Streets in Calderdale



M62Ref 19-1701
Rising to an altitude of 1,220 feet above sea-level, the M62 is Britain's highest motorway – the motorway in the clouds.

The Windy Hill to Outlane section opened in December 1970.

The 1½ mile long Outlane to Ainley Top section opened in December 1972.

The motorway was formally opened by HM The Queen in October 1971.

Local access is via

The Hartshead Moor service station lies just outside Brighouse – between Junction 25 and Junction 26 – and was started in 1971.

Scammonden Bridge is the largest single-span bridge in Europe, and Scammonden Dam is the largest earth-filled dam in Europe. The motorway was designed by Colonel Stuart Maynard Lovell.

See Friendly Inn, Fixby, Pennine Way bridge, Rockingstones Interchange, Scammonden Reservoir and Stott Hall Farm, Ripponden

Mabel Street, MytholmroydRef 19-1210

Machpelah Yard, Hebden BridgeRef 19-5666
Block of tenements. Built around 1805. Stands behind Machpelah, Hebden Bridge.

Some of the buildings here are listed

  • Numbers 1, 5, 7 & 9
  • Number 3 – originally a fustian warehouse

Mackintosh Street, HalifaxRef 19-1483
Recorded in 1905 off Thomas Street South.

Mackintosh's Kingston Confectionery Works, Halifax were here

Mackrell Street, OvendenRef 19-1509
Recorded in 1936

Mackrill Street, NorthowramRef 19-5835
Recorded in 1901

This & associated entries use material contributed by Susan Bowman

Madni Close, HalifaxRef 19-1536
Gibbet Street / Lister Lane.

Near the Madni Mosque.

See Villiers Street, Halifax

This & associated entries use material contributed by Ruth Bourne

Magson House Road, LuddendenfootRef 19-5709

See Cooper House, Luddendenfoot

Main Street, HeptonstallRef 19-5738

Maitland Close, TodmordenRef 19-1570

Maitland Street, WalsdenRef 19-1618

Major Street, TodmordenRef 19-1656

Malham Avenue, RastrickRef 19-5822

Malham Road, RastrickRef 19-5885

Malt Shovel Yard, HalifaxRef 19-191
The yard of the Malt Shovel Inn, Northgate.

Recorded in 1881.

There were Common Lodging Houses here [1904]

This & associated entries use material contributed by Glynn Helliwell

Maltings Road, HalifaxRef 19-217

Maltings Road, OvendenRef 19-511
Housing development on the site of Webster's Fountain Head Brewery

Malton Street, ClaremountRef 19-264

Malton Street, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-5769

Manger Gardens, WheatleyRef 19-6298
Built in 2011. Named in honour of Kenneth Manger

Mankinholes Bank, MankinholesRef 19-3155

Mankinholes, TodmordenRef 19-1744

Manley Street, BrighouseRef 19-1777
Bonegate. Built around 1875 on land owned by George Manley and the Manley family

Manley Street Place, BrighouseRef 19-5944

Mann's Buildings, HalifaxRef 19-7016
Pollard Street.

Recorded in 1861

Manor Close, HalifaxRef 19-293

Manor Croft, Hebden BridgeRef 19-1240

Manor Drive, Hebden BridgeRef 19-1299

Manor Drive, Savile ParkRef 19-328
Off Free School Lane.

See Leicester Terrace, Halifax

Manor Heath, HalifaxRef 19-390

Manor Heath Road, HalifaxRef 19-356

Manor Street, Lee MountRef 19-1409

See Rawson's Buildings, Ovenden

Mansion Lane, HalifaxRef 19-417
Runs eastwards from Huddersfield Road to Shaw Lane.

There is a footbridge over the railway line

Maple Street, HalifaxRef 19-446

Maple Street, TodmordenRef 19-1854

Margaret Street, HalifaxRef 19-473
The Crossley Almshouses dominate the west side of the street

Margate Street, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-2576

Marina Gardens, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-2604

Marion Street, BrighouseRef 19-5998

Mark Lane, TodmordenRef 19-1888

Market Arcade, HalifaxRef 19-3519
Aka Russell Street Arcade

Market Balcony, HalifaxRef 19-509

Market Place, HalifaxRef 19-2406

Market Stall, HalifaxRef 19-537

Market Street BalconyRef 19-6718
10 houses on the eastern side of Halifax Borough Market overlooking Market Street.

