... Buildings, Courts, Passages, Rows & Yards

There are a great many properties with names like Bairstow's Buildings, Clough's Court, Hanson's Passage, Richardson's Row Walker's Square and Nichol's Yard.

Many of these were slums and poorer housing from the 19th century, possibly built by a mill-owner for his workers. Later offices and administrative buildings were given similar names, such as Princess Buildings.

This Foldout collects some of these names

Abbot's Court, Halifax
Ackroyd's Yard, Halifax
Aked's Court, Halifax
Aked's Yard, Halifax
Aked's Yard, Halifax
Akroyd's Buildings, Halifax
Anne's Court, Southowram
Ashworth's Row, Halifax
Atkinson's Court, Halifax
Atkinson's Yard, Halifax

Back Brier's Court, Halifax
Bairstow's Buildings, Ovenden
Ball's Yard, Brighouse
Barratt's Buildings, Luddendenfoot
Barton's Yard, Brighouse
Bateman's Court, Halifax
Baume's Court, Halifax
Beaumont's Yard, Elland
Bell's Court, Halifax
Berry's Buildings, Ovenden
Berry's Court, Halifax
Boddy's Buildings, Halifax
Bottomley's Yard, Rastrick
Bower's Buildings, Ovenden
Bradley's Buildings, Halifax
Bradley's Court, Halifax
Braithwaite's Court, Halifax
Bray's Row, Halifax
Brearley's Yard, Halifax
Brier's Court, Halifax
Brier's Square, Halifax
Broadbent's Court, Halifax
Broadley's Yard, Brighouse
Brocker's Court, Halifax
Broker's Court, Halifax
Bromley's Buildings, Halifax
Bromley's Court, Halifax
Bromley's Yard, Halifax
Bryan's Court, Halifax
Bryar's Court, Halifax
Bunny's Buildings, Halifax
Burnett's Square, Halifax
Butcher's Row, Hebden Bridge

Calvert's Row, Illingworth
Chaffer's Court, Halifax
Cliffe's Buildings, Rastrick Common
Clough's Court, Halifax
Cockcroft's Buildings, Ovenden
Cockroft's Buildings, Halifax
Cockroft's Court, Halifax
Coe's Buildings, Halifax
Cooke's Yard, Sowerby Bridge
Cooper's Square, Halifax
Cordingley's Yard, Halifax
Corney's Buildings, Sowerby Bridge
Crabtree's Buildings, Halifax
Crabtree's Court, Halifax
Crabtree's Yard, Halifax
Cropley's Buildings, Ovenden
Cropper's Row, Halifax
Crossley's Buildings, Southowram

Davies's Court, Halifax
Davison's Court, Halifax
Davy's Court, Halifax
Davy's Yard, Halifax
Dawson's Court, Halifax
Dean's Buildings, Halifax
Dearden's Square, Halifax
Dearnley's Yard, Sowerby Bridge
Denion's Square, Halifax
Denton's Buildings, Siddal
Denton's Court, Halifax
Denton's Court, Halifax
Dewhirst's Buildings, Elland
Dewhirst's Buildings, Elland
Dobson's Yard, Elland
Durham's Yard, Brighouse

Ellett's Court, Halifax
Emmet's Court, Halifax

Farrar's Buildings, Halifax
Fawcett's Row, Halifax
Fenton's Court, Halifax
Firth's Buildings, Holmfield
Forester's Row, Stainland
Foster's Court, Halifax
Foster's Yard, Halifax

Gardener's Square, Halifax
Garnett's Yard, Halifax
Garth's Yard, Halifax
Gath's Court, Halifax
Gaukroger's Court, Halifax
Gibson's Buildings, Ovenden
Gilb's Court, Halifax
Gill's Court, Halifax
Gill's Passage, Halifax
Gledhill's Buildings, Greetland
Gledhill's Buildings, Halifax
Gray's Court, Halifax
Green's Court, Halifax
Green's Yard, Halifax
Greenwood's Buildings, Halifax

