Bill Wall

Bill Wall has kindly contributed information on about 40 topics, including

The Watkinson family of Hipperholme

Richard Warren Asquith

James Bottomley
Samuel Bottomley & Brothers
Geoffrey Mitchell Butler
Harold Butler

Shirley Crabtree
Colonel Freddy Crossley

Albert Eastwood
Economic Stores (Halifax) Limited

Rudolph Mühlheimer
Middleton Tower, Kings Lynn, Norfolk

Pulman's Yard, Skircoat Green

John Taylor Ramsden
John Watkinson Ramsden
George Thomas Roscoe
Royal Halifax Infirmary

Alfred Edward Sykes
Edward Sykes
Gladys Sykes
Leslie W. Sykes

John Tordoff

Viscount Mackintosh of Halifax

Freddy Wale
Stanley Walsh

Alfred Watkinson
Edward Watkinson
Emma Jane Watkinson
George Watkinson
George Watkinson
Canon George Watkinson
James Bottomley Watkinson
John Watkinson
Watkinson Memorial Offices, Norwood Green
Samuel Watkinson
Samuel Watkinson
Sarah Ellen Watkinson
Thomas Watkinson
Jack Wilkinson

George Albert Robert Yull

Bill has submitted photographic material which has been used to illustrate:

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