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Varley, ArthurRef 461-194
[1871-1949] Born in Ovenden.

He was landlord of the New Delight, Boothtown [1901, 1904].

He died at 6 Eden Grove, Kirkstall, Leeds in 1949.

He was buried at Christ Church, Pellon [1 E 30]

Varley, EdgarRef 461-195

In [Q2] 1914, he married Annie King [1891-1972] in Halifax.

Child: Irene Margaret [1915-2006] who married (1)  Walter Hubert Rushton and (2) Leslie W. Gibson.

The couple are remembered at Warley Congregational Church

Varley, GraceRef 461-216
[1816-1896] Daughter of Mary Varley.

No father is shown for Grace, but in 1851, when she and her children were living with Susannah &
John Shuttleworth, Grace is shown as daughter.

This could mean that Grace was the illegitimate daughter of John Shuttleworth and Mary Varley


Grace herself had children:

  1. Thomas [b 1837] who was a weaver of Stansfield [1860] &  married [13th February 1860] Mary Pickles [b 1845] (weaver) of  Broad Stone, Heptonstall, daughter of Thomas Pickles (weaver) 
  2. Sally [b 1840]
  3. John [b 1850]

No father is recorded for the children, but in February 1860, when son Thomas married, he was recorded as

son of John Sutcliffe, weaver

In April 1879, when daughter Sally married William Sunderland, she was recorded as

daughter of Harry Cockroft, farmer


Grace & her children lived at

  • Shaw Lane, Stansfield (living with Mary) [1841]
  • Shaw, Stansfield (living with Susannah & John Shuttleworth & family) [1851]
  • Watty Hole, Walsden (Grace (domestic servant) and  daughter Sally) [1871]

Grace (possibly) died in 1896 (aged 80) 

Varley, HarryRef 461-168
[18??-1915] Of Todmorden.

During World War I, and he served as a Private with the 8th Battalion Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment).

He died 19th October 1915.

He is remembered on the Helles Memorial, Gallipoli [Grave Ref 117-119], in the Todmorden Garden of Remembrance, and on the Memorial at Vale Baptist Church, Todmorden

Varley, HenryRef 461-209
[1864-1???] Son of William Varley, stoker.

He was a carter of Wood End, Wadsworth [1884] / a carter of Hob Cote, Wadsworth [1886].

On 6th December 1884, he married Mary Jane Greenwood.

Mary Jane was the daughter of
Richard Greenwood


  1. James Richard [b 31st December 1886]

Varley, HerbertRef 461-169
[1900-1918] Son of Betty & John William Varley of 434 Burnley Road, Todmorden.

During World War I, and he served as a Private with the 2nd/6th Battalion Notts & Derby (Sherwood Foresters) Regiment.

He died 18th April 1918 (aged 18).

He is remembered on the Ploegsteert Memorial, Belgium [Grave Ref 7], and in the Todmorden Garden of Remembrance

Varley, IngramRef 461-158
[17??-18??] He married Harriet, daughter of Mr Chadwick.

Harriet was a confectioner [1851] / landlady at the Savile Arms, Elland [1861] – taking over from  her brother-in-law John Sheard

Varley, JamesRef 461-114
[18??-18??] Of Bailiffe Bridge.

In 1867, he patented

improved machinery for assorting silk and other fibres

Varley, JohnRef 461-65
[16??-16??] Miller of Wadsworth.

He married Mary, daughter of James King.

In 1684, he bought parts of the estate of Susan and James King in Hebden Bridge

Varley, JohnRef 461-44
[18??-18??] Of Ovenden.

Son of Thomas Varley, weaver.

He was a weaver [1859].

He married (1) Unknown.

On 24th September 1859, he married (2) Sarah [1816-1???] at Halifax Parish Church.

Sarah [née Cockroft], of Ovenden, was the widow of
Thomas Bancroft

Varley, JohnRef 461-205
[1842-1911] Of Cornholme.

He married Jane [1843-1891].


  1. Betsy [b 1869] who married Alexander Wild
  2. Sarah Ann [1873-30th April 1891]

Jane died 14th May 1891 (aged 48).

