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Hebden BridgeRef 28-H153
District of Calderdale to the west of Halifax on the Rochdale Canal and at the junction of Hebden Water and the Calder

Hebden Bridge A. F. CRef 28-11
Association football club recorded around 1914, when Lewis Armstrong was a player

Hebden Bridge Agricultural ShowRef 28-H55
Recorded in 1900, when it was held at Calder Holmes Park.

During World War I, the show was suspended and was revived on 31st May 1919.

See Doc Shire

Hebden Bridge Ambulance AssociationRef 28-H3314
Daniel Jones Crossley was the first – and only – President

Hebden Bridge & Calder Valley Agricultural SocietyRef 28-H2442
Recorded in 1911, when their 9th Annual Show was held at Calder Holme, Hebden Bridge

See Sir Charles Robertshaw

Hebden Bridge & District Band of Hope UnionRef 28-H1978
Succeeded the Hebden Bridge & Heptonstall Temperance Society. The society was established at Cross Lane Methodist Chapel in 1859.

Closed in March 1952.

See Band of Hope

Hebden Bridge & District Farmers' Association LimitedRef 28-H2719
Recorded in 1917 at Station Yard, Hebden Bridge

This & associated entries use material contributed by Alan Longbottom

Hebden Bridge & District Jubilee FundRef 28-H3100
Established in 1897 to celebrate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee.

See Hebden Bridge Nursing Institute

Hebden Bridge & District Master PaintersRef 28-H611

The Hebden Bridge & District NewsRef 28-H1946
Published by W. Waddington & Sons. Recorded in 1907

Hebden Bridge & Heptonstall Temperance SocietyRef 28-H1980
A temperance society formed in 1852.

Elias Hitchen was one of the founder members.

In the local elections of 1894, the Temperance Association put up 7 candidates who wanted the Hole in the Wall, Hebden Bridge to close. Only 1 was returned.

Evolved into the Hebden Bridge & District Band of Hope Union

Hebden Bridge & Mytholmroyd Gas BoardRef 28-H3317
Recorded on 20th April 1908, when Councillor James Simpson was re-elected Chairman

Hebden Bridge & Mytholmroyd Gas CompanyRef 28-H2394
Formed in 1838.

See Hebden Bridge Gas Company

Hebden Bridge & Todmorden Advertiser & General News-letterRef 28-H1973

Hebden Bridge & Todmorden Historical AlmanackRef 28-H1942

Hebden Bridge Antiques CentreRef 28-H3306
Dunkley House, Albert Street

Hebden Bridge Arts CentreRef 28-H56
In the former Ebenezer Baptist Church, Hebden Bridge

Hebden Bridge Association Football ClubRef 28-12

Officers of the Club have included

See Hebden Bridge AFC Memorial

Hebden Bridge Bachelor ClubRef 28-H2412
Founded in 1927 by Edward Thomas

This & associated entries use material contributed by Maggie Berry

Hebden Bridge BandRef 28-5

Hebden Bridge Board of HealthRef 28-H375
Established in 18??

Hebden Bridge Bowling ClubRef 28-H3008
Near Hardcastle Crags.

Established around 1898.

Recorded in 1913, when the membership was 130.

Handley Ashworth was President

Hebden Bridge British LegionRef 28-13

See Hebden Bridge British Legion Memorial

Hebden Bridge British RestaurantRef 28-H679
British restaurant opened in 1941/2

Hebden Bridge Camera ClubRef 28-H2425
Established in 19??. This was originally the Calder Camera Club

Hebden Bridge Cattle MarketRef 28-H2761
This was a fortnightly market. The site became the car park for the Stubbing Wharf Hotel

Hebden Bridge Choral & Harmonic SocietyRef 28-H1931
Established in 1883.

Officers of the Society have included

Members of the Society have included

Recorded in 1897

Hebden Bridge Choral SocietyRef 28-H1850
Established in 18??

