General Notes

Hartshead is a district in Kirklees – not Calderdale – and lies to the east of Brighouse.

The township is recorded as Hartshead-cum-Clifton in 1647.

Older forms of the name include Herteshede and Herteshevet, and mean the hill of Heort.

Charlotte Brontë used the name Nunnely for Hartshead in her novel Shirley

An old rhyme runs

Clifton stands on Calder banke,
    And Hartshead on a hill,
Kirkeleys stands within the dale,
    And many comes ther till.

Some sites, sights and other entries for Hartshead

Beggarington, Hartshead
Beggarington Pit, Hartshead
Blakelaw Quarry, Hartshead
Blakelaw, Hartshead
Brontë House, Hartshead

Clifton & Hartshead Charities
Clough House, Hartshead
Coates Pit, Hartshead
Croft Pit, Hartshead

Fall Lane Methodist Chapel, Hartshead
Fall Lane well, Hartshead

Gray Ox, Hartshead

Hartshead & District in Times Past
Hartshead Band
Hartshead Board of Guardians
Hartshead Board School
Hartshead Charity School
Hartshead Colliery
Hartshead Hall
Hartshead Lane Ends
Hartshead Moor Pit
Hartshead Moor
Hartshead Moor Service Station
Hartshead Musical Society
Hartshead Parish School
Hartshead Reservoir
Hartshead stocks
Hartshead Surveyor of the Highways
Hartshead Wesleyan Chapel
Manor of Hartshead

I Didn't Know that

Kirklees Priory, Brighouse

Litherup, Hartshead
Lousy Thorn Farm, Hartshead

Manor House Academy, Hartshead
Manor House, Hartshead
Mock Beggar Hall, Hartshead
Mock Hall Farm, Hartshead

New Inn, Hartshead

The Parish Register of Hartshead
Parkinhole, Hartshead
Peep Green, Hartshead
Pheasant Pit, Hartshead
Pogg Myres Farm, Hartshead

Quaker Burial Ground, Hartshead

Saint Peter's Church, Hartshead
Saint Peter's, Hartshead: Graveyard
The Sepulchre, Hartshead
Seventeens Pit, Hartshead
The Stansfield family of Stansfield & Hartshead

Thornbush Farm, Hartshead
Three Nuns Pit, Hartshead

Walton Cross, Hartshead
Walton Farm, Hartshead

Yew Tree, Hartshead

Beerhouses & Pubs in Hartshead

Several beerhouses and public houses have been recorded in and around Hartshead, including

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