Streets in Calderdale



Kaye's Buildings, EllandRef 19-1915
James Street. Built in 1863

Keats Avenue, TodmordenRef 19-762

Kebcote, TodmordenRef 19-792

Kebroyd Avenue, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-1352

Kebroyd Lane, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-1376

Kebroyd Mount, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-1402

Kebs Road, TodmordenRef 19-822

Keelham Lane, TodmordenRef 19-732

Keesholme Park Lane, StainlandRef 19-1650

Keighley Close, IllingworthRef 19-4738

Keighley Drive, OvendenRef 19-1741

Keighley Road, Hebden BridgeRef 19-5702

Some of the buildings here are listed

See Nutclough, Hebden Bridge

Keighley Road, IllingworthRef 19-3341

Keighley Road, OvendenRef 19-K16
See Keighley Road Post Office, Ovenden

Keighley's Yard, HalifaxRef 19-6955
Pellon Lane.

Recorded in 1911

Kell Lane, Stump CrossRef 19-3345
The lane is a continuation of Old Godley Lane

Kell Lane, WainstallsRef 19-1265

Kelsey's Court, PellonRef 19-1852

Kelsey's Court, ShelfRef 19-1555

Kelsey Street, HalifaxRef 19-1323
Off Queens Road

Kelton Square, HalifaxRef 19-2292
Recorded in 1874 off Gibbet Street.

The gazetteer of 1924 described it as being

opposite 41 Parliament Street

Kelvin Avenue, HalifaxRef 19-1886

Kelvin Crescent, HalifaxRef 19-1925

Kelvin Road, EllandRef 19-587

Kenilworth Drive, LightcliffeRef 19-1951

Built on the site of Firth's football field

Kennel Lane, CottonstonesRef 19-259

Kensington Close, HalifaxRef 19-1982

Kensington Gardens, EllandRef 19-615

Kensington Road, Skircoat GreenRef 19-2014

Kensington Terrace, SiddalRef 19-669
Recorded in 1874

Kent Street, HalifaxRef 19-1567
Of King Cross Street / Bull Close Lane. Recorded in 1874

Kenworthy Lane, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-1429

Kenyon Lane, HalifaxRef 19-2041

Kershaw Court, LuddendenfootRef 19-2068

Kershaw Crescent, LuddendenRef 19-2096

Kershaw Drive, LuddendenfootRef 19-2123

Kershaw Road, TodmordenRef 19-852

Kershaw Square, HalifaxRef 19-703
Recorded in 1874 off Cripplegate

Kershaw's Yard, HalifaxRef 19-6975

Recorded in 1891

Keswick Close, SiddalRef 19-2152

Keswick Close, TodmordenRef 19-881

Kettle Court, HalifaxRef 19-1610
Area of King Cross Street

Key Sike Lane, TodmordenRef 19-908

Key Syke Lane, TodmordenRef 19-289

Kiln Croft, StainlandRef 19-2208

Kiln Fold, CliftonRef 19-563
In May 1892, a smallpox outbreak which started here led to the deaths of 26 people in Brighouse & Clifton.

Much of the housing in the area was demolished in the 1950s

Kiln Lane, EllandRef 19-1875
The lane was renamed Coronation Street in honour of Edward VII

Kilnhurst Avenue, TodmordenRef 19-937

Kilnhurst Lane, TodmordenRef 19-5930
This was a private toll road to Oldroyd.

See Kilnhurst Toll Bar, Todmorden

Kilnhurst Mount, TodmordenRef 19-970

Kilnhurst Road, TodmordenRef 19-1002

Kilnshaw Lane, ErringdenRef 19-1048
Some of the buildings here are listed

Kimberley Place, OvendenRef 19-2232

Kimberley Street, BrighouseRef 19-384

Kimberley Street, OvendenRef 19-2262

Kineton Avenue, TodmordenRef 19-1031

King Cross BypassRef 19-6753
The original name for the Aachen Way road system

King Cross, HalifaxRef 19-353

King Cross Lane, HalifaxRef 19-109
The western extension of King Cross Street was built around 1770

King Cross Road, HalifaxRef 19-3361
The western end of the road which runs from King Cross Street to King Cross

King Cross Street, HalifaxRef 19-92
Aka King Cross Lane. This is the major A58 road out of Halifax, leading westwards from Bull Green to King Cross Road.

Some of the occupants of some of the properties here are listed in the Foldout

King Edward Street, HalifaxRef 19-3363
Created between 1904 & 1908.

Named for King Edward VII.

See Alexandra Street, Halifax

King's Mount, BarkislandRef 19-2405

King Street, BrighouseRef 19-241

The King Street Market and the main Brighouse branch of the Brighouse Industrial Society were here

King Street, HalifaxRef 19-1663
Street north of the Parish Church.