The Hebden Bridge ChronicleRef 28-H1949
Newspaper. First published in 1853 by William Garforth. It ceased publication on 6th December 1856.

It is recorded in 1881

Question: When was the paper resurrected after its demise in 1856?


See Antiquarian and Hebden Chronicle

Hebden Bridge: Churches & ChapelsRef 28-3

Hebden Bridge Cinema SectionRef 28-8
A section of the Hebden Bridge Literary & Scientific Society.

Their productions include

  • Small Fry [1952]
  • Several short films about and around Hebden Bridge

Hebden Bridge CircuitRef 28-H674
The Methodist circuit was formed in 1862 with Salem Wesleyan Chapel as its head

Hebden Bridge Civic HallRef 28-H486

Hebden Bridge Coffee & Cocoa House Company LimitedRef 28-H2517
3 Bridge Street, Hebden Bridge. The company was registered in July 1880.

At a special meeting on 2nd June 1888, it was decided to wind up the company

This & associated entries use material contributed by Alan Longbottom

Hebden Bridge Community AssociationRef 28-H2869
See Hebden Bridge Town Hall

Hebden Bridge Conservative OfficesRef 28-H3672
Commercial Street. The Offices are attached to Southcliffe House, Hebden Bridge. Both buildings are listed

Hebden Bridge constablesRef 28-H4025
The Foldout lists some of the people who have served as Police Officers in Hebden Bridge

Hebden Bridge Constitutional ClubRef 28-H2409
Recorded in 1905 & 1917 at 6 Albert Street.

Recorded in 1912, when the membership was 299.

In 1917, Herbert Henry Pepper was secretary

This & associated entries use material contributed by Alan Longbottom

Hebden Bridge Co-operative HallRef 28-H696
Albert / Cheetham Street.

On 1st May 1908, they were refused a stage-play licence by the West Riding General Purposes Committee

Hebden Bridge Co-operative Society Reading RoomRef 28-H782
Recorded in 1905 at Crown Street / St George's Square

Hebden Bridge Cotton & Commercial Company LimitedRef 28-H2516
Recorded in 1861 at Hebden Bridge when James Bottomley was Secretary, and in 1874 when they were at Calder Mill, Hebden Bridge and S. Lumb was Secretary.

The company was registered in September 1882

This & associated entries use material contributed by Alan Longbottom & Diana Monahan

Hebden Bridge Cricket ClubRef 28-H2807
See White Rose Archery Club

Hebden Bridge District Nurses' HomeRef 28-H383
Recorded in 1905 at New Road, Hebden Bridge

Hebden Bridge Dramatic SectionRef 28-H393
A section of the Hebden Bridge Literary & Scientific Society. This later became Hebden Bridge Little Theatre

Hebden Bridge Economic StoresRef 28-H3627
A branch of Economic Stores (Halifax) Limited. Opened in 1???. It was opposite the Shoulder of Mutton, Hebden Bridge. The building is now occupied by a ladies' fashion shop.

A branch on Albert Street opened in 1???

This & associated entries use material contributed by Nigel Lloyd

Hebden Bridge Estate Company LimitedRef 28-H641
Registered 27th July 1891.

The had capital of £50,000 in £10 shares

Hebden Bridge Fire StationRef 28-H2399
The old fire station formed a part of Hebden Bridge UDC Offices.

The fire station at Hangingroyd – built at a cost of £15,000 and opened on 7th May 1966.

It closed in 2006.

In June 2009, it was demolished and a car park created on the site.

See Mytholmroyd Fire Station

Hebden Bridge Floral & Horticultural SocietyRef 28-H2439
Established on 3rd March 1880

Hebden Bridge Fustian Manufacturing Co-operative Society LimitedRef 28-H2503
Aka the Fustian Co-op.

