Domesday Book

A section of the Domesday Book referring to places in the district

In Wachefeld with 9 berewicks Sandala, Sorebi, Werla
feslei. Micleie. Wadesuurde. Gruberonestum. Langefelt. Stanesfelt. There are for geld 60 carucates of land and 3 bovates and ½ bovates. 30 ploughs can plough this land. This manor belonged to King Edward. Now they are in the hands of King William. There are 4 villani and 2 churches and 7 sokemen and 16 bordarii. Together they have 7 ploughs. Pasturable woodland 6 leagues long and 4 leagues broad. The whole 6 leagues long and 4 leagues broad. In the time of King Edward it was worth £60 now £15

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