Haigh's Buildings, Halifax
Haigh's Court, Halifax
Haigh's Court, Halifax
Haigh's Yard, Halifax
Hainsworth's Court, Halifax
Halton's Yard, Halifax
Hanson's Court, Halifax
Hanson's Passage, Halifax
Hanson's Square, Halifax
Hardcastle's Buildings, Halifax
Hardcastle's Yard, Halifax
Harger's Yard, Halifax
Hartley's Court, Halifax
Hatter's Yard, Halifax
Helm's Yard, Sowerby Bridge
Hemingway's Buildings, Halifax
Hemingway's Row, Halifax
Hill's Buildings, Halifax
Hill's Yard, Halifax
Hill's Yard, Southowram
Hobson's Court, Halifax
Hodgson's Buildings, Boothtown
Hodgson's Square, Halifax
Hoey's Yard, Sowerby Bridge
Holdsworth's Buildings, Halifax
Hollin's Passage, Halifax
Hollin's Row, Greetland
Holmes's Buildings, Halifax
Holroyd's Buildings, Brighouse
Holroyd's Yard, Halifax
Holt's Buildings, Ovenden
Holt's Yard, Halifax
Hopkinson's Buildings, Ovenden
Horner's Buildings, Illingworth
Horsfall's Yard, Halifax
Horsfield's Buildings, Halifax
Howarth's Buildings, Halifax
Howson's Yard, Halifax
Hoyland's Passage, Halifax
Hoyle's Buildings, Halifax

Ingham's Buildings, Halifax
Ingham's Buildings, West Vale
Ingham's Court, Lee Mount

Jackson's Court, Halifax
Jackson's Yard, Halifax
Jackson's Yard, Halifax
Jagger's Buildings, Claremount
James's Court, Halifax
Jenkinson's Court, Halifax
Jones's Buildings, West Vale
Jowett's Row, Brighouse

Kaye's Buildings, Elland
Keighley's Yard, Halifax
Kelsey's Court, Pellon
Kelsey's Court, Shelf
Kershaw's Yard, Halifax
Kirby's Court, Ovenden
Kirby's Yard, Halifax
Kirk's Yard, Halifax

Lee's Buildings, Hipperholme
Lee's Yard, Hebden Bridge
Leyland's Buildings, Boothtown
Lister's Court, Halifax
Lister's Court, Halifax
Lister's Yard, Halifax
Lowe's Court, Halifax
Lower Emmett's Yard, Halifax
Lower Emmott's Court, Halifax
Lumb's Buildings, Elland

Mann's Buildings, Halifax
Martin's Court, Halifax
Marvel's Court, Halifax
Marvell's Court, Halifax
Mary's Court, Halifax
McClellan's Court, Halifax
McKnight's Buildings, Halifax
McLelland's Court, Halifax
Metcalf's Court, Halifax
Metcalfe's Court, Halifax
Milne's Yard, Brighouse
Mitchell's Buildings, Greetland
Moore's Yard, Halifax

Naylor's Buildings, Halifax
Nettleton's Court, Halifax
Nettleton's Yard, Brighouse
Nettleton's Yard, Salterhebble
Newell's Buildings, Todmorden
Nichol's Yard, Halifax
Nichol's Yard, Sowerby Bridge
Nicholl's Yard, Halifax
Nicholson's Court, Halifax
Normanton's Buildings, Soyland

Oates's Yard, Halifax
Oldfield's Yard, Ovenden
Ormerod's Yard, Brighouse
Otley's Court, Halifax

Painter's Court, Halifax
Painter's Court, Halifax
Parker's Square, Halifax
Parr's Buildings, Elland with Greetland
Paul's Yard, Halifax
Peacock's Yard, Halifax
Pearson's Buildings, Halifax
Peel's Court, Halifax
Pickles's Court, Todmorden
Pickles's Yard, Halifax
Pilling's Buildings, Boothtown
Pilling's Buildings, Greetland
Pinder's Yard, Halifax
Pollard's Court, Halifax
Priestley's Court, Halifax
Priestley's Court, Halifax
Prince Arthur's Buildings, Ripponden
Pullman's Buildings, Halifax
Pulman's Yard, Halifax
Pulman's Yard, Skircoat Green

