Rastrick Stone Mines And Quarries

There are/were a large number of quarries and stone mines at Rastrick

By 1860, the best Elland Flags had been worked out near the surface, and shafts were sunk to mine the stone.

Some of these include

There are several local examples of stone-mining, especially in the Rastrick district – such as at Bramston Street Mine, Rhubarb Hole Quarry, Southage's mine behind the Junction, Rastrick, and J. Marsden - where miners tunnelled down to extract the stone below ground. The circular shafts were about 12 ft in diameter. Stone from these quarries was used in constructing the foundations of Blackpool Tower, and for supplying flagstones – measuring 36 ins by 24 ins by 4 ins – for Buckingham Palace.

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