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Wainhouse, Dr AlfredRef 199-1366
[1811-1853] Son of Robert Wainhouse.

Born in Halifax.

Baptised at Halifax Parish Church [22nd July 1810]

He was a surgeon in Halifax.

He lived at

  • 3 Paradise Street, Halifax [1845]
  • 5 Kent Street, Halifax [1851]
  • High Street, Halifax [1853]

In June 1853, he was in a depressed state of mind and bought 2 ounces of tincture of opium from James Bancroft, a druggist. He took all the tincture and went to bed. He died the following day.

On 1st July 1853, an inquest heard that

He was a surgeon but without practice, of somewhat eccentric habits, and a bachelor, and had been had been in a depressed state of mind

No blame was apportioned to James Bancroft as he had quite legally sold the drug, which was commonly administered and used as a remedy for pain and sleeplessness.

The Huddersfield Chronicle & West Yorkshire Advertiser [Saturday July 9th 1853] reported

On Wednesday week Mr Alfred Wainhouse, Surgeon, of Halifax, put a period to his existence by taking a quantity of laudanum.

Deceased was a gentleman of somewhat eccentric habits, and at the time he took the fatal draught was labouring under the delusion that an inquest was about to be held upon the body of a patient who died under his hand sixteen years ago, and if the verdict went against him he would be hanged.

On the evening previous he purchased two ounces of laudanum, which he swallowed at intervals during the night, and from the effects of which he died on Wednesday evening.

An inquest was held on the body yesterday week, when the above facts having briefly proved by witnesses, the jury returned a verdict to the effect that deceased died from the effects of laudanum taken during a fit of temporary insanity


Members of the family were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 4412] with Ellen and Amelia, daughters of his brother Thomas Wainhouse

Wainhouse, EdwardRef 199-1909
[16??-1???] Of Skircoat.

He married Unknown.


  1. Elizabeth [16??-1714] who married Thomas Rigge

Wainhouse, EdwardRef 199-961
[16??-16??] He established the Wainhouse Charity.

See St Peter's Church, Sowerby Benefactions

Wainhouse, EdwardRef 199-780
[16??-1713] He lived at Willow Hall.

In 1686, he bequeathed land and cottages in Norland for the poor

Wainhouse, EdwardRef 199-919
[1715-1746] Of Broadgates.

Son of John Wainhouse.

On 28th April 1746, he married Judith Walker at St Matthew's Church, Lightcliffe In his will dated 29th June 1746, he bequeathed

a messuage called Beestingly Lane, in Stainland, to his wife Judith and her heirs for ever, chargeable along with his personal estate with the payment of his debts and funeral expenses. In the event of his wife having a child, he devised to such child his messuage called Broad Gates, a messuage called Mearclough Bottom, with dyehouses, etc., a water corn mill called Mearclough Bottom Mill, Trimmingham, Allan Gate and an old cottage near Broad Gates; but in case he should leave no children, then to his wife for life, subject to certain payments to his sisters Elizabeth, Martha, Ann, and Sarah, and after his wife's decease he disposed of his estates among his said sisters

He was buried in Halifax Parish Church

Wainhouse, EdwardRef 199-642
[1776-1852] Son of Nathaniel Wainhouse.

He became a stuff merchant. He had business at Number 1, Horton Street, Halifax.

He was a subscriber to Warley Grammar School.

On 27th August 1804, he married Frances Ann Nicholson [1783-1829] in Wakefield.


  1. Frances [1813-1907]
  2. Robert [1815-1851]
  3. John Edward
  4. Mary Dorothy [1818-1871] who married Rev Samuel Danby

The children were baptised at Halifax Parish Church.

The family lived at

Frances Ann were buried at Holy Trinity Church, Halifax [13th July 1829].

Edward died 30th December 1852.

Probate records show that he left effects valued at under £100.

The will was proved by his son John Edward;

Wainhouse, ElizabethRef 199-1808
[18??-18??] Milliner and dress maker.

She lived at Norland Hall [1845]

Wainhouse, HenryRef 199-2
[1818-1884] Son of Edward Wainhouse.

Born in Norland.

He was a butcher & farmer [1851] / a butcher [1881].

On 31st December 1855, he married Ann Wormald [1825-1???] in Halifax.