Queen Anne's Square, Brighouse
Queen's Court, Halifax

Ramsden's Yard, Halifax
Rawson's Buildings, Ovenden
Rawson's Court, Halifax
Richardson's Court, Halifax
Richardson's Row, Southowram
Riley's Court, Halifax
Ripley's Buildings, Hipperholme

Saint Anne's Square, Sowerby Bridge
Saint David's Court, Halifax
Saint George's Square, Hebden Bridge
Saint George's Square, Lee Mount
Saint Giles's Court, Lightcliffe
Saint James's Court, Halifax
Saint James's Square, Northowram
Saint John's Yard, Halifax
Saint Matthew's Court, Northowram
Saint Peter's Square, Southowram
Saint Peter's Square, Sowerby
Saint Stephen's Court, Copley
Sayle's Row, Rastrick
Schofield's Buildings, West Vale
Schofield's Court, Halifax
Schofield's Yard, Brighouse
Scholefield's Yard, Brighouse
Schorah's Row, Brighouse
Scott's Buildings, Halifax
Scott's Row, Halifax
Senior's Buildings, Halifax
Senior's Buildings, Halifax
Sharp's Buildings, Halifax
Shaw's Court, Halifax
Shepperd's Buildings, Northowram
Shoesmith's Buildings, Salterhebble
Shoesmith's Buildings, Skircoat Green
Shoesmith's Yard, Halifax
Shoesmith's Yard, Halifax
Simm's Yard, Halifax
Smith's Buildings, Halifax
Smith's Buildings, Halifax
Smith's Court, Halifax
Smith's Yard, Halifax
Smithson's Row, Halifax
Spencer's Buildings, Halifax
Spencer's Court, Halifax
Spencer's Yard, Halifax
Stansfield's Court, Lee Mount
Stead's Yard, Halifax
Styring's Buildings, Halifax
Sugden's Yard, Elland
Sunderland's Yard, Halifax
Sutcliffe's Buildings, Southowram
Sutcliffe's Court, Lee Mount
Sutcliffe's Court, Southowram
Swallow's Buildings, Halifax
Swift's Yard, Halifax

Tasker's Yard, Halifax
Tatham's Court, Halifax
Tatham's Yard, Halifax
Taylor's Buildings, Halifax
Taylor's Court, Halifax
Taylor's Court, Halifax
Taylor's Yard, Halifax
Thompson's Buildings, Sowerby Bridge
Thompson's Yard, Halifax
Tillotson's Buildings, Luddendenfoot
Tordoff's Row, Halifax
Turner's Buildings, Boothtown
Turner's Court, Ovenden

Upper Ramsden's Yard, Halifax
Uttley's Buildings, Northowram
Uttley's Buildings, Skircoat Green
Uttley's Square, Ovenden

Waddington's Yard, Brighouse
Wadsworth's Buildings, Sowerby Bridge
Wadsworth's Yard, Halifax
Walker's Court, Halifax
Walker's Row, Halifax
Walker's Square, Rastrick
Walsh's Yard, Bolton Brow
Walton's Buildings, Ovenden
Walton's Court, Halifax
Walton's Yard, Halifax
Ward's Court, Halifax
Watson's Buildings, Halifax
Watson's Court, Halifax
Wavell's Yard, Halifax
Webb's Buildings, Halifax
Whewall's Court, Halifax
Whitaker's Buildings, Halifax
Whitehead's Buildings, Halifax
Whiteley's Yard, King Cross
Whitley's Buildings, Ovenden
Wild's Yard, Halifax
Wild's Yard, Halifax
Wilkinson's Yard, Halifax
Wilson's Buildings, Ovenden
Wilson's Court, Halifax
Wilson's Court, Ovenden
Wilson's Passage, Ovenden
Wilson's Yard, Halifax
Wilson's Yard, Halifax
Wilson's Yard, Halifax
Womersley's Buildings, Southowram
Womersley's Court, Halifax
Womersley's Passage, Halifax
Womersley's Yard, Halifax
Wood's Court, Halifax
Wood's Court, Sowerby Bridge
Wood's Yard, Ovenden
Woodhead's Row, Halifax
Wormald's Buildings, Halifax


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