This was a successful workers' co-operative established in 1870 by a group of workers for the production and sale of fustian

Hebden Bridge Garden ClubRef 28-H3345
Recorded in 1913, when the membership was 40

Hebden Bridge Gas CompanyRef 28-H2403
The gas company was formed at the Crow Nest Works in 1852.

In 1874, William Blackburn was Manager.

Hebden Bridge Gas Works was completed in 1912.

See Hebden Bridge & Mytholmroyd Gas Company

Hebden Bridge Golf ClubRef 28-H3363
Mount Skip

Hebden Bridge Industrial Co-operative Society LimitedRef 28-H2446
Established in 1848.

The first premises were a small cottage at the corner of High Street and Heptonstall Road.

See Heptonstall Co-operative Society

Hebden Bridge Liberal ClubRef 28-H2410
Crown Street.

The Club was built in 1899 [?]. It was designed by Jesse Horsfall.

The corner stones were laid by Daniel Jones Crossley in 1893.

Members and Officers of the Club have included

In the 1950s, it became Hebden Bridge Civic Hall.

Around 1980, it became the Greenwood Inn.

This & associated entries use material contributed by David Greaves & Alan Longbottom

Hebden Bridge LibraryRef 28-H567
Hope Street / Cheetham Street, Hebden Bridge. The first library was established at the former Hope Street Sunday School, Hebden Bridge.

On 8th June 1903, Andrew Carnegie gave £2,000 for the construction of a free library at Hebden Bridge.

In 1908, the building was extended.

On 20th March 1934, a new branch library opened, the first in the town.

The library was restored in 2010

Hebden Bridge Light Opera SocietyRef 28-H1832
See Picture House, Hebden Bridge

Hebden Bridge Literary & Scientific SocietyRef 28-H2500
Originally, the Hebden Bridge General Society was formed on 4th December 1905 by William Nowell. Other sections were subsequently formed:

See Edward Binney Gibson and Dent Sutcliffe

Hebden Bridge Little TheatreRef 28-H1074
Established by the Hebden Bridge Dramatic Section. The 300-seat theatre opened on 18th September 1937 with a production of Hail, Nero – written by Mary Stocks – which was applauded for its impressive burning of Rome

The modern theatre has a capacity of 120

Hebden Bridge Local History SectionRef 28-H504
A section of the Hebden Bridge Literary & Scientific Society formed in 1950.

It subsequently became the Hebden Bridge Local History Society

Hebden Bridge Male Voice ChoirRef 28-H115
Established in 18??.

Members included James Willie Barker and Clement Speak

Hebden Bridge MarinaRef 28-H2953
Canal basin on the Rochdale Canal

Hebden Bridge MarketRef 28-H2544
See Markets

Hebden Bridge Mechanics' InstituteRef 28-H2390
A Mechanics' Institute established in 1838. Recorded in 1905 at 34 Commercial Street

Hebden Bridge: MillsRef 28-1

The Hebden Bridge Monthly ChronicleRef 28-H1950
Started in 1853. Closed on 6th December 1856

Hebden Bridge Musical SocietyRef 28-H1854
Established 1881. T. Law of Todmorden was their first conductor

Hebden Bridge Nursing InstituteRef 28-H3099
Established around 1897. Funded by the Hebden Bridge & District Jubilee Fund. They were at 10 Croft Terrace, Hebden Bridge

Hebden Bridge Nursing InstitutionRef 28-H627

Hebden Bridge OddfellowsRef 28-H3775
Recorded in 1834, when they opened the Loyal Rose Lodge [No 808]

Hebden Bridge Overseers of the PoorRef 28-H784
The Foldout lists some of the people who have served as Overseer of the Poor for Hebden Bridge

Hebden Bridge Parish ChurchRef 28-H137

Hebden Bridge, Parish ofRef 28-H2644
Created in 1844.