See Southgate Balcony

Market Street, BrighouseRef 19-4931
The town market stood here around 1910

Market Street, HalifaxRef 19-22
Runs along the east side of Halifax Borough Market, from Westgate to Old Market.

See Prints by J. R. Smith and West Riding Magistrates' Office

Market Street, Hebden BridgeRef 19-1819
Created around 1771 when the turnpike came through Hebden Bridge. Those who built property here included

Some of the buildings here are listed

Market Street, TodmordenRef 19-5272

Marlborough Avenue, HalifaxRef 19-590

Marlborough Grove, Hebden BridgeRef 19-1378

Marlborough Road, Hebden BridgeRef 19-1432

Marlborough Terrace, Hebden BridgeRef 19-1510

Marldon Road, NorthowramRef 19-618

Marlen Road, HipperholmeRef 19-5223

Marling Road, EllandRef 19-5797

Marquis Street, HalifaxRef 19-3368
Recorded in 1874 off Gibbet Street

Marsden Gate, SowoodRef 19-5852

Marsh Delves Lane, SouthowramRef 19-1033
Bank Top.

See Marsh Delves Quarry, Southowram

Marsh Delves, SouthowramRef 19-3525
Bank Top.

See Sion Branch Congregational Sunday School, Bank Top

Marsh Grove, MytholmroydRef 19-1571

Marsh Lane, BlackshawheadRef 19-5972

Marsh Lane, SouthowramRef 19-3526
Bank Top. Aka Bolton Lane.

Many of the properties here – odd-numbered 3 to 21 – are listed.

Marsh, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-6024

Marshaw Bridge, Cragg ValeRef 19-1659

Martin's Court, HalifaxRef 19-101
Recorded in 1829 & 1861 off 57 Northgate

Martin Green Lane, GreetlandRef 19-644

See Ellistones Lane Toll House

Martin Street, BoothtownRef 19-3961
Recorded in 1895. This was one of a number of streets which ran parallel to Boothtown Road, between Grantham Road and Rawson Street North. The property was demolished in the 1970s. Rawson Junior, Infants' & Nursery School was built on the site

Luther Street is the next street to the west

Martin Street, BrighouseRef 19-252
Built around 1875 on land owned by Martin Manley and the Manley family.

See Liverpool Fresh Meat Company, Model Lodging House, Brighouse, New Mission Hall, Brighouse, St Joseph's Catholic Church, Brighouse and Spiritualists Lyceum, Brighouse

Marton Heights, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-3178

Marvel's Court, HalifaxRef 19-5086
Recorded in 1874 off Wesley Street

Marvell's Court, HalifaxRef 19-7071
Recorded in 1871

See Marvell's Gallery

Marvell's Gallery, HalifaxRef 19-6845
St John's Ward [1871].

Aka Maxwell's Gallery, Halifax [1861]

See Marvell's Court

Mary's Court, HalifaxRef 19-6879
Crossley Terrace.

Recorded in 1914

Mary Lane, SouthowramRef 19-6445
Recorded in 1867

Mary Street, BrighouseRef 19-6053

Maryard Street, HalifaxRef 19-3347
Recorded in 1874 off Lister Street

Maryville Avenue, Hove EdgeRef 19-6103

Mason Green, OvendenRef 19-3528

See Blagbrough Buildings, Ovenden

Mason Square, HalifaxRef 19-706

Mason Square, OvendenRef 19-1412
Ovenden Post Office moved here

Mason Street, ClaremountRef 19-6078
Ran off Prospect Street and Range Bank, and parallel to New Bank.

Recorded in 1874 & 1936

The street and its houses were lost when Claremount Road and New Bank were redeveloped in the 1960s

Mason Street, Hebden BridgeRef 19-1856

Masonic Street, HalifaxRef 19-766
Parkinson Lane Recorded in 1901

Master Lane, HalifaxRef 19-797

Matlock Street, Lee MountRef 19-857

Maude Buildings, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-6865
Scarr Head.