John died 14th July 1911 (aged 69).

Members of the family were buried at Heptonstall Church

Varley, John WilliamRef 461-172
[1870-19??] Son of Ann & John Varley.

In [Q1] 1896, he married Grace Pickles in Todmorden.

Grace was the daughter of
John Pickles


  1. Cyril [b 1897]
  2. Harold [b 1899]

They lived at

  • Woodbine Buildings, Mytholmroyd [1901]
  • 4 Cambridge Street, Hebden Bridge [1911]

Varley, JosephRef 461-146
[1848-1894] Landlord of the Lord Nelson Inn, Scout Head, Midgley.

In 1876, he married Sarah Astin [1844-1???].

They are mentioned in the List of Local Wills: 1894

Varley, RichardRef 461-122
[1831-1897] Son of William Varley.

Born in Stansfield.

He was a cotton dyer [1851] / foreman dyer in Halifax [1848?] / a cotton dyer with Joseph Hodgson [1861] / a dyer of cotton & silk [1871] / a dyer and finisher [1881] / head of Varley Brothers Limited [1897].

In 1853, he married Eleanor C. Peake [1820-1903] in Halifax.

Eleanor was born in Openshaw, Manchester


  1. Clara [b 1856] who married Rev William Stone

They lived at

  • Callis Bridge End, Hebden Bridge [1861, 1871]
  • Cliviger, Cornholme [1881, 1891]
  • Willow House, Cornholme

Richard died in Todmorden [Q3 1897] (aged 66).

He was buried at Heptonstall Slack Baptist Cemetery.

An Eleanor Varley died in Todmorden [Q2 1903] (aged 83) 

Varley, RichardRef 461-187
[1874-19??] Son of Henry William Varley, slater.

Born in Liversedge.

He was a labourer of Thornton Villa, Cleckheaton [1896] / a general labourer [1901] / a cart driver [1911].

In 1896, he married Emma Wardman [1874-19??] at St.Peter's Church, Birstall.

Emma, of Thornton Villa, Cleckheaton, was born in Wibsey, the daughter of John Wardman, coal miner


  1. Thomas
  2. John Henry [b 1901]
  3. Arthur [b 1906]
  4. Annie [b 1911]
  5. James [b 1916]

In 1901, they were visitors staying with Mary Ann Hood [b  1868] & Thomas Hood [b 1867] (general labourer) at 6 Hardcastle Buildings, Halifax.

They lived at

  • 1 Pump Street, Halifax [1911]
  • 18 Brunswick Square, Halifax [1916]

During World War I, and he served as a Private with the Army Veterinary Corps.

He was injured and was hospitalised in Glasgow [October 1916].

Son Thomas was killed in the War

Varley, SamuelRef 461-157
[1811-1885] Born in Wilsden, Bradford.

He was a farmer at Grey Stones [1861] / innkeeper at the Wagon & Horses, Ovenden [1861] / a farmer of 14 acres [1871, 1881] / a beer retailer at Grey Stones, Mixenden [1871, 1881].

In February 1843, he married Sarah Bailey [1813-1888] in Bradford.

Sarah was born in Bingley


  1. Mary Hannah [b 1842] who married George Wilkinson  [1843-1???]
  2. Ann [b 1844] who was a cotton & worsted power loom weaver  [1871] & married [Halifax 24th October 1883] John Charnock
  3. Martha [b 1846] who was a cotton rover [1871], a milliner  [1881]
  4. Jonas Samuel [b 1853] who was a saddler [1871]

The family lived at

  • (possibly) Booth Wood, Halifax [1841]
  • Grey Stones [1861, 1871]
  • 4 Grey Stones [1881]

Living with them [in 1881] were daughter Mary Hannah and her husband George (stone dresser) 

Samuel died in Halifax [March 1885] (aged 74).

A Sarah Varley died in Halifax [February 1888] (aged 75) 

Varley, ThomasRef 461-77
[17??-17??] Of Warley.

Son of William Varley.

He was acquitted of being a coiner

Varley, ThomasRef 461-212

He married Sarah [1774-1832].


  1. William [1797-26th April 1818]

Thomas died 2nd November 1832 (aged 58).