Ann was born in Skircoat, the daughter of Joshua Wormald


  1. Mary Hannah [b 1857]
  2. Elizabeth [b 1859]
  3. William [b 1863] who was an assistant butcher [1881]
  4. John

They lived at

  • Norland Town [1851]
  • 14 High Street, Halifax [1881]

Living with him [in 1851] were his mother [?] Mary Wainhouse [b 1782] & relative Henry Hallawell [b 1833] (man servant).

In 1887, he bought Wood Lane Hall, Sowerby

Henry died in Halifax [Q3 1884] (aged 66) 

Wainhouse, HerbertRef 199-2487
[1851-1863] Son of Jonathan Calvert Wainhouse.

He was a pupil at Rishworth School.

In April 1863, he drowned whilst he and a group of boys were bathing in a dam or pool at Rishworth

Wainhouse, JackRef 199-4
[1920-1941] Son of May & Harold Wainhouse of 39 Lee Mount Road, Halifax.

He was educated at Lee Mount Council School & Halifax Secondary Modern School / a member of St George's Church, Lee Mount, Choir & Sunday School.

During World War II, he enlisted [August 1939], and served as a Flight Sergeant with the 211th Squadron Royal Air Force.

He died 13th April 1941 (aged 21).

He was buried at Phaleron War Cemetery, Greece [Coll Grave 4 D 14].

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, and on the Memorial at Saint George's Church, Lee Mount

Wainhouse, JamesRef 199-779
[1776-1812] Son of Nathaniel Wainhouse.

He died in Palermo, Sicily. Probate records show that he left an estate valued at £3,500

Wainhouse, JamesRef 199-2007
[1791-1863] Born in Norland.

He was Overseer of the Poor for Norland / a reed maker [1818] / a farmer [1841, 1851, 1856] / a farmer of 33 acres [1861] / a commission agent for healds and slays.

In 1854, he – along with Ely Smith and Edmund Hallawell – were sued for £43 12/- by William Eagle Bott, a civil engineer, for services rendered to the town of Norland for which Hellawell, as surveyor, and Wainhouse and Ely, as overseers, were liable. They were sent to York Castle, as insolvent debtors, where Ely died [1855].

In April 1856, he was was recorded as out of business and his creditors were paid 1½d in the pound.

In 1818, he married Mary Atkinson at Halifax Parish Church.

Mary came from Norland


  1. Elizabeth [b 1819]
  2. John [b 1821]
  3. Harriet [1825-1893] who married James Stafford

The children were baptised at Christ Church, Sowerby Bridge.

Mary died between 1841 &.

They lived at

Question: There is a possible confusion of the various halls in Norland here. Please email me if you can clarify where James lived and when


His unmarried sister Susey / Susan [1796-18??] was living with James [1841, 1851, 1861]

Wainhouse, James WormaldRef 199-8
[1892-19??] Son of John Wainhouse.

He was a butcher [1911].

In [1901, 1911], he and other members of the family were living at Peacock House, Warley with his maternal grandmother Betty Pickles.

During World War I, he served as a Private with the South Staffordshire Regiment.

In 1918, he was decorated by the King of Italy with the Italian Medal & Ribbon for

bravery on the field on 7th June 1918

His photograph appears with reports of his story in the Halifax Courier [6th July & 13th July 1918].

He survived the War

Wainhouse, JohnRef 199-914
[1???-1???] He married Ann, daughter of Abraham Crowther

Wainhouse, JohnRef 199-688
[16??-1692] Yeoman of Pye Nest.

He owned Brockwell.

In 16??, he married Elizabeth Cockett.

Elizabeth was the daughter of Richard Cockett


  1. Martha
  2. (possibly) Mary
  3. Susan
  4. Sarah
  5. John
  6. Abigail

He was killed by his horses as he was returning from delivering a load of pieces at Leeds

Wainhouse, JohnRef 199-2463
[16??-17??] He married the daughter of Richard Hindley.

On his death, Hindley left Washer Lane House, Halifax to his daughter

Wainhouse, JohnRef 199-916
[16??-1700] A clothier.

He married (1) Sarah, daughter of Samuel King, or In 1681, he married (2) Sarah Greenwood.


  1. John
  2. Michael
  3. Nathaniel
  4. Mary who married Richard Towne

His wife brought her family's Trimmingham estate as her dowry.