Recorded in 1911

Maude Crescent, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-2635

Maude Lane, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-2661

Maude Street, OvendenRef 19-884

Maude Street, West ValeRef 19-3534

Maurice Avenue, BrighouseRef 19-6158

Mawson Place, BarkislandRef 19-911

Maxwell's Gallery, HalifaxRef 19-6940
Recorded in 1861 in St John's Ward

Aka Marvell's Gallery, Halifax [1871].

Recorded in 1871

May Street, Lee MountRef 19-6581

This & associated entries use material contributed by Alan Stansfield

Mayfair Avenue, Sowood GreenRef 19-940

Mayfield Avenue, Bailiff BridgeRef 19-6184

Mayfield Avenue, HalifaxRef 19-973
King Cross Road.

See Morvan, Halifax

Mayfield Drive, HalifaxRef 19-1006

Mayfield Gardens, HalifaxRef 19-3539
Built on the site of Mayfield House

Mayfield Gardens, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-2688

Mayfield Grove, BrighouseRef 19-6242

Mayfield Grove, HalifaxRef 19-1069
Cul-de-sac off Parkinson Lane.

Recorded in 1891

Mayfield, HipperholmeRef 19-1517

Mayfield Mount, HalifaxRef 19-1118

Mayfield, Norwood GreenRef 19-1377
Area of Parkinson Lane

Mayfield Road, Hebden BridgeRef 19-1928

Mayfield Terrace, HalifaxRef 19-1181
Queens Road

Mayfield Terrace South, HalifaxRef 19-1147

Mayroyd, LightcliffeRef 19-1268

Mayster Grove, RastrickRef 19-6268

Mayster Road, RastrickRef 19-6296

McBurney Close, BoothtownRef 19-1327

McClellan's Court, HalifaxRef 19-735
Recorded in 1905 off Back Clarence Street

McKnight's Buildings, HalifaxRef 19-3322
Recorded in 1861 & 1891.

Corporation Street, Halifax

McLelland's Court, HalifaxRef 19-6872
Clarence Street.

Recorded in 1911

Meadow Bottom Road, TodmordenRef 19-1927

Meadow Close, ShelfRef 19-1355

Meadow Court, BrighouseRef 19-6363

Meadow Crescent, WheatleyRef 19-1405

Meadow Croft, BarkislandRef 19-1459

Meadow Drive, WheatleyRef 19-1537

Meadow Lane, WheatleyRef 19-1620

Meadow Street, TodmordenRef 19-1952

Meadow View, TodmordenRef 19-1983

Meadow Walk, WheatleyRef 19-1745

Meadowcroft Lane, RippondenRef 19-1907
When Victoria Mills, Ripponden were demolished, the lane was named for the Meadowcroft family who had occupied the mills

Mearclough Road, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-6131

See Mearclough House, Sowerby Bridge

Mechanic Street, TodmordenRef 19-5679

Melbourne Road, TodmordenRef 19-2015

Melbourne Street, Hebden BridgeRef 19-5198

Melbourne Street, Lee MountRef 19-1889

Mellor Mill Lane, StainlandRef 19-3554

See St Helen's Square, Holywell Green

Mellor's Mill Yard, Holywell GreenRef 19-6210

Mellor Square, BrighouseRef 19-5303
off Mill Lane.

(Possibly) named for Henry Mellor.

Recorded in 1881, when Henry Mellor lived here. Recorded in 1907

Mellor Street, TodmordenRef 19-2042

Mellor Terrace, HalifaxRef 19-5172

Melrose Street, Lee MountRef 19-3556

Melrose Terrace, EllandRef 19-6293

Melrose Terrace, GreetlandRef 19-6781
Saddleworth Road. Situated above Grove House, Greetland.

This is similar in design to Heywood Terrace, Greetland

This & associated entries use material contributed by Les Forester

Melville Place, HalifaxRef 19-6825
Pellon Lane

Merrion Crescent, SouthowramRef 19-3557
Bank Top.

See Old Close Farm, Southowram

Merrion Street, SouthowramRef 19-3558
Bank Top.

The houses were built by Mr Whiteley

Merrybents Street, TodmordenRef 19-2069
Recorded in 1921

Metcalf's Court, HalifaxRef 19-6923
Cross Street. East Ward.

