Chemists & Druggists

This Foldout collects the entries for some of the Chemists, Druggists, Apothecaries, Pharmacists, and Manufacturing chemists in the district

Dr Robert Alexander
John Anderton
The Apothecary's Shop
Benjamin Atkinson
John Atkinson

Anthony Bancroft
James Bancroft
James Bancroft
Frederic Barker
Thomas Barker
Thomas J. Barker
Dr Bastow
James Austin Bayes
Jonas Beaumont
James Thomas Berry
Boot's Cash Chemists Limited
John Carr Bottomley
Virgil Bottomley
William Bottomley
Dr John Briercliffe
William Broadbent
Nathaniel Rhodes Burgin

Samuel Cardwell
Dr William Carr
Henry Cawthron
L. Chambers
Cooper William
Brian Booth Cowgill
Crabtree & Cryer
Oscar Crook

Thomas Denton
Thomas Denton
Gibson Dixon
Thomas Francis Drake
Richard Dunn
William Dyer

James Emmet

James Farr
David Farrar
J. Fawthrop
Clement Fielding
James Fielding
Fielding, Ball & Company
Thomas Finch
John Deighton Fisher
Thomas Fisher
Dr Joseph Fryer

Thomas Hey Garlick
Gibson Dixon
Hugh Gill

Glynn Company Limited
J. & B. Goodaire
Cornall Goodman
Thomas Gregory
Ernest Reginald Gutsell

Joseph Hardacre
Mr Harman
Dr Richard Hartley
Thomas Heap
Hebden & Halifax Limited
William Carr Hebden
Thomas Knowles Hey
John Holmes
Dr Robert Howard

William Jepson
Jonathan Jessop
Thomas Johnson

William Kaye
W. L. Kemp
Robert Drake Kendall
John Hugh Kershaw
Dr John Knight

Thomas Lambert
Joshua Laycock
Kenneth Henry Brown Lee
Dr James Lister
James Lofthouse
Henry Percy P. Lovatt
Raymond Carr Lumb
Edward & George Lunn

Dr Francis Edwin Macaulay
Joseph Machill
Abraham Mellin
Henry Mellin
William Mellin
Moss Pharmacies Limited
John Leonard Murgatroyd

Dr Christopher John Newstead
Charles Henry Hope Norris
Charles Wallace Norris
Henry Alexander Norris
Sydney Perfect Norris
William John Norris & Brothers

Thomas Outram

Dr William Paley
Thomas Parker
George A. Parkin
J. Patchett

I. Peel
Pickering & Yardley
John William Pilling
Charles Pitchforth
John Pollard
J. Pollard & Company

Dr William Rawson
Thomas George Rhodes
Dr John Richardson
Thomas Roberts
Dan Robinson

Dr John Scofield
Herbert William Seely
Benjamin Shaw
Shelf Post Office
Frederick Smith
Walter Smith
Smith's Drug Company
William Edward Smithies
J. C. Stevenson & Sons
John Crabtree Stevenson
William Stevenson
H. R. Stocks
Stocks' Chemists, Halifax
Ernest Lucius Stott
William Stott
Dr John Sugden
Sir Theodore Morris Sugden
John Arthur Sutcliffe
Alexander Grylls Suter
Joseph Suter
Peter Suter
Frank Harland Swire
Jabez Swire

Ormerod Taylor & Son Limited
Thornber & Brown
Timothy White's & Taylor's
William Toone
Thomas Topham
Townend & Nicholl

John Wade
John Ernest Walker
Walmsley Brothers
Major Foulds Walton
Joseph Brice Walton
Major  Foulds Walton
M. F. Walton
Fielding Waterhouse
Benjamin Wood
Henry K. Woodward
J. E. Wormald
Alfred William Wright

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