George Stocks

George Stocks was the son of John Stocks.

He enlisted at the Halifax District for the 14th Regiment of Foot [18th March 1874] and was paid £1 8/6d as a bounty for enlisting. He served with the 10th Brigade (1st 14th Foot regiment) for 6 years, including 2 years in India, and 1 year in Aden. He transferred to the Army Reserve [29th November 1880] and was paid £12 1/- in backpay and 5/- discharge money.

On 17th November 1881, under the alias of George Brown, he enlisted at Bradford, into the Royal Marines, No 2204, "A" Company. He was discharged at Walmer, Kent [29th May 1882] after selling his kit, and neglecting to tell of his previous Army service.

In July 1882, he enlisted under the alias of George Walker No 33662 to the Royal Artillery, Lancashire division, Liverpool. He was discharged With Ignominy [17th July 1882].

He enlisted with the 20th Hussars No 2212 under his real name, at Canterbury [31st October 1883]. On 4th January 1884, his previous service and discharge were discovered, at Ballincollig, Cork, Ireland. He was tried at a Court Martial in Cork [4th February 1884] and sentenced to suffer 5 years' Penal Servitude and this was commuted to 2 years. He was judged to be of indifferent character and was ignobly discharged [25th April 1884].

He was a worsted twister [1871]; a cab driver [1881]; a general labourer [1883].

On 30th November 1880, he married Agnes Mary Snow [1861-1913] from the Isle of Wight, at St Mary's Church, Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight.


  1. Frank
  2. Beatrice May [1883-1885]

Beatrice May died on the Isle of Wight. After her funeral in 1885, George disappeared and no subsequent records have yet been found.

Klifton Snow, great-great-grandson of George, has found a George Stott living in Wales on the 1901 and 1911 census returns. The writing of the signature looks very similar to that when he married Agnes.

On 1st October 1885, Agnes Snow Spinster married Edwin Palmer at the Isle of Wight Registry Office. She had obviously had enough of the feckless George.

The family lived at 30 Clarence Street, Halifax (lodgers with Henry McArtney) [1881]

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