Recorded in 1906 & 1910

This & associated entries use material contributed by Ruth Bourne

Metcalfe's Court, HalifaxRef 19-6924
Crossley Terrace. West Ward.

Recorded in 1906 & 1910

This & associated entries use material contributed by Ruth Bourne

Metz Street, OvendenRef 19-672
Recorded in 1905 off Lime Street

Miall Street, HalifaxRef 19-6328
Recorded in 1874 off Pellon Lane. The street runs parallel to, and east of, Queens Road

Mid Birk, MytholmroydRef 19-5222

Middle Dean Street, West ValeRef 19-3559

Middle Nook, Hebden BridgeRef 19-5246

Middle Street, HalifaxRef 19-1458
Recorded in 1874 off Range Bank

Middle Street, HalifaxRef 19-2845
Area of King Cross Street / 21 King Cross Street.

Built during the 18th century.

Hanson says that this – and South Street – were the first rows of houses to be erected in the town, and that some of the houses had Venetian windows

Middle Street, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-6178

Middle Swineshead, TodmordenRef 19-27
Recorded in 1681, when Abraham Fielden died here.

See Lower Swineshead, Todmorden and Swineshead, Lumbutts

Middle Terrace Street, HalifaxRef 19-1145
New Bank.

Recorded in 1891 & 1901

Midgehole Road, Hebden BridgeRef 19-5276

See New Bridge, Hebden Bridge

Midgley Road, MytholmroydRef 19-5740
Number 11 – Kimbo Cottage – stands next to the former Old Huntsman Pub and is dated JSH 1762.

There is a cattle trough here

Mile Cross Gardens, HalifaxRef 19-5302

Mile Cross Place, HalifaxRef 19-5359

Mile Cross Road, HalifaxRef 19-3562

Mile Cross Terrace, HalifaxRef 19-5407

Mile Thorn, HalifaxRef 19-1431
Area of Gibbet Street

Mile Thorn Street, HalifaxRef 19-5452

Miles Street, ClaremountRef 19-6392
Recorded in 1874 off Horley Green Road

Milk Street, HalifaxRef 19-105
Recorded in 1874 off Waterhouse Street. It ran east-west and was a part of The City

Milking Hill, SouthowramRef 19-6129
Formerly known as Heald Lane, Southowram. It later became known as Ashday Lane

This & associated entries use material contributed by Elaine Hodkinson

Mill Bank Close, Mill BankRef 19-2712

Mill Bank Road, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-2742

Mill Bank, SowerbyRef 19-6474

Mill Field End, LuddendenfootRef 19-5505

Mill Fold, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-2796

Mill Fold Way, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-2766

Mill Grove, BrighouseRef 19-6418

Mill Hill Lane, BrighouseRef 19-6446

Mill Hill, LuddendenfootRef 19-5531

Mill Lane, BoothtownRef 19-5611

See Bairstow Road, Boothtown, Boothtown House and China Row, Halifax

Mill Lane, BrighouseRef 19-4943
In 1868, it was renamed Parliament Street for a short time, but the locals object to the name and it reverted to Mill Lane in 1869.

See Five Lane Ends, Brighouse and Henry Mellor

Mill Lane, HalifaxRef 19-1726
An early name for Mulcture Hall Road. The manorial corn mill on Hebble Brook stood here

Mill Lane, Holywell GreenRef 19-2518

Mill Lane, LuddendenRef 19-1404

Mill Lane, MixendenRef 19-566

Mill Lane, WadsworthRef 19-2460

See Wadsworth Old Town Hall

Mill Royd Street, BrighouseRef 19-600
The location of Brighouse Baths and Sugden's Flour Mills.

See Swan Fold, Brighouse

Mill Street, BrighouseRef 19-6703
In 1860, when the Armytage family sold the land here for the construction of mills, the street was to be called Mill Street, but when Grove Mills were built, the street became Grove Street

Mill Street, CopleyRef 19-6544

Mill Street, TodmordenRef 19-2434

Mill Wood, TodmordenRef 19-6617

Mills Buildings, OvendenRef 19-7039
Nursery Lane.

