Wadsworth is a high moorland township north of Hebden Bridge - towards Old Town - and lying between the townships of Heptonstall and Midgley.

The township includes Pecket Well and Crimsworth.

Hebden Water forms much of the boundary between the townships of Heptonstall and Wadsworth.

The name appears in Domesday Book and elsewhere as Waddesworth, Wadesuurde, and Wadeswrde, and uses the element worth meaning wooden enclosure or Wadda's enclosure, where Wadda, Wada, or Wedi was a Saxon name.

It was the largest township in the Halifax district.

In 1524, the tax raised on goods and lands in Wadsworth was greater than that of Halifax or Bradford.

Some sites, sights and other entries for Wadsworth

The Akroyd family of Wadsworth
Alexandra Shed, Wadsworth

Back Clough, Wadsworth
Blake Dean
Blether Hill, Wadsworth
Boston Hill Estate, Wadsworth
Boston Hill, Wadsworth
Brigwell Head Spring, Wadsworth
Burlees Wood, Wadsworth
Burlees, Wadsworth

Chiserley Hall, Wadsworth
The Cousin family of Wadsworth
Cousinville, Wadsworth
Crimsworth Hall, Wadsworth
Crimsworth Wesleyan Methodist Sunday School
Crumber Hill, Wadsworth

Duck Hill, Wadsworth

Far Nook, Wadsworth
Farror's Bounder, Wadsworth
The Foster family of Erringden
The Foster family of Wadsworth & Denholme

Gemland Mill, Wadsworth
Great Burlees, Wadsworth
Grinsworth Wesleyan Church, Wadsworth

Heights Clough, Wadsworth
High Brown Knowl Standing Stone, Wadsworth
High Brown Knowl, Wadsworth
High Hirst, Wadsworth
Higher Brown Knoll, Wadsworth
Hill House, Wadsworth
Hirst Bridge, Wadsworth
Hoar Nib, Wadsworth Moor
Hoyland, Wadsworth
Hoyning Stone, Wadsworth

Ibbot Clough, Wadsworth
Ibbot Royd Clough, Wadsworth
Ibbotroyd Mill, Wadsworth

Limers' Gate, Wadsworth
Little Burlees, Wadsworth
Low Brown Knowl, Wadsworth

Male Union Society, Wadsworth
Benjamin Mallinson
Martin Mill, Wadsworth
The Methley family of Ovenden & Wadsworth
Mitchell's Mill, Wadsworth
Mount Pleasant Mill, Wadsworth
Mount Skip, Wadsworth

Nell Carr, Wadsworth
Nell Mires, Wadsworth

Old Castle, Wadsworth
Old Hold Edge, Wadsworth
Old Town Methodist Chapel, Wadsworth
Old Town Reservoir, Wadsworth
Owlers, Wadsworth

Pack Horse, Wadsworth
Paddock Beck, Wadsworth
Pecket Well
Pecket Wood, Wadsworth
Prye, Stansfield
Purprice, Wadsworth
Purprise, Wadsworth

Raw Royds, Wadsworth
Redacre, Wadsworth
Resby Mere, Wadsworth
Ridge Cross, Wadsworth
Romfolly, Wadsworth

Savile's Law, Wadsworth
Smeakin Hill, Wadsworth
Souter House, Wadsworth
South Shields, Wadsworth
South Strine Head, Wadsworth
Stevenson House, Wadsworth
Stone Booth, Wadsworth
Sunny Bank Farm, Wadsworth

Tom Tittiman, Wadsworth
Top o' th' Hill, Wadsworth

Wadsworth Banks Farm, Mytholmroyd
Wadsworth Banks, Hebden Bridge
Wadsworth Club Houses
Wadsworth constables
Wadsworth Co-operative Store
The Wadsworth family
Wadsworth Lanes
Wadsworth Law
Wadsworth Mill Lock, Todmorden
Wadsworth Mill
Wadsworth Mill, Todmorden
Wadsworth Moor
Wadsworth Parish Council
Wadsworth, Parish of
Wadsworth Post Office
Wadsworth Royd Farm, Wadsworth
Wadsworth Surveyor of the Highways
Wadsworth United Football Club
Wadsworth War Memorial
Wadsworth Workhouse
Manor of Wadsworth
Westfield Mill, Wadsworth
Wheat Ing Bridge, Wadsworth
Wheat Ing, Wadsworth
White Hole, Wadsworth
Wicken Hill Earth Circle, Wadsworth

The Thomas family of Wadsworth

See Population and Parish statistics

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