Kebroyd Mills, Triangle

There were 2 fulling mills and a corn mill at Triangle.

Several mills were recorded on the site: Kebroyd Upper Mill, Kebroyd Middle Mill, Kebroyd Lower Mill, and Dene Mill.

In 1680, the old corn mill was taken over by John Holroyd and converted to a fulling mill.

In 1739, it was taken over by Samuel Hill.

The two mills were sold to John Denton. He converted the mills to cotton-spinning [from 1794].

John Holroyd was here in 180?.

In 26th March 1868, there was a fire at the mills in which Dene Mill was destroyed by fire. The mill was rebuilt.

In 1902, the mills were run by a new company headed by Frederick Hadwen.

On 1903, there was a serious fire in Dene Mill. The mill was again rebuilt.

On 6th November 1904, The larger of the 2 Kebroyd Mills – which was used for silk spinning – was destroyed by fire. Nothing was salvaged – except a Bible which had remained intact although nearby stonework was severely blackened.

In 1905, when Kebroyd Mill was rebuilt, it was decided that the Bible – which had survived the fire – should be given pride of place in the new mill, and it was displayed in a glass case, alongside keys from the old mill building with the caption:

This Bible was discovered amidst the ruins of this mill after its total destruction, November 5, 1904, having withstood the fire and has been placed here by Mrs Fred Hadwen in the hope that it may prove an omen of good fortune for the future

Subsequent owners and tenants of the mills have included


There were plans for the mill to be converted into 98 private apartments by owners Allied Textiles.

Thieves had plundered parts of the empty building.

On 16th May 2006, the mill was completely destroyed by one of the biggest fires for several years. Reports said that people had been seen leaving the building shortly before the fire broke out.

Following recovery work on the site, and because of the public hysteria about asbestos, footpaths near the mill were closed to the public [September 2007].

The mill was demolished in 2011

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