Sarah died 27th December 1832 (aged 63).

Members of the family were buried at Square Independent Chapel, Halifax with James Hargreaves

Varley, ThomasRef 461-188
[1898-1916] Son of Richard Varley.

Born in Liversedge.

He was a part-time doffer [1911] / employed by Ramsden's Brewery [1914].

During World War I, he enlisted at Halifax [18th August 1914] and served as a Private / Lance Corporal with the 1st/4th Battalion Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment).

He was sent to France [April 1915].

He was posted missing and assumed to have died in a failed attack on Schwaben Redoubt [3rd September 1916].

The Halifax Courier [14th October 1916] reported his death with a photograph.

He was buried at Mill Road Cemetery, Thiepval, France. [Grave Ref I G 8].

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance

His father he served as a Private with the Army Veterinary Corps, and was injured and hospitalised in Glasgow [October 1916]

Varley, WhitelyRef 461-171
[1865-19??] Son of Florence & Nathan Varley.

Born in Wadsworth.

He was a warehouseman (rag & paper) [1901] / a warehouseman (rag & paper merchant) [1911].

In [Q3] 1896 he married Mary Alice Pickles in Todmorden.

Mary Alice was the daughter of
John Pickles


  1. child who died in infancy [before 1911]
  2. child

They lived at 18 Oak Street, Hebden Bridge [1901, 1911]

Varley, WilliamRef 461-57
[17??-17??] Coiner of Warley. On 6th April 1770, he was sentenced to death along with David Hartley and James Oldfield. His sentence was changed to awaiting His Majesty's pleasure.

He married Unknown.

Child: Thomas

Varley, WilliamRef 461-105
[18??-18??] Worsted spinner at Hay's Mill, Mixenden [1861]

Varley, WilliamRef 461-137
[1801-18??] He was a dyer [1841] / a cotton piece dyer [1851].

He married Sally [1796-18??].


  1. Jonathan [b 1826]
  2. Stansfield [b 1826]
  3. Richard
  4. Ann [b 1835]
  5. Henry [b 1838]
  6. Mary [b 1841]

They lived at

  • Broadien, Stansfield [1841]
  • Sodhouse Green, Ovenden [1851]

Varley, WilliamRef 461-3
[1821-1???] Born in Stansfield.

He was a farm labourer [1851].

He married Charlotte [1819-1???].

Charlotte was born in Stansfield.

She was a cotton winder [1851]


Child: Wilson

They lived at Shurcrack, Todmorden [1851]

Varley, WilsonRef 461-2
[1844-1892] Son of William Varley.

Born in Langfield.

He was a carter [1871] / a carter carrier [1881] / a carter [1891].

In [Q1] 1869, he married Betty Greenwood [1846-1925] in Todmorden.

Betty was born in Heptonstall


  1. Alfred G. [b 1869] who was a carter [1891]
  2. Fred [b 1870]
  3. Mary Ann [b 1872] who was a cotton weaver [1891]
  4. John [b 1873] who was a farmer's man [1891]
  5. Sam [b 1874] who was a cotton weaver [1891]
  6. Ruth [b 1877] who was a cotton weaver [1891]
  7. Frank [b 1880] who was a farm labourer [1901] & was  buried with his parents
  8. Wilson [b 1884]

They lived at

  • Top O'T Rough, Langfield [1871]
  • Great Knowle, Todmorden [1881]
  • Friths Hill, Todmorden & Walsden [1891]
  • Friths Farm, Dulesgate [1892]
  • Model Farm, Todmorden [1901]

Living with them [in 1881] was Sutcliffe Greenwood [b 1852] (cotton weaver) 

Wilson died 18th March 1892 (aged 48).

Betty died 12th June 1925 (aged 79).

The couple were buried at Lumbutts United Methodist Free Church


Varley surnameRef 461-1
Another form of the surname is Varlow.

Robert Varleye is recorded at Sowerby in 1563, John Verley is recorded at Wadsworth in 1599 and William Varley is recorded at Wadsworth in 1672

There are 23 entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Varley, as discussed in this SideTrack. This count does not include other forms of the surname.

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