Holroyds Mill, Holywell Green

An image of Holroyds Mill, Holywell Green

This photograph is endorsed Holywell Green.

For some time, the girls were unidentified but Joseph Lynn Wardle tells me

These are girls who started work in the mill Holroyds Mill, Holywell Green part time at the age of 12.

The girl on the back row behind the girl in plaits is my aunt Jessie Sawyer, my mother's youngest sister. Her father was George Sawyer who had a smallholding at the end of a row of back-to-back houses up Jagger Lane, Holywell Brook.

The girl next to the girl in plaits is Annie Russell, my mother's life-long friend.

Previously, my grandfather had been farm manager for Hirst Ainley who owned Wappy brewery on Lindley Moor. My mother was born in 1895, and aunt Jessie 2 or 3 years later.

I was born down Burr Wood [1932] and now [2011] live in Norwich. My father bought the first house built on Brooklands Avenue, after Brooklands had been demolished

This image [DG1001.JPG] was kindly submitted by David Greaves

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