Originally known as Skelder Gate, it ran from Cripplegate to Woolshops.

This was a densely populated area. There were several Common Lodging Houses here [1904].

See Lister's Yard, Halifax

Beerhouses & Pubs in King Street, Halifax

King Street, Hebden BridgeRef 19-958
Named for the King family of Hebden Bridge.

Many houses were demolished in 1962 for redevelopment.

See Green Springs, Hebden Bridge and King Street Bar, Hebden Bridge

King Street, MytholmroydRef 19-4704

King Street, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-1456

King Street, TodmordenRef 19-1066

Kings Court, HalifaxRef 19-2346

Kings Lea, CopleyRef 19-2379

Kings View, SouthowramRef 19-2432

Kingsbury Place, HalifaxRef 19-2459

Kingsley Avenue, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-1480

Kingsley Place, HalifaxRef 19-2485
Parkinson Lane

Kingston Close, HalifaxRef 19-2516

Kingston Court, HalifaxRef 19-2548

Kingston Drive, HalifaxRef 19-2575

Kingston, HalifaxRef 19-1295
Recorded in 1874 off Hopwood Lane

Kingston Street, HalifaxRef 19-2602

Kingston Terrace, HalifaxRef 19-504
Recorded in 1905 off Hopwood Lane

Kingswood Green, HalifaxRef 19-2634

Kinnaird Close, EllandRef 19-640

Kirby's Court, OvendenRef 19-532
Nursery Lane.

Recorded in 1914

Kirby Leas, HalifaxRef 19-2660
The houses were built on the site of Kirby Leas, Halifax

Kirby's Yard, HalifaxRef 19-6917
Recorded in 1890 at North Parade

This & associated entries use material contributed by Ruth Bourne

Kirk Lane, Causeway FootRef 19-1350

Kirk Lane, HipperholmeRef 19-3376
In 1513, it is described as
the Kirkegaite from Coley to Halifax

leading along Wakefield Gate to Halifax Parish Church

Kirk's Yard, HalifaxRef 19-1957
Old Lane. Recorded in 1850 as a part of the Old Lane Mill of Joseph Moxon Kirk & Sons

Kirkcliffe, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-1506

Kirke Street, HalifaxRef 19-7022
Recorded in 1870

Kirkgate, HalifaxRef 19-232
The area around Halifax Parish Church.

See Lower Kirkgate, Halifax and Upper Kirkgate, Halifax

Kirkgate, HartsheadRef 19-1896
The way from Towngate, Clifton to St Peter's Church, Hartshead, has been known as Kirkgate, then Green Lane, then Well Lane

Kirklees & Elland TurnpikeRef 19-2164
See Elland & Obelisk Turnpike Road, Kirklees Toll House and Leeds & Elland Turnpike

Kirklees, BrighouseRef 19-413

Kirkstall, IllingworthRef 19-2687

Kirkstone Drive, Norton TowerRef 19-4530

Kitson Lane, NorlandRef 19-6148

Question: Could this be named for Joseph Kitson who farmed here?


This & associated entries use material contributed by Paul Kitson

Kitsonwood Road, TodmordenRef 19-1114

Kitten Clough, HalifaxRef 19-4555

Kliffen Place, HalifaxRef 19-3380
Part of the Coronation Estate.

See Garden City, Halifax

Knight Street, HalifaxRef 19-4576
The gazetteer of 1924 described it as

running from Parkinson Lane to Fenton Road

See North Knight Street, Halifax and South Knight Street, Halifax

Knoll View, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-1534

Knotts Grove, TodmordenRef 19-6030
Terrace of houses.

Question: Does anyone know whether the property has any connection with Robert Knott


See Staff of Life, Cornholme

Knotts Road, TodmordenRef 19-1143
The road was used by the horses and carts which brought milk down from Hartley Royd until it was blocked a landslide in 1947

Knotts Street, TodmordenRef 19-6866
Recorded in 1914

Knowland Road, TodmordenRef 19-324

Knowle Top Drive, LightcliffeRef 19-4602

Knowle Top, Hebden BridgeRef 19-469

Knowle Top Road, LightcliffeRef 19-3383
See Hipperholme Toll Bar

Knowle Top, StainlandRef 19-4623

Knowles Road, RastrickRef 19-2318

Knowlwood Bottom, TodmordenRef 19-1177

Knowlwood Road, TodmordenRef 19-1207

See Butcher Hill, Walsden

Knowsley Avenue, TodmordenRef 19-1235

Krumlin Hall Cottages, BarkislandRef 19-4646

Krumlin Road, BarkislandRef 19-4674

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