Recorded in 1861

Millwood Lane, TodmordenRef 19-2097

Miln Lane, HalifaxRef 19-5033
Recorded in 1761 running north off Well Street and Shelder Gate

Milne's Yard, BrighouseRef 19-1779
Area of Brighouse along Briggate. The area was cleared in the 1960s. This was the site of the building which was built on the site of the Astoria and subsequently occupied by Hillard's, Tesco's, and currently Wilkinson's

Milner Close, GreetlandRef 19-5646

Milner Gate, LuddendenfootRef 19-5711

Milner Lane, GreetlandRef 19-5768

Milner Place, LuddendenfootRef 19-5796

Milner Street, HalifaxRef 19-5117
Recorded in 1874 off Hanson Lane

Milton Avenue, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-6183

Milton Place, HalifaxRef 19-3573
Off Hopwood Lane

Milton Place North, OvendenRef 19-472

Milton Place, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-2821

Milton Street, HalifaxRef 19-1757
off Gibbet Street. Part of West Hill Park.

Named for Lord Milton.


This & associated entries use material contributed by Ruth Bourne

Milton Street North, OvendenRef 19-705

Milton Street, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-2869

Milton Terrace, HalifaxRef 19-3574
Part of West Hill Park. Named for John Milton.

See John Briggs and Alfred Fletcher

Miners Way, SouthowramRef 19-6735
Housing development which were built on the site of Yew Trees, Southowram

This & associated entries use material contributed by Peter Butterworth

Minsted Avenue, EllandRef 19-6362

Minster Close, GreetlandRef 19-5851

Mirey Lane, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-2897

See Upper Snape Farm, Sowerby

Miry Lane, SowerbyRef 19-2549

Mission Street, RastrickRef 19-604
The street was named for Birds Royd Lane Wesleyan Mission Church, Brighouse

Mitchell's Buildings, GreetlandRef 19-26
Cross Hill.

Owners and tenants have included

Mitchell Street, BrighouseRef 19-6512

Mitchell Street, Hebden BridgeRef 19-5329

Mitchell Street, OvendenRef 19-796

Mitchell Street, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-2925

Mixenden Close, HalifaxRef 19-5884

Mixenden Court, HalifaxRef 19-M127
One of 6 blocks of high-rise flats built at Mixenden in 1965: Cragg Court, Mixenden, Dodge Holme Court, Halifax, Hebble Court, Mixenden, Jumples Court, Mixenden and Wheatley Court, Mixenden

Mixenden Crag, MixendenRef 19-910

Mixenden Green, MixendenRef 19-5943
This is discussed in the book Our Home & Country A group of buildings north-west of Mixenden Reservoir

Mixenden Lane Ends, HalifaxRef 19-5971

Mixenden Lane Ends, Mount TaborRef 19-1068

Mixenden Lane, IllingworthRef 19-3200

Mixenden Road, MixendenRef 19-5997

Mixenden Stones, HalifaxRef 19-6023

Moffatt Close, OvendenRef 19-6050

Mona's Terrace, TodmordenRef 19-2124

Mons Road, TodmordenRef 19-2153

Montague Street, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-2949

Montreal Street, TodmordenRef 19-2209

Montrose Buildings, Hebden BridgeRef 19-5742

Montrose Terrace, Hebden BridgeRef 19-5384

Moor Bottom, HalifaxRef 19-6102

Moor Bottom Road, IllingworthRef 19-6077

Moor End Gardens, HalifaxRef 19-6128

Moor End, HalifaxRef 19-6182

Moor End Lane, NorlandRef 19-6805

Moor End Lane, ShelfRef 19-5346

Moor End Road, PellonRef 19-3586
Charles Albert Mitchell was amongst those responsible for the widening of Moor End Road – which was previously a rough country lane – from Pellon to Mount Tabor.

