Krumlin Methodist Chapel, Barkisland: Graves

This is a collection of Monumental Inscriptions from the Graveyard at Krumlin Methodist Chapel, Barkisland.

The KMC Numbers refer to the grave numbers on Alan Shaw's Plan of the Graveyard

This document was prepared from text kindly supplied by Alan Shaw from his CD Monumental Inscriptions in the Ripponden Area

KMC 101

In Loving Memory Of WILLIAM JAMES TAYLOR Died 21st Dec. 1944 aged 59 years.
Also SARAH HANNAH TAYLOR Beloved Wife of the Above Died 11th April 1957, aged 72 years.
"At Rest"

KMC 102

In Loving Memory of SAMUEL Beloved Husband of Louisa Darby, Died 3rd August 1946, aged 66 years.
Also the Above named LOUISA DARBY Died 29th September 1957, aged 76 years.
Also GEORGE ARTHUR Infant Son of the Above Died 28th April 1910 aged 8 months.
"The Lord is my shepherd"

KMC 103

In Loving Memory Of A dear mother TAMER WHITELEY who died 17th July 1940. Aged 84 years.
Also a dear father THOMAS WALSON WHITELEY who died 26th May 1923 aged 68 years
Love never faileth

KMC 108

In Loving Memory Of SARAH, the beloved wife of Zachariah Taylor, of Knowsley, Barkisland, who died August 5th 1915, in her 60th year.
Also the above ZACHARIAH TAYLOR who died September 16th 1922, aged 73 years.
"Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord."
Also ELLEN ANN SUTCLIFFE daughter of the above who died March 21st 1964, aged 80 years.
Also ELIZABETH HANNAH TAYLOR, daughter of the above who died January 22nd 1965, aged 82 years.

KMC 111

In Ever Loving Memory Of our beloved son CLARENCE FOSTER who passed away 20th Sep. 1944 aged 27 years.
Also OWEN FOSTER Father of the above who died 16th May 1971, aged 82 years.

KMC 114

In Loving Memory Of ELIZABETH (LIZZIE) the beloved wife of EDMUND F. SCHOFIELD Died Jan 17th 1941 aged 70 years.
Also the above EDMUND F. SCHOFIELD Died April 8th 1943, aged 70

KMC 115

In Loving Memory of ANNIE ELIZABETH the beloved wife of Samson Wadsworth who died Dec. 4th 1936 aged 52 years.
Also the above SAMSON WADSWORTH who died June 4th 1960, aged 78 years.
"At Rest"

KMC 116

In Loving Memory Of AUDREY, dearly beloved daughter of FRED & AGNES FAIRBANK who died November 1st 1946, aged 5 years
Also of the above FRED FAIRBANK who died August 6th 1963, aged 61 years.
Also AGNES, wife of the above who died October 22nd 1981, aged 78 years.

KMC 117

In Loving Memory Of A dear husband JACK WALKER died suddenly 29th June 1968 aged 62 years. So loved, so missed.
Also his beloved wife ELIZABETH BEATRICE Died 10th July 2002, aged 82 At Peace

KMC 201

At the head of the surround:
Sacred to the Memory of
On the north-west facet:
NELLIE WADSWORTH Called to Rest July 26th 1923 aged 17 years.
On the north-east facet:
ARTHUR WADSWORTH Called to Rest March 4th 1939 Aged 35 years.

KMC 208

At rest with Jesus In Loving Memory of MARTHA beloved wife of John Bottomley, of Penny Hill Barkisland, who died June 23rd 1900 aged 34 years.
Also of the above JOHN BOTTOMLEY who died May 20th 1938 aged 74 years.
Also of EMMA the dearly loved wife of the above JOHN EDWARD BOTTOMLEY who died Mar 8th 1940 aged 80 years.
"At Rest"

KMC 210

Thy Will be Done In Loving Memory of EMILY beloved wife of Samuel Dyson of Steel Lane, Barkisland, who died May 7th 1899, aged 27 years.
Also the above SAMUEL DYSON, who died April 12th 1946 aged 76 years.
Also a flower holder engraved:

KMC 214

In Affectionate Remembrance of RICHARD son of Lawrence & Rachel Lord, of Union Terrace, who died November 8th 1870 Aged 2 years & 7 months.
Also the above RACHEL LORD, who died March 30th 1871 aged 35 years.
Also of PETER JOHN, their son, who died June 1st 1872, aged 6 years.
Also of ARTHUR, son of Edward & Jane Lord And grandson of the above, who died Dec. 9th 1892 aged 5 years.

KMC 215

In Loving Memory Of SARAH ANN the beloved wife of Thomas Fairbank of Moor Field, Barkisland, who died Jan 18th 1927, aged 65 years.
Also of the above THOMAS FAIRBANK, who died Jan 28th 1932 aged 73 years.
Also of ELLEN daughter of the above who died Feb. 6th 1947 aged 51 years

KMC 308

In Loving Memory of MARY WADSWORTH Died March 20th 1906 aged 75 years.
Also THOMAS, her husband, Died April 26th 1908 aged 75 years.
Also SARAH, their daughter, Died Nov. 7th 1918 aged 63 years.
Also LEAH, their daughter, Died May 14th 1933 aged 71 years.
At the foot of the surround:
Erected to the memory of our dear mother LEAH CROWTHER

KMC 310

In Loving Memory Of SARAH HANNAH, beloved wife of Matthew Truncove, of Steel Lane Head, Barkisland, who died August 2nd 1899 aged 46 years.
Also MATTHEW TRUNCOVE, died December 12th 1917 aged 59 years.
Also JOHN, son of the above. Died October 28th 1918 Aged 28 years
Also In loving memory of EMMA TRUNCOVE who died February 17th 1951

KMC 311

In Loving Memory Of ROBERT son of William & Elizabeth Whiteley & husband of ANNIE WHITELEY, of Barkisland, who died May 5th 1898 in his 23rd year.
Also JIM WHITELEY, son of the above, who died May 23rd 1898, in his 25th year.
"Thy Will Be Done"
Also MARY ELIZABETH, daughter of Robert & Annie Whiteley who died May 2nd 1899 aged 7 months.
On the north-west facet of the surround:

Also of the aforesaid WILLIAM WHITELEY who died December 31st 1908 in his 63rd year.
On the south-west facet of the surround:

Also ELIZABETH, wife of William Whiteley, died August 6th 1916 Aged 67 years.

KMC 314

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Some of the monumental inscriptions in the graveyard are shown in the CDs entitled Monumental Inscriptions in the Ripponden Area and Halifax Monumental Inscriptions #4

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