20th September 1917] Harry Carlton Waterworth [25th March 1918] Harry Watkin [21st October 1918] Leonard Watkinson [24th March 1918] Arthur Watson [22nd November 1940] Arthur Watson [20th July 1918] C. Watson [WW1] Clement Watson [1st October 1917] Fred Watson [8th May 1918] Fred Samuel Watson [27th September 1916] Fred Watson [8th November 1918] Harold Watson [9th October 1917] Harry Watson [12th August 1916] Henry Watson [21st December 1915] Jack Hill Watson [4th January 1943] Joseph Frederick Watson [2nd June 1917] Lewis Watson [28th June 1918] Raymond Watson [20th August 1945] Walter Irvine Ronald Watson [15th October 1917] David D. Watt [1919] Benjamin Waugh [8th June 1918] Walter Waygood [12th June 1917] William Ambler Wayman [14th August 1916] Harold Weatherell [14th October 1916] James Weatherhead [WW1] Norman George Webb [23rd August 1943] Kenneth Frederick Albert Webber [30th March 1945] Charles Edward Webster [7th June 1917] Edgar Webster [30th August 1918] George Webster [18th December 1940] Irvine Webster [29th October 1918] Jack Webster [2nd June 1941] John Webster [21st May 1919] Tom Dinsdale Webster [19th February 1917] William Ernest Webster [3rd September 1916] William Webster [8th September 1917] Thomas Weedon [5th May 1915] George Henry Welch [21st August 1917] Willie Wellock [30th August 1917] Edward Howey Wells [21st August 1918] G. Wells [WW1] Gilbert Wells [3rd May 1917] Isaac Wells [7th June 1917] John William Wells [WW2] E. Welsh [22nd October 1916] Donald West [1st August 1917] Donald West [1st August 1917] John Whalley [19th December 1941] Ernest Wilfred Wharton [5th May 1915] Wilfred Wharton [27th May 1944] James Henry Wharvell [31st March 1942] Willie Whatmough [3rd September 1916] Horace Milton Wheater [13th May 1917] Annie Wheatley [1st August 1919] Harry Maslen Wheelwright [23rd September 1918] Peter Whelan [30th June 1918] Arthur Whipp [9th April 1918] Roland Whipp [24th December 1915] Albert Whitaker [1919] Clement Whitaker [22nd September 1916] Dr Frederick Whitaker [28th October 1916] Fred Whitaker [31st October 1917] Frederick Whitaker [WW1] Harold Whitaker [13th May 1918] Harry Whitaker [20th November 1917] Harry Whitaker [1942] James Whitaker [3rd August 1917] Stanley Norman Whitaker [25th March 1918] Thomas Savile Whitaker [7th November 1915] Arthur Whitbread [2nd September 1916] Ernest White [21st August 1918] Frank White [29th March 1918] Frederick White [16th October 1917] Gerald White [12th December 1917] Harry White [13th July 1916] Harry White [13th July 1916] Hermon Wheater White [25th May 1918] John Bazley White [1940] Norman White [12th March 1944] Percy White [24th November 1916] Percy White [WW1] Stanley White [18th November 1943] Sylvester White [6th January 1918] William John White [31st May 1916] T. W. Whitehall [12th May 1918] Ammon Willis Whitehead [31st August 1915] Barry Whitehead [1st July 1944] Frederick Whitehead [26th August 1918] Frederick Whitehead [27th March 1943] Marshall Whitehead [20th September 1920] Wallace Whitehead [30th July 1918] Walter Kenyon Whitehead [20th September 1917] William Whitehead [23rd July 1916] Willie Whitehead [WW1] Albert Whiteley [3rd November 1944] Arnold Whiteley [30th September 1916] Arthur Whiteley [16th July 1917] Arthur Whiteley [30th March 1918] Arthur Hindle Carter Whiteley [31st August 1918] Asa Whiteley [30th April 1916] Benjamin Eric Whiteley [28th August 1918] Charles Henry Whiteley [3rd September 1916] Clifford Whiteley [15th September 1916] Clifford Whiteley [WW1] Cyril Whiteley [8th July 1916] Cyril Lawton Whiteley [27th May 1918] Cyril Whiteley [30th October 1918] Edgar Whiteley [12th August 1917] Edward Whiteley [25th August 1918] Edward Whiteley [25th August 1918] Frank Allison Whiteley [14th November 1918] Fred Whiteley [30th August 1918] Fred Aldham Whiteley [6th March 1945] George Albert Whiteley [7th September 1918] Harry Whiteley [14th July 1916] Ivo Whiteley [6th August 1918] Jack Whiteley [1st September 1942] Jack Lloyd Whiteley [17th September 1943] James Whiteley [17th July 1916] James Albert Whiteley [2nd November 1918] John Thomas Whiteley [15th April 1918] John Edward Whiteley [10th July 1916] Leonard Whiteley [25th April 1917] Lewis Brook Whiteley [29th May 1917] Lewis Whiteley [31st July 1915] Maurice Whiteley [9th April 1942] Oscar Milton