There is a horse trough here

This & associated entries use material contributed by Bill Mitchell

Moor End, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-2972

Moor End View, HalifaxRef 19-6157

Moor Grove, ShelfRef 19-6209

Moor Hey Hill, StainlandRef 19-6238

Moor Hey Lane, StainlandRef 19-3591
The early 19th century cottages here are listed

Moor House View, Hebden BridgeRef 19-5428

Moor Lane, OvendenRef 19-3592

Moor Royd, HalifaxRef 19-6267

Moor Stone Place, ShelfRef 19-6327

Moor Street, SiddalRef 19-1354

Moor Top Gardens, IllingworthRef 19-6391

Moor Top, IllingworthRef 19-1180

Moor Top Road, Norton TowerRef 19-6473

Moorbottom Lane, GreetlandRef 19-3597

See Bents Farm, Norland and Norland War Memorial

Moorclose Lane, Ambler ThornRef 19-5199

Moore Street, SiddalRef 19-6861
Recorded in 1911

See Lincoln Place, Siddal

Moore's Yard, HalifaxRef 19-5143
Recorded in 1874 off New Bank

Moorend Avenue, HalifaxRef 19-6509

Moorend Lane, NorlandRef 19-3223

Moorfield Estate, Old TownRef 19-6645

Moorfield, Hebden BridgeRef 19-5478

Moorfield Street, HalifaxRef 19-6543

Moorfields Road, KrumlinRef 19-3243

Moorgate Street, HalifaxRef 19-6616

See Thorn Tree Street, Halifax

Moorhouse Buildings, HalifaxRef 19-6764

See Old Lane Inn and Thomas Wilson

Moorhouse Terrace, BoothtownRef 19-6644

Moorland Close, OvendenRef 19-55

Moorland View, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-2996

Moorlands Avenue, OvendenRef 19-102

Moorlands Court, GreetlandRef 19-144

Moorlands Crescent, OvendenRef 19-190

Moorlands Drive, WheatleyRef 19-216

Moorlands Place, HalifaxRef 19-261

Moorlands Road, GreetlandRef 19-291

Moorlands View, HalifaxRef 19-327

Moorside Gardens, OvendenRef 19-355

Moorside, OvendenRef 19-1209

Moorside, WainstallsRef 19-2486

Moravian Terrace, HipperholmeRef 19-3611

Morley Hall Lane, LuddendenfootRef 19-3612

See Morley Hall, Luddendenfoot

Morley Hall Terrace, LuddendenfootRef 19-3613

See Morley Hall, Luddendenfoot

Morley View, SiddalRef 19-388

Mornington Terrace, HalifaxRef 19-5173
Recorded in 1874 off Crossley Terrace

Morpeth Street, HalifaxRef 19-5912
Recorded in 1851, 1874, 1905 & 1936 off Charlestown Road

Morphet Street, HalifaxRef 19-5247
Recorded in 1841 & 1874 off Charlestown Road

Morton's Close, SiddalRef 19-416

Morton's Fold, SiddalRef 19-7013
Recorded in 1917

Morton Street, OvendenRef 19-1237

Morton Terrace, RastrickRef 19-56

Morvan, HalifaxRef 19-7015
Property listed at King Cross Road & Mayfield Avenue

Moselden Lane, RishworthRef 19-103

Moss, Causeway FootRef 19-1267

Moss Drive, IllingworthRef 19-445

Moss Lane, Hebden BridgeRef 19-1801
Named for Moss's Academy which was established here by a member of the Moss family

Moss Lane, IllingworthRef 19-508

Mostyn Mount, OvendenRef 19-535

Mounsey's Houses, HalifaxRef 19-7020
Property recorded at Skircoat [1861]

Mount Avenue, HalifaxRef 19-565

Mount Crescent, HalifaxRef 19-589

The Mount, HipperholmeRef 19-5595

Mount Lane, CornholmeRef 19-3264

Mount Pellon, HalifaxRef 19-642

Mount Pellon Road, HalifaxRef 19-617

Mount Place, TodmordenRef 19-2233

Mount Pleasant Avenue, HalifaxRef 19-671
Off Pellon Lane.

See Beech Hill Junior & Infant School, Halifax and Beech Hill, Halifax

Mount Pleasant Drive, MytholmroydRef 19-5560

Mount Pleasant, LuddendenfootRef 19-3624

See Mount Pleasant, Midgley

Mount Pleasant, OgdenRef 19-1298
In 1906, the Mount Pleasant Refreshment Rooms & Pleasure Gardens advertised
excellent accommodation ... school, picnic and private parties specially treated ... donkeys, swings and roundabouts

The proprietor was E. Hawkridge

Mount Pleasant, RastrickRef 19-6583

Mount Pleasant, RippondenRef 19-2347

Mount Pleasant, SouthowramRef 19-221
Group of houses off the top of Cain Lane.