In 1674, he bought Broadgates and Mearclough Bottom Mill from Abraham Crowther. John inherited Broadgates

Wainhouse, JohnRef 199-2674
[16??-1705] There is an inscription in Halifax Parish Church
here lyeth the body of John Wainehouse of Halyfax, who departed this life 7 Jun 1705

Wainhouse, JohnRef 199-918
[1684-1725] Son of John Wainhouse.

He inherited Broadgates and made alterations to the property.

On 9th September 1714, he married Mary Oldfield [1692-1737].


  1. Edward
  2. Elizabeth [1715-1782] who married Japhet Lister
  3. Mary [1720-1778]
  4. Ann [1723-1797] who married Mr Wood
  5. John [bapt 1724]
  6. Sarah [bapt 1725]
  7. Martha

Members of the family were buried in Halifax Parish Church

By his will of 12th August 1725, he ordered

that his wife Mary should have her full thirds out of his real estate in lieu of dower. In case his wife should have a son after the date of his will, such son or sons to have a messuage in Warley called The Cliffe, in the possession of Isaac Smith, and one other messuage in Warley in the possession of John Crowther. If no such son be born, then all the said messuages and all other his messuages, as well copyhold as freehold (subject to certain charges), to his son Edward. [Wife Mary and brother-in-law Thomas Oldfield, exors]. If his son Edward and such after-born son died before 21, then he devised his capital messuage called Broadyates to his daughter Elizabeth; His messuage at Mear Clough Bottom, the cottages and mills there, to his daughter Martha; Trimmingham and Allon Gate to his daughter Anne; And all his messuages in Warley to his daughter Mary for life, and after her decease to her eldest son

Wainhouse, JohnRef 199-2223
[1810-1881] Of Halifax.

He married (1) Elizabeth [1808-1855].

Elizabeth died 4th December 1855 (aged 47).

In [Q4] 1858, he married (2) Ann Cooke [1815-1887] in Halifax.

John died 26th January 1881 (aged 75).

Ann died 30th March 1887 (aged 72).

Members of the family were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 3365] with Nathaniel Wainhouse

Wainhouse, JohnRef 199-9
[1811-18??] Of Halifax.

He was out of employment [1841] / a worsted weaver [1861].

He married Hannah [1811-18??].


  1. Nathaniel [b 1831] who was a factory boy [1841]
  2. Martha [b 1833]

They lived at

  • Moor Bottom, Warley [1841]
  • Mount Pleasant, Northowram [1861]

Wainhouse, JohnRef 199-5
[1867-1939] Son of Henry Wainhouse.

Born in Halifax.

He was an assistant butcher [1881] / a farmer of Sowerby [1888] / a farmer [1891].

In [Q3] 1888, he married Zillah Pickles [1871-1960] at St Mary's Church, Luddenden.

Zillah was born in Warley, the daughter of William Pickles


  1. Henry [b 1889] who was a butcher [1911]
  2. William Pickles [b 1891] who was a cowman on farm [1911]
  3. James
  4. Beatrice [b 1893] who was a beer seller's assistant [1911]
  5. Zillah [b 1897]
  6. Edith Ann [1897-1905]
  7. Edward [b 1903]

The family lived at

John died in 1939.

Wood Lane Hall was sold about 1942.

Zillah died in Halifax [Q2 1960] (aged 89) 

Wainhouse, John EdwardRef 199-6
[1816-1883] Son of Edward Wainhouse.

Born in Halifax [20th August 1916].

Baptised at Halifax Parish Church [14th January 1817].

After his mother's death [1829], he was raised by his aunt Hannah and uncle Robert Wainhouse. He started work at Robert's dye-works in Washer Lane.

When his uncle died [1856], John Edward inherited the business, becoming owner of the Washer Lane Dye Works. He did not involved himself with the business, but left this to Henry Mossman. He sold the business to Mossman [1873].

He was listed as a proprietor of houses [1851, 1861] and a landowner / following no occupation, and an employer of 60 men and  some boys [1871].

An Obituary Notice said

He was well known as a large property owner who paid great attention to the improvement of his tenant's dwellings

He was responsible for the construction of Wainhouse Tower and the houses of Wainhouse Terrace.

He was described as an intellectual and literary, and a noted pamphleteer.

He was well-educated and widely travelled, and he developed a special fondness for decorative architecture. The elaborate cupola of Wainhouse Tower is the most famous example of this.

He was Chairman of the Skircoat Board of Surveyors with responsibility for the highways in the district.

He built his own house West Air on Washer Lane, next to the land of his rival, Sir Henry Edwards – see The Edwards-Wainhouse feud.