Whiteley [31st October 1917] S. Whiteley [8th January 1944] Verney Brinton Whiteley [25th January 1917] Everard Greenhalgh Whiteside [4th January 1943] John Harold Whitham [26th November 1918] John Harold Whitham [26th November 1918] Harry Whitley [27th March 1918] Robert Whitley [3rd August 1944] Joseph Whitmore [20th July 1918] Clement Whittaker [9th October 1917] Maurice Whittaker [15th April 1918] Ernest Whitworth [28th May 1917] Harrop Whitworth [1st January 1919] James Whitworth [12th September 1944] James Whitworth [4th May 1917] John Nesbit Whitworth [31st May 1940] Norman Whitworth [23rd April 1917] William Whitworth [7th July 1916] Albert Widdop [5th July 1944] John Robert Widdup [16th April 1918] Wilfred Widdup [11th August 1917] Arnold Wilcock [13th February 1917] Arthur Wilcock [23rd November 1915] Arthur Wilcock [20th January 1918] Fred Wilcock [30th June 1918] Fred Wilcock [WW1] Harold Wilcock [23rd October 1918] Harold Wilcock [23rd October 1918] John Edward Wilcock [9th May 1917] Leonard Wilcock [20th July 1915] Marjorie Wilcock [1st September 1942] Wright Wilcock [24th August 1919] John Henry Wilcox [31st January 1916] Charles Harold Wild [20th December 1915] Francis Wild [28th August 1918] J. Wild [1st June 1917] Llewelyn Eric Aubrey Wild [5th September 1918] Lucy Ann Wild [22nd November 1940] Thomas William Wild [16th July 1916] William Arthur Wildblood [16th June 1917] Albert Wilde [18th March 1918] Albert Wilde [18th March 1918] Arthur Wilde [27th April 1917] Fred Wilde [17th April 1918] Fred Wilde [17th April 1918] Fred Wilde [20th April 1917] Fred Wilde [20th April 1917] James William Wilde [22nd October 1917] James William Wilde [22nd October 1917] Sam Wilde [23rd March 1918] William Henry Wilding [28th November 1918] Alec Crowther Wilkinson [1st November 1941] Alfred Rashdale Wilkinson [8th March 1919] Charles Wilkinson [18th April 1918] Ellis Wilkinson [1st April 1918] Ernest Wilkinson [WW1] Fred Wilkinson [WW1] George Wilkinson [11th March 1918] George William Wilkinson [24th September 1918] George Parker Wilkinson [12th December 1917] H. Wilkinson [WW1] Harold Wilkinson [25th January 1917] Hedley Vickers Wilkinson [30th November 1917] Herbert Wilkinson [9th April 1917] Herbert Wilkinson [30th September 1916] Herman Wilkinson [WW1] James Wilkinson [18th September 1917] James Wilkinson [29th August 1943] L. Wilkinson [18th June 1918] Raymond Wilkinson [4th January 1917] Ronald Wilkinson [21st March 1918] S. Wilkinson [WW1] Thomas Barker Wilkinson [11th April 1917] Wilbert Wilkinson [28th April 1917] Ernest Hartley Willan [22nd December 1916] Alfred Redman Willans [30th April 1941] Clement Willans [13th July 1917] Joseph Willett [30th April 1917] Norman Willey [2nd December 1918] Edward Williams [4th October 1916] Francis Littleton Williams [4th June 1915] Harry Williams [9th April 1917] John Williams [31st August 1918] John Robert Williams [16th May 1915] John Henry Williams [28th September 1918] Ralph Eustace Williams [28th June 1918] Christopher Robert Henry Williamson [4th August 1944] Fred Williamson [12th April 1918] William Williamson [7th June 1917] Ernest Willis [29th October 1916] Leonard Willis [11th April 1918] Albert Wills [21st July 1917] Eric Wilman [7th September 1940] Albert Wilson [29th September 1918] Alexander Greig Wilson [26th November 1914] Allan Wilson [23rd October 1943] Arthur Wilson [29th October 1916] Charles Henry Wilson [15th August 1916] Clarence Greig Wilson [10th December 1915] Ernest Norman Wilson [11th June 1916] Evelyn Edward Wilson [11th April 1917] Frank Wilson [9th August 1915] Fred Wilson [25th October 1917] George Spencer Wilson [3rd May 1917] George Shaw Wilson [31st March 1945] George Wilson [5th June 1918] Gilbert Wilson [15th April 1917] Harold Kershaw Wilson [26th April 1918] Herbert Wilson [19th September 1918] Hubert Wilson [2nd September 1916] Jack Wilson [30th April 1943] John Wilson [13th October 1917] Joseph Thomas Wilson [4th November 1918] Joseph Edgar Wilson [6th May 1918] Norman Wilson [18th October 1917] Percy Wilson [3rd November 1916] Raymond Wilson [26th November 1918] Ronald Edward Wilson [13th March 1916] Sam Wilson [3rd April 1918] Sam Wilson [27th August 1918] Sidney Wilson [4th June 1915] William Wilson [10th April 1918] Oswald Winard [25th August 1915] Harold Edmund