Recorded in 1936, when numbers 1 to 12 were listed.

Owners and tenants have included

Mount Pleasant, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-3017

Mount Pleasant Street, TodmordenRef 19-2263

Mount Pleasant, TodmordenRef 19-5285

Known locally as Mouse Nest

Mount Royal, StainlandRef 19-734

Mount Street, HalifaxRef 19-1731
Recorded in 1837, 1874 & 1936. Formerly called Cow Green Alley. It ran west from Cow Green to Stead Street

See Black Bull, Halifax

Mount Street, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-3044

Mount Street, TodmordenRef 19-2293

Mount Terrace, LuddendenfootRef 19-5821

Mount Terrace, PellonRef 19-765

Mount Terrace, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-3070

The Mount, TodmordenRef 19-5430
The terrace of 6 houses was built in 1900 by Tommy Nudger with stone from his quarry which was nearby. Because the quarry was so conveniently near, the houses were known as Klondyke

Mountain View, IllingworthRef 19-825

Mountfields, LightcliffeRef 19-855

Moverley Street, TodmordenRef 19-2319

Moxon Terrace, BoothtownRef 19-7014
Old Lane. Recorded in 1881

Mozeley Drive, IllingworthRef 19-883

Mozeley, HolmfieldRef 19-1326
Recorded in 1905 off Moor Bottom Road

Mucky Lane, BradshawRef 19-6585
Recorded in 1905 at Clough Lane / Cold Edge Road.

In 19??, the residents banded together to repair the road and renamed it Perseverance Road

This & associated entries use material contributed by Jane Greetham

Mucky Lane, Holywell GreenRef 19-3285

Mulcture Hall Road, HalifaxRef 19-150
Originally called Mill Lane. The road was constructed in 1865.

See Halifax Gas Works, Halifax Gas Works Offices and Mulcture Hall

Murgatroyd Building, MidgleyRef 19-4534
10 Lane Ends. Recorded in 1871

Musgrave Street, HalifaxRef 19-826
Godley Bridge.

Recorded in 1905, when it was off Lister's Road

Mutton Fold, NorthowramRef 19-2079
Recorded in 1905 off Towngate.

The houses here are part of the Shoulder of Mutton Inn

This & associated entries use material contributed by Brian Carlson

Myrtle Avenue, OvendenRef 19-939

Myrtle Bank, HalifaxRef 19-972

Myrtle Drive, OvendenRef 19-1005

Myrtle Gardens, OvendenRef 19-1032

Myrtle Grove, Hebden BridgeRef 19-2380

Myrtle Grove, Mount TaborRef 19-6738
In 1852/1854, this is recorded as Grove Row

This & associated entries use material contributed by Kate Hallward

Myrtle Grove, MytholmroydRef 19-5587

Myrtle Grove, OvendenRef 19-1482

Myrtle Grove, RastrickRef 19-5277
Rastrick Common

Myrtle Grove, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-3091
Recorded in 1837 as being at King Cross Street

Myrtle Place, OvendenRef 19-1117

Myrtle Road, EllandRef 19-6417

Myrtle Street, TodmordenRef 19-146

Myrtle Terrace, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-3114

Mytholm Bank, Hebden BridgeRef 19-5680

Mytholm Close, Hebden BridgeRef 19-192

Mytholm Court, Hebden BridgeRef 19-5739

Mytholm Street, Hebden BridgeRef 19-3304

Mytholmroyd Bridge & Blackstone Edge TurnpikeRef 19-2175
Aka Cragg Vale Turnpike.

Turnpike established in 1815

to open a better and more easy communication than there is at present between the very populous and manufacturing town or villages of Hebden Bridge, Heptonstall, Mytholmroyd and other places in the vicinity thereof with Rochdale, Manchester and Oldham

The road runs from County Bridge, Mytholmroyd and up Cragg Road to link with the Halifax to Blackstone Edge turnpike over Blackstone Edge to Rochdale.

Tolls were discontinued on 1st November 1873.

This was the last road to be turnpiked and the last to be freed from tolls.

See Hamlet Bent and James Pearson Sutcliffe

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