He never married.

He was the last of the local Wainhouse family. His estate passed to the family of his sister, Mary Dorothy.

They lived at

  • Denton Hall, Otley [1851]
  • 44 Grove Street, Leamington Priors, Warwickshire (a lodging  house) [1861]
  • West Air

He died at West Air [26th July 1883].

He was buried at Holy Trinity Church, Halifax.

See Scarr Bottom Cottages, Pye Nest and Wainhouse

Wainhouse, Jonathan CalvertRef 199-2669
[1816-1885] Son of John Wainhouse, stuff manufacturer.

Born in Warley.

He was a bookkeeper of Duke Street [1839] / a book keeper / a warehouseman [1841] / a clerk (spinners & manufacturer merchants worsted) [1851] / a clerk at worsted factory [1861] / a clerk (worsted manufactory) [1871] / a retired book keeper [1881].

In 1839, he married Fanny Giles [1815-1876] at St Peter's Church, Leeds.

Fanny, of Bowman Lane, was the daughter of Aaron Giles, a clothdresser


  1. Sarah Hannah [b 1841]
  2. Elizabeth [1844-1902] who married Henry Calvert
  3. Herbert
  4. Walter [b 1852] who was a clerk (worsted manufactory)   [1871], a commercial clerk (worsted) [1881]

They lived at

  • Acorn Street, Leeds [1841]
  • 42 Green Hill, Halifax [1851]
  • 7 Mount Pleasant, Halifax [1861]
  • 54 Alma Street, Halifax [1871, 1881]

Living with them [in 1841] were Elizabeth Nussey [aged 30] (dressmaker) and Henry Nussey [aged 5].

Jonathan died 6th April 1885.

Probate records show that he left an estate valued at £2,433.

His will was proved by son Walter

Wainhouse, MaryRef 199-290
[1714-1739] Of Pye Nest.

(Possibly) daughter of John Wainhouse.

Baptised at Christ Church, Sowerby Bridge [25th October 1714].

In 1739, she married William Walker.

She died in 1739

Wainhouse, MichaelRef 199-7
[1???-1684] Owner of Binroyd, Norland.

He cased the timber farmhouse in stone and decorated it with fine plasterwork.

He married James Mitchell's widow (age 48).

He died

of a surfeit got by intemperance

at Cross in Halifax [18th October 1684]

He was buried at Halifax Parish Church

Wainhouse, MichaelRef 199-680
[17??-1???] In 1767, a letter to him told of the arrest of coiner Daniel Greenwood in Germany.

In November 1769, he attended the enquiry which had been called by the Marquis of Rockingham to discuss the problem of the coiners and the murder of William Deighton.

Wainhouse, MichaelRef 199-2612
[17??-17??] He married Martha [1719-1797].


  1. Richard [1749-1750]
  2. Edward [1755-1756]

Members of the family were buried at Halifax Parish Church

Wainhouse, NathanielRef 199-2225
[1???-18??] He was landlord of the White Hart, Halifax [1822, 1829] and the Upper George Hotel & Posting House, Halifax [1834]

Wainhouse, NathanielRef 199-486

On 23rd March 1773, he married Mary Tattersall at Halifax Parish Church.


  1. (possibly) Robert
  2. James
  3. Edward
  4. William

Nathaniel died in 1812.

Probate records show that he left an estate valued at £10,000

He was buried at Holy Trinity Church, Halifax [13th December 1812]

Wainhouse, NathanielRef 199-2224
[1803-1872] He was a woolcomber [1841, 1851, 1871].

He never married.

He lived at

He died 9th May 1872 (aged 69).

He was buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 3365] with John Wainhouse

Wainhouse, RichardRef 199-1906
[1???-1760] Of Halifax.

In 1745, he inherited property in Rawdon, Leeds, from his uncle Christopher Emmott. He changed his name to Emmott.

He married Unknown.


  1. Richard [17??-1819] who never married

A niece of Richard (junior) - called Susannah Emmott – married George Green of Harley street, and assumed the name Green-Emmott. They had a son: Alfred Edward Green-Emmott

Wainhouse, RichardRef 199-786
[16??-17??] Of Pye Nest.

On 10th May 1704, he married Mrs Power

A Richard Wainhouse of Pye Nest died 13th March 1707

Wainhouse, RichardRef 199-681
[17??-17??] Of Halifax.

