Haworth, West Yorkshire:


General Points

Haworth is an area of Bradford.

It is a moorland village 4 miles from Keighley, and 7 miles from Halifax.

The village is mentioned in 1296.

In 1820, the Brontë family moved here from Thornton

In 1821, the population of the village was 4668. In the 1840s, the population was around 6000.

There were many Dissenters in the village. The village was important in the textile trade. In the 1840s, there were over 1200 hand-loom weavers here.

The sanitary conditions in the village were bad. Much of this was due to the fact that the water supply ran down the hill from the churchyard at the top of the village. The main street was an open sewer, and many families shared a single privy. This encouraged the spread of diseases – such as cholera and typhus – and rodent infestation. In 1850, when Babbage produced his report on the village, the annual mortality rate was 25.4 per thousand. The average life-expectancy was 25 years.

Pronunciation: The name is pronounced How-worth or Ha[r]-worth – with the stress on the first syllable – and not Hay-worth

People connected to Haworth

Other connections to Hawrth

See Holmes and Heptonstall to Haworth road

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