See St James the Great Church, Hebden Bridge

Hebden Bridge Parliamentary Debating SocietyRef 28-H2872
Recorded in 1883

Hebden Bridge Photographic SectionRef 28-H1923
A section of the Hebden Bridge Literary & Scientific Society which was established in 1906. In 1960, it broke away to became the Calder Camera Club

Hebden Bridge Picture HouseRef 28-H478
New Road. The cinema was designed by John Thomas Cockcroft It was opened in July 1921 by a group of local businessmen trading under the name of Thistle Holme Estate Company. It can seat 493 people.

It closed in 1964 as cinema attendances fell.

It was reopened privately, and was used by the Hebden Bridge Light Opera Society, amongst others.

In November 1972, Hebden Royd Town Council bought the building. When it subsequently passed to Calderdale Council, major refurbishment was carried out and over £50,000 was spent on stone cleaning, rewiring and new facilities.

In September 1996, when closure threatened, The Friends of Hebden Bridge Picture House was formed to save and promote the cinema.

It is now run by Calderdale MBC, and is one of the largest civic-owned cinemas in the country.

The building and neighbouring shops are listed.

See Royal Electric Theatre & Hippodrome, Hebden Bridge

This & associated entries use material contributed by David Cant

Hebden Bridge PierrotsRef 28-H3333
19th/20th century entertainers

Hebden Bridge Police StationRef 28-H2401
Hope Street.

In January 1863, a grant of £650 was recommended to build a police station at Hebden Bridge. The first stone was laid on 28th September 1863.

In September 2012, this was one of a number of local police stations which were to be closed and sold off in order to cut costs.

Hebden Bridge Post OfficeRef 28-H2406
This has been recorded at several times

  • In January 1845, at the White Lion when Thomas Patchett was postmaster
  • In January 1861, when Thomas Knowles Hey, a chemist and druggist, was postmaster
  • A Post Office Savings Bank was opened in September 1861
  • In April 1877, it was at David Heap's premises
  • In February 1897, William Cockcroft retired as postmaster
  • On 5th March 1908, when A. T. Thompson left
  • On 14th May 1908, Arthur Smith of Northampton was appointed postmaster

Hebden Bridge Prize Brass BandRef 28-H981
They had their headquarters at the Hole in the Wall, Hebden Bridge for some time. In September 1911, they won the English Brass Band Championship at Belle Vue, Manchester.

See Sunday Sing

Hebden Bridge: Pubs & InnsRef 28-2

Hebden Bridge Railway StationRef 28-H2200
The station opened in 1840 for the Lancashire & Yorkshire line from Normanton. It was built on the site of Crow Nest Farm.

Rev James Armytage Rhodes insisted that the station should be at least 1 mile from his home at Mytholm Hall.

A wooden trellis bridge was built to allow passengers to cross the Calder. In 1850, this was replaced by the Victoria Bridge

The first train arrived at the station on 5th October 1840.

The Summit to Littleborough section was completed later in the year – see Machpelah House, Hebden Bridge and Summit Tunnel.

The station was used for visitors to Hardcastle Crags. There were special excursions from the station. A horse-bus service carried passengers on to Keighley and Skipton.

On 7th March 1908, the Shunters' Cabin at the station burned down.

On 7th January 1928, the wife of the stationmaster was killed by a motor car.

Most of the buildings at the station are listed.

See Railway Hotel, Hebden Bridge, Alice Wood and Henry Woollven

Hebden Bridge Rats Motor Cycle ClubRef 28-H2779

Hebden Bridge Rotary ClubRef 28-H2289
See Millennium Clock, Hebden Bridge

Hebden Bridge Rugby ClubRef 28-10

Recorded around 1914, when Lewis Armstrong was a player

Hebden Bridge School BoardRef 28-H522
School Board set up in August 1874.

On 11th November 1890, a School Board was formed for Hebden Bridge, Blackshaw, Erringden, Heptonstall, Mytholmroyd, and Wadsworth.