In November 1769, he attended the enquiry which had been called by the Marquis of Rockingham to discuss the problem of the coiners and the murder of William Deighton.

Wainhouse, RobertRef 199-29

Recorded in 1822, when he was an ironmonger at Northgate, Halifax

Wainhouse, RobertRef 199-3
[1772-1839] Born in Sowerby Bridge.

He was an iron monger [1803, 1808, 1810, 1812].

On 23rd May 1802, he married (1) Elizabeth Wainwright [1780-1815]

Elizabeth was born in Halifax


  1. Ann [1803-1853] who married Henry Neal
  2. Nathaniel [1805-1825] who was baptised at Halifax Parish  Church [September 1805]
  3. Martha [1808-1868] who was baptised at Halifax Parish  Church [11th September 1808] & married Rev James Jerom Topham
  4. Alfred
  5. William [1812-1816] who was baptised at Halifax Parish  Church [29th November 1812]
  6. Thomas

Elizabeth died in Halifax [25th October 1815]

On 2nd November 1817, he married (2) Mary Slater [1781-18??].

Mary was born in Halifax or Wakefield


  1. Elizabeth [1818-1866] who married Robert Youd

Robert died in Halifax [11th April 1839].

In 1851, the widowed Mary was living with daughter Elizabeth & family

Wainhouse, RobertRef 199-249
[1773-1856] JP.

(Possibly) son of Nathaniel Wainhouse.

He was a member of a Committee supporting those affected by the Luddites  [1813] / a Commissioner of the Court of Requests [1828] / Surveyor of the Highways for Skircoat [1835] / a merchant [1841] / a Commissioner of Land & Assessed Taxes [1845] / a Commissioner of Property & Income Tax [1845]

He owned the Washer Lane Dye Works.

He was one of the subscribers to John Horner's book Buildings in the Town & Parish of Halifax [1835].

On 2nd June 1795, he married Hannah Emmet [1771-18??] in Halifax.

They had no children.

The family lived at

On his mother's death in 1829, his nephew John Edward Wainhouse went to live with the couple.

Robert died in 1856.

He was buried at Holy Trinity Church, Halifax [10th March 1856].

Probate records show that he left an estate valued at £45,000.

His brother William was executor.

He left £100 to the Leeds Infirmary, and £100 to the Yorkshire School for the Blind in York.

John Edward inherited Robert's business.

See Wainhouse Road School, Halifax

Wainhouse, ThomasRef 199-2460
[18??-18??] He was a nominee for the Northowram Board of Guardians [1869].

He lived at Lee House, Shibden [1869].

See Halifax Courier

Wainhouse, ThomasRef 199-3040
[1815-1886] Son of Robert Wainhouse.

Baptised at Halifax Parish Church [24th May 1815].

In [Q4] 1839, he married Ellen Appaulina Lewthwaite in Halifax.

Ellen Appaulina was the daughter of Joseph Hartley Lewthwaite


  1. Julia [1842-1907] who married Alexander Blackwood Boal
  2. Robert [1843-14th November 1877]
  3. William [1845-1848]
  4. William [1848-6th January 1877]
  5. Ellen [1850-1932]
  6. Amelia [1852-1937]
  7. Nathaniel [1854] who died aged 7 days

Members of the family were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 4518]. Daughters Ellen and Amelia are buried with their uncle Alfred Wainhouse

Wainhouse, WilliamRef 199-431
[1781-1862] Son of Nathaniel Wainhouse.

He was an annuitant [1851].

He never married.

He lived at Washer Lane, Halifax.

He died 14th December 1862.

He was buried at Holy Trinity Church, Halifax [13th December 1862]

Probate records show that he left effects valued at under £90,000.

The will was proved by his nephew John Edward Wainhouse and Thomas Adam of Halifax (gentleman) 

Wainhouse, WilliamRef 199-106
[1807-1825] Eldest son of Edward Wainhouse.

He died at Frankfurt-am-Main in Germany, and was buried at the Peterkirche there

Wainhouse, William HenryRef 199-405
[18??-19??] Councillor for Halifax Pellon ward [1894]


The Wainhouse familyRef 199-664
They lived at Scar Bottom House, Halifax


Wainhouse surnameRef 199-1

There are 42 entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Wainhouse, as discussed in this SideTrack.

Unattached BMDs for Wainhouse

Deaths 1719, 1812


See Wainstalls

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