Windle [13th September 1916] William Windross [12th October 1916] Arthur John Winearls [8th May 1915] Charles Edward Winearls [17th September 1916] Edward Winn [17th September 1917] Oswald Winnard [25th August 1915] Andrew Winter [WW1] Harold Douglas Winter [24th March 1918] Herbert Winterbottom [17th April 1918] Lewis Winterbottom [4th October 1917] John Henry Wogan [1st November 1914] Ernest Wolfenden [25th September 1915] Frank Wolfenden [25th October 1918] Fred Wolfenden [15th September 1918] Lawrence Wolfenden [24th October 1918] Leonard Wolfenden [7th February 1918] Louis Wolfenden [WW1] Wilfred Saunders Wolverson [3rd September 1916] Arthur Womack [1st October 1917] David Glendenning Womersley [9th October 1917] Ernest Womersley [31st August 1918] Harry Womersley [29th October 1917] Raymond Womersley [28th March 1918] Tom Womersley [22nd August 1916] Albert Wood [27th May 1918] Albert Edward Wood [31st July 1917] Arnold Wood [8th December 1917] Arthur Gordon Wood [18th September 1916] Bertram Wood [4th September 1916] Charles Wood [WW1] Charlie Wood [3rd September 1916] E. Wood [WW1] Edwin Wood [12th July 1917] Edwin Wood [19th July 1944] Ernest Wood [WW1] F. Harold Wood [WW1] F. Wood [WW1] Francis Hugh Wood [26th October 1942] Frank Wood [21st September 1944] Fred Wood [2nd October 1916] Frederick William Havelock Wood [3rd May 1917] Geoffrey Barrington Wood [30th July 1942] George Mount Wood [6th October 1916] George Wood [20th November 1917] George Wood [3rd May 1917] Harold John Thomas Wood [5th October 1918] Harry Wood [4th September 1918] Hector William Charles Wood [25th July 1942] Herbert Wood [WW1] Ivor Wood [9th March 1943] James Wood [11th October 1918] James Wood [12th April 1918] James Wood [20th January 1918] John Edward Wood [9th August 1915] Joseph Edward Wood [25th March 1918] Joseph Milton Wood [8th December 1941] Lawrence Wood [31st May 1916] Leonard Wood [26th September 1916] Percy Wood [14th April 1917] Samuel Wood [20th November 1916] Terence Albert Wood [10th August 1943] Thomas Wood [4th May 1917] Tom Wood [31st January 1916] Tom Wood [7th June 1917] Wilfred Wood [27th September 1918] Willie Wood [WW1] Frank Woodall [9th October 1917] George Alan Woodcock [2nd April 1945] Harold Woodcock [7th May 1944] Thomas Woodcock [WW2] Ambler Woodhead [30th August 1918] Benjamin Woodhead [17th September 1916] Frank Woodhead [3rd May 1917] Fred Woodhead [20th October 1915] Granville Woodhead [21st March 1942] Harry Woodhead [3rd September 1916] John William Woodhead [22nd November 1918] John Arthur Woodhead [24th March 1918] John Arthur Woodhead [25th July 1915] John W. Woodhead [19th April 1919] Joseph Woodhead [24th March 1918] H. Woodrow [WW1] Raymond Woodrow [21st April 1943] Willie Woodruff [29th August 1918] Albert Edward Woods [WW1] Harold Wooldridge [13th December 1916] John Wooler [15th August 1915] Norman Wooler [26th March 1918] John William Woolerton [18th February 1917] John Wooller [WW1] Wilfred Wootton [25th June 1944] George Charlie Worby [23rd April 1917] Edgar Wormald [1st November 1915] Harold Wormald [1st October 1918] William Henry Wormald [31st July 1918] Joseph Henry Worsley [29th October 1939] Roy Worsnop [2nd September 1918] Alfred Le N. Woury [WW2] Harry Wray [3rd May 1917] Frank Wressell [2nd August 1917] Percy Wressell [28th May 1917] Arthur William Wright [16th January 1918] Clement Wright [8th October 1917] Donald Wright [18th June 1943] Frank Wright [16th October 1915] Frederick Norman Wright [4th May 1917] Herbert Wright [11th August 1944] John William Wright [3rd May 1917] Leonard Wright [6th June 1915] Ralph Wright [4th August 1944] Sydney Paul Johnson Wright [21st March 1918] Walter Wright [23rd October 1916] Walter Wright [WW1] Thomas Wrightson [9th November 1916] Edward James Wyatt [23rd September 1916] George Frederick Wyer [1st June 1918] Edward Lester Wyld [29th December 1943] Herbert Wyld [3rd May 1917] William Wyman [22nd January 1917] James Wynn [4th November 1918]

Harry Yates [7th July 1916] Rufus Yates [3rd December 1917] Tom Yellow [13th April 1918] Arthur Young [1st September 1918] Ernest Young [3rd May 1917] Ernest Young [3rd May 1917] Rawdon Morris Young [11th August 1916] Thomas Young [7th October 1916] William Henry Yoxon [20th July 1917]

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