See Rev William Jones

Hebden Bridge: SchoolsRef 28-4

Hebden Bridge Sculpture TrailRef 28-H593
An art event at Hardcastle Crags which began in 1995. Works by artists – including local community groups, practising artists, graduates and undergraduates – are displayed around the woodland for 4 weeks in July each.

The aim of the trail is to provide a forum in which artists can test notions of what contemporary landscape might mean for them and the production of their work.

The 2005 Trail was the last to be presented. In its 10-year life, over 300 artists contributed to the event.

See Hebden Bridge Sculpture Trail

Hebden Bridge General SocietyRef 28-H2430
Established by William Nowell. Became the Hebden Bridge Literary & Scientific Society

Hebden Bridge Spiritualist LyceumRef 28-9
Founded in 1904.

See William Greenwood, Hebden Bridge Spiritualist Society and Hebden Bridge Spiritualist War Memorial

Hebden Bridge Spiritualist SocietyRef 28-7
Founded by William Greenwood and his wife Jessy [1903].

See Hebden Bridge Spiritualist Lyceum

Hebden Bridge StationRef 28-H1922

Hebden Bridge Straw RaceRef 28-H669
An annual event in which competitors race carrying a 40 lb bale of straw up the Buttress

The Hebden Bridge Times & GazetteRef 28-H1947
Aka Hebden Bridge Times & Calder Vale Gazette.

Formerly the Calder Vale Gazette.

It was published weekly by Kershaw & Ashworth.

It sold at 1d in 1899.

The Hebden Bridge offices were in the former Ebenezer Baptist Church.

The present offices [2010] are in Crown Street, Hebden Bridge.

One of the remaining local newspapers.

Joint-editors of the Hebden Bridge Times and the Todmorden News have included Kenneth Lord, Roy Greenwood [1976], Jim Dumsday [1980], John Wheatcroft [1984], Pat Swift [1987], and Sheila Tordoff [1995].

See Roy Greenwood and Hebden Bridge Today Website

This & associated entries use material contributed by David Greaves & Alan Longbottom

Hebden Bridge TodayRef 28-H1948
The website of the Hebden Bridge Times

Hebden Bridge Toll BarRef 28-6
Toll gate at the junction of New Road (A646) and Keighley Road (A6033) 

Hebden Bridge Tourist Information CentreRef 28-H361
Bridge Gate, Hebden Bridge town centre. In 2003, the centre moves into the canal interpretation centre

Hebden Bridge Town HallRef 28-H690
St George's Street. Aka Hebden Bridge Council Offices.

In the early 1890s, the Council acquired the site with the intention of building public baths. The scheme was abandoned.

The Hebden Royd UDC Offices were built in 1897. The original designs, by Sutcliffe & Sutcliffe, for a larger and grander Jacobean building were modified because the Council though it too expensive. After some delays, the building opened on 11th May 1898. The old fire station formed a part of the building.

In 2009, the building was given to Hebden Bridge Community Association, with a view to put new life into the property.

See Hebden Bridge Council Offices

Hebden Bridge Trades ClubRef 28-H2411
First proposed in 1908.

The Club had a venue on Garden Square (just off Hangingroyd Lane) in 1916.

New premises – built at a cost of £3,800 for the building and £750 for the fittings – opened on Holme street [26th November 1924].

It is still [2012] a popular venue for folk singers and performers, including

The building is said to be haunted by a benevolent ghost called Walter

This & associated entries use material contributed by Dave Van De Gevel & Ollie Robertshaw

Hebden Bridge Urban District CouncilRef 28-H374
Hebden Bridge District Board was set up in November 1866.

In 1937, it amalgamated with Mytholmroyd Urban District Council to become Hebden Royd Urban District Council.

See Urban District Council

Hebden Bridge, Vicars ofRef 28-H596

Hebden Bridge Visitor CentreRef 28-H1042

Hebden Bridge WharfRef 28-H1986

Hebden Bridge Working Men's Club, Hebden BridgeRef 28-H3347
Recorded in 1913, when the membership was 100

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