Sowerby Bridge Local Board: Chairmen

The following men held the post of Chairman of the Sowerby Bridge Local Board

Name Elected Retired
Thomas Nicholl15th August 185615th April 1858
Frederick William Cronhelm15th April 185815th April 1860
Daniel Clay15th April 186015th April 1862
Henry Alexander Norris15th April 186215th April 1864
Dr William Elliott15th April 186415th April 1866
Joseph Greenwood15th April 186615th April 1867
Samuel Shepherd15th April 186715th April 1868
Joseph Walton Wallis15th April 186815th April 1869
James Wood15th April 186915th April 1871
John Naylor15th April 187115th April 1872
John Wood15th April 187215th April 1873
Joseph Greenwood15th April 187315th April 1874
Charles Greenwood15th April 187415th April 1875
Joseph Pollit15th April 187515th April 1876
John Smith15th April 187615th April 1877
Henry Hollinrake15th April 187715th April 1878
John Foster Clay15th April 187815th April 1879
Francis Ramsden15th April 187915th April 1881
Joseph Greenwood15th April 188115th April 1882
A. W. J. Norris15th April 188215th April 1884
William Wood15th April 188415th April 1886
Henry Siddall15th April 188615th April 1887
Frederic Jowett Scholefield15th April 188715th April 1888
Joseph Greenwood15th April 188815th April 1889
John Foster Clay15th April 188915th April 1890
Mark Wilcock15th April 189015th April 1891
John William Helm15th April 189115th April 1892
Joseph Greenwood15th April 189215th April 1893
William Wood15